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Friendly reminder that Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 9 contestant Charlie Hides is a racist who created Laquisha Jonz, a character that appeared in his YouTube videos and live performances. He only stopped as of December 2015 after a petition to stop the performances at the venue. Charlie was very dismissive of his critiques saying “Laquisha’s stand up comedy show is layered with subtext and nuance and positive messages. Never have I discussed race or racial politics. I’ve promoted peace and harmony and getting along with everyone.” Anyways, I hope he goes home first/gets fucked up by the other queens

On the morning of the 2016 Capital Radio Summertime Ball, an anxiety attack hit me like a fucking freight train. I felt sick. I couldn’t breathe. The idea of it totally freaked me out and I was paralysed with anxiety. This overwhelming fear just kicked in out of nowhere, bringing with it a shitstorm of self-doubt.
When my management team came over to see what was wrong, I was on total psychological lockdown. I would make a move to walk out of the house, to get into a car that would then drive me to Wembley, but I could only manage a few paces before I hit an imaginary wall. It stopped me in my tracks, and I would have to sit down again.
The plan is to start performing smaller venues and work my way up from there. This anxiety isn’t going to get the better of me.
—  Excerpts from Zayn’s book.

Jinki lifts Jjong like he weighs nothing…

and that smile he flashes…(◕‿◕✿)

alrighty so we’re all (understandably) terrified for today’s episode and so i figured i’d share some future kumirei headcanons so i can stop thinking about how it’ll be do-or-die in like four hours: 

• reina became a professional musician, went to a good music college (idk which one though, initially i had figured she’d go to julliard but would she really want to go to college on the same continent as president circus peanut) and came back to live with kumiko after college. she’s not part of any particular orchestra, but she gets a lot of gigs at local performance venues and such

• kumiko continued with the euphonium, though she still isn’t quite as ambitious as reina. she became the band advisor at kitauji in her mid-twenties and the students love her, she took the job because she wanted to fill taki’s shoes and give the students the same opportunities she had but then she accidentally got really fond of them and she’s like everyone’s cool gay aunt. she brings in donuts on holidays. 

• kumiko and reina ended up moving in together, they have a small, cozy apartment near mt. daikichi where they can see the city below. they don’t have any kids but they do have an assortment of cats that followed kumiko on her way home from work and then ended up staying. the cats are their children.

• asuka goes to speak as a guest at kitauji once, all of the students develop crushes on her and kumiko never lets her live it down.

• reina helps out sometimes, the students are always trying to figure out whether she’s dating kumiko or not but they never get an answer

• everyone is gay and happy

Shoutan's Highlights of 2016!

I would have posted this earlier but I only thought about this on New Year’s Eve!  Everything is what I remember from the top of my head! So I may have missed a few things 💦

*Please do NOT repost!* Took me forever to do this 

1. Utapri 5th Stage 01/16 - 01/17

Ready~ Set~ Go~ With you 🎲

2. Anime Kouhaku Utagassen 01/31

First time performing Full ver of Zessei STARGATE Live + Mizuki Nana’s Synchrogazer

3. 5th Single Zessei STARGATE Release 02/03

First Anime Op Song, PSO2 The Animation
Topped Oricon Daily 4th, Weekly 7th

4. Rejet Fes Only One 02/13 - 02/14

Otsukare to my past self for searching and posting 99% of the photos. Why do I put myself through so much hard work?

5. Zessei STARGATE Release Events and THIS^ Feb

6. Aoi Shouta LIVE 2016 WONDER lab. ~bokutachi no sign~ 03/13

Sold out 3rd one man live and performed in his dream venue!


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additional dates have been added to shinee’s upcoming shinee world 2017 tour (which will kick off with back-to-back concerts in fukui on january 28th - 29th). the three additional concerts will be held at yoyogi national stadium in tokyo on april 28th (5:30pm), 29th (4pm) and 30th (2:30pm). this will bring the total amount of times that shinee perform at this venue throughout the tour to five (with the first wo concerts being held on march 11th - 12th). the additional dates brings the grand total of confirmed stops in the tour to twenty five. the final three performances at yoyogi national stadium will conclude the arena portion of the tour. potential dome dates have not yet been announced. (source)

In 1993 this hotel, now an office building, was declared an #NYClandmark. But, what makes the history of the Hotel Theresa so interesting? The Harlem hotel was opened in 1913 by a German immigrant named Gustavus Sidenberg (his wife was named Theresa). It was primarily an apartment hotel, but also accepted short term guests. Additionally, at the time it was the tallest building in Harlem. Initially the hotel, like many establishments of the time, was white only but it was bought in 1937 by Love B. Woods, an African American businessman, who in ended its racial segregation policy 1940. It became known as the “Waldorf of Harlem” and was integrated when most mid-Manhattan hotels would allow African Americans to perform in their venues but not to stay or use their facilities. Over the years, the Theresa became the place to stay for visiting artists, celebrities, and politicians. #FidelCastro famously stayed there in 1960 while visiting for his UN address. While he was there Nikita Khrushchev, Jawaharlal Nehru, and Malcolm X all came to visit. That same year #JFK made a campaign stop at the hotel accompanied by Eleanor Roosevelt and Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr. As he said that night, “I am delighted to come to Harlem and I think the whole world should come here and the whole world should recognize that we all live right next to each other, whether here in Harlem or on the other side of globe.”

Byron Company (New York, N.Y.)
Hotel Theresa, Seventh Ave. & 125th Street.
DATE:ca. 1915


I just want to get this out of my system because I can’t stop thinking about it. I alway seem to think that Dan is very unhappy especially when he is performing at large venues. I remember when I saw Bas in concert and dan looked so stressed the whole time and if something ever when wrong then he would get even more stressed and it really upset him. I know I have no idea what is going on in his private life and I never want to know but I think he puts a lot of pressure on himself to do big shows when he even said that he prefers doing smaller gigs. The idea that he is struggling and very anxious and stressed out really makes me sad and I just want him to be ok and for him to know that all us fans love and support the band and that he should do what makes him happy. I know its none of my business but I just had to get it off my chest. I hope Dan is ok and knows that wild world is amazing and he should be so incredibly proud of it. All the boys should be…

anonymous asked:

I see that you work in Orlando? Any chance you could tell me more about the SM scene around there?

I will do my best!

So, Orlando is a really interesting place for theater/SMing. 

You’ve got all the parks: Disney, Universal, SeaWorld. Lots of SM opportunities there – and all different types. A stage manager at SeaWorld could be doing vastly different work than a stage manager at Disney. And even within parks, stage managers could be doing tons of different things. You’re doing admin tasks, you’re running shows, you’re managing venues… it’s really interestingto see how the parks utilize stage managers outside of “traditional” performance venues. But again, you’ve got those venues at the parks – Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo at Animal Kingdom, Beauty and the Beast at Hollywood Studios… etc. etc.
I’ve never been very into stage management at the theme parks, but lots of people make very successful careers out of it! 

Then you have SMing in the theaters around town. There are a handful of professional theaters that offer contracts on a show-to-show basis. I am really fortunate in being able to SM full-time with this set up as my primary gig. I don’t know too many other people around town who get to do that. So. Count your blessings and whatnot. 

The cool thing about Orlando is that there is a ton of work being produced by a ton of people at any given time. And a vast majority of those people also work at the parks, so they get the “work-play during the day, play-play at night” thing. So you can get that balance figured out in a way that works for you. Having the parks here means that we have a TON of creative people who don’t necessarily get the creative outlet they need even when they’re performing professionally. That’s where this type of work comes in. 

Then you can get into the world of special events – not an area I have a lot of experience in, but an area that a TON of my friends find work in. Especially technicians and carpenters. There are so many conferences and things like that coming through Orlando and they all need technicians!

There is never a lack of work to be done or art to be created, it’s just a matter of what type of work you want to do. 

I hope that’s helpful!

Today, I fucked up by being in the bathroom with a coworker.

I work in a large performance venue. I went into the bathroom for my daily 3:30pm case of the dirty squirties, and it just so happened that a co-worker from another dept who I’m friendly with was walking in to sit down and take care of lunch in another stall.

We’re sitting there, brothers in stalls, quietly downloading some brown loads when he rips a crisp fart. The resonance in the bowl was beautiful, so I chuckled a little. He laughed back.

I’m the kind of guy who will always laugh at two things - farts, and other people’s laughter. This was the holy grail.

We basically laughed back in forth in turn, escalating to the point that I laughed so hard that I started farting too. This caused even more laughter.

We both finally calmed down, cleaned up, and left the bathroom.

I should probably mention that the venue I work offers backstage tours to patrons. It just so happens that a tour group had been stationed right outside the bathroom as their tour guide was taking the time to talk about the history of a display in that hallway.

We had many looks of horror, amusement, and even some of respect.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.

NCT U’s reaction to the members of NCT Dream checking out their girlfriends

Let me set the scene: It’s the day before the year’s first SM family concert in Tokyo and your group is currently practicing on stage for the upcoming performance. The venue is virtually empty, with the exception of a few staff and crew making last minute arrangements and the members of NCT Dream. Their practice slot is scheduled right after your group’s, and having only just debuted the company wants them to monitor and learn from the performances of senior artists. The members of NCT U had a practice session earlier in the day and have already returned to the hotel. However, your boyfriend and you have a date tonight, so after showering and resting up he’s returned to pick you up. (Except for little Markus who is also a member of NCT Dream and has returned for an extra practice session.) Noticing that he’s arrived a little earlier than expected and that your group still isn’t finished practicing, he decides to sit in the audience while he waits. Spotting the boys of NCT Dream he starts approaching them, when he stops dead in his tracks upon overhearing their conversation.

Taeil: “Y/N is sooooo gorgeous.” Renjun sighs.

“She’s your superior, show some respect.” Mark reminds him.

“For your information, I do respect her, a lot. I just wish she was my girlfriend is all.”

“You know she’s dating Taeil hyung, right?”

“Yeah, but he’s so awkward.”

“And you’re not?” Mark questions.

“I’m much smoother with the ladies than he’ll ever be. I don’t know if you guys have realize this yet, but I’m the main visual of this unit. If it weren’t for me, we wouldn’t have any screaming fangirls. I just know that if Y/N were to give me a chance, I could make her happy.”

Okay, what the hell is going on? Most guys would get confrontational, even if the person trying to steal their girlfriend away is still technically a child, but Taeil is at a literal loss for words. Renjun isn’t only trying to steal you away, he also apparently thinks Taeil’s a giant loser. He’s going to walk away as if he never heard anything, but from now on anytime Renjun is in the same room as you Taeil is going to cling onto you for dear life.

Taeyong: As he’s getting closer he hears Jisung whisper to Haechan. “Noona, is so pretty. Her hair is so silky, and her eyes are so bright, and she’s so, so, so super cute.”

“Jisung, she’s years older than you. She’s a woman. She’s not cute, she’s sexy.”

“Hyung, it’s inappropriate to talk about noona that way, but it is true. I’d love to go on a date with her, or at the very least get a hug from her. I bet she smells amazing. It would be like a dream come true.” Jisung keeps rambling on and on about how you’re his dream girl, his eyes never leaving you.

Taeyong is torn between giving him a lecture or simply pretending he never heard anything. Jisung is like a son to him, but then that would make you like his mother, and this is going down a path Taeyong does not feel comfortable going down. The little boy he practically raised, well mentored, is all grown up and daydreaming about his girlfriend. Taeyong decides to let it slide this time, but he makes it a priority to find Jisung a girlfriend of his own before he falls any further in love with you.

Doyoung: The closer Doyoung gets, the more he begins to realize that Jaemin is talking to himself. Thinking it’s hilarious, Doyoung keeps his presence a secret, and starts listening in on Jaemin’s conversation.

“I love you noona.” He says dreamily as he stares up at you. “If you chose me, I promise I’ll treat you like a princess and love you for the rest of my life. You’re so beautiful noona.”

Doyoung can’t believe his ears. “Hey, you little creep.” He shouts, pointing an accusing finger at Jaemin and grabbing the attention of everyone in the venue. “What do you think you’re doing trying to steal my girlfriend away? I take you under my wing, and this is how you repay me? Too bad for you, she isn’t interested in little perverts.”

The staff bursts into laughter as Doyoung jumps on stage and drags you as far away from the concert hall as physically possible. From now on Jaemin must stay at least three meters away from you at all times.

Ten: “You see that girl up on stage?” Chenle says pointing you out to Renjun.

“Yeah. Isn’t she dating Ten?”

“Well, yes, at least for now. I mean yeah he’s semi-famous since he’s debuted, but need I remind you that I’ve already released three solo albums; has Ten done that?”

“No, but aren’t you a little young for her?”

“Maybe at the moment, but I’ll become a man soon enough, and then we can be together.”

Ten marches right up to Chenle. “I overhead your little conversation. You’re going to steal my girlfriend away from me, dream on twerp. I was going to give you some advice, but I changed my mind. From now on you are no longer able to look at, speak to, or even so much as think about my girlfriend. Do I make myself clear?”

Jaehyun: As he gets closer to the boys, he hears some pretty shocking things come out of Jeno’s mouth.

“You know Jaemin, I really love her.” Is he staring directly at you? Assuming it’s just a misunderstanding Jaehyun remains quiet.

“Jeno, come on. She’s dating Jaehyun. All the women in the world are pretty much tripping over themselves to get with him. You really think noona is going to leave him for you?”

“Maybe not yet, I’m still technically a minor, but I don’t have that much longer left. By the time I’m a fully fledged adult, Jaehyun will be an outdated old man, and I’ll be free to make my move.”

“You do realize he’s only three years older than you?”

“Don’t ruin my fantasy, Jaemin. I can already picture it. The two of us married with six kids.” Six kids? Jaehyun has officially lost his temper. He’s going to grab Jeno by the collar and drag him outside before making it very obvious to him that you are his girlfriend, and no one is going to stand in the way of that. So unless Jeno wants to get into an actual fight, he is never to speak to or even look at you again if he can help it.

Mark: “Damn Y/N’s so hot. If she was my girlfriend, I would totally f-” Before Haechan has a chance to finish his comment to Jisung, Mark cuts him off.

“Excuse me. If she was your girlfriend, you’d what? I suggest you shut up before I kick you out of the group.”

“You don’t even have that kind of authority.”

“I’m the leader of this unit, I have a lot more authority than you do. Plus she’s noona, not Y/N to you, and just so you know she isn’t interested in younger guys.”

“You’re only a year older than me, I doubt it’ll make a difference.”

“Unless you want to spend the next three months cleaning the dorm bathroom by yourself, it does make a difference, so sit down and shut up. Actually you know what, don’t sit down. I don’t want you checking out my girlfriend. Go run laps outside the venue. I’ll come get you when it’s time for our practice session.”  

(Sorry it took me so long to upload your request. Also I kind of rushed through it, so I apologize in advance for it feeling well rushed and for any errors I might have made.)