I’m cutting out fabric for vinyl bumbags! They’re a bit more… serious than the other bumbags I’ve done. The perforated vinyl is pretty classy, I found it at work today and I might make myself a shoulder bag with it.

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About a week ago out of the blue, I met a puppy at the clinic that I am interning at.

♥  Here is a video of him. ♥

Barely 6 weeks old, I found out that he had been run over by a car three days prior. The owners for whatever reason had failed to bring the obviously injured puppy in any earlier than this. The puppy was not very responsive and covered head to toe in fleas, he was more flea than dog!

Not able to afford any care, and because of the condition of the puppy, we offered to take the pup. Luckily, the owner eventually relinquished ownership of him to the clinic.

The wonderful Veterinarian was kind enough to take on this puppy, even if we weren’t sure if he would make it or not. His abdomen was perforated and very purple which indicated bleeding. He also could not walk and would scream and cry when you touched any part of his back-end including his hips, belly, and legs. You could see the fleas crawling all over his face and body.

He has since been doing a little better and getting stronger. He now actually eats on his own and  is attempting to walk.

However, despite his slight recovery from the incident, we found out that he will still need surgery, and quickly, because of his back leg. Unable to walk correctly, the injury will get in the way of a full healthy recovery.

We do not have the materials at this clinic to do the type of surgery he needs and therefore we cannot absorb the cost. So this sweet puppy desperately needs help! He is a growing baby so the surgery cannot wait. The bone will be trying to grow while it is broken up, and the results could be very bad for him.

This is never something I thought I would have to do or ask, but i’m at a loss, and this puppy deserves this surgery. He had a very rough start to his life, but he deserves to continue it with health and love. If you can spare anything, even a dollar.. it would be greatly appreciated and this puppy will thank you.

Thank you for reading, please keep your fingers crossed for this sweet boy and his long road to recovery! If you aren’t able to donate, please help spread the word!

♥  Here is the link to his Gofundme ♥

Stewart and Colbert run through the bit four times, effortlessly trading lines and clearly enjoying working together again. When Stewart spits a mouthful of water in Colbert’s face after learning that Trump — not Jeb Bush — is the GOP nominee, Colbert barely stifles a laugh. As two makeup artists descend to dry off Colbert, Stewart asks him why he doesn’t wear an earpiece. Colbert explains that he’s deaf in one ear, the result of botched surgery for a perforated eardrum. Cracks Stewart, “That’s what separates you from Brian Williams.”

Some detail shots of my Furiosa cosplay.

I sewed the shirt from old T-shirts and have probably worn that shirt and its sports bra for a combined time of several weeks, including a belt test for the bra. Blood sweat, and tears went into them quite literally, plus campfire ashes and metro grease.

The arm is made from stuff I found in my basement except for the perforated sheet metal, the little wrench, and the wood hand base. My house is over 70 years old, and I bet that big wrench and the rebarb had been there since then.
I had an engineer friend make the base, and then I added the details. I have before and after pics if interested.

I attach it to me using medical tape, and add two elbow braces with extra metal supports that I found on the side of the road when I need to be able to move it around for dancing.

I brought the belt from etsy seller AlterEgoProductions. I’ve had to replace some of the chains and jump rings after a few hours of dance.

The shoes came pre-distressed, and they are just such things of beauty they needed their own pictures.

I taught myself leatherworking to make the cuff and gaiter. They aren’t terribly polished, but their mine.

I got the corset from meschantescorsetry. It was important to me to be able to dress myself onehanded, so I elected a front and back lace corset.

mbti types as things i have called my friends before
  • intj:gangrenous meerkats
  • intp:pessimistic magpies
  • entj:demented prawns
  • entp:vibrant hippos
  • infj:ethereal penguins
  • infp:whimsical sheep
  • enfj:harmless flamingoes
  • enfp:kooky wolves
  • istj:monotonous tigers
  • isfj:mystical cows
  • estj:perforated chickens
  • esfj:enticing hermit crabs
  • istp:delirious pandas
  • isfp:capricious chimpanzees
  • estp:flawless polar bears
  • esfp:flamboyant tortoises