Help me with a project!

I am currently arranging a project at university that will take place in an exhibition and would be so grateful if you lovely people would help me out.

All you need to do is go to my (gosuckafrick) ask box, and submit an anonymous confession. It can be dark, disgusting, disturbing, beautiful, happy or sad. Whatever you want to submit, go for it. I need as many as I can get for this project and I will post pictures and a couple of small snippets to show you how it turns out.

They will not be posted out onto Tumblr, they will sit in my inbox never to be spoken of.

If you feel like participating please do, it would mean a lot and I will have so much gratitude toward all of you for helping me get through this course of doing what I love. Also, if you would like to reblog this and get it out to as many people as possible it would be even more appreciated!

Thank you!


Art in Motion  -  Charlie Ford

As a performance artist, Charlie Ford has presented drawing installations throughout London, as well as Sweden, Australia and the Czech Republic. He has just finished up a week long exhibition at Arts Depot in London, an interactive drawing installation in which he completed seven drawings throughout the week opening the space up to observers to come and draw in the gallery. Keep up with his work here.

Using movement improvisation, I have also begun to question how motion can be prepared or devised and transcend into the creation of a drawing.

I have presented open installations and exhibitions, which invite observers to come and see my work, but simultaneously see me working; my process is something I want to share. I draw physically, and explore what this means to me.


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November 13 & 14: Juliana Huxtable presents her new performance, There Are Certain Facts that Cannot Be Disputed. Produced in collaboration with a ensemble of music, sound, video, and lighting artists, the work addresses the difficult relationship between the ephemeral nature of digital information and the drive for historical documentation online. 

[Juliana Huxtable. There Are Certain Facts that Cannot Be Disputed. 2015. Photo: Juliana Huxtable]


Joseph Beuys 

 I Like America and America Likes Me, 1974

Beuys traveled to the United States in 1974 and performed an action entitled I like America and America Likes Me at the René Block Gallery in New York. The action actually began at Kennedy Airport, where friends wrapped him in felt and transported him to the gallery in an ambulance. Beuys then spent several days in a room with only a felt blanket, a flashlight, a cane that looked like a shepherd’s staff, copies of the Wall Street Journal (which were delivered daily), and a live coyote. His choice of employing a coyote was perhaps an acknowledgment of an animal that holds great spiritual significance for Native Americans, or a commentary on a country that through its Western expansion had become “lost” America.

At the end of the three days, the coyote, who had become quite tolerant of Beuys, allowed a hug from the artist, who was transported back to the airport via ambulance. He never set foot on outside American soil nor saw anything of America other than the coyote and the inside of the gallery.


Actually a little addicted to Shia Labeouf’s #AllMyMovies event. 

For those who don’t know, he is live streaming his reactions as he watches all of his films in reverse chronological order from a theatre in New York.

Bloggers and the like have called him everything from a narcissist to a cheap plagiarizer of others’ work, but I still find this fascinating.

This does not feel like a staged attempt at publicity, but rather a window from which to view authentic human emotion when they review their own work, which is oddly reminiscent of the “Life Review” principle of the afterlife. 

It also calls into question the nature of the observer–true, he is observing his own work–but there are still people viewing him (watchers watching him watch it). Who would want to watch someone when they’re not doing anything exciting? Are merely sitting around, enjoying a movie? 

No one tuned in to watch the people behind him. Then why Shia?

Because he’s Shia LaBeouf.

This project brings the concept of celebrity into the film light much more subtly, perhaps, than his previous work, but it is present nonetheless. 

Perhaps from this angle, we can see Shia as a person–a movie-goer–like any other.


“One thing that can live always is a good idea.” — Marina Abramović, born on this day in 1946. 

In these video clips, Abramović discusses her first performance as a child, the challenges of documenting performance art, her 2010 MoMA retrospective, and more.


Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramović is a Serbian performance artist based in New York. Her work explores the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind. Active for over three decades, Abramović has been described as the “grandmother of performance art.” She pioneered a new notion of identity by bringing in the participation of observers, focusing on “confronting pain, blood, and physical limits of the body.


Yann Marussich - Blue Remix

Blue remix was a performance art piece by Yann Marussich, which involved him ingesting borderline dangerous amounts of methylene blue (which can induce serotonin syndrome at excessive doses). Using temperature regulation to make him sweat the methylene blue was secreted from Marussich’s pores, resulting in this dramatic effect.


Performance WoodWork
by Christoph Studer-Harper

At Box43, Zürich, on October 18th 2015.

“Because Art is Work and Sex is Art” - While working on a piece of wood fitted between my legs, I alternatively talk about the narratives of doing art commissions and doing sex work, switching back and forth between english and german and interweaving the subjects, blurring and expanding their respective boundaries.

Pictures taken by Marco Nicolas Heinzen

Dear Tumblr! I need your help!


Firstly i’m sorry i’ve been so damn quiet, uni has really really snowed me under D: BUT On the topic of uni i’ve just started a project where i’m going to work performativly with peoples responses to a personal prompt. For this to work I not only need lots of responses but I also need responses from people of all areas of society.

The prompt is centered around being taken seriously. Any response to this is helpful!

I can be anything, a one line response, a drawing, a recording, a short story…anything. If you choose to help you can Message me, send me an Ask, Reblog this, Tag me, anything that gets through to me via tumblr. 

I’m working on ideas of how to reward people who help me and i’ll be posting up the final work probably in video form in about a month so you can see how your response has been included. Please share if you can and thank you so so so much in advance if you help or share!