little mix editing challenge

its been too long since i’ve done one so i thought i’d come up with my own

  1. favourite member
  2. favourite photoshoot
  3. favourite ship (boyfriend, other celebs/friends or within the band)
  4. favourite video diary
  5. favourite interview
  6. favourite tour outfit
  7. favourite quote
  8. favourite X Factor performance
  9. favourite song off DNA
  10. favourite song off Salute
  11. favourite song off Get Weird
  12. favourite song off Glory Days
  13. favourite music video
  14. favourite era
  15. favourite hairstyle (of all or individual members)
  16. favourite outfits (of all or individual members)

feel free to add your own and tag as #lmediting if you’d like me and others to see it!

Amy Winehouse Ask
  1. Favourite song
  2. Favourite album
  3. Best performance
  4. Favourite cover by her
  5. Favourite cover someone’s done of one of her songs
  6. First song you heard 
  7. Top 5 songs
  8. Favourite outfit
  9. Least favourite song
  10. Which albums do you own?
  11. How long have you been listening to her
  12. Frank or B2B era?
  13. Favourite quote by her
  14. Favourite lyric 
  15. Anyone you’d had love to see a collaboration with?
  16. Favourite interview
  17. Favourite tattoo
  18. Favourite photoshoot
  19. A song you’d had love to hear her cover
  20. If you could ask or say one thing to Amy, what would it be?
Coldplay asks
  1. Favourite Coldplay song
  2. Least Favourite Coldplay song
  3. First Coldplay song you heard
  4. Last Coldplay song you listened to
  5. Favourite era outfits
  6. Favourite era
  7. Favourite Chris era
  8. Favourite Guy era
  9. Favourite Will era
  10. Favourite Jonny era
  11. Least favourite Era
  12. Favourite lyric
  13. Least favourite lyric
  14. Favourite guitar solo
  15. Least favourite guitar solo
  16. Favourite bass line
  17. Least favourite bass line
  18. Favourite drum part
  19. Least favourite drum part
  20. Favourite piano part
  21. Least favourite piano part
  22. Favourite album
  23. Least favourite album
  24. Favourite live performance
  25. Favourite song played live
  26. Favourite band member
  27. Favourite music video
  28. Least favourite music video
  29. Favourite album artwork
  30. Favourite single/ EP artwork
  31. Favourite B-side
  32. Favourite song off Parachutes
  33. Favourite song off A Rush Of Blood To The Head
  34. Favourite song off X & Y
  35. Favourite song off Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends
  36. Favourite song off Mylo Xyloto
  37. Favourite song off Ghost Stories
  38. Favourite live album (Live 2003, LRLRL, Live 2012, Live 2014)
  39. Favourite live performance
  40. Favourite song played live
  41. Favourite Photo of Coldplay
  42. Favourite interview of any of the guys