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imagine if Tony one day just looks at Steve and grins and hen says "You're like a door, I want to bang you every day" and cue Steve choking on his spit because what the HELL Tony

Steve secretly loves it though, he loves it. 

Plot twist would be Steve regaining his composure and going, ‘I’m pretty much sure I’d be doing the banging.’ 

And Tony’s just like speechless. 

Steve bounced back from that one rather quickly. 

Spent most of the day outside so I layered up ✨ its been the loveliest day, first cat cafe, then Halloween in Tivoli and now movies and tea, all with my love ❤️ perf!
Dress from @punkrave.official
Hood from @thevegetariandragon (this is so lovely guys!!)
Everything else is thrifted
#stregafashion #medievalgoth

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Are you sitting on a pile of sugger? Because you got a pretty SWEET ass

Send my muse terrible pick up lines for shits and giggles.



He has choked on his hot chocolate, spitting him all over. Damn those damned anons and their shameless words. Also… he would rather not have those perverted grey faces eyeing his ass.

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   So the proud and mighty lion did hide some regret inside that stone heart of his. Viridescent eyes, so surprisingly similar to her brother’s own, flickered over towards him and her head tilted in observance the moment he spoke. 

“You became Great Britain when you entered into a union with other free nations, deartháir. You held nearly the entire world in your hand and took and took to make yourself great until the brave among us finally said enough. I am not so blind as to throw aside your admirable accomplishments but, tell me, can a field thrive if bathed in that much blood?” 

Ealga sighed sharply through her nose before she turned her gaze back to the rolling green scenery before them. Her voice softened out of longing. “There used to be a forest here, you know,” she murmured. “It was beautiful. The trees were thick and strong and many members of the aos sí called it their home. Tell me, do you know how it died?” 


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@sketchmagician the idea that the trans movement is “founded on accepting that gender is innate” is literally the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard (again, perf example of the strawmanning I’m talking about) given that the theorist who had the greatest hand in shaping the transgender rights movement in its current form is judith butler who’s entire theory rests on the understanding that gender is non-innate. please its pathetic that you have to invent a fictional ideological adversary so you can feel smart
@jendahsucks the main thrusts of our argument in its very simplest terms is that transgender experience (obviously) exists even as gender is non innate. and i would go further to say that transgender subjectivity exposes the performativity and malleability of gender in a way that is distinctly anti-patriarchal as patriarchy relies entirely on positing gender as fixed and indisputable categories.
furthermore we believe that gender assignment at birth/socialization (both terms you guys misuse egregiously by understanding them in their most black and white and unnuanced forms) informs us very little of the experience or social location of gnc and trans people. transgender and gnc people interface with patriarchy in far, far more complex ways than people assigned male at birth=benefit, people assigned female at birth=suffer. obviously that’s largely true, but you have to be really closing your eyes to the actual realities of the experiences of trans women to say that they receive the spoils of male privilege the way men do. basically you guys are one, biologically deterministic and two, want gender and patriarchy to function in a much less complex way than it does so that you can understand it easily.
but yeah again re: the strawmanning thing, I am part of a very large community of trans people in my life, and an even larger one on here. No one I know is this uncritical liberal trans person that your mouths water over. Obviously my subjective experience means less than the overarching realities of the transgender community so if you want to know more about what our movement is actually about here is some recommended reading, all of which demonstrates deeply thoughtful, nuanced, and critical understandings of gender held by trans people:
Through the door of life – joy Ladin
Redefining realness – Janet mock

Transgender warriors – Leslie feinberg 

everything hari nef has written about this 

Imitation and gender insubordination – Judith butler

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My fav matsuship is osotodo (I think that's the name at least) but there's literally nothing of that ship anywhere (At least not on the blogs i follow or my dash) and that makes me really sad tbh

aaah i love osotodo!!!! Its so cute and theyre both assholes so it’s perf ect