Crique du Soleil
Circus in town, Piccadilly Circus, London. Could she be one of the elite performers from Crique du Soleil? Just recently noticed that the Crique du Soleil is the most successful performing group internationally, from a documentary made by 16X9. The documentary gives audiences insight into the world of extreme performing arts, and a glimpse of the hardships talented candidates go through, before being cast into a show. 

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Did they just...?

“Touma attained the Performa “Fight for my Friends”.

Aha… AHAHAHAHAHA! HOLY CRAP, THEY ACTUALLY DID THAT?! SERIOUSLY?! Wow this game just keeps getting better.

Someone give me an honest opinion.

Should I bother watching a playthrough of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE or not? I heard mixed reviews/opinions concerning this game and some terms that I’ve heard sound … weird… but I’m willing to give the game a try if I hear more positive things about it :)

All I really know about the game is that it has some weird terms (such as Performa?) and that it’s a crossover between SMT and FE (do note that I never really got into FE for your opinion/what you plan to tell me, because if it’s too much like FE, I probably won’t like it… :D)

Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim, hari ini hari pertama gue masuk kerja untuk program magang sampai 6 bulan ke depan. Bismillah, semoga selalu diberi kesehatan dan kekuatan bisa memberikan performa terbaik, diangkat jadi pegawai tetap jika itu yang terbaik, dan pantang menyerah jadi mas-mas kantoran. I am really excited !