Thanks to @darker-sooner & friend for this catchy af skam fandom theme song. 

Translation (not mine):

 (A Norwegian)                                                                                                          I wake up and head straight for my phone                                                            And pull away he curtains                                                                                        It’s a nice day and I know it’ll be good                                                                Eva, Isak, Noora give me what I want

 I check all the time, is there a new clip out                                                            A day without skam is like nachos without dip                                    #williammåsvare                                                                                                    And he answered eventually                                                                                We’re not holding back, we’ll give it all

 (Chorus 3x)

 Skam, skam, skam, skam, skam                                                                        We’re always watching                                                                                    Skam, skam, skam, skam, skam                                                                      And when we’re at a party, party, party, party, party                                          All we talk about is                                                                                            Skam, skam, skam, skam, skam 

 (A Swede)                                                                                                                I never watch Norwegian TV, why would I?                                                          But there was one thing I was forced to watch                                                    SVT* has become boring and meeeh                                                                Skam has become my thing and it’s in my heart

(A Dane)                                                                                                             There’s too much action in just a new SMS                                                           I’m waiting for a new episode and struggling with stress                                     You are everything I want                                                                           (Something too Danish to understand)                                                              You cannot be William’s doll

(Chorus 3x)

*SVT is Swedish NRK

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could you do a tutorial for drawing realistic faces? the faces of your rob paintings are so perfectttt


this..i mean, this is just how i personally do it. there are probably better ways. i freehand, but i’ve been freehanding portraits for like a decade now, so note that practice is the key to this

so say you wanna paint some @stardustandmelancholy work. and whattaya know! what you wanna paint is mr. rob. nice. first thing’s first, i do a rough sketch. i mean, this is like, unpaved freshly dumped gravel rough. it’s just to give me a feel for my canvas and help me have a target to aim for with my guides

this is the reason i do digital instead of traditional–during this part i erase a lot (PRAISE THE UNDO), but i start blocking in a grid. if you see the face in squares, it’s basically all laid out for you. you can actually draw the features in as shapes at this point, but i am always too lazy to do this. it generally just leads to more erasing for myself

once i have my grid (which, doing this traditionally, i sometimes use a ruler to compare distances between features. with digital, you can do the same thing, actually–ps has a ruler! it’s with the eyedropper in CS5) i take a thicker brush to start doing actual facial features. these’re vague and sometimes where i stop if i’m not doing anything exciting with the sketch.

after that, i take a thin brush, and go over the sketch with correct/closer proportions/line weights. i’ll keep my sketch close and my reference closer. i’ll actually map out where the shadows are when i’m going to go in after it and paint. this seems meticulous, but once you do it a million times over, it becomes second nature and pretty dang speedy. you may struggle with proportions now, but once you’ve drawn enough faces (or the same one a lot!) you get a feel for where things should be anyway

once i have my finished sketch, i’ll go in with color, and that’s just a gradual build. the brush i used for it is actually just my sketch brush i used above, but with tablet pressure opacity enabled:

a lot of times in my life i’ve heard “YOU CAN’T JUMP AROUND A PAINTING! YOU HAVE TO FOCUS ON ONE PART UNTIL IT’S FINISHED” and that is…

no for me, that is.

say i get bored with a part of the beard, there’s a reason why, and it’s generally because it’s not coming together right. so you bet your sweet buns i’m gonna randomly drop working on a beard to work on a hat any day, because once i do that, i figure out why the beard was so boring and i make it exciting for myself again

learning art is different for everyone, and there is no set way. realism is difficult because you know what a face looks like, and you just want it to be. but you just gotta treat it like everything else! i can’t give many more technical or specific tips or tricks (i’m self-taught, so i really can’t help the way someone who knows how to teach this could) but i hope that gives you a little insight!


SUMMARY: After running away from the emotional scene the other night, and ignoring Cole ever since then,  The Annual Ball couldn’t have been a more perfect opportunity for Cole to finally confront you.

A/N: I AM SO SORRY I TOOK SO LONG TO POST IT. I JUST WANTED IT TO BE PERFECTTTT. I really hope you like this, please do give me feedbacks ❤️ I worked really hard on this and I would love to know what you guys thought of it x Thank you for all the love <3

PS: It’s really long x 


After having the most vehement conversation with Cole, the last thing you want  is to see him. Not too long ago, you told him everything that you had kept bottled up for so many years. You weren’t the scared little 15 year old anymore. You finally told him how you felt, as irrelevant as it may be, at least you told the cheeky annoying blonde how you felt.

You don’t know what he’s gonna make of it, but you’re not sure you want to.

You stormed off before hearing what he had to say because you know that it really doesn’t matter anymore. It’s hopeless. He couldn’t see your love for all these years, you certainly don’t expect him to suddenly love you now. Even if he does say something you might want to hear, it really doesn’t matter. He’s going to leave anyway. You can’t do this to yourself again. You’ve already made up your mind to move on and you certainly can’t go back to what broke you.

Dinner is in a few minutes and you’re dreading it! You don’t want to see Cole, you don’t want to have to ignore him. Even though you have a ton of emotions right now, you can’t lie and say that you’re still not completely in love with him.

 It will be very hard for you to move on. But you have to do this. You have to let him go. Because it isn’t fair to you anymore.

Your thoughts are interrupted by the loud continuous knock at your door. Wendy.

“It’s open,” you yell.

“Let’s go for dinner!” she excitedly exclaims. Gosh, she’s always excited for dinner.

“Um, Wendy?”


“Can we, um, sit somewhere else tonight? Not, you know, at our usual table?”

You don’t want to sit at your table because Cole sits right across you. You don’t know if he had been assigned to that table but he’s been sitting  there ever since he joined, it’s only a given that he would sit there tonight too and you don’t want to risk it. Not tonight. You’re not ready to face him just yet.

“But we never-“

“I know. I just. Uh. Can we, please?”

Wendy breaks into a kind smile,” of course, babe. I’ll search for one.”



Wendy traded your seats with some 8th graders. Those girls wanted nothing more than to breathe and eat near KJ and Cole and well, you guys wanted exactly the opposite so I guess it’s safe to say it was a fair deal.

The 8th grader seats were way in the front, far from the senior’s table. Phew.

You were pretty excited to sit there to be honest, it has been so long since you last sat towards the front.

“Oh my gosh (y/n), it feels so nostalgic sitting here!” Wendy exclaims

“I know right? I miss sitting in the front, although sitting at the back has its perks too,”


“Yeah,” you answer, whilst sipping your favourite chicken soup.

“Is everything okay? Are you okay?” she asks

You pause your soup intake for a second. “I don’t know. I just-“

Your thoughts get interrupted by the sight of ,the one and only, Cole Sprouse. You gawk as you watch him take a seat on the table just across yours.

What does he think he’s doing, and how did he even find me here?

“(Y/n)? You were saying..?”

“Oh, uh, yeah everything is fine,” you put your spoon down and look up at Cole again just to be sure that it’s actually him sittnig across you.

Yeap. Defintely him. The 8th grader girls are gawking at him but he has his eyes set only on one girl. You.

How did he even find you in this giant dining hall?

After a while,you decide it’s too awkward to have dinner while facing the guy you confessed having feelings for for 2 years.

You stand up, “Wendy, I’m sorry I think I’m unwell,”

“Wait, is ev-”

“It’s nothing, I think I just need to lie down for a bit. Eat your dinner okay ! I’ll be fine,” your eyes accidentaly shift towards Cole, who looks just as concerned, he stands up as well.

“Goodnight, Wendy,” you quickly blurt and try to leave as you notice Cole walking towards you.

“(Y/n), wait!” you hear him call. You pretend not to hear and rush your way out hoping that he will not follow.

You breathe a sigh of relief one you’re out of the hall.

“Got you,” you feel a warm hand tightly grab yours.


“Cole, I’m sorry I have a thing to-“ you pull your hand out from his grip.

“No, (y/n). Wait, wait, wait.” He grabs your hand again, holding it even tigther this time.

“(Y/n),” he brings his face closer to yours, making you shudder.

“About what you said earlier, I-“

“There you are!” Kate hugs Cole from behind.

“Ugh,” he rolls his eyes, “Not now, Kate”

“I think I should go” you softly murmur as you let go of his hand, again.

“(Y/n), please..” Cole pleaded.

You force a smile, “Goodnight, Cole”


“I don’t know, Wendy. I’m not feeling it,”

Wendy can’t believe her ears. She looks like someone just told her that Chrissy and John broke up. 


You understand where she’s coming from, you totally do. But the thought of spending what is supposed to be the most beautiful day of your senior life watching Cole dance with his princess, who isn’t you, is heartbreaking.

“I don’t want to go,” you whine putting a pillow over your face.

“Well, someone looks like he’s ready to go,” Wendy hands you her phone. It’s a picture of Cole in a black suit which he had just posted just few minutes back on twitter with the caption : Ready for the ball.

He looks so handsome. “Ah, now I don’t wanna go even more”

“(Y/N), you are not going to miss your senior ball for some guy okay?”

“He isn’t…just some guy” your voice softens.

“Look,” Wendy holds your hand tight,”I know you’re still in that getting-over-Cole phase but this is your ball. Own it. Let Cole dance with whoever he wants, you do the same! Please don’t tell me you’re going to let your best friend go alone…”

You roll your eyes, “FINE. Gosh, I can never say no to you, can I ?”

“Not a chance.”


So picture this: You’re wearing your favourite dress, the one you’ve had in mind for months! You feel like a princess in this dress. The dress hugs your body and complements all your curves and enhances all your loving features. You’re wearing your favourite shade of matte lipstick with very minimal make-up. You wish Cole was the one taking you to the dance floor but you know better than to be hung up over the guy who never called you, not even once, after he left .

“My goodness, (y/n). You look absolutely stunning.” Wendy gasps

“Shush, let’s get going.”

KJ called you earlier to tell you that he would be waiting at the first floor corridor.

Mrs Hurley always made sure that the ball was the biggest event of the year! And my, she had really outdone herself this year with the decorations. The ball looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale book.

Wendy and Alec were such sweethearts, they offered to drop you till the staircase before getting on with their evening of bliss.

Once you reach the staircase, you kiss both of them a temporary goodbye.

“Can I take a picture of the three of you? It’s for the yearbook,” Dylan, the school photographer interrupts just as Wendy and Alec were about to leave.


The three of you happily smile for the camera.

“Thanks,” Dylan leaves.

“Oh hey, there’s KJ” Wendy exclaims and you look up.

There stood Cole and KJ  in the most attractive black suits you had ever seen. Cole literally gaped when he saw you. And so did KJ.

“See you later, (y/n)” Wendy and Alec takes their leave.

Cole looks so perfect standing there at the end of the stairway, it almost looks as if he was waiting for you. Oh how you wish!

You gracefully  make your way up the stairs, Cole not taking his eyes off of you.

“(Y/n),” Both Cole and KJ call your name in unison.

You smile kindly at  both of them,” Hey,”

“You look..” KJ is lost for words!

“Beautiful,” Cole completes his sentence.

You gush, “Um, thanks.”

“May I?” KJ offers his hand. 

This is just one of the thousand moments you wish KJ was Cole instead.

Cole watch as you slowly take KJ’s hand.

“See you later, pal’” KJ takes you away from the supposed love of your life.

As KJ steals you away, you take one last look at the guy you’re still so in love with; and there he was, still standing right where you left him as he helplessly watches his best friend take the girl , not just any girl, but the sole reason for his return, to dance.


Mrs Hurley has gathered all the senior years students just outside the main hall to get ready to perform the traditional ball dance, which is up in some few minutes. She’s busy lining all the girls and boys. KJ and you are in the third line so you’re pretty cool about it because that would mean you would go unnoticed.

From the corner of your eye, you spot Cole standing behind KJ. He looks up at you immediately.

Caught, you force a quick smile and so does he. You quickly turn away when you notice Kate approaching towards him. Kate. Ugh.

The orchestra band starts playing the Violin and the cello, which is your queue to make the entrance.

“You ready?” KJ whispers into your ear as he takes you by the hand.

“Always,” you smile at him.

The music loudens as you make the grand entrance to the main hall. You’ve always watched and admired your seniors do this dance and here you are, actually doing it.

The dance went really well. it was perfect. Everybody got the steps right, the timing was impeccable. Soon, all the other students joined in and it basically looked like a beautiful love affair.

Since your part of the dance was over, KJ nervously questioned, “Is it okay if we keep dancing?”

You snicker,”Sure.”

You’re completely unaware of your surroudings, KJ twirls you around and takes you everywhere with one hand on your waist and the other holding your hand as tight as ever. You feel happy. You feel ecstatic. KJ wshipers inside jokes on and off making you laugh. For a while, everything in the world seemed okay, it seemed perfect. You feel like a complete princess dancing in your favoutite gown, only.. your prince charming wasn’t the one you had always dreamed of.

Speaking of which, you notice Cole and Kate dancing likewise at a distance.

Cole looks so handsome and Kate looks beautiful. That girl has no idea how much you dreamt of dancing with Cole at the Annual Ball. Every year you had hoped to share a dance with him, only to see him take some other girl.

You hate how you always wish KJ was Cole instead. It isn’t fair to KJ. But you can’t help it.

You’re faking it. You’re faking happiness. You’re here dancing with the guy who you constanly wish was Cole instead, and Cole is out there still dancing with a girl who isn’t you.

Soon, the idea of dancing in your favourite gown under the same roof as the guy who you had always hoped to the share the dance with doesn’t seem so appealing anymore.

“(Y/n), are you okay?” KJ pauses and takes you to the corner, obviously noticing the change of mood in your face.

“KJ.. “ you can feel your eyes become warm and you have no idea why.

Maybe because your heart has finally accepted that Cole was never and will never be the one for you. Since 7th grade, all you dreamt of was to share the ball dance with Cole. It’s your final year, he made a short come back but there he was…still sharing the dance with someone else.

“Is everything okay, (y/n)?”

You take a deep breath to calm yourself,”I’m sorry, KJ. I just need some air. I’ll see you in a bit. I’m sorry-“

And with that you run out of the hall.


The cold breeze softly whisks your hair as you take a soothing walk on the corridors. The only time you felt this sad was the night Cole first left. You were sad that night but it’s different this time. You’re torn apart by the realization that Cole will never feel the same way towards you. Tears begin to roll down your faces as you finally allow yourself to let the emptiness take over. 

“Stop doing this to me,” you hear a voice from behind. You quickly wipe away your tears and turn around to find.. Cole. A very disturbed, sad and gloomy looking Cole.

“Stop running away. Stop making me look for you everywhere,”

You don’t have time for this right now. You try to leave again,

“Stay,” he quietly blurts. You pause. Still figting the urge not to look at him

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I know I should’ve come sooner and I’m so so sorry that I didn’t but I’m here now, (y/n).” he makes his way towards you.

You take a step backward, making Cole pause his way towards you.

“Everything has changed,” you blurt, avoiding his gaze.

“No, it has not.”

“It’s been 2 freakin’ years!” you protest.

“And yet you still look at me like you did when we were 15,”

You turn away from him.

“(Y/N), I had no idea that you felt that way about me. If I did then-“

“Then what? What difference would it have made?” you increase your tone, obviously frustrated at all the whirlwind of emotions he has been putting you through.

Cole’s face drops. He gather his courage to look up at you as he replies, “If I did then I wouldn’t have gone with all the other girls throwing themselves at me as a way of trying to get over you. If I had known that my best friend liked me back, maybe I would’ve asked her to dance, instead of picturing your face on all the girls I’ve ever danced with. For pete’s sake, you made me think that you had no interest in anything which didn’t include tea or books. I was so paranoid of losing your friendship, of losing you..” he’s clearly out of breath,”(y/n), if I had known that you felt that way about me, I wouldn’t have left. Ever.”

You gasp at the last line. Your eyes are filled with warm tears. You have no idea what to make of what he just said. “Why did you leave..?”

“BECAUSE, I wanted to get over you. I needed to get over you. I was driving myself insane with the thought of not being able to have you”

“Why didn’t you just ask!” you yell at him, rolling your eyes.

Cole chuckles and answers,”Because I’m a…chicken”

You laugh and wipe away your tears.

“I couldn’t do it, (y/n).” He continue to make his way towards you,”I couldn’t get over you. I’m sorry. Please let me make things right for the both of us,” he’s just few inches away from you.

“I hate you,”

“But I love you,”

You widen your eyes in shock and before you could fully comprehend what he had just said, Cole cups your face and pulls you in for a deep kiss.

His hands slowly move towards your waist as he pulls your body closer to his.

Alas, it happened. Your first kiss with Cole. The guy you’ve been in love with since high school.

There stood the two of you at the end of the corridor. The stars watched in awe as the cold breeze gently blew your hair.

You break the kiss after some time, only to find the happiest look on Cole’s face. He gently rubs your face as he looks deeply into your eyes.

“Wait, so did you ask me to be your girlfriend just so the other guys wouldn’t hit on me?”

He clears his throat, evidently looking embarrassed.

“Oh my gosh, you cheeky sly lil’-“

“Shut up and kiss me,”


Walking hand-in-hand with Cole Sprouse, you’re now on your way to the hall to finally dance with your knight in shining armour.

As you approach closer towards the hall, you pause and question Cole,

“Why didn’t you ask me for the dance?”

“Because KJ already called dibs on you”

SPEAKING OF WHICH, you left KJ earlier,”Oh my god, I left him  alone”

“Ah don’t worry,” Cole tightens his grip on you,”He knows how I feel, he’ll understand. Besides, he has his way with girls.”

You smile in response as the guy with the most beautiful pair of bluish-green eyes and really greasy hair  takes you to ball, the scene of which you’ve dreamt for years.

“May I?” he offers his hand.

Forever and Always, you answer in your head.


A/N: Thank you so much for all your loveeee. Hope you guys liked it <3

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First off all of you sweetheart ya don’t have to read this all BUT I’M TOO HIGH RIGHT NOW WITH ALL THE EXCITEMENT I CAN’T STOP MYSELF SO IMMA DO THIS ANY WAY!!!

Yesterday was the happiest day ever!! Due to all of your birthday wishes and gift, I EVEN GET THE PRESENT AT THE LAST HOUR OF THE DAY WHICH MEAN 11PM SO NO REGRET!!


Below gonna be alots~~~ Of Birthday presents I got from lovely people and my friends~~ I’ll be mention all of you in this post get angry at me for spamming your notes like this sweet heart BUT I WON’T REGRET CAUSE I LOVE YOUUUUU!!

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Any Todomomo during pregnancy headcanons??? LoL

PERFECTTTT ‘cas the other day I was just thinking about how if they were to have kids, my biggest headcanon would be Momo having mood swings (’cas that’s normal during pregnancy) and Todo being like ??? But lets start off from the top.

~3 months in during the pregnancy~

-Todoroki came home late from work one day and found Momo sitting at the front porch, eyes seemingly out of focus. He comes running to her, worried, and she greets him with tears and a tight hug. She whispers into his ear that he’s going to be a father. He was so happy; they sat there with her head on his shoulder for the next hour, eyes heavenward and stargazing. 

-Momo insists on working until the baby’s due which was ridiculous but she was a workaholic. Todo convinces her after a month and phones her boss. Her boss laughs, agrees, and called him a protective husband.

-Class A girls went shopping for todomomo kid’s clothes together

-”Lets raise our kid together in a world where villains no longer roam like they do now” 

~6 months and Momo’s hormones hit a rock~

-Todo: *orders an order of chicken strips and asks for it in a take out box. PROCEEDS TO  PUT ONE IN HIS MOUTH* 

Momo: *glares* You’re like that ONE guy that orders FOUR CHICKEN STRIPS for take out, eats one at the restaurant, then eats one on the way back, AND THERE’S ONLY LIKE… 2 LEFT IN A HUGE BOX WHEN YOU GET HOME.

Todo: …. *slowly drops the chicken strip back into the box and closes it*

- Todo takes Momo out for a sunset walk in the park but they stop halfway ‘cas she just BURSTS OUT IN SOBS. He asks her what happened and she points at a little girl with her ice cream dropped on the floor. Anything makes her mood change like a rollercoaster ride in Six Flags, but being composed like he always was, Todo has no problems soothing Momo in her time of need. 

~the baby arrives~

-Momo’s water broke when she was having her baby shower with the girls. Todoroki gets a phone call from Jirou who was freaking out along with frantic noises in the background from Ochako. He ditches everything he was doing, calls Midoriya to fill in for him, and ran out the door.

-Todoroki wouldn’t admit it, but he felt absolutely frightened when Momo was clutching onto his hand while screaming in pain during labour. 

-Their little boy, named Kazu (momo and todo took a long time debating what to name him until both of them realize that all they want is ‘peace’), had black hair and light blue eyes. Inheriting both their parents charming looks, he also had a knack for attracting attention. 

That’s all for now; I might make a part 2 for these pregnancy headcanons. THANKS FOR THE ASK! :D