ok so im here with my own (short) nct theory. so the latin phrase “omne trium perfectum” means that everything that comes in threes is perfect or that every set of three is complete. this is nct 127’s third round of promotions n that image had three cherries on it. could this possibly be the perfect comeback?? will this be a full album to complete a trifecta? three versions of an album?

on liz's feelings on kid

“She attempts to force Noah to give Kid back. When this attempt fails, Liz does not pursue Noah and Patti calls her a coward, to which Liz replies that she does not want to lose Kid, but she can’t have Patti die on her as well.”

“Liz also states that Kid was the reason for her reforming, for that she is grateful, and later ends up crying for him after reflecting on what he has done for her and her sister and how she has never thanked him for it.”

“Also, the fact that she only joined Kid for his money and her feelings towards him compared to now shows how much of an impression he has made on her since then. Liz thinks to herself that she doesn’t care about money, all she wants is Kid return safely. Maybe even then, she had not realized that she has strong feelings for him.”

“She thinks of how she and her sister hadn’t cared about anyone but themselves before then, and if perhaps ‘they had been killed by this shinigami’.”

my heart hurts and i’m not okay