performance outfit

minjoon moment….ft. hobi^^

“La Canción de la Madre" 

Cracked the whip to finish a Beyoncé tribute illustration for Pensacon 2017. Her Grammys performance and outfit threw me ALL the way back to my art history days and I just had to get it down! This print is debuting at Pensacon, but I’ll be working on some limited gold-foil prints to sell online, too.


[TRANSLATION] DINO’s self-written profile

Name: Lee Chan ♡
Date of Birth (age): 1999.02.11 (19✩)
Unit: Performance
Position: Maknae, power, rapper
Hobby: Watching TV, sleeping
Specialty: Dance, charms ^^
Nickname: Dinosaur, side-dish [t/n: pun; side-dish is ban-chan] 
Habit: Practicing!

Motto: Don’t forget your happiness while pursuing your goals!
Things you like (3 things): CARATs, family, members (Seventeen)
Things you dislike (3 things): Negativity, assuming, cucumbers
Recent big interest: My improvement, future growth
Music that you have enjoyed recently: Dino’s Zero ♡
A movie that left a deep emotional impression on you recently: Mask~
A unit you’d like to try aside from your current unit?: Vocal and hip hop unit because I want to appeal with al of my abilities ^^
If I express myself using one word?: Good~
If I express CARATs using one word?: The person I would like to steal ♡
My goal for 2017: Make 2017 Seventeen’s year~ >_<
A word to myself after a year: Chan-ah~! Always stay humble and improve~ Be an artist that goes down in history!
Instruction manual: Because I love music, performing, and CARATs, I’ll like it if you talk about those a lot
Beware of: Sometimes when my mood is good I can be clingy, so you have to listen to me from breakfast to lunch ^^ 

credit: jina + erin @ fyperformanceunit
picture source: ssy_svt17
© credit if taken out!