My tumblr used to be a very anonymous, private experience. It was an outlet, where I could be angry, sad, overjoyed, any emotion under the sun - anonymously, without worry of who knew who I am/was. I’ve since opened up and bared myself. It’s still an outlet, but with a face attached to it. To everyone still anonymous, you do you! But to all new to my blog, welcome. ☺️

Soo… i was tagged by the lovely claveldelaire (gracias guapa) for the selfies thingy. I think I already posted one of these? heh but tbh i’m too lazy to take others haha besides im not feeling the selfie vibe :))

i would like to tag some of my followers who i always see in my notifications (dont think i dont see you ;) niallscakepop lol98po09gj white-eskkimo 18loved16 bluemeetinggreen stylinsau bershakm silverxlouis guys i know we dont talk but i appreciate you :** (btw you dont have to do it if you dont want to. xx)