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i dont get why so many people like baek singing. he singing is pretty bad i think, d.o and chen do better than him.


There was a post circulating around weibo by a well known anonymous music critic. And he commended Baekhyun (and Jongdae) saying that his vocal skills are more than what the audiences give them credit for. He mentioned that in the first line of “I really didn’t know” the duet they sang during IS2, Baekhyun was already using a skill that not many singers mastered. The skill is a mixture of using both falsetto and singing voice to attain a rich tone. And this requires the singer to balance between using his head tone and chest tone. Furthermore this skill is widely recognized as a tedious because it requires a lot of control and hard to achieve one. He then said that these skills are very outstanding.

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[TRANS] Herald Business Recommended Baekhyun To Go On Mask Singer

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Baekhyun Vocal Analysis

Vocal Range

F#2 ~ C#6 (3 octaves, 3 notes and 1 semitone)

Supported Range

C#3 ~ G#4/A4

Voice Type

Light Lyric Tenor

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Baekhyun Vocal Range Videos

Baekhyun Covers Live Performance

You may not like Baekhyun’s vocal style, but doesn’t mean he is a bad singer.