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161109 BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL FANMEETING VOL.3 in Fukuoka - Quiz Game

1. Q: What makes Jungkook think he has really grown up? (500 points)

Taehyung: Carrier billing
Namjoon: Body
Yoongi: Age
Jimin: Driver lisence

Hint: Something changed about it

Jimin: Physically growing up
Jimin: Mentally growing up

2. Q: If Jungkook were an ARMY, whose fan would he be? Why? (5,000 points)

Jimin: It has to be me right?
Yoongi: J~~~~Hooopeee~~
Taehyung: Can I answer it? It’s V.
Jimin: It’s Rapmon-hyung, because he’s smart. 

Namjoon said he would be Jungkook’s fan too.

3. Q: The most embarrassing moment of Jungkook this year? (50,000 points)

Yoongi: Falling down while riding a scooter in front of our house?

Hint: During live performance

Yoongi: Drooling while perfoming live?
Taehyung: Having stomachache while perfoming live
Hoseok: Pants ripped
Jimin: Dropping his mic

Hint: During live perfomance, something happened and the two got something

Jimin: This one surely is V
Seokjin: During ‘BS&T’ pre-recording, I blew hand kisses to ARMYs
Taehyung: During ‘BS&T’ pre-recording, Jin-hyung…
Jimin: Laughing when seeing Jin-hyung’s dance?
Yoongi: Jin-hyung really can’t dance!
Seokjin: Before the pre-recording, while positioning, I touched Jungkook’s butt
Jimin: Jungkook farted when Jin-hyung touch his butt?
Taehyung: Jin-hyung messed around with Jungkook during the pre-recording? 

Correct answer: During the performance, Jin-hyung messed around with Jungkook and both got scolded

Seokjin: Ah… Yeah
MC: You don’t remember it at all.
Jimin, Taehyung: I do remember.
MC: How was the situation like?
Jimin: I scolded them.
MC: Jimin-ssi scolded them? For messing around?
Jimin: They kept hitting each other… I told them to stop..
MC: That’s really cool.

4. Q: What’s the first thing Jungkook do after waking up in the morning? (60,000 points)

Hoseok: Hope! Going to the bathroom
Jimin: Opening the fridge
Seokjin: Drinking water
Jimin: Getting off the bed
Yoongi: Honestly…
Namjoon: (Doing the) laundry
Hoseok: (making stretching sound)
Taehyung: Corn Frost (cereal)
Hoseok: Thinking about ARMY?
Seokjin: Drinking milk
Jimin: It’s a thing he really does.
MC: What is it?
Jimin: Opening the fridge. It’s true. I see him do that everyday.
Yoongi: First thing after waking up, going back to sleep.

Correct answer: Finding something to eat

(giving out the Jungkook Master award)

Taehyung: I present this certificate to Jimin for his vast knowledge of Jungkook.
MC: Jimin-ssi, please tell us how you feel.
Jimin: Jungkook-ssi, please look after me in the future as well.
MC: Jungkook-ssi, Jimin-ssi won 1st place.
Jungkook: Jimin-hyung really knows me well. And I want to say thank you to our ARMYs for answering many questions too.

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Harry Styles.

Two mere words for so much of a person.

I’ve just listened to the album from start to finish. In little under an hour I’ve been taken on a journey by a man who has so many stories to tell. And tell them in his own way is what he has so deftly done.

Theres this beautiful feeling of syncopation to the whole thing, some moments so softly sung as to be almost spoken like a latter day Nick Drake, others wrapped in a rousing rock persona, laced with dirty rock rhythms, that call back to different moments in time.

It feels at turns intensely personal like a love life letter to his past self. And it makes me feel like we can somehow just hook into a nearby amp and feel those vibrations of living.

I am absolutely gutted that I won’t be able to hear these songs perfomed live, because I think that where he takes them as these stories he’s woven begin to live with him and take on new elements, will be truly something special. 

This is the Pink Album, and I’ve never been happier to be wrapped in this hue.

I don’t really have a problem with Lauren being shipped with Halsey (I love them) but come on, we know what its happening over here: PR. They need Strangers to be a hit so the song can have a ‘polemic’ video. Why we never saw them having fun together when they were recording the song? Just when the song is out and with a live perfomance (which is better than the recorded version IMO) now they look really close and everyone is shipping them, oh btw, bye Tyren.

Quiet Lover (Jungkook)


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Jungkook was a quiet. His moves were amazing, they never failed to make you scream in ecstasy. With just the slightest touch of his fingertips a moan would rise up from your throat. You never spoke, at least not in full sentences. Sure, you’d always give him slight orders (which he never needed) or praise him on his moves. You’d whisper that you loved him but the only response he would give you were soft kisses along your jaw. 

His lack of noise during sex was beginning to get to you. You began to doubt yourself. Were you not enough for him? Were you not good in bed? Was that the reason why he never made a noise? You wanted to test this guess. So after Jungkook’s performance once he got home- you would finally get your answer. 

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happy-little-foxy  asked:

How did Kook and Tae meet?

Jungkook: I was that cliché popular guy every boy hates but secretly wanted to be, and every girl loved. Hence why I only dated females. Because my male friends did that. And I never questioned my sexuality. 

Life was boring. The only thing that made me happy was dancing. My best friend Yugyeom and I spent hours in this gym hall dancing our souls out. One day, Hoseok heard about us and asked us to join his dance team. I was a bit uncomfortable after he told us that they perfom at bars and clubs to cheer on the crowd but I could do what I loved: Dancing. 

But I continued because I loved the attention and the feeling we created. Everyone was watching us from night to night and I swear to god I never got so many love letters in my life as when I started to perfom live. I also find a lot of underwear on the stage now and then… But then everything changed. 

Taehyung is a bad guy. That´s what I heard. I´ve never seen him in real life and until this day I also never wanted to. He was in a drug selling group, hyper addicted to everything they sell which made me confused and he appeared to be the king of assholes. But when I saw him… everything stood still. It was like everything slowed down, everything dissapeared except me and this gorgeous looking man with those giant eyes, this beautifull tan skin, this winner smile and this gorgeous appearance. I was instantly head over heels couldn´t get my eyes off of him, amazed by his excistence. The more I stared at him, the more I was confused by all the feelings that flooded my body. My mind was clouded. My body craving for the man standing there, gaving me a boner just from breathing. 

I was addicted the second I saw him. And I fell into an obsession that apparently seems to be super unhealthy. And the more I wanted him, the more I was confused. At one point I started to stop caring. I stopped caring about my alarm bells inside my mind, telling me that I´m stupid. Because all I could think about was Taehyung. Every thought that had nothing to do with this man was thrown out.  

I´m living for the attention I get from him. He is the one that feels the emptiness inside my heart. He makes me feel alive. 

I know it sounds unhealthy. But I can´t help it. I love him…