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EXO Becomes 1st K-Pop Act to Perform 2 Consecutive Shows at the Araneta Coliseum

Once the largest covered coliseum in the world, Araneta Coliseum, aka “The Big Dome”, has hosted many popular events; including “Thrilla In Manila”, a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. And was where 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach was crowned Miss Universe Philippines. 

EXO is the 1st K-Pop Act to perform 2 consecutive shows at the Coliseum, Congratulations EXO!

EXO made history last year when they became the 1st K-Pop Act to perform 2 consecutive shows in the Philippines when they performed at the Mall of Asia Arena (January 23-24, 2016) last year during their EXO’luXion World Tour.

Translation: Shoma Official site Feb 28

Hello, it’s Shoma. 

Thank you for all the support during 4CC and AWG.  I’m kuyashi because I wasn’t able to show you my best performance in both competitions. 

At 4CC, I myself was very surprised I was able to land a 4Lo. But I failed the 3A after, and the content of the performance left a bad taste in the mouth. Nonetheless, I had a sense of fulfillment and I think this experience will lead to a next step. 
At AWG, I wasn’t able to control my feelings during the SP but I was able to adjust physically during the day in between and it raised my spirits, so I was able to do a tenacious performance in the FS. 

Worlds, that ended last year in tears, is upcoming very quick. I will work hard so this year everyone can end it with a smile. Thank you for continuous support. Please be nice with me from now on too. 

i think people forget that kara knows how to ride a motorcycle so i’m just saying–x games au

kara’s dad was able to p easily build a spaceship ok she’s kryptonian smart–she can figure out how to improve a motorcycle

and kara is good at math–she can do all the physics and then conversions it takes to land and fly and not kill someone because of whiplash when she catches them and how fast a human can go while flying–she can figure out just exactly the limits of human peak performance with tricks and all that jazz. and maaaaybe just go a teeny tiny bit beyond that. Because the thing is, everyone’s wearing helmets, fully covered, not an inch of skin revealed. it can be a fun, thrill seeking thing for someone who’s not allowed to use her powers, and still keep under the radar

except, sometimes people get curious about this person who shows up year after year and out performs everyone and has 0 identifiers except a signature trick and doesn’t ever even talk to reporters just signs up with the same alias and well. you know who loves a good mystery? Cat Grant

nct music class au {mark}

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  • mark is your average clarinet player
  • probably is second chair but could easily be first chair if he truly tried and such
  • he could care less tho
  • before class he ALWAYS is surrounded by the “dream team”
  • they always bump into his music stand leaving all of his music pieces !!! on the ground !!! B O Y !!!
  • [mark voice] this :-) is :-) fine :-)
  • donghyuck grabs his clarinet and always says “percussion section misses you… . . except me i don’t”
  • he’s lying
  • mark switched to clarinet because his goal in this music class was to learn a shit ton of instruments before he graduates
  • from marimbas to violin to now clarinet 
  • what a fucking g
  • also i would like to mention that he attempts to write rap verses to pieces that the class has been performing throughout the years ????
  • like how ?? does ?? he ??? do ?? that ???
  • vivaldi’s four seasons ? done.  holst’s the planets? yes .
  • all in all he’s a very studious boy who is heavily invested in music and the arts as a whole
  • you’re a clarinet player uvu
  • a third chair player however comparing the two of you is like apples to oranges ??
  • you only play one instrument while mark wants to be the whole orchestra omf
  • or at least that’s what you think
  • mark like. hecka looks up to your skills my dude !!!!! !!
  • he always sees how dedicated you are to the clarinet
  • the amount of focus you put into learning each piece
  • and the way you sightread ?? ? he is always shaking in his metaphorical boots
  • so like. your school’s music concert is coming up and your teacher wants more duet pieces
  • like they’re sick and tired of solos
  • mark: sorry donghyuck your drum solo is CANCELLED
  • donghyuck: i will shove this cymbal down your THROAT
  • ANYWAYS, mark had the bright idea of asking if you could duet with him on a piece !! :-)
  • he didn’t know how to phrase it in person so he wrote you a note and stuck it inside your clarinet case when you weren’t looking
  • class was over and you were disassembling the clarinet and wHAt is THIS you see
  • “hey dude !!! wanna work on a duet piece together ? i think working together to accomplish a hard piece could end up being good! how about fugue in g minor ?? let me know - mark :-) “
  • you’re left in awe bc YOU wanted to ask him but he ended up asking first like wtf what a psychic
  • you finally clean up and realize that he already left for his next class :-/
  • LUCKILY the dream team still were in the room and were nosy enough to see what was going on 
  • donghyuck: 👀👀👀 so… you want his digits to confirm it or 👀👀👀
  • “yes please i gotTA GO TO CLASS”
  • they end up giving it to you and you send him a quick text on your way to the next period
  • “ hey it’s me y/n!! yeah that sounds like a good idea, let’s hang afterschool and discuss further things”
  • well at least he texted back :-)

tiberiusmulder  asked:

My favorite Bill Paxton film is Frailty, what do you think of it?

I mean, it’s hard to get better in terms of a pure Bill Paxton experience. He delivered a great performance, a layered performance, and then to lead a film that is that good overall, that well-crafted, it’s really one of the first things people should go back and check out. He directed that movie incredibly well. It truly is a Bill Paxton film. 

It’s insane to think of the career Paxton could have had as a horror director. But he still had an amazing career regardless. From Aliens to Titanic and Twister, to True Lies and Weird Science… he really demonstrated incredible range, which he sadly never quite got enough credit for. 

The first two things I watched after hearing the news were Aliens and Near Dark. Both are exceptional movies in which he gives really terrific performances. Near Dark might be one of the best villain performances in horror in the last 40 years. He’s so good in that.

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What are your dreams for the future? (even small ones!)

To be in a band!!!! and if that dream comes true, I want to inspire other women to follow their dreams as well!!!! I’m gonna try super fucking hard to make the band thing happen even if it kills me ksdjgsdg I already got 1 show locked in that I could perform at in about 3-4 years if I decide to visit my mom’s friend in Santa Cruz omg

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Why don't you like Emma Stone?

i wish i had something spectacular or dramatic for you, but i’m just not a fan. she’s always rubbed me the wrong way. like, remember when jennifer lawrence was that quirky, goofy, cool girl everyone loved, and then it got old? that’s how i’ve always felt about her.

doesn’t mean she’s a good or bad actress, doesn’t mean she is or isn’t problematic. she’s just not my cup of tea, and i have a hard time swallowing the idea of her delivering an oscar-worthy performance, BUT YEARS OF BASELESS IRRITATION HAVE MADE ME BIASED so don’t follow me off this bridge, my guy.


short-lived hair colors

neon orange mingyu / blue jun / mint wonwoo / copper dino / red-streaked s.coups / teal-blonde hoshi

not to be dramatic…..but bangtan saved 2016