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Dan Stevens & Michelle Dockery in their first on screen performances together.

A quote from an interview at the time of Downton Abbey Series 1

“Dan and Michelle Dockery, (Lady Mary), are old friends and having played opposite each other in the Henry James ghost story, Turn of the Screw, both actors were looking forward to renewing their on-screen partnership. “It was brilliant to see Michelle again,’ says Dan. “We’ve worked together before so it’s really nice to be doing some proper scenes with her. In Turn of the Screw, she looked a bit mad all the time, while I just did doctor type things like pacing around the room. So at least we have some really great scenes in this. We keep the audience guessing with a case of ‘does she love him, does he love her’, but I’m not telling you what happens,” laughs Dan.”


Now that Downton’s final season has aired, I must thank Michelle Dockery and Dan Stevens for their extraordinary performances.

I wish you both “such good luck” in all your future endeavors and hope you will star together in a production in the future.

HONORABLE MENTION | Even before we realized where The Walking Dead was taking Rick and Michonne at the end of “The Next World,” we marveled at the lesson in chemistry that Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira were teaching. Their rapport in the characters’ EOD catch-up was so easy that, although they had never flirted, they nonetheless already seemed like two people in love (and, even sweeter, two people who’d been in love for quite a while). When at last they held hands, Gurira breathed deeper to reveal that her alter ego was just as nervous as we were. But by the time Rick and Michonne’s kisses went from tender to passionate, the warmth that shone from Gurira and Lincoln’s eyes had made their counterparts’ coupling feel not only natural but joyously inevitable.

Source: TV Line: “Performers of the Week”
Downton Abbey WILL end this year as cast look for job offers in America

Writer Julian Fellowes is ditching the popular ITV show, which stars Hugh Bonneville as the Earl of Grantham, after its sixth series

This is not the news Downton Abbey fans will want to hear, but the period drama is coming to an end this year.

Writer Julian Fellowes is ditching the popular ITV show, which stars Hugh Bonneville as the Earl of Grantham, after its sixth series so he can work on a new project about 19th century New York.

Last week, agents were seeking work for some of the main stars while they were in Los Angeles at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

One source said: “It’s an open secret that Downton is ending this year.

“Some of the actors are keen to let it be known they will be available for work after the summer. Some are interested in the US, where Downton is as popular as it is in the UK.

Joanne Froggatt, Edith Carmichael and Allen Leech were in Los Angeles for the awards last week and there were several meetings about both TV and film roles.”

The stars collected the gong for outstanding performance by an ensemble cast for the second time.

Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary, has spoken in the past about working in America.

She said: “It feels as though there are more opportunities for us over there. “I love spending time there.”

Stars such as Dan Stevens and Jessica Brown Findlay have already left Downton after getting offers from Hollywood.

The sixth and final Downton is due to start filming in the spring and will finish in the summer before airing on ITV from September.

ITV declined to comment but drama chiefs are looking for a ­replacement show for autumn Sunday nights, which generates some of the highest ratings of the year.

A source said: “They want something long-running and ­ambitious.”

Independent production companies have been asked to pitch for the slot, which traditionally generates some of the highest ratings of the year.

One TV insider revealed: “They are looking for something which is long-running and ambitious and which could appeal to the mass audience in the way that Downton has done.”

Anticipation over the plots for the final run of Downton will now be immense.

Last month the Christmas special ended with the revelation that Mrs Hughes the housekeeper (Phyllis Logan) and Carson the butler (Jim Carter) are to be married.

But viewers will also want to see Lady Mary (Dockery) settled with a new husband after dallying with a string of suitors and also for Lady Edith (Carmichael) to find happiness after the death of her newspaper editor lover in strange circumstances in Germany.

Fans would also love to see Isobel Crawley marry Lord Merton despite his interfering sons and for Anna and Mr Bates to become parents.

Writer Fellowes confessed a year ago that he needed to get on with new NBC drama The Gilded Age, set in 19th century New York.

He told the Wall Street Journal: “It will happen when Downton finishes, because I just couldn’t do both at once.”

He added at the time, “Downton is not going to go on forever. It won’t be Perry Mason.”

Speaking at the National Television Awards last week, Fellowes confirmed he was looking forward to getting his teeth into The Golden Age.

“I am interested to do another series because Downton was the first series I’d ever written.

"Now I feel I know much more about the game. I suppose there is something interesting about the idea of going on and using it somewhere else.”

Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary Crawley) and Alan Leech (Tom Branson) performed an exceptionally funny version of the song “Bang, Bang” by Cher - the lyrics relating to her on-screen ex-husband in Downton (Matthew Crawley, played by Dan Stephens). An accomplished jazz singer off-stage, Michelle performed the song in the actual style of Lady Mary - the words of which we cannot repeat here, but hilarious!

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Just wanted to let you know that Shades of Beige now has distribution with Shorts International and is available on iTunes. Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy it! Best, Aimee Xx

Congratulations Aimee!

I am out travelling the world at the moment, but I’ll post this so everyone interested can see your film. There are a lot of fans who have been waiting eagerly. I loved your short clips on Vimeo by the way and posted them here on Tumblr.

Good luck with the release, and hope to see you make more.