yaasutomo  asked:

Alright, so this'll probably seem like a really stupid question, but I'm really curious xD People who dress in Lolita fashion - do they dress like that all the time? Like, everyday? Or is just a thing that they do occasionally?

It’s not a stupid question :) It’s on a case-by-case basis. Most of us only wear it part-time, but there’s a whole spectrum of when people wear it. From least often to most often, here’s a basic breakdown:

  • Once a year (for prom or things like that)
  • For conventions (which will likely amount to 3-6 days per year)
  • For meetups (which probably goes up to 12 times per year, if you attend one meetup a month)
  • On weekends/to go out with friends/whenever you’re not in business attire (which is pretty much anywhere between 12 and 50-something times a year or more)
  • Everyday (full-time)

Personally, I only wear it on weekends, pretty much, but I’m working with my wardrobe to go pretty much full-time (aside from work, when I find a place that’s hiring around me).

There’s also “lifestyle Lolitas” who dress full-time, decorate their room/house in a Lolita-inspired style, and try to conduct themselves as they believe a Lolita would (teatime at 4pm, embroidery, being very old-fashioned in a lot that they do). I don’t know any lifestylers personally, so I can’t speak for them - if you ask one about their day-to-day life, I’d love to hear about it!