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Boogie Shoes (LP Version)
KC And The Sunshine Band
Boogie Shoes (LP Version)

Obit of the Day: Played Trumpet for KC and the Sunshine Band

When Harry Casey (“K.C.”) got together with Miami supergroup “The Sunshine Band” they created trumpet-heavy arrangements that became known as the “Miami sound.” Key to that sound was trumpet player Ronald L. Smith.

Smith was an original member of the group and played with them for five years. He can be heard on their hits “Get Down Tonight” (#1 on the Billboard charts in 1974), “That’s the Way (I Like It)” (#1 in 1975), “(Shake, Shake, Shake) Your Booty” (#1 in 1976), “I’m Your Boogie Man” (#1 in 1977), and “Boogie Shoes” (#1 in 1978). Smith, who had a falling out with Casey left the group in 1978. 

Smith died at the age of 59 after spending eight years in a coma - the victim of a carjacking in 2004. He began playing trumpet as a kid when he father gave him an instrument he had found in the trash. 

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Boogie Shoes


You guys…

So, @doodlebrew‘s talk about using the Blaine+puppets video as a pick-me-up reminded me that my go-to video on sad days is Unique singing “Boogie Shoes.” I decided to watch it for the millionth time while I ate dinner in my office (a bagel, if you’re wondering). When I typed “boogie shoes glee” into YouTube search, THIS video popped up. This is gay porn star Jasun Mark lip syncing to Glee’s version of “Boogie Shoes.” 

Here’s Jasun’s caption:

“Yes. It was Glee Day in the car that day. I do have to say that the moment from the show where this song is performed is one of the most uplifting moments in TV history. A young transgender girl showing up in public dressed as a female for the first time… on stage in front of a huge audience. I think what I love about it so much is that while I can’t exactly relate to being transgender, I CAN relate to finally saying “fuck it” and just laying everything about myself out for everyone to see and not really giving a shit about who likes it and who doesn’t.”

I’m not familiar with Jasun’s work (though I did laugh when I read his twitter bio: “I suck too much dick to be a real vegan”). But it warms my Gleek heart to think about all of the porn stars hanging at Jasun’s house on Glee night, watching right along with the rest of us. Wonder what they thought about Blainofsky.

And now back to editing gay… well, if you know me at all, you know what I do.


Born on this day: January 31, 1951 - Singer, songwriter and producer KC of KC & The Sunshine Band (born Harry Wayne Casey in Opa-Locka, FL). Happy 66th Birthday, KC!!


Time to get down… and get back up again! Great Mork and Mindy music video by morkandmindyfan2 featuring them dancing.

Song - “Boogie Shoes” song by KC and the Sunshine Band


CultureMUSIC: “Boogie Shoes” - KC & The Sunshine Band c. 1978

Promo video from American Bandstand.  Shameless disco love. #Saturday70s 


KC and The Sunshine Band - Boogie Shoes


I cannot find the Sports Night clip from ‘Dear Louise’ where everyone comes back from a bar called El Perro Fumando (which Dan and Casey have determined either means the Smoking Dog or the Flaming Dog, and are pondering whether or not the dog is gay) having drank a lot of big blue drinks and Felicity Huffman dances to 'Boogie Shoes’.

But rest assured my mood right now is basically Felicity Huffman dancing to 'Boogie Shoes’ in that episode of Sports Night