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no promises

Heโ€™s the one who said they couldnโ€™t have a relationship. Sheโ€™s the one who makes sure that they donโ€™t.

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x Herย 
Rating: Mature
Words: 1744

They tumble through the hotel room door, his palm swiftly pushing it shut behind their entangled bodies. Her hands wander up his chest and her arms find their way around his neck, a need to be close dragging her to him. Their lips detach from one anotherโ€™s during brief moments when they both push their jackets off their shoulders and take off their shoes in a hurry, and when he pulls her top over her head. Her fingers work fast to unbutton his shirt and remove it from his body while his hands move to cup her bottom.ย 

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25 Days of Outlander - Dec 14 - Favorite Scene That Wasn’t in the Book
I’m not sure I’m ready to go to war again.

Musical Artist Edmond Dédé

In addition to contributing to Louisiana literature, Haitian émigrés were also part of the musical scene. The most celebrated Afro-Creole musician was Edmond Dédé (1827-1901). He was born in New Orleans of free immigrant parents who entered the city in the 1809 Haitian refugee movement. The son of a musician, Dédé was a violin prodigy and studied with the city’s best instructors, both white and black. In 1847 he moved to Mexico to continue his violin studies in a less racially repressive environment. In 1851, however, he returned to New Orleans, where the Afro-Creole community raised funds to send him to France to complete his education. After study at the Paris Conservatory of Music, he embarked on a long and successful career in France as a composer and conductor. Though he visited relatives in New Orleans in 1893 and performed a series of widely acclaimed concerts in the city, he returned to France the following year.