performance fabrics


Better living through high technology
dustrial leggings,

  • 88% polyester 12% spandex performance wear fabric.
  • EcoPoly fiber is eco-friendly since it requires significantly less energy and water use during manufacturing.
  • Medium weight and sturdy, yet breathable, Compression fit. Thick elastic waistband finishing and cover stitched hems. 4-thread overlock stitch for durability and stretch.
  • Each pair is custom hand made in Canada


BTS Festa 2017
‘What About Me? (이력서)’ [110617]

((Photo 1))
Name: Park Jimin
Birthdate: 1995.10.13
Blood type: A
Vision: 0.1 / 0.2
Specialities: Lazing around
Hobbies: Lazing around
Career highlights: Breathing nonstop for 23 years
Prefered Computer Software: Minesweeper
Typing speed: 461 ~ 524
Certification: First class in climbing members’ back for piggy backs

-My eyes are swollen
-Thick lips
-Thin waist
-Thick thighs
-Small ears
-Chubby feet

Self-Skill Evaluation:

Arts - 53/100
Physical Education - 70 / 100
Housework - 70 / 100
Memorization - 4 /100

Daily food intake: Different every day

Daily drink intake: Almost zero

((Photo 2))
Habit: Bitting my nails, scratching my neck (when sleeping), brushing my hair back
My motto: I am manggae
Movie that describes me: Twenty
My biggest charm point that beats no other is: My swollen eyes
My perfect fatal flaw is: My memorization
What I think about often nowadays: Rebellious spirit

~What I Like~

Who I look up to: Seniors
Sports: Sports involving ball (ex. pool)
Snack: Cookies/chips, chicken, jokbal
Favorite Song: Spring Day
Material of performing uniform: Soft fabric or just cotton
Fashion Style: [Drawing]

~What I Don’t Like~

Season/Weather: I dislike humid weather
When I don’t like myself: When I can’t control my anger
Most recent embarrassing moment: Nothing specific

((Photo 3))

Drawing of me growing up: [Look at the picture Jimin drew]

~Relationship with members~ 

Jungkook thinks of me as: The hyung he loves
Jungkook to me is: A cute baby brother
Rapmonster thinks of me as: The heir
Rapmonster to me is: The big brother
Suga thinks of me as: A younger brother
Suga to me is: The grandmother
Jin thinks of me as: The angel
Jin to me is: The newborn baby
J-Hope thinks of me as: A younger brother who he can tease eaily
J-Hope to me is: The big sister
V thinks of me as: A savior
V to me is: The puppy

((Photo 4))

~Future Goals~

Personal goal of 2017: I want to be closer with our fans who support us
What is needed to achieve that goal: I think I should become a better, cooler person in order to achieve this. I’m going to work hard in the field I’m in charge.
What I want to do before I die: I wish I could say “I have done everything I wanted to do. It was a very nice life.”
Something that I improved in comparison to last year: Appetite
My biggest potential: I think I grew a little taller

((Photo 5))

~Personal Bragging Time~
I have Namjoon hyung
I have Seokjin hyung
I have Yoongi hyung
I have Hobi hyung
I have Taehyung
I also have Jungkook?
And I also have ARMY

 MBTI personality test result: ENFJ
Accuracy: 4 stars
The part of the test that explains / fits my personality well: Likes people and has a strong tendency to see things positive


I, Jung Hoseok, strongly recommend Jimin to the company as the outstanding individual. The reason is BECAUSE HE HIS JIMIN!! JIMIN IS GOOD IN EVERYTHING

I declare the above statement is the truth.

The Yaya Han fabrics are in at Joann Fabrics

And I feel as if you guys need to know about these.  Because I don’t want some unsuspecting cosplayer to waste their money.  Before I go on, I want to say that I am a costume maker and I have a degree in costume and fashion technology.  As a part of that degree I had to learn a ton about fabrics and I handle fabrics that range from $2 - $200 a yard every day.

So I came in to this yesterday.  A cart full.  We didn’t get too many, you can see they all have the Yaya Han logo on them and they all say “Cosplay by Yaya Han” on the end.  They all cost $19.99 (on the Joann website, they actually have some that are even more expensive) and are not going on sale any time soon.

Included in what was there are these:

7 metallic 4 way stretch fabrics. 1 of these is a print (the red scales??).  They’re very similar to the “performance fabrics” that are actually across from these in the aisle.  However, they’re extremely cheaply made and stick to each other.  I can already foresee the horror of having to measure these, all that loud peeling noise of having to separate it all from itself. The only really useful color that was there was the metallic black, which looks a bit like wet look leggings.  The unfortunate thing is that directly across the aisle is the exact same thing.  For cheaper.  You’re basically paying extra for her name to be on them.

Next is the stretch pleather and the twill.  The pleather was grey, that was the only one there.  It was VERY thin, I could see it pretty much only being used for a body suit or leggings, but the color was so odd I don’t know what costume would use it.  The thing was.  Again. It was cheaply made.  It was brand new just out of the plastic and already peeling off of the backing.  Truthfully, this was the one thing I was sort of excited about in this line and I’d happily use a 50% or 60% off coupon on a couple of yards if it was more substantial.  It’s the only thing in this line so far that I feel the price is worth it, if it was thicker. (Please note that Joann HAS a stretch pleather for $12.99.  It doesn’t stretch as much as this, but it works very well for nice tight sleeves)

The twill is described as “corset twill”, however, it’s NOT coutil.  I could see it being a nice replacement for it, but it’s not as thick.  The weave is nice (you can see it sort of), but again, something that Joann already sells for $9.99.

And finally, the brocades.  They’re all polyester nylon blend.  The color range isn’t bad and Joann purposely put their peacock brocade on clearance because they were getting these.  The thing was, I was sort of hoping for a range.  Something different that wasn’t already there, something good for things like Game of Thrones costumes.  What we got was exactly what we already had, just 60″ instead of 45″.  Except for the second blue one (which is peacock feathers) all of the designs are the same paisley.  You’re basically paying $10 just for 15 extra inches wide.

I want to see the rest of the collection, there’s a rib knit I found online in it that’s $29.99 and I need to see what the big deal about this is, when there’s rib knit at Joann for $9.99 already.  In my opinion, right now, it’s not worth it.  Don’t waste your money, it’s cheap, it sticks to itself, and it’s exactly what’s already at Joann.  The pleather is the only thing I would spend my money on and you can buy it online for cheaper. (It’s $15 at Mood and at Spandex World).  These should be out at all Joanns and others may have what we don’t so please feel free to add onto this post as you see fit.  But this is my personal review out of the package of the Yaya Han cosplay fabrics.

Eiko’s Catwoman, in development!

Of course, this isn’t the Catsuit Selina wears, that black one-piece honed and streamlined and made of the sorts of performance fabrics only the comics can provide. Eiko’s a rich girl who took to the streets as Catwoman to undercut her father’s business; she doesn’t have the same ready access to flexible Kevlar inserts. Her Catsuit’s assembled, not crafted. Of course, it’s assembled from Helmut Lang, which helps.

In the center is the initial sketch by Garry Brown based on the jacket picture; the armored thickness of the leather, the pleating and piecing that strengthens stress areas (those pockets have to hold heaven knows how many wires and knives), and the protective neckline were all perfect. Helmut Lang was also kind enough to provide leggings with moto padding on the thighs and knees, which was terribly handy, and we gave her a pair of heavy-duty knee boots. The jacket, we figured, would have been tailored after her first few outings to keep it closer to the body (there are some bits of her in action on the right).

In the Catwoman Annual (left), of course, she isn’t yet the practiced Catwoman we meet in Catwoman #35. For her first outing, Pat Olliffe drew the jacket in all its original glory, alongside a hastily-assembled Catcap and some ski goggles that made me laugh out loud the first time I saw them because of how perfect they are. She gets cooler goggles later, but if you’re Catwomaning in a hurry, you sometimes have to make do.

Something New Grows on Trees: Biodegradable Chips for Electronics

It was just a couple of weeks ago when we featured nanocellulose, a natural supermaterial derived from plants that is getting ready for the spotlight. Researchers are looking at it for durable, transparent composites because of its strength. Others are investigating its use in applications from biocompatible implants and flexible displays and solar panels to better bioplastics, cosmetics and concrete.

Now we hear from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Products Laboratory that scientists have demonstrated a new product for the nanoscopic fibers of cellulose, a carbohydrate that gives structure to plant cell walls. Turning the material into a film, they’ve been able to produce high-performance computer chips made almost entirely of wood.

By replacing the semiconducting foundation of modern chips with biodegradable nanocellulose, electronics could become significantly less of an environmental burden when they are discarded.

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