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Being cute and interacting with fans, Detroit, 8/29/15

“River doesn’t have a false bone in his body,” says the director Sidney Lumet of Phoenix’s performance in Running On Empty, soon to be released over here. “He can’t utter a false line. He stopped in the middle of one scene while we were shooting and said, ‘This feels fake to me.’ I listened again. He was right. I cut the scene. So long as River follows his instincts, takes stuff he believes in, there’ll be no stopping him. I first saw him in Stand By Me and there was such an extraordinary purity about him.’’ 

- Sidney Lumet about River for The Face, July 1989.


Can’t say how the days will unfold // Can’t change what the future may hold // But I want you in it // Every hour, every minute

Loved this so much yesterday! I love that we got to see Grant Gustin sing again, and the lyrics of this song were absolutely perfect for the scene. This was so beautiful!


despite being on stage countless times before, they still get nervous 

Lin-Manuel Miranda to play Hamilton in Chicago to honor Oscar Lopez Rivera

When Lin-Manuel Miranda bowed out of the title role in Hamilton last July, he said it probably wouldn’t be the last time he played the Founding Father.

“I feel like it’s not done with me,” he explained. And he meant it.

He’ll return to the part in the Chicago production to commemorate the commutation of Puerto Rican independence activist Oscar Lopez Rivera by President Obama. (Hamilton opened in October in Chicago, with Miguel Cervantes in the title role.)

It’s likely to be a one-off performance or limited run and no dates have been announced. Read more here.

Ok but seriously tho im really proud of our boys and especially Jeongguk bb! They let him open and be the first to perform on the biggest end of year show. He went from a shy small boy to a beautiful handsome grown man– his appereance changed so much but he’s still as, if not even more, hardworking as he was before. IM JUST REALLY PROUD BTS IS FINALLY GETTING THE SPOTLIGHT AND EXTRA SCREENTIME THEY DESERVE ;A;

My roommate got me tickets to In The Heights as a late birthday present, and oh my god what a fantastic, passionate, entertaining, touching story!!! I couldn’t help but doodle a few of my favourite bits, but if I had time to doodle it all I fucken would!!


I can’t believe he gave those kids alcohol (alas… yes I can) but more importantly I can’t believe Asano missed a great Macbeth opportunity

(insp; No. 6 Beyond, Chapter 4) (fujoshis don’t interact)