Amy Winehouse Ask
  1. Favourite song
  2. Favourite album
  3. Best performance
  4. Favourite cover by her
  5. Favourite cover someone’s done of one of her songs
  6. First song you heard 
  7. Top 5 songs
  8. Favourite outfit
  9. Least favourite song
  10. Which albums do you own?
  11. How long have you been listening to her
  12. Frank or B2B era?
  13. Favourite quote by her
  14. Favourite lyric 
  15. Anyone you’d had love to see a collaboration with?
  16. Favourite interview
  17. Favourite tattoo
  18. Favourite photoshoot
  19. A song you’d had love to hear her cover
  20. If you could ask or say one thing to Amy, what would it be?