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disney fans who live and die by everything the company does and will kill a man for insulting the BATB remake, unironically style their clothes on a daily basis to look like various characters’ outfits regardless of whether or not they’re at a park and are the kind of people who made life hell for that one peter pan performer a few years ago


disney fans who can’t go thirty seconds without distancing themselves from everything the studio has put out since whenever the fuck treasure planet happened, get pissed off whenever a park attraction closes because the company wants to put in something that appeals to newcomers, and makes posts talking about how the live action remakes are killing their childhoods and bringing in filthy casuals who don’t understand “true magic”

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So Zayn agrees that Harry is overrated? But when is HE going to start performing? It's been 2 years and he only performed ONCE. I know he said he struggles with an anxiety and he's not the first singer to go through that, but he needs to overcome that or Harry is certainly, without a doubt going to wipe him out. He should start off small by singing in pubs or something or at the BBC Live Lounge or something. When he went on X Factor did he expect to be a studio singer? It's about spectacle now.

You really do not want to get me started on Zayn.

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Do you regret having phallo? I saw another person posting about how he regrets it and idk it really worries me. I want phallo so badly but seeing that makes me scared

No, I don’t regret having phalloplasty. I also didn’t experience severe complications like others have which changes our outcomes, recoveries, number of surgeries, relationships with our surgeons, perceptions of ourselves, and perceptions of how our surgeries have influenced our lives. His regrets are his own, my lack of regrets are my own. Neither is more important or should hold more weight than the other. Likewise, neither of our results are indicative of what you should expect because each recovery is completely unique to your anatomy, your surgical team, and how your body recovers. Keep in mind that hundreds, if not thousands, of phalloplasties are performed around the world every year. You can’t look at one person’s experience and say that reflects what we all go through or feel.

It might help to think of it like top surgery. The potential for complications is lower because it’s a less invasive procedure but those risks are still present. The people who’ve experienced those severe complications don’t negate the ones who had little to no issues recovering and vise versa. You can read about thousands of top surgery recoveries and how people feel about their results but at the end of the day that has nothing to do with what your recovery will look like or how you will feel because they aren’t you.

“Poco a poco”

Former child prodigy Jyn Erso’s first year at Yavin School of Performing Arts would be going so much easier if she wasn’t stuck with violist Cassian Andor as a duet partner. She also wishes he’d stop being so distractingly handsome. That would be great.

I guess it’s hard concentrating on playing your own instrument when your ensemble partner is so damn good it actually makes him more attractive than he already was to begin with. In other words, #SexyViolaPlaying.


Girl’s Day Promises Fans A Special Gift If They Win First Place With “I’ll Be Yours”

Girl’s Day made a long-awaited comeback with their fifth mini album “GIRL’s DAY EVERYDAY #5” and held a special showcase on March 27. Making a return after one year and nine months, they performed a total of seven songs, including title song “I’ll Be Yours” and Sojin’s and Minah’s solo tracks.

Asked about what they will do if they got first place in music shows, they replied, “It’s been a while since we’ve done a cute concept. It’s not easy either. But our fans must have been waiting for it, so we will record a cute version of our title song ‘I’ll Be Yours’ if we get first place.”

Also during the showcase, Hyeri’s earrings fell off a total of three times, and she explained, “I don’t have my ears pierced, so I’m wearing fake earrings. That’s why they keep falling off. But if I get an offer for a commercial, I’ll definitely get them pierced,” making everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, Girl’s Day will officially begin promotions with a performance of “I’ll Be Yours” on SBS MTV’s “The Show” on March 28 at 8 p.m. KST.

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So I've been on the fence about Emma's casting as Belle. I was under the impression that she couldn't possibly be as bad as you'd described but I went to see BATB yesterday and lord was I wrong. She's far too stiff and proper to be Belle. The singing was flat at best. She harmonized a couple of times and I was surprised but underwhelmed by her entire performance. She was only cast because she was fan-cast all those years ago. They should have given her part to someone who could do it justice

I had such hopes for her, but after listening to the soundtrack my worst fears were confirmed and watching the film did nothing to change that. I honestly couldn’t see Emma even TRYING to be Belle, it was Emma Watson in a blue dress, and the movie suffered because of all the concessions the film made for her…


- Composer: Paul Marie Théodore Vincent d'Indy (27 March 1851 – 2 December 1931)
- Performers: Quatuor Joachim
- Year of recording: 2001

String Quartet No. 1 in D major, Op. 35, written in 1890.

00:00 - I. Lent et soutenu. Modérément animé
12:11 - II. Lent et Calme
20:47 - III. Assez modéré et dans le sentiment d'un chant populaire. Assez vite
27:36 - IV. Assez lent et librement déclamé. Vif et joyeusement animé


short-lived hair colors

neon orange mingyu / blue jun / mint wonwoo / copper dino / red-streaked s.coups / teal-blonde hoshi

not to be dramatic…..but bangtan saved 2016