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Fra Fee

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3hr; CS6

Where muh Les Mis peeps at?

One of my favourite West End actors is starring in The Fix as of tomorrow night at the Union Theatre and guess who’s got tickets to the opening performance? :D

Fra Fee played Candide in my #1 production of all time at the Menier Chocolate Factory a few years ago and despite seeing many many… MANY… more shows - including Hamilton - nothing has knocked that production from top spot. It was phenomenal.

Sorry… my musical theatre nerd is showing…


omg but Atsushi telling Wombat and En off for product placement.

and then Io freaking out about the massive performance fees the student council must be raking in for the manga while Ryuu freaks out about how their nationwide (… sorry Ryuu) fame is going to inflate their popularity and cost him his women.

I can’t even.

And then they’re just like BUT WHAT IF WE MAKE BOUEIBU MANGA AND STEAL ALL THE THINGS BACK because of course it was Ioryuu’s idea.

goes to lie down

Avoidance Maneuvers (closed starter)

It had been a week–or was it two?– since the night Lyth had discovered her, found out about her bloodhaze, was injured by her.  Although the dragoness seemed to have forgiven her, there was still… a feeling, guilt. 

She didn’t want to risk it again.  She couldn’t.

So she began coming around less.  Try as she might to make it not seem obvious, surely Lyth had noticed by now?

No, don’t think.  Just work.

Sparks flew from her current project.  More and more she’d began to immerse herself into her forgework, usually continuing until even her arms were quivering and aching each night.  Where she would have normally charged a nominal fee to perform metal folding for other blacksmiths, she did it practically for free, seeming to revel in the energy it took out of her day after day.

It came to a point where she didn’t even return to use the spare room to sleep for one day, then two.

Was she really that scared?