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Being somewhat new to the fandom, what is Ultimate Tom exactly? What constitutes it?

Hello, Little Gray Face!

Welcome to the mad house!  Enjoy your stay here.  Ignore the unpleasant people, follow blogs that make you smile, and don’t let anyone take your joy.

So, what is Ultimate Tom exactly?


This is Ultimate Tom:

He is a particular vintage of the Stupid Angel Face (SAF) from the latter part of 2011 and the very beginning of 2012.  The ginger curls and delicious whiskers are from his perfomrance as Henry V in The Hollow Crown.  Most of the photos of Ultimate Tom are from press/premieres of War Horse in December 2011 and January 2012.  He had the longer hair and whiskers in Fall 2011 for a few The Deep BlueSea appearances, but the hair was a bit darker still.  

I refer to him as Ultimate Tom because, in my opinion, he seemed to be extremely happy and fulfilled on both a personal and professional level.  

He had experienced the excitement surrounding the premiere of the first Thor film in the spring, the TIFF/San Sebastian/BFI circuit for The Deep Blue Sea in September and October, and he was thrilled to be doing Shakespeare as Henry V.  I think there is something different about him in interviews from this period.  He not only is infuriatingly handsome (because the curls and whiskers, I mean really…), he has an aura of calmness about him, a steadiness that I don’t quite see at any other time; but yet there is a wonderful spark in his eyes and a tantalizing simmering sense of almost latent strength that makes my heart go pitter-patter.  For example, THIS television appearance is devastating.  He looks like he could pollinate the whole of Europe.  

So, for me, it is not simply that his appearance is exceptionally appealing, it is his whole demeanor that I find appealing in an as yet unparalled manner. :)

Thank you for asking!  I hope I have explained to your satisfaction. :)


This goes for all idols but in this sepcific case I’m a talk about Taeyong. Let’s begin with the name calling. First off, I am going to assume that everyone on here is above the age of eight, so with that ALONE there should be no name calling here. Like “scamyeon”??? Are. You. Kidding? Kimbapp be keeding me!

“Leaving someone out on purpose.” Now I am not the hugest fan of Taeyong, but you BEST BELIEVE I would have done the fan chant when his part came in the performance. As a performer myself, I know that ppl need that applause to kind of keep them going through the perfomrance. Do you know how detrimental that could be to his self esteem? Being silent on his part like that? How would you feel if you were on stage working your butt off for FANS to have none other than the FANS destroy you with silence?

“Spreading rumors about someone.” Okay, so yes, Taeyong did do some pretty stupid things in the past, so it isn’t a rumor. But seriously why do people keep bringing it up??

Let me break it down for you:

Taeyong was 14. Freaking FOURTEEN in freaking MIDDLE SCHOOL. For those of y'all who are sixteen and older, y'all remeber middle school, and how eVERYONE acted a fool, and how EVERYONE thought they were all that, and how EVERYONE was going through some type of crap that went along with puberty which caused them to do some stupid stuff. Y'all remember when you began high school and woke up and learned how to act. Y'all remember when you became more grounded at age 17/18/college.

So why. LORD GOD TELL ME WHY. Is Taeyong so different? I knew some people who did things even MORE stupid than Taeyong, so like PLEASE GIVE HIM A BREAK! How would you feel if no one wanted to be friends with you in college cuz you were acting a fool in middle school? You would feel pretty crappy right?

And have you ever thought that maybe the reason why Taeyong scammed people and was a bully is because he HIMSELF might have self-esteem problems? Have y'all ever thought of that? So what logic. PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT LOGIC! Makes y'all think that harassing him will make his issues go away? Huh? You have seen the videos. He ain’t too thrilled. And what if, because of all the hating fans, he takes out his frustration out on the members? It’s called displacement, and it’s a very common coping mechanism in response situations that are too painful for humans to handle.

You know what it is? I think I know what it is. I read a book in psychology class about the dehumanization of “role model people” (for lack of a better word) by those who look up to them. Y'all don’t realize it, but we actually dehumanize kpop idols. We expect them to be perfect on the inside and outside. And if they are not perfect, we bash them and mold them into the perfect toys we idealize them to be. Humans are FAR from perfect, so the fact that we expect these idols to be perfect means that we are dehumanizing them. We also learned in psychology that the “role model person” can actually be driven to insanity because of the pressure of those looking up to them. That, to me, actually goes WAY beyong bullying.

I am actually really worried about Taeyong’s mental health. Who knows what all of this stress is doing to him.

And if any of you are threatening Taeyong, you might want to rethink your life.

141229 - Youngjae - Naver Cafe Chat

Everyone must be worrying a lot. But the only thing we can do well is showing our music and performing well on stages. You guys know it keke. So we will brace ourselves and try harder and show you guys better music. 

I’m very healthy. And I got more handsomer. I went karaoke and it was amazing! I sure am a singer hehe

I just came in here because I wanted to talk to the Babys. 

I’ve chatted with you guys before when we were active but since I can chat more freely now.

I like Jeju Island~

Yoo Malang (softie). My nickname became Yoo Malang thanks to Himchan hyung haha.

All 6 of us are healthy!

Fan: How are you guys spending your time. You guys at home?

YJ: umm how should I say it well…

Nowadays I’m just meeting friends and staying home~ I’m eating well too. I was home during Christmas ㅠㅠ

Daehyun called me just then. He said the fans think this is not me. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Ask me things you’re curious~ Yongguk hyung can’t come on because he’s too shy. Himchan hyung might come in~ 

Aah I remember…doraemong imitations haha. I don’t sound alike.

I want to stand on stage so much.

I’m not living with the members~ but we meet often hehe.

When we meet we talk about Babys and how we want to perfomr quickly

Bro Bang, Daem Chui, Himu jjang, Mjup, Zelo. (Members’ names on his phone).

Jonguppi is called by Himchan.

They call me Youngjaeya~ or Youngchai. My Chinese name. 

I miss the Thai fans too. B.A>P hashtag was second in Thailand..

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When I count to 1, all you have to write is “Youngjae oppa, I love you!”

YJ: 333333 222222 Fan: YJ oppa, I love you YJ: You’re out I haven’t counted to 1 yet Fan: Youngjae I love you YJ: You’re out

YJ: I’ll count to one 3333 2222 4444 5555 Fans: We’re getting angry YJ: Ok, ok, I’ll do it again Let’s start again

YJ: The end of year award shows are boring right~ Fans: Yeah no fun I didn’t even watch YJ: It’s boring cause we’re not there

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January: Rehearsals for WWA tour  

February: British Awards 

March: Recording You & I music video

April: Where We Are tour starts - South America, That Moment fragrance

May: Niall charity football match, WWA in Europe

June: WWA in Europe 

July: WWA in Europe 

August: WWA in North America, You & I fragrance

September: Louis charity football match, Who We Are bookrelease, WWA in North America

October: Where We Are - The Concert Film, Steal My Girl, WWA in North America 

November: Four album, Night Changes music video, AMA awards, 1D hangout, ARIA awards, Today Show, 1D in Orlando, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen Show, Childer in Need, EMA’s, Ticket sale for OTRA, Meeting the Royals + perfomring ‘Night Changes’ at the Royal Variety Performance

December: Book signing in London,  BBC Music Awards, NRJ Music Awards, 40 Principales in Madrid, X-Factor Final in UK, TV special on NBC, SNL, Swedish Idol Finale, RTL Late Night Show, Rays of Sunshine, New Year’s Ever with Ryan S 

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