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I is for Introducing Tory Sport

Get all the details about Tory’s new performance sportswear brand, called Tory Sport, in the August issue of Vogue. Read more on Tory Daily here.

Models Edita Vilkeviciute, front, and Hilary Rhoda wearing Tory Sport, photographed by Bruce Weber for Vogue; styled by Sara Moonves

5 things you didn’t know about...electric cotton

Jiesheng Ren – Electron microscopy image of the conductive graphene-cotton composite.

1. A new process deposits graphene-based inks to produce a conductive textile made from our most widely used fabric – cotton.

2. This process was developed by the Cambridge Graphene Centre, UK, and Jiangnan University, China.

3. Most current wearable sensors use rigid electronic components mounted on flexible substrates such as plastic films and textiles – these can be uncomfortable to wear and can be damaged when washed. The researchers found that the graphene-coated cotton could reliably detect up to 500 motion cycles, even after more than 10 washing machine cycles.  

4. Graphene also benefits from environmental and economic advantages.

5. Potential areas of application include personal health technology, high-performance sportswear and military apparel.

For more on electric cotton see page 8 of the January issue of Materials World.