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A Breakfast Over Sugar
Chip Zien & Alison Fraser
A Breakfast Over Sugar

A Breakfast Over Sugar by William Finn, from In Trousers, performed by Chip Zien & Alison Fraser, 1979

Strip me down, but
say                                                             stay
this is much better for the both of us          please
now things are better for the both us…       please…


I’m so sorry.

ialwayscomeback  asked:

"I think he left at the word 'ghost'." Probably not at Henry's name, if they tried not to acknowledge what happened to Mike because of his brother, "...We could start by removing the AI chip lodged in my head. I think the data is gone, but if it isn't... Because remember- I'm not really a robot. I'm a human body and soul trapped in one. ...I can usually access the data inside the chip to perform actions I couldn't normally."

S: Well, that’s…erm…all well…and good, but, I…I meant more along the lines of ‘points of articulation’ and song recognition.

“The concept for the Ultrascope arose when I realized that the tools and technologies to pull it off—cloud computing; high-speed phone networks; low-cost, high performance chips and CCDs; 3D printing; and the Maker Movement—had all matured around the same time, enabling a new era in citizen science. This couldn’t have been done 24 months ago, but now it’s all here.” - Inventor James Parr on OnQ