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Here’s more pirate AU stuff for you! I’ve been working on quite a few of these while taking a class over the past week, so some of them are a product of boredom. Help me. :D
Also maaaay actually turn this into a full story? Because I love writing pirate-centric stuff and need more practice writing a lot of these characters. Also sudden fierce desire to draw a sea monster because sea monsters are great tbh.
I feel like this list isn’t quite complete and want to add more, but I desperately need tea for my sore throat right now.

The Clan of Noah
-Somehow figured out how to control sea monsters (in lieu of akuma)
-No one knows how they do it, but they do
-Only the thirteen main members of the crew can do it, though
-Tryde is the quartermaster (quartermaster’s job is to distribute everything evenly, including punishment, and settle any disputes among the crew)
-Bear in mind that pirate crews were actually very democratic. Most things come down to a vote, so it’s all a joint decision. YAY FOR FAMILY

Black Order
-A regular officer of the Black Order can board any naval ship without warning as long as they are dressed in proper uniform
-The higher-ranking officers can pretty much board whatever ship they want, naval or otherwise, without warning, as long as they’re in uniform
-Cross Marian takes advantage of this and uses it to slip away from headquarters all the time; Socalo does occasionally disappear, usually if he’s heard there’s a pirate ship nearby (god help the pirates); Bob Ross Tiedoll and Klaud only board non-naval ships when absolutely necessary
-Headquarters are in London, of course, but they have branches and officers all around the world

-Information starts turning up on what happened between Neah and the Clan of Noah
-Leverrier/Lvellie/SQUARESTACHE instructs Link to try and convince Neah to become a privateer so they can use him
-Meanwhile members from Central are stationed in every branch of the Black Order

Howard Link
-Eventually winds up assigned to Allen as a supervisor (we’ll get to that in a second)
-He puts up a good fight, tries to remain indifferent
-Eventually starts sympathizing with Allen tho
-Eventual (inevitable) run-in with Allen’s uncle; proceeds to propose becoming a privateer

Neah D. Campbell
-this little shit
-He is NOT having the whole privateer thing
-Nope. No. Nuh-uh. Not happening.
-He can also control the sea monsters
-Teaches Allen little tricks to control them without Allen realizing it
-Continues to hang around London to annoy his nephew gather information on potential enemies?
-He’s really just there to annoy Allen

Allen Walker
-ACCIDENTALLY gets a sea monster to spare a ship he’s on
-Automatically makes the entire Black Order 500% more suspicious of him
-Suddenly gets stuck with a supervisor (Link) from Central
-Very much in denial over being a pirate’s son
-Simultaneously lowkey convinced he has to be Mana’s son now that he realizes he can control the sea monsters, too
-Does not realize Neah taught him how
-This smoll bean suddenly has so much self-doubt, it’s not even funny
-Help him