The bestie found glitter eyeshadow. Except they don’t know how to do makeup. #bestfriendsforfuckingever
And Yes, #piercetheveil is playing in the backgrond. (at Denver, Colorado)

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Woah. First of all thank you all for the big milestone. I never thought I’d hit it THAT fast. I love and adore each and everyone of you no matter if we are friends or never talked before. I don’t follow that many people so this is gonna be rather small so.. without further ado here it is! 

No faves, I love you all equally! 

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Fading (gifs by perfectopposite, words by me)

Some of you may know that I’ve been writing drabbles for the prompts by @timepetalsprompts. Recently I discovered the beautiful edits & gifs by @perfectopposite which provide the perfect visuals to some of the ones I did so far… I’ll be reposting them with the images/gifs integrated (see below in the text).

A big Thank You to @perfectopposite for letting me use her images (go check out her beautiful edits).


Some late night during Broadchurch Series 1… Ellie Miller threatens to throw a cup of piss at her boss…

Characters: Alec Hardy, Ellie Miller

Fandom: Broadchurch

Alec Hardy peered through his office door to see what Miller was up to. It had gotten late again. It didn’t matter to him as nothing was waiting in the drab hotel room but his pills, a familiar nightmare, and Pippa’s ghost. Guilt smoldered in his stomach. Yet another night that he’d kept Miller away from her family.

He moved in his chair so he could take a better look at her. She was staring at her screen. He hazarded a guess that she was watching her son’s interview.

A furrow dug its way onto her forehead, driven by the grief over what Hardy had made her son endure. He’d felt like an arse, having to question a young boy like that. However, there wasn’t anyone else but him in this god-forsaken town who was better qualified.

For a fleeting moment he wished he’d have it in him to walk over and tell Miller how well he could relate. How the case of a murdered child that was so much like one’s own gnawed on one’s soul. His heart tripped over Pippa’s memory and thudded against his rib cage. He surreptitiously gagged down a couple of his pills together with the lump that had formed in his throat.

Blinking away the river water that still stung his eyes, the focus of his vision racked from far away back onto Miller. She passed her hand down her neckline, tugging down her blouse, just far enough to reveal the already fading sharp line between reddish-brown skin and her natural paler complexion. A remnant of the undoubtedly happy summer holiday she had returned from not even a week ago. Her world had changed since then.

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