Perfect Sense - Official Trailer (HD)

So I watched this movie Perfect Sense starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green.

Its a love story set in a middle of a supposed pandemic where each person’s senses go off one by one and how society adapts to it. I watched this while my thoughts are with my homeland amidst the tragedy it is in. 

One by one the senses go and it seems the scientists don’t know why. First to go was the sense of smell. A small setback as our characters and the rest of the world cope up and continue to live life. Ewan whose character is a chef, continues to cook food even when the sense of taste and smell has gone catering to people who continue to patronize restaurants for a whole different experience other than enjoying their food.

What comes before is an outburst of uncontrolled emotion before one sense go. Extreme sadness, hunger, anger and joy until eventually the world loses whatever sense it has left. And while society tries to keep a semblance of order, chaos and panic ultimately sets in when the inevitable is about to happen.

I wouldn’t say that this is a very good movie. I like it though as it is set on a middle of a tragedy (not that I like tragedies) and how the characters come together and cope with all the chaos in and around them.

Perhaps I like this movie as presently, while my homeland is left helpless by the typhoon, I can seem to relate how the movie progresses to show the sheer desperation and chaos when everything has gone.

I couldn’t wait how it will all end when everybody loses all of their senses.  But as this movie tells us, life goes on. And as with every love story, there is only one thing essential that will hold us through, LOVE.

I couldn’t agree more.