[TRANSLATION] 170327 pledis_17′s Twitter Update

[17’S] 캐럿은 사랑이야❤️  #캐사예아 #니내내니 #시계바늘

[17’S] Carat is love❤️  #CARATsAreLovelyPrettyBeautiful #You’reHereBecauseOfMe,I’mHereBecauseOfYou

[t/n: they used abbreviations of popular catchphrases used between SEVENTEEN and CARATs. for example, YouMeMeYou is short for “you’re here because of me, i’m here because of you”, etc.]

credit: erin + jina @ fyperformanceunit
© credit if taken out!


[170327] Twitter Update

[17’S] 캐럿은 사랑이야 ♥ #캐사예아 #니내내니 #시계바늘
English Translation: Carat is love ♥ #carats are lovely pretty and beautiful (#캐사예아 = #럿들은 랑스럽고 쁘고 름답다)
#i exist because you exist and you exist because i exist (#니내내니 = 가 있기에 가 있고 가 있기에 가 있어)
#even if time goes by, i’ll always keep looking at you (#시계바늘 = 간이 지나도 라볼게


Stills from Cha’s Permutations,1976,16 mins                     

“For this time, however, The pure, magical states (before any “making” even begins,) the artist, given the gift of Medium, partaking in transformation processes captures eternal wonder. I cannot help but to express the overwhelming sensation that almost resembles a returning, an abandon, a salvation from the struggle of being human, to only the purest of pure”

Paths, MFA Thesis, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, May,1978. Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive