School Grade: 5th (10 years old)

This character is a combination of 氵 the water radical and 寅 a non-general use character that is currently used to refer to the sign of the tiger. Originally, though, 寅 meant “straighten an arrow,” and had come by association to mean “lengthen/extend.” This combined with 氵 gave “long/ extensive river,” but over time the “river” part of the meaning faded out, giving just “extensive.” This meaning then led to derived meanings such as “extended performance.”


The moment Damon looked into my soul: from three different angles.

This is why being in the front pays off! Making eye contact with the performer creates a connection that you don’t get sitting in the back or watching off a screen.

I’m the one with the dark sleeve in the 2nd pic. I think my arm went limp when Damon looked our way!

Must go see him live again. Bring on the next Gorillaz/Blur/solo tour!

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Craig McLaren