perfectly tousled hair


pairing: jimin x reader
genre: fluff, smut
words: 1.6k [1/1]
summary: he didn’t tell you often enough.

notes: this will probably be the last piece of writing i post until after new year’s. i’ll be visiting my parents and getting my wisdom teeth out (save me, i’m so anxious) later this week, so it’s safe to say that i won’t be at 100% for a bit. also, my parents have the slowest internet on the face of the earth. i can barely get tumblr to load over there, but my queue should keep me semi-active.

in other news, i firmly believe that we all need a park jimin in our lives. pretty sure i just had ‘serendipity’ playing on repeat while writing this. jimin’s voice is so lovely. everything about him is lovely. i mean, look at him. listen to him. stunning

From the very moment he wakes up, Jimin knows that something is wrong. You aren’t in bed beside him like you usually are, curled up against his side with your face buried in the crook of his neck. Blinking, he rolls over and spots you standing in front of the closet mirror, brows furrowed. 

“God, I look like shit today.” 

Those are the first words out of your mouth, and, as Jimin looks you over, he can’t help but think that you couldn’t have been more wrong. Sleepy {e/c} eyes are framed perfectly by tousled hair, and your skin all but glows in the pale morning sun streaming in through the window. Your lips twist into a frown as you throw open the closet door, and he’s positively itching to go over there and kiss you until it’s gone. Before he can put his plan into action, however, you pull off the oversized t-shirt you usually wear to bed, carelessly tossing it on a chair. Jimin’s gaze traverses the soft curves of your figure, body unconsciously reacting to the sight. 

You are stunning. You may not always realize it, and he probably doesn’t tell you enough, but you are. He’s never found anyone who meshes with him so well, who understands him so completely and wholeheartedly. Jimin can imagine no one more perfect for him, and wouldn’t trade the past year with you for anything. A fond smile settles on his lips and you turn around at that exact moment, noting the look on his face. “What?” you ask curiously, taking a few steps back toward the bed. 

He grins at you. “Come here,” he says, reaching out for your hands. Twining your fingers with his, he tugs you into his lap. 

“Jimin, I’m literally only wearing underwear,” you tell him pointedly, trying to free your hands and cover yourself. 

“That’s unfortunate,” he replies with a smirk. “I wish you were wearing less. But I can make it work.” 

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Still Life of Hands

Being an art student, one would think Ronan would be used to half-naked models by now.

Usually, he is. His figure drawing class brings in a new model every time they meet twice a week, though sometimes they bring back old models if the class is particularly inspired by them. The models are everywhere from female to male to non-binary, and Ronan had thought he’d seen it all. Of course he’s attracted to the male models if they have nice bodies, but usually it’s just a thought. He’ll look up from his notebook, appreciate their body for a second, and then start sketching their muscles, zoning out as he lets his pencil or charcoal do the rest. If Ronan thinks about them outside of his artwork besides that, it’s usually because he feels sorry for them having to sit in weird ass poses requested by the class for what must be two painfully long hours. He looks at them as a project to tackle more than anything else. He doesn’t feel flustered around any of them. He definitely doesn’t raise his hand and request a pose.

So why the hell is he doing that now?

His professor looks surprised – of course she is. Ronan has hardly even spoken in this class, let alone raised his hand. A small smile soon adorns her face however, she has always supported Ronan for whatever reason, and nods in his direction. “Yes, Ronan – go ahead.”

Ronan looks back at their new model and abruptly forgets how to speak.

He doesn’t know if all of the models before him were just shitty or what, but Ronan swears he has never seen a more beautiful human being in his entire life. He has short, dusty hair that falls across his head in what can’t be described as anything but a mess, but it’s a beautiful mess, like fucking movie star hair perfectly tousled by the wind. He has ocean blue eyes that seem to pierce right through him when he turns to look at him, and the utterly bored look on his face just makes Ronan ache more. His face is dotted with thousands of freckles, Ronan would love for an opportunity to count all of them, and his figure is tall and thin. But the part about him that completely floors Ronan is his hands – oh God his hands. They’re boyishly big, jutting out from his slender wrists and supporting large knuckles and long fingers. His hands look like he’s been working hard all of his life and Ronan can’t stop staring at them. He wants to kiss those hands – he wants to feel those hands all over his body.

He has never reacted this strongly to a model before. Ever.  

No matter where he looks Ronan feels like he’s going to explode. Oh, and did he mention that the guy’s shirt is off? Ronan can’t even begin to describe what the sight of that scarred and muscled chest is doing to him.

“Ronan?” Professor Kawalski’s concerned voice somehow penetrates into his brain, and he realizes with a start that he’s been staring at the model like a love-struck fool for who knows how long instead of requesting his pose.

Cheeks dusting pink with embarrassment, Ronan looks at his notebook in an attempt to escape and clears his throat. “Uh, yeah – could you…”

And he directs the model through the motions. He has the model—Adam, his brain supplies him unhelpfully—sit with his back facing the class, leaning back on his hands. His legs are stretched out in front of him and he tilts his head over his shoulder, looking like someone has just called for his attention. Ronan wants it like that, to seem like they stumbled upon a scene of Adam’s life rather than making it obvious it’s just a figure drawing. And while he laments that he won’t be able to stare at his chest through the whole drawing—someone else will surely request that anyway—he wants, needs, Adam’s hands to be the foreground of the picture.

It wouldn’t be right otherwise.

Once Adam settles into position, his eyes lock with Ronan’s. “Is this right?”

Ronan struggles to swallow through his suddenly dry throat. “Yeah. Perfect.”

The class settles down then to get started on their sketches. Ronan finds that Adam’s shape comes to him effortlessly, little details he’d never bothered to identify on other models popping out at him every time he looks up. It’s a wonder he gets anything done at all, actually, because every time he glances up and stares for just a bit too long, Adam catches him and stares back with what looks like a smirk on his face. Ronan wants to hate him for it, but he loves it instead and he slowly loses his mind as he drowns himself in everything Adam Adam Adam.

He finds himself adding the smirk on when he gets to his face; it improves the casualness of the pose, he thinks. It looks like Adam was relaxing, and then turned to smirk at someone who just told a dirty joke. Or at least, that’s the scene Ronan is imagining in his head.

While most of the figure itself doesn’t take him too long, Ronan gets caught up in the features that he can’t stop staring at in real life, too. He spends about half an hour just getting his freckles right, dotting them all around his face and on his shoulders. He’s absolutely in love with the freckles on his shoulders. The last hour he spends entirely on Adam’s hands. He draws them with care and affection, adding in every detail he can see. Maybe it’s just an excuse to stare at Adam’s hands (it definitely is), but Ronan’s proud of how it turns out. If someone looked close enough at his drawing, they could see the freckles on Adam’s fingers, the way his large knuckles jut out and give structure to his hand and fingers, that tiny little scar he has on the back of his hand.  

He’s paying more attention to detail than he ever has before. While his classmates request different poses throughout the two hours, Ronan just focuses on his original pose for Adam, using the new poses to add details to it that he couldn’t see before. As he brushes in the way Adam’s hair lazily sprawls along his forehead he wonders what it would be like to draw his fingers through it, if it’s as soft as it looks.

He wonders if he may be idolizing Adam just a bit too much.

“Alright, pencils down!” Kawalski calls, startling Ronan so badly he literally drops his pencil on the ground. Noah, the guy who has sat next to him all semester, snickers at him. Ronan flips him the bird. “Let’s all thank Adam for his patience with us today!”

Adam looks utterly embarrassed as the room is filled with light applause. Ronan wonders if he’s new at modeling or if he’s just like this every time. He wonders which one is more endearing.

As Ronan carefully tucks his notebook into his bag and shoves away all of his pencils and erasers, he wonders if it would be too strange to request Adam back again. Ronan believes he can’t be the only person who was so enthralled with him, so surely the class would back him up if he did…

“Um, hey, Ronan, was it?” a voice says from behind him. When Ronan turns, scowl already sitting habitually on his face, he nearly has a heart attack.

Adam is standing there, right in front of him, within touching distance. Ronan illogically has the urge to pull away, suddenly flustered, but then he realizes: Adam is standing there. Right in front of him. He has a ratty old Coca-Cola shirt on now, Ronan realizes sadly as he stares at Adam like he’s an apparition.

Holy fuck.

“Uh?” he says intelligently. He has no grasp of what Adam could possibly want to say to him – how does he even talk to this boy? He can’t very well tell him he’s enjoyed staring at him and imagining him in mildly erotic situations for the last two hours, though that is the truth. Ronan doesn’t lie. He just smartly doesn’t say everything that runs through his head.

“Sorry if this is weird,” Adam says, luckily filling in the conversation for where Ronan failed. “I just…I just really liked the pose you gave me, and I was wondering…if I could see it?”

For a moment, Ronan just stares at him. His immediate reaction is no holy hell Adam can’t see it! Ronan had bared his heart on that damn paper, in that damn sketch, for this damn boy. Just the thought of how Adam would react to seeing Ronan’s attraction and affection puked onto his notebook horrifies Ronan.

And yet, against every instinct and nerve screaming in his body, he pulls his notebook back out of his bag and hands it to Adam. “It’s the one in the back,” he says uselessly, not knowing what else to say. Anything else is too terrifying to bring to life.

Watching Adam flip to the correct page and just stare at his drawing is the most painful thing Ronan has ever experienced in his entire life. And he’s been through hell and back. It’s almost worse that he can’t tell what Adam think is thinking through his expression – it’s irritatingly blank, except for a spark of surprise in his eyes.

“I…I don’t know what to say,” Adam eventually murmurs, and to Ronan’s horror starts flipping through the rest of his notebook.

Shame, embarrassment, and the familiar self-hatred flares to life as one big ball of anger in Ronan’s chest, and he digs his fingernails into his palms to stop himself from lashing out. Gansey and his counselor have helped him get better about non-violent ways to unleash his anger, grief, and other intense emotions—it’s why he got into art in the first place—but having his heart exposed and crushed like this is worse than anything he’s felt recently. Dammit, this is why he had closed up to people after his dad died!

“Sorry it’s so shitty,” Ronan growls, hurt leaking like venom into his voice despite his best efforts. He reaches to grab his notebook back, but Adam quickly tucks it into his chest, like he’s protecting it. Ronan just blinks at him in surprise.

“No, no, it’s not bad, god how could this be—” Adam, seeming to realize that Ronan has no idea what the fuck he’s trying to say, pauses to take a deep breath before staring directly at Ronan and saying, “I didn’t mean to imply that. It’s just that no one’s ever drawn me so, so…beautifully before. Like, you draw me like I’m worth something, like I’m…lovable.

Ronan doesn’t know what to think – he doesn’t know how to react. On the one hand, he kind of wants to throw his fist into whatever or whoever made Adam feel like he’s worthless and unlovable. On the other hand, Adam, beautiful, freckled Adam just gave Ronan’s sketch the highest possible compliment. On the third hand—you don’t have three hands, Ronan’s brain supplies unhelpfully—Adam apparently saw right through his sketch and to the deepest part of Ronan’s soul.

Ronan’s love for Adam is tangible enough for Adam to notice, and that is the most terrifying thing he has ever heard in his life.

He feels like he needs to blow something up. Set something on fire. Instead he brings his arm up to chew on his leather bands and, pointedly not looking at Adam, says, “I’m just drawing what I see.”

It’s apparently the right thing to say, as Adam’s entire face brightens into a large smile. Ronan passionately wishes he had his notebook back, so he could draw it. “Wow, that’s um…wow. Do you…do you want to go out for coffee sometime?”

If Ronan wasn’t so surprised already, that would’ve sent him falling right off his stool. He’s so in shock that for a moment he’s convinced Adam is messing with him. Why would he have any reason to want to take some crazy artist on a date—oh God—especially one who had just drawn him like he was the most beautiful thing in the entire world? It sounds rather creepy, to Ronan. Against the aching want in his chest, he complains weakly, “You don’t even know me.”

That doesn’t seem to deter Adam in the slightest. “I’d like to.”

Ronan blushes at that, feeling warm and excited and giddy. It’s been a long time since someone has wanted to climb through his spiny walls and get to know him. He hadn’t realized it until now, but maybe he’s been waiting all this time for someone to want to. He can’t help but smile. “If I agree, can I sketch you again?”

Adam tips his head back and laughs, and Ronan wants to sketch him. Again. Jesus, he’s just found his motivation for his next one thousand art projects. Maybe more than that. He wonders if Adam will laugh for him again. If he’ll let him caress his hands.

Dear God.

“Sure, I’ll even let you pick the pose again, since it’s obviously been your goal all along,” Adam teases, grinning and leaning forward to whisper in Ronan’s ear, “I also do full nudes, if you’re interested.”

Ronan’s spine nearly snaps he sits up straight so hard, blood rushing to both poles making him abruptly dizzy. Holy fuck.

“Jesus,” he breathes, embarrassed when Adam pulls back with a snicker. Suddenly he leaps to his feet and practically throws his phone into Adam’s free hand, babbling in a flustered way he didn’t even know possessed him, “Okay listen, fuck, here’s my phone, just put your number in or something and I’ll…I’ll text you. Actually, I hate my phone, so maybe you should text me. I might not reply, but I’ll come whenever and wherever you want to meet – I literally don’t do anything. I just sit in my room and sketch. That’s it. Sometimes my friend Dick bothers me.”

Jesus. He might as well have thrown an I love you somewhere in there.

To his surprise and relief, though, Adam doesn’t seem overwhelmed – if anything, he finds the whole situation amusing, if his wry smirk is anything to go by. Ronan badly wants to kiss him. Fuck this is a mess.

He watches as Adam plugs his contact info into Ronan’s phone before handing it back to him. Then he just stares at him, an eyebrow raised. It takes a few awkward moments of getting lost in Adam’s eyes and knowing absolutely nothing about phone etiquette for Ronan to realize he’s waiting for Ronan to text him so that he’ll have his contact info, too. Feeling like a blundering idiot, Ronan texts him a simple message—guess who—before pocketing his phone again, relieved to get it out of his hands.

Adam pulls out his own phone as he gets the message, and the small smile on his face is worth every moment of suffering in Ronan’s life to get to this point. He spends a few moments editing the info before also pocketing his phone and sending that smile at Ronan. Ronan forgets how to breathe. “Great. You know, I’m actually free now – do you wanna get lunch? There’s a great pizza place not far from campus.”

Ronan would run through hell and back for this boy. Again. But he tries to regain some sense of his pride and integrity, so he leans back at his whole height and says nonchalantly, “Fine. Only if you let me drive.”

“Deal.” Adam smiles widely before flipping to another page in Ronan’s notebook and showing it to him. “But first, tell me about this raven.”

Problem Solved

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Jeremy has a problem. A huge one. One that consists of a red hoodie and dark perfectly tousled hair and pretty eyes and -

And he’s getting off topic now. He needs to… chill. Okay, no, he just needs to stay calm and think it all thoroughly. He’s probably just been watching too many romance-based porn videos lately or something. Yeah, that’s it. Totally.

Jeremy grips the strap of his backpack tighter as he gets closer to the cafeteria. He needs to push these thoughts to the back of his mind before he sees him. Him who has been practically the only thing on his mind lately. Him with his stupid perfect grin and stupid nice long fingers that would look perfect with his intertwined in them and -

Jesus Christ, this really is becoming a huge problem. He’s got to stop thinking about this before he meets up with him because then his face will automatically go completely red and he’ll ask, “Jeremy, buddy, what’s got you all red?” and how exactly would he respond to that? Spill everything? Lie to him? He couldn’t do that, either of them.

Okay, he’s here, the cafeteria. No more thinking, just…

“Jeremy, buddy! What’s up?” Michael says as he throws an arm around Jeremy’s shoulders. He gestures wildly with a cup of slushie and Jeremy is seriously worried there’s going to be red slush everywhere soon. “You totally missed it, man, all last night I was working on that level I’ve been stuck on for forever — you know what I’m talking about? (Jeremy nods because of course he does) — and then just when I was gonna give up, I tried one last time and I did it! Beat it without breaking a sweat, sorta anyway…”

Michael continues on about the details of how he finally accomplished success and Jeremy just watches him. He notices the way Michael is still enthusiastically moving the hand holding his slushie while his arm is still slung across his shoulders, other hand gripping lightly at Jeremy’s sweater. He can feel a blush coming from that. They continue walking to their usual table and sit down, Michael’s arm going to rest on the table instead of Jeremy’s shoulders. He frowns slightly at that.

That’s also when he remembers that he was supposed to be listening to Michael talking the entire time. Damn him and his runaway thoughts, but can you blame him? He could watch Michael talk for forever and only be focused on the way his eyes sparkle or the way he can notice a few faint freckles here and there.

“Earth to Jeremy! Hello!”

Jeremy is brought back from his thoughts as Michael waves a hand in front of his face.

“You spacing out on me? Rude. Am I really that boring?” Michael jokes.

Jeremy blushes and says quickly, “Dude, no! I was just thinking…”

“What about?”

Jeremy blushes again and looks away as he starts fiddling with his hands. “Uh…nothing interesting. Don’t worry about it.” Why can’t he be calm and cool about it all? Better yet, why can’t he just stop thinking all these things about Michael?

Maybe he doesn’t want to stop, though.

“Whatever, dude. Hey, you want anything from the line? I think they got fries today. The good kind.” Michael says as he starts standing up.

Jeremy nods and goes to follow him. He stops, though, when Michael puts out a hand and starts backing away towards the food line with an “Allow me, Jer-bear.”

Michael shoots him a wide grin when he sees Jeremy blushing lightly at the nickname before he turns around and walks off. Jeremy blushes harder at the grin aimed at him and finds himself frustrated at himself. Michael has smiled and grinned at him a million times, so why is he getting all worked up over them now? Why do feelings about people have to change so much? He groans and lays his head on the lunch table.

He has got to stop thinking about Michael like this.


They’re hanging out at Michael’s now, school having ended about an hour ago. Michael is currently intensely focused on Donkey Kong 64, the vintage clear controller clasped tightly in his hands. They had been playing Mario Kart 64 together earlier before Jeremy had said that he wanted to take a break. Now he’s just leaning back on his bean bag as he watches the TV screen. Well, he at least looks like he’s watching when in truth he’s not paying attention at all. He’s thinking. Again.

He’s thinking about the way the light from the screen causes shadows to play across Michael’s face. He’s thinking about Michael’s focused stare and the fact that his tongue is peeking out from his lips and oh, man, he shouldn’t be thinking about that. Then he’ll start thinking about kissing and making out and… more. Would…

Would Michael ever want to kiss him?

Maybe he’ll only ever feel platonic things towards him. Or maybe Jeremy just isn’t attractive enough? Or confident or cool or…

Jeremy sighs and slips further down on his bean bag. This causes Michael to pause the game and turn towards him.

“Seriously, buddy, what’s up? Something’s been bugging you lately and I’m starting to get a little worried. So, what’s wrong?”

Dammit, he never meant to worry him. He didn’t know he had been so obvious about the fact that something has been bothering him. He runs a hand through his hair and starts, “Well, it’s just…”


“Okay, like… there’s this, uh, person? That I like and…”

“Dude, chill, is this about Christine? I know you have a crush on her.”

Jeremy sputters, “No, no, I don’t, uh, have a crush on her! It’s… someone else.”

“You don’t? Okay, then who is she? Come on, you gotta tell me.”

“Well… it’s not exactly a… you shouldn’t use…” Jeremy tries until he finally just practically shouts, “They’re not a girl!” He blushes deeply and covers his face with his hands. “That’s all I’m gonna say.”

He doesn’t hear anything for a minute or two until there’s quiet shuffling of Michael moving on his bean bag. He didn’t realize that he was moving in front of him until he felt hands on his wrists, tugging gently. Jeremy moves his hands away but refuses to look Michael in the eye.

“Jeremy, is that what’s been bothering you so much? Did you think I wouldn’t, like, approve or something? Jeremy, buddy, nothing could stop us from being friends! I’ll support whoever you wanna date, girl or boy.”

Jeremy looks at him at the last bit and swears he can see something there. Something like… hope?

He must be imagining things.

Michael smiles softly at him when they make eye contact. Even though the room is lit up only by the TV, Jeremy could still point out every feature of his face, from the edges of his soft lips to his few freckles. He also realizes that Michael is still holding onto his thin wrists and that at this point they’re just staring at each other and smiling gently. They’re so close now that he can feel Michael’s warm breath and see that his lips are parted just slightly…

His breath hitches as he leans closer, closer, and then…

He’s kissing him.

Jeremy Heere is kissing his best friend of 12 years, Michael Mell.

Holy. Shit.

His lips are soft and everything he imagined they’d be and more. His thoughts have finally stopped and stay that way even when he’s pulling back. He’s blushing so hard as he looks at Michael who’s grinning widely, a blush dusting his cheeks as well.

He figures that it’s safe to say Michael won’t ever only feel platonic things towards him.

In the Shadows of Spring part 1

Kylo Ren x female!Reader x Poe Dameron

Summary: So I had this idea, of like a Star Wars and Greek mythology crossover loosely inspired by the story of Hades and Persephone.
Warnings: none

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Early as the sun was rising, Kylo found a spot hidden among the trees to observe his love.

He was captivated the moment he saw her, y/n the goddess of spring.

She wandered through the tall grass and flowers, her long dress flowing behind her. She settled in the middle of her favorite meadow. It was surrounded by large trees with a pond nearby. It was her hidden sanctuary near her temple.

There seemed to be such a vast distance between him and the woman whom he desired. He longed to have her by his side, to hold her, to love her.
At first, he was pleased simply to watch her from afar. To admire her beauty, from his own dark corner of the world, but his obsession grew.  

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Summary: You get stuck in a cabin during a blizzard with a certain speedster.

Word Count: 3,686

A/N: Hello, everyone! It has been so long since I have wrote an imagine about Pietro so here it is! This just popped into my head so I hope that you enjoy it. FYI, (E/C) means ‘eye color.’ As always, if you want to be added to my Tag List just let me know. None of the gifs in this imagine are mine, full credit goes to the owners.

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The steady snowfall came down in flurries through the bitter cold air. The mission should have been quick and easy: get in and get out without anyone seeing you. While you did get in and out easily, the coming blizzard stopped all of your plans of flying back home to be with your family for the holiday season. While you did love your job as an Avenger, sometimes it was really annoying. Especially when you were forced to hide in a cabin in the middle of the forest during a blizzard with the one man you never wanted to be stuck in a room alone with: Pietro Maximoff.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There were definitely certain aspects about the older Maximoff twin that you very much liked: his rugged good looks, soft blue eyes, perfectly tousled silvery-blonde hair, his voice that absolutely drooled charm…

But there were also certain aspects that made you want to push him away: his selfishness, his huge ego, that way that his smile crooks up just a little bit when he teases and embarrasses you in front of everyone. Yeah, you could say being in a room alone with him was a double-edged sword. 

“Printesa, I just don’t understand why you are worrying so much,” The silver-haired speedster said as he lounged across the only available bed in the small cabin. 

Shooting him a sharp glare, you shut the curtains on the window as you turned around to face the handsome speedster before you. “Because this was supposed to be a two-day mission, tops, and now I am stuck in the middle of Switzerland during a blizzard when I should be heading back home to my family. But instead, I am in this drafty cabin stuck here with you.”

You hadn’t meant for those last few words to come out so harsh. After all, you didn’t totally hate him. No matter how much you didn’t want to believe it, some part of you did harbor feelings for him. Whether they were very large or infinitesimally small feelings, you couldn’t deny that they were still there. Sneaking a glance at him, you saw that he had a smirk plastered on his face as he looked at you.

“Ouch, that hurt my feelings, printesa,” Pietro smirked as he zoomed up to open the curtains once again. Strolling up to you, he crossed his arms across his chest as he looked down at you. “But it can’t be all that bad, right? You’ll have me to cuddle up to when it gets too cold.”

Rolling your eyes at him, you playfully hit his shoulder as you walked across the room to once more close the curtains. “Let’s keep the curtains closed so it keeps in all of the warm air that way it doesn’t have to come to that, alright?”

As the smirk grew on his face, he dashed over and opened the curtains up once more. “Ah, but I want it to come to that, printesa. Besides, the snow looks so pretty, doesn’t it?”

Flushing at his words, you turned around hoping he didn’t see your embarrassment. “Yes, it is a beautiful prison right now. Also, don’t call me that.”

Laughing lightly at your words, Pietro watched your retreating form. “Whatever you say, draga.”

The blizzard didn’t lessen up as the day went by. Dusk was fast approaching and you needed supplies if you were going to stay in this little cabin for a couple of days at least. Donning your jacket and snow boots that you thankfully thought to bring with you, you reached for the door.

“Where are you going?” Pietro’s voice sounded through the small cabin. Eyes meeting his, you couldn’t help but be swept in by the tide of his ocean blue eyes.

“I was going to get supplies. If we are going to be here a couple of days, we’ll need them.”

“We have plenty of supplies here,” Pietro stated as he grabbed your hand, pulling you towards the center of the warm cabin. “Besides, it’s cold outside. You’ll get frostbite out there, and we can’t risk that. So how about we build up a fire and I’ll find some soup for us?”

You were slightly taken aback by the protective tone in his voice as he pulled you back into the cabin. While he was right, there were plenty of supplies, you just wanted the cold air to clear your mind. You had only been cooped up in this cabin with him for about seven hours and your mind was already becoming fuzzy with him around. When you were with others, it was clear why you didn’t allow yourself to be with him. But when you were all alone with him… the line didn’t seem as prominent before. The line was blurred now, allowing your feelings to creep back in to your guarded heart. “Uh, yeah. That sounds great.”

With a warm smile on his lips, Pietro led you towards the fireplace. As he built up the fire, your eyes drifted to the blizzard that was raging outside. You really shouldn’t stay here with him. In the physical sense, it was necessary for survival. But in the emotional sense… Could you let yourself fall for him?

The fired roared as you sat near it, wrapped up in blankets as you sipped your soup. The past hour or so wasn’t so bad, being with Pietro. He was really a funny guy and wasn’t so selfish when it was just the two of you. As the logs cracked and popped under the fire, you felt yourself feeling happy as you leaned up against the couch.

“Okay, let’s do something fun. I’m getting bored,” Pietro said as he took your empty bowls away in a dash. 

“Like what?”

“I don’t know… How about truth or dare?”

“What, are we 14?” You laughed as you playfully nudged him. Laughing along with you, Pietro lightly shoved you back.

“Got any other suggestions, draga?”

“Hmm,” You hummed. “Guess not. Okay, you start.”

“Truth or dare?” The speedster asked as he wrapped his blanket around him tighter.


“Ugh, you’re no fun,” Pietro teased as he thought about what he was going to ask you. “What was your first impression of me?”

“Oh, easy,” You smirked as you turned to face him. “I thought that you had a huge ego and that you were full of yourself.” As you paused, Pietro couldn’t help but roll his eyes at your answer. “But, I liked how you made your sister laugh and how you really lifted her spirits. I thought that it was really sweet how you are always there for her.”

“You thought I was sweet?” Pietro asked as he looked down at you.

“Nope, my turn. Truth or dare?”

Rolling his eyes once more, they settled on you. “Truth.”

“Boo, you’re no fun,” You teased back as you thought about your question. “What was your first impression of me?”

“Oh, easy,” Pietro said in a teasing manner as he looked at you. “I thought you were quite the feisty little thing. You let no one give you any crap and I thought that was very attractive. I also liked how you tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear when you introduced yourself to me. It was very cute.”

“You thought I was cute?” You quietly asked as you felt yourself flush again.

“Nope, my turn,” Pietro smirked as he quickly changed the subject. The next few hours followed this fashion, Pietro asking truths about yourself and you asking truths about him. You had learned that Pietro’s first kiss was with a girl at the orphanage that was much taller than him, so much so that he had to stand up on a brick to kiss her. This had earned a laugh from you, causing Pietro’s face to flush red. When Pietro asked about your family, you gushed over how much they meant to you and how much you missed being with them right now. When you told him this, Pietro had gazed down at you sympathetically.

“What is your favorite thing about Christmas with your family?” Pietro asked as he scooted closer to you as the fire burned low and steady.

Glancing up at him from under your eyelashes, you too found yourself drawing closer to him. “I guess seeing everyone. With being away so long, I never get to see them. It seems like every time I go back one of my cousin’s is getting engaged or is having another baby. Being away, you miss those sort of things.” The room fell quiet as your words sunk in, your own sadness sinking into your bones. Quickly glancing up, you see that Pietro was intently staring at you. With a silent chuckle, you sat up straighter. “Besides, I kind of miss how my whole family would tease me about being single. Isn’t that sad? I miss being teased by them.”

“That’s not sad, you miss your family,” Pietro shrugged as he looked down at the burning embers. The two of you fell into a comfortable silence as the wind howled outside and as the fire popped. “Do you think your family would like me?”

“What?” You stuttered as your eyes grew wide. Looking at Pietro, he blushed as he shrunk away.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it, draga. It was a stupid question,” He mumbled, averting his eyes. 

Slightly intrigued, you couldn’t help but reach out for his hand. Cold hand touching his warm one, his blue eyes soon found yours as he met your gaze. “No, it wasn’t a stupid question. You just startled me, that’s all.”

Offering up a small smile, Pietro entwined his fingers with yours. “What do you think they would think of me, then?”

“As what? As a friend,” You listed, slightly afraid of adding this last bit. “A boyfriend?”

With a small raise of the corner of his lip, Pietro looked back at the fire. “Yeah… for the sake of the argument, let’s say boyfriend.”

“Well,” You started, getting slightly distracted by your thumping heart and by his thumb that was tracing small patterns on the back of your hand. “I think they would really like you. I know for a fact that all of the kids would love you. You would be the only one that could keep up with them. My dad and uncles would no doubt give you a hard time, along with my cousins, but I think in the end they would think you would be good for me.”

Silence followed your last words as you let that realization sink in. Would he be good for you? The once prominent line that stood between you being with him and not being with him was merely a wisp of an idea now. Thinking about it now, he would be good for you. On multiple occasions he had protected you, even risked his life for you. And yes while he did tease you, it was always in a playful manner; he never did it with malicious intent. As he had told you about growing up in Sokovia, what you once thought to be a selfish man turned out to be a caring man that tried his very best to provide for his sister and himself. Overcome by the dam breaking inside of you, releasing your torrent of feelings for the silver-haired speedster, you quickly dropped your hand as you stood up.

With a confused look on his face, Pietro went to grab your hand. “Printesa, where are you-”

“We are out of firewood, I’m going to go find some outside,” You answered quickly, pulling on your boots and coat. “Be right back.”

As you yanked the door open, you were met with the blizzard that was outside. Immediately you wanted to turn right back around and go back to the warmth that Pietro brought. Shaking away the thought of Pietro, you trudged out into the snow in search of logs of wood that would be far to wet to ignite. What were you going to do?

The rest of the night passed in mild silence between the two of you as you raged against the feelings in your heart. At every glance at him, every brief touch, you could have sworn that your heart was going to leap straight out of your chest. The light outside quickly turned to pitch black as the snow continued to fall down. The wood that you had brought in was way too wet to hold a fire, as you had presumed, so the cabin became colder with each increasing moment. You sat on the couch with blanket upon blanket wrapped around you to keep in what little warmth you had. You softly laughed to yourself about how ridiculous you must look right now. What once had been the shape of you now closely resembled a burrito as you sat in your cocoon on the small couch. Pietro kept pacing the cabin floor without any blankets, his powers keeping him plenty warm right now. 

“Printesa, you are absolutely freezing. How about we go crawl into bed and get under the covers so that you can warm up?” Pietro offered as he stood in front of you.

Numbly shaking your head, you tried to ignore your heart aching for him. “No way. I know what happens when you get girls into your bed and that is so not happening right now.”

Rolling his eyes at your little stab of a joke, he kneeled down in front of you. “That is not what I meant. I’m just thinking logically, draga. Y’know, the first rule in survival 101 is that if you share warmth you can generate more.”

The idea of being warm again was tempting, but not nearly as tempting of being able to cuddle up next to him. All the more reason that you shouldn’t.

“I don’t know…”

“C’mon, printesa,” He whined as he tilted your chin up so he could look into your eyes. Seeing you not moving a muscle, he huffed out a sigh as he resorted to his last option. In a quick blur, Pietro had picked you up and ran you to the bed. 

“Pietro!” You exclaimed as you felt the old mattress hit your back.

“Printesa, you’re lips are turning blue. I’m doing this more so for your own good than my desire to be with you, okay? So just shut up and cuddle up next to me, okay?” He said with authority, staring at you with those pretty blue eyes.

Finding yourself entranced, slightly taking a notice of his last few words, you nodded as you began to shed your layers of blankets so that you could lay them over the top of the both of you. Snuggling up next to Pietro, you couldn’t help but notice just how good he smelled. It was such a unique blend that you couldn’t put your finger on it. He smelled faintly of fire since he was sitting by the fire but the most abundant smell you just couldn’t name. It was so painfully obvious that it was just him.

“There, feeling better already?” He asked as he wrapped his arms around you as you snuggled your face into his neck.

“Mhm…” You sounded as you breathed in his scent. “You are really warm.”

Smiling at you cuddling up to him, Pietro let himself drop a small kiss onto the top of your head. With that loving kiss, he could faintly smell your lavender shampoo. Exhaling softly, he smiled as you held onto him tighter. “Printesa?”


“You’re beautiful, you know that?” He whispered into your ear. When he received no answer, he slightly pulled back to see that you had fallen asleep in his arms. Your hand that was resting gently on his chest had grabbed a handful of fabric from his shirt in your sleep. “Goodnight, printesa. Sleep soundly and dream of me, because I will certainly be dreaming of you.”

Burying his face into your hair, Pietro soon fell fast asleep as he listened to your steady breathing, lightly tracing patterns on the small of your back as the blizzard continued to rage on outside.

The old antique clock in the cabin rang out as 6 o’clock rolled around. The incessant chiming of the clock woke you from your peaceful sleep, causing you to try to sit up. You were quickly pulled back down by the arms that were wrapped around you. Confused, the memories of last night flooded your brain as you realized that you were cuddling with Pietro. As you tried to escape the arms wrapped around you, a low groan sounded from Pietro’s chest as he dragged you back down once again to the warm bed.

“Where do you think you are going, draga?” Pietro sleepily mumbled as he snuggled further into your neck.

You could feel yourself flush as his stubble gently scratched against your neck as shivers ran down your spine. “I was, um, trying to-”

“Trying to leave?” Pietro’s raspy voice sounded as he pushed himself up. His arms were still around you, so he was slightly leaning over you as he looked at you. “Baby, it’s cold outside.”

“I really can’t stay,” You mumbled as you tried to avert his gorgeous eyes. “It’s been nice, but..”

“Baby, your hands are as cold as ice,” Pietro once again interrupted as he wrapped your freezing hands in his warm ones.

“The group is probably really worried about us, I should go try to see if we can get a signal again.”

“Beautiful, what’s your hurry?” Pietro lazily smiled down at you.

“I really should go…”

“Beautiful, please don’t hurry…” Pietro gently whispered to you as he gently turned your face towards him with one finger.

“I wish I knew how to break this spell…” You found yourself silently whispering to yourself as you gazed at his loving face. You didn’t even realize that you had said it out loud.

“Your eyes look like starlight now,” Pietro mumbled to himself as he brushed a piece of hair away from your eyes.

“I ought to say no,” You mumbled to yourself halfheartedly as you found yourself reaching up to play with his silvery-blonde locks.

“Mind if I move closer?” Pietro whispered to you as you lazily looked up at him. With a soft shake of your head, Pietro smiled as he brought himself closer to you.

“I really should go, y’know,” You said as you continued to play with his locks. 

“Baby, it’s cold outside,” Pietro said as he cupped your cheek in his hand.

“Your sister will be suspicious,” You breathed out as you too brought your hand to his stubbly cheeks.

“Gosh your lips look delicious,” Pietro hummed as his thumb drifted over your bottom lip. Gazing into your (E/C) eyes, Pietro’s thumb kept swiping over your bottom lip. Slowly leaning in, his breath fanned over your face as his lips got closer and closer to yours. With one last look into yours eyes to ask if this was really okay, Pietro’s heart fluttered when you gazed up at him and nodded your head ‘yes.’

Not wasting another moment, Pietro’s lips met yours. He tasted like mint as his lips glided over yours, and you couldn’t help but reach up to grab his face to pull it closer to yours. Following your suit, Pietro too pulled your face closer to him as his fingers tangled into your hair. With a swipe of his tongue along your bottom lip, the kiss deepened as his tongue explored yours in a breathtaking kiss. Pulling away abruptly for air, Pietro gazed down at you and noticed your swollen red lips. Pietro smiled at you as you reached up once more to bring him back down to meet your lips in another amazing kiss. This one lasted longer than the first as you both took your time in kissing each other. Swinging one leg over your body, Pietro drew you closer to himself as you continued kissing. Your fingers played with the hair at the nape of his neck as his thumb brushed over your cheek. 

When you two finally pulled away, Pietro laid down next to you as one of his hands played with the hem of your shirt as your hand cupped his stubbly cheek.

“I’ve been waiting to do that for forever,” Pietro whispered to you as he drew circles on your exposed skin. The blizzard had begun to slow down outside, finally allowing some visibility that was once not available. 

“Me too,” You replied as he took the hand that was cupping his cheek, placing a gentle kiss to it. Soon your phone buzzed due to the signal being acquired. Lazily reaching behind you, you brought your phone to your face and read all of the messages that the team had sent you wondering where the two of you were and if you were okay.

“I suppose they want us to come back, don’t they,” Pietro sadly sighed out as you read off the messages.

“’Spose so,” You answered as you shut your phone back off. Seeing Pietro’s sad face at your once icy-prison turned blissful vacation ending, you tilted his chin up to face you. “But that doesn’t mean we have to leave just yet. It is cold outside, after all.”

Going along with your idea, Pietro cracked a smile. “And it is up to our knees, we wouldn’t be able to get to the quinjet.”

“Exactly,” You smiled as you brought yourself closer to him. “So,” You began, placing a kiss right under his jaw. “There’s no way,” another kiss, this time on his cheek. “That we could possibly leave,” yet another one, this time closer to the edge of his lips. With each kiss, Pietro’s smile grew wider and wider. “Since it is far too dangerous.” 

“I completely agree, printesa,” Pietro grinned as he finally brought your lips onto his, continuing your blissful vacation as he inevitably fell deeper in love with you with each kiss. 

The Missing Piece

Pairings: Dean x Reader x Cas, Destiel x Reader (Dean x OFC mentioned)
Warnings: sex, a little angst, drinking, poly relationship, oral sex, friends to lovers
Word Count: 4,200
Dean, the Reader, and Cas are best friends. After a drunken night out they all realize they could be so much more.
A/N: This is an old fic that’s been sitting in my drafts I decided to finish it and it’s completely different from my original idea for it but here it is. I really liked writing these three so this might turn into a fluffy smutty series if you guys like it. Beta’d by @nightmarenoodle

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Kasperi Kapanen imagine

I feel so so dirty after writing this, this might be he worst thing i’ve ever written. For the sake of this imagine we’re going to imagine Kappy, Willy, and the reader (Willy’s sister) are sharing an apartment.

requested: no

warnings: lot’s of making out

words: 900 words

Originally posted by bjorkqvist

You shut the door behind you and pressed Kasperi against it. Your lips attached themselves to his neck and you sucked hart.

“You got your first NHL goal baby. Fuck, I’m so proud of you.”

His hand found the back of your head and pulled you up to meet his lips again. He slowly walked you backwards, his lips never leaving yours. You could feel him opening a door and walk you into another room but you didn’t look which one too lost in his lips and your thoughts. His hands disappeared under your dress and you were just about to pull away to tell him to hurry up and just take it off when the back of your legs hit the edge of a bed and you fell backwards. Kasperi leaned over you, his lips swollen red and you wanted nothing more than just pull him back down when you heard the front door to your apartment slam shut.

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Fresh Start | C1

Chapter One: Begin Again

Standing outside the trailer park, my heart was beating so fast I thought I would faint, the cold air whipping me back to reality. Releasing a shaky breath, I remembered the last time I was here. Juggy and I were younger, we would be on the steps, him sitting while my head rested on his lap while he talked, mum then would bring us some tea and would join us, dad nowhere to be found. I hated to remember him how I do, but it’s the truth. A truth I am going to desperately change.

With each step, I grew more confident in myself, in my return but it all shattered as soon as I knocked so assuredly, and another knock followed but with apprehension. Letting out my breath, which I didn’t even realise I was holding, the door of the beaten down trailer swung open, creaking on its way. Stood with his eyes wide and a small smile from shock painted on his face was my twin brother, Jughead Jones, who I hadn’t seen in years. His statement beanie rested on his head, a denim jacket adorned his body and a flannel wrapped around his waist, as he sighed cheerfully, “Kat, you’re back.” And pulled me in a hug. The comforting warmth was ripped from me as he pulled back at the familiar yet somehow unfamiliar voice of my dad came from behind Jug, “Kitty,”. Walking almost hesitantly into the trailer, the door shut behind me, as we stood in silence for a while, as we just looked at each other. I felt a lump form in my throat, and my eyes blur as a tear fell down my face, “I wanted to come back, come home.” The sadness faded as he let out a joyful laugh and wrapped his arms around me and picked me up, tickling me like he did when I was younger. Setting me back down, I fixed my hair, “We’ve missed you, Kitty.” Jug said, resting a hand on my shoulder and looking down at me. “I’ve missed you too.” Sending smiles at everyone, we all said, “Pops?” in unison, letting out laughs.

Sitting in the diner, it felt like nothing had changed, I sat next to my dad, Jug in front of us. A chocolate milkshake to share with my dad because I never finished a whole one, Jughead had strawberry. Pop walked up to the table, ready to take the order before looking at me and a goofy grin appeared on the old man’s face, “My God! Kat? You’ve grown so much!” He beamed, shaking his head, “It’s great to see you back,”. He then took our order before we returned to our conversation. “So Juggie, are you still a brooding ball of angst, or do you have a girl in your life?” Releasing a light laugh, he looked down, his cheeks becoming redder, “Oh my gosh, you do. Is she as dark and mysterious as you or?” I teased in which my dad laughed at, as well as smirking at Jug, “More like sunshine and daises. Betty is a good girl, do right by her,” They did some sort of bro nod, or father-son nod, a nod nonetheless before Jugheads phone pinged as he looked down at it and furrowed his brows, “Archie was gonna come over later to watch a film, you in Kat?” Taking a bite of the cherry that was on top the milkshake I nodded, as Jughead shook his head smiling. I’ve always had a crush on Archie, a harmless childhood crush. He was always at the trailer, and Jug always teased me about it.

Getting home, I changed into grey joggers and my Calvin Klein bra before making my way to the kitchen to get myself a cup of tea. As I waited for the water to boil, I pulled my hair into a messy bun. Emerging from the bedroom, Jug held up ‘Atomic Blonde’, “Archie’s choice.” He raised his eyebrows in faux excitement. Finishing making my tea, I picked it up, clinging for the warmth as there were a few knocks on the door. As I opened it, Archie 2.0 was stood there; perfectly tousled red hair, much taller and much hotter. Catching my breath, I took in how much he had changed. “Wow, you’re hotter than the last time I saw you, Kat.” He nervously chuckled, butterflies were racing in my stomach, as I let him in Jughead sighed, “Still here, Archie.” 

Shrugging his shoulders and laughing, he placed himself on the sofa as I sat next to him. “Why the sudden return? Not that I’m complaining.” He smiled, moving his arm gesturing me for lean against him like we always used to, “Wanted to see Jug and dad.” Nodding, he started to draw circles on my arm, “You still sing?” He asked.

Singing is my main passion, it’s all I ever do, “Yeah, dumb question.” That’s when dad walked in, sitting on the chair adjacent to the sofa, “She better still sing, she’s got an incredible talent, remember that.” Feeling my cheeks redden, Archie looked down at me, “Sing with me some time,” I could tell he wasn’t asking, but I never knew Archie sang, “new hobby, I play guitar,”, nodding we looked at the TV as it started. It wasn’t long until I started to fall asleep in Archie’s arms, like when we were kids.

Waking up in the morning, the bright light forced my eyes shut again. It took me a few seconds to fathom where I was. Realising that I was sitting on the sofa, I got up to see Jughead and Archie sitting at the kitchen table, “Morning, sleepyhead,” Archie smiled as Jug turned his head around and waved playfully. The cold air made me shiver as I gripped onto my naked arms. “Put my jumper on,” Arch said through sips of coffee, pointing to the sofa. Pulling my hair out from the jumper, I hummed quietly at the softness and the smell of it. “Where’s dad?” I asked, taking Jug’s coffee and taking a sip, “Out.” He responded, giving me a look of don’t ask. Looking down, I started to chip at my nail polish, the light pink paint coming off bit by bit. “Why don’t we all go to my house, I’m sure my dad will be more than happy to see you. I think he loves you more than me,” Smiling as my response, I left and get changed into a plunge black bodysuit, rolled up mom jeans and a pair of black vans. Coming back out, I shrugged on an oversized denim jacket, and put on some cat-eye sunglasses before snapping my fingers, “Let’s go,”.

Archie drove us to his house, and as soon as we walked in the door, Fred had called from the kitchen, “Morning boys,” I smiled, my heart warming at the fact that the three boys had remained so close, as Fred emerged from the kitchen while drying up a plate, I swear he almost dropped it. “Kat,” He sighed happily as he made his way over to me, “I’ve missed you,” Grinning, he started to walk away, “It’s nice to have you back, kiddo,”

Walking into Archie’s room it was pretty much the same, except the guitar and multiple music sheets with song lyrics sprawled across them. Jughead sat on the bed, having already turned on the games console and setting up the game. Picking up the guitar, I sat next to Jug, casually strumming, “You play?” Archie asked, as I nodded, I started playing lightly the familiar tune of Dive by Ed Sheeran.

“Maybe I came on too strong, Maybe I waited too long, Maybe I played my cards wrong, oh, just a little bit wrong, baby I apologize for it,” I sang as I played, as Archie sat next to me, mesmerised by my playing. “I could fall, or I could fly, here in your aeroplane, And I could live, I could die, hanging on the words you say, And I’ve been known to give my all, and jumping in harder than, ten thousand rocks on the lake,” He sang on his own, his voice so low and beautiful. “So don’t call me baby, unless you mean it, don’t tell me you need me, if you don’t believe it, so let me know the truth, before I dive right into you,” I joined in, our voices melting together so naturally and perfectly, I couldn’t help but feel some butterflies in my stomach, glancing up from the guitar, I noticed him looking at me, smiling. I finished off as Jughead and Fred, who was standing in the doorway, started clapping. “What a beautiful voice, talented,” Fred said walking away once again, “That was incredible,” Archie said, beaming at me.

And it was in that moment that I knew everything was going to be great here.

 a/n: SP is in the next chapter guys I promise, just building a story :)

Girls, Good Grades, and Other Things Annabeth Finds Unattainable

Hi @sayhellotothepoodlepercy! I was your feast of fortuna gifter this year, and I’m incredibly sorry for the delay. I think I made the deadline, but I’ve been having internet issues :( . Anyway, I hope it was worth the wait! I was super happy to get a blog that I knew and admired - I hope I did your Pipabeth college AU justice! Thank you for giving me the chance to write this, Ash. Stay amazing!

Read it on A03

Pairing: Piper/Annabeth

Word Count: 6.5k

Summary: Annabeth’s in love with Percy. That’s the way it always was, always has been, always will be …. right? Then Annabeth gets assigned Piper as her college roommate her freshman year, and suddenly Annabeth has to deal with harder schoolwork, messy desks and messy relationships, and, most importantly, that fact that she’s head over heels in love with Piper. 

Too bad Piper’s straight. 

Annabeth knows Piper’s ID number before she actually meets her. It’s 10 digits long, but Annabeth has it memorized, front to back and back to front, just like she has her own. After all, she’s written it on more forms then she can count. Housing applications, liability forms, privacy sheets … at this rate, just hearing Piper’s name is enough to make her tired.

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I’m re-reading Scarlet and kaiswell is SO REAL

  • “…young and inarguably good-looking. His prison photo showed him flippantly winking at the camera. Kai hated him immediately.” literally Kai’s first reaction to seeing Thorne’s prison photo is “wow he’s so attractive. my not-girlfriend is travelling with an amazingly attractive guy, what if she also thinks he’s attractive, oh no”
  • Thorne making fun of Kai’s admirers and then getting all starstruck two seconds later when Kai mentions his ship on live tv what a loser
  • Thorne HONEST TO GOD pouts when Kai doesn’t mention him by name in his press conference
  • “At least dreamy Prince Kai knows your name”
  • “Thought you wouldn’t want to miss” - Thorne fanned himself, swooning - “his heavenly, chocolate-brown eyes and perfectly tousled hair, and-”
  • there’s so many more quotes like this, give it a rest Thorne you’re not fooling anyone
  • “Cinder has a bit of a crush on him,” Thorne stage-whispered. / “Don’t we all?” said Iko. NO ONE DISAGREES. every single person aboard the Rampion has an embarrassingly large crush on Emperor Kai and Thorne is embarrassingly obvious about his
  • “Kai hated him immediately” / “I generally dislike royalty and government officials on principle” HONESTLY MEYER WANTS US ALL TO WRITE ENEMIES-TO-LOVERS KAISWELL FIC I DON’T KNOW IF THERE’S ANY OTHER WAY TO READ THIS
Ephemeral || Prologue

(adj) lasting for a very short time

Originally posted by hohbi

pairing: jimin | reader

genre: angst (I guess)

word count: 1.4k (I tried)

summary: and six months later his name lights up the screen of your phone at 4am, and you still pick up

warnings: none

a/n: this is more like a long drabble, honestly, and I apologize for my bad writing in advance, if you want to read good fanfiction, I recommend @inktae (that’s in case you want to cry) or @jungblue

The way you met Park Jimin wasn’t unusual. Being in college brought a lot of new things into your life, none of them surprising, most of them were things you weren’t used to though. Like going to stupid frat parties. Considering your two close friends from high school didn’t go to the same college as you, you tried your best to stick to your roommates, two girls who were really nice, that’s for sure. But unfortunately they were more social than you and ended up dragging you to a huge frat house and running off without you.

Mentally cursing them in your head, you stood in the middle of a crowded and stinky living room, in between couples either making out or grinding on eachother, the shitty music blaring in your ears. Slowly pushing your way through the crowd, trying to get off of the ‘dance floor’ as quickly as possible, you ended up getting shoved from every side, earning dirty looks from couples, you interrupted swallowing eachother’s tongues.

As you finally made it to the kitchen, you were relieved to see one of the girls you came with, Mina, standing next to a rather tall boy with a bandana tied around his head. Eventhough you didn’t want to interrupt their conversation, you also absolutely didn’t want to keep standing alone like a complete outcast, so you grabbed a beer from the table and started making you way towards them. Luckily Mina saw you walking in their direction and sent you an enthusiastic wave.

“Y/N! There you are! I haven’t seen you since we came here”, she laughed and you held back a snarky reply on how they basically abandoned you. Instead you smiled and nodded. “Y/N, meet Taehyung. Tae, that’s Y/N my roommate!”, she gestured in between you two. A wide rectangular smile spread across his face and he gave you a happy “Hi, nice to meet you!”. Surprisingly his voice was deep and soft, much deeper than you’d expected. You greeted him back and took a swig of your beer, but wrinkled your face at the disgusting taste. “Cheap quality huh.”, Taehyung said and chuckled. “Honestly, you better get used to it, at parties like these, you can’t have high standards”. Mina nodded in agreement, “Beer is a no go, I honestly just drink rum and coke, it’s a safe shot if you ask me. Anyway, do you think Sana’s with the others already?”, she asked and looked over to Taehyung, who just kindly handed you another drink. He nodded and Mina gestured you to follow them.

Once again, you pushed through sweaty bodies and finally went up the stairs until Taehyung opened the door to a random room. As you walked in, you were relieved to see that no couples were making out in the bed or worse, but felt slightly pressured to see 7 pairs of eyes, including the ones of your other roommate Sana, landing on you. 6 boys and Sana were sitting scattered around the room, engulfed in some chatter, some scrolling through their phones, but their eyes shot up when you three entered. “Guys, that’s Y/N, she’s our roommate so be nice!”, Mina said jokingly and sat on the floor along with Taehyung. You stood awkwardly for a second until you ended up sitting down next to a boy with soft looking black hair, plump pink lips and the sharpest jawline you’ve probably ever seen. “Nice to meet you Y/N, I’m Jimin.”

After that night, hanging out with the guys became a daily thing, as Mina and Sana already were good friends with them, and you just tagged along, your friendship growing closer. Jimin was really nice. That night, you ended up talking to him a lot more than you’d thought considering he looked like a straight up prince. But someone with such good looks couldn’t be just perfect. Park Jimin was a flirt. Every day, when you all would walk around campus, sipping coffee and chatting, Jimin would end up talking to a random pretty girl, who’d give him her number and tell him to ‘text her some time’. And Jimin you ask? He would agree every time, would give her a charming smile and save her number in his phone. Did he ever text them? Unlikely.

At first your relationship with Jimin was platonic, you were sure to not fall for any of his charms, him literally demonstrating what not to do, day to day. But could you help that little crush, that slight infatuation with him forming in the pit of your stomach? Absolutely not. The way he ran a hand through his perfectly tousled hair one too many times, or the way his eyes disappeared while laughing at one of Hobi’s jokes, or the way he seemed so caring towards the people close to him just sent a warm feeling through your body and you couldn’t help your cheeks to heat up whenever he whispered something to you.

Maybe, most definitely even, that was the first mistake you made, letting yourself fall for him.

The second mistake you made was sleeping with him. You were drunk just like him, and you could say, it just ended up happening, but that would be a lie. That night you confessed to him, after months of staying quiet about your feelings, too scared of what would happen if you’d confess to Park Jimin, not only your close friend, but also the school’s most charming fuckboy. But surprisingly, almost unbelievably, he told you he felt the same way about you.

The third mistake you made was believing his words. Eventhough you knew just how good he was with lulling girls in with what he said, your heart started to flutter as he told you he liked you too, more than a friend. That he wasn’t there with you the next morning, after you confessed to eachother and slept together should’ve been a huge red flag. But as soon as he apologized and told you he’d take you out on a date, you threw away your worries and gave yourself to him.

Mina and Sana always looked critically upon your relationship with Jimin, but you proceeded not to listen to their concerns. You ignored them as they told you, it isn’t right of Jimin to keep flirting with random girls, and rather listened to him telling you that it’s meaningless. You ignored them as they told you, Jimin shouldn’t only take you out on dates when he fucked up but you lied to them and said that you went on a lot of dates, when in reality, you didn’t.

Eventually and expectedly things ended between you and Jimin. 4 months into keeping up with all the shit he gave you, you found him cheating on you with Irene, a girl from your literature class. It was a hit to the face, and you cried for about a week straight, about your blindness, your stupidity and all the signals you had ignored, completely lost and in love with a boy who didn’t give two shits about your feelings. What hurt most was, that he didn’t try to chase after you, to apologize to you or comfort you. You only hung out with the others when Jimin wasn’t around, and avoided him on campus.

The fourth mistake you made was never fully letting go of him. He still held you in his hand like a toy, and he knew it. Eventually he started to call you again, to ‘hang out’. You again, ignored Mina and Sana, thinking that this time, things could work between you two, and the next time and the next.

And six months later, it’s 4am on a Thursday, his name lights up the screen of your phone, and you answer it, like the fool you are, for the softest boy you’ve ever met in your life, for the boy who holds the pieces of your broken heart, the boy who you can’t let go.



» pairing: min yoongi x reader

» genre: holiday fluff; student!au

» word count: 1,550

» requested by anonymous: 22!! And 2 pleaseee (for prompts) 

» note: part of the holiday series🎄

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“Yoongi, can I ask you a question,” you said, looking up at your study buddy from across the library table. Yoongi nodded without looking up from his book, grunting his acknowledgment through the pencil in his mouth.

You rolled your eyes, your foot still inching up Yoongi’s leg suggestively. If he felt it, he didn’t let on. You sighed, “Exactly how much more hinting do I have to do?

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You stand still, catching your breath as you consider the dummy in front of you. It already has multiple slashes in its head and torso, each one leaking sand. Replacing it would probably be a good idea.

Reaching forward to take it down, you see Percy standing behind it, smirking. He leans comfortably on Riptide, with his black hair perfectly tousled as usual. And, gods, that smirk will be the death of you. But you manage to keep a straight face.

“What?” You ask as you lift the dummy off of the stake.

“Nothing,” he says, still smiling as he walks toward you. “I’m just glad it’s the dummy and not me.”

concept: mornings where you’d wake up in a warm bed with the sun beaming through the bedroom windows and calum would come walking through the door with his curly hair perfectly tousled and a large mug of coffee clutched in his hands, and a smile would adorn his sleepy face as he noticed you were awake, muttering “morning sleepyhead” before sipping his coffee and walking over to sit down on the bed next to you, and you’d grin sleepily before murmuring “hey babe, is that coffee for me?” making calum chuckle before putting his mug down on the bed-side table and turning to wrap himself around you. “maybe we can share it” he’d say softly before planting a sweet, gentle kiss on your shoulder and burying his face in the crook of your neck, quietly whispering “but first - cuddles!”


Pairings: Tyler x Reader, Josh x Jenna

Warnings/Tags: Swinging, Cum Swapping, choking

This was definitely a challenge but  I had a lot of fun writing it I hope you guys like it. It’s just over 3.3k words.

I usually don’t specify when somethings an AU but I feel like it’s important to mention  that this is an AU and the boys aren’t famous in this otherwise it wouldn’t be believable that they don’t get recognized at the party.

Tyler doesn’t  mean to be nosey,really he doesn’t, it’s just that he’s so easily distracted; so when Josh excuses himself from conversation at the kitchen table to take a phone call,  Tyler can’t help but to grab the half folded up, brightly colored flyer laying in a pile of Josh’s mail that’s sitting on the table. Tyler reads it, smiling to himself before quickly folding it up smaller and shoving it in his pocket.

“Tyler that’s a federal offense did you just steal Josh’s mail?” His wife Jenna asks from his left.

“Shhh! It’s just the kind of junk mail you get when you live in L.A.  I guess. “He says keeping his voice low. "Plus besides I’ve been looking for a way to spice things up with you.” He smirks.

“Tyler what is it? What did you just take?” Jenna asks now extremely curious, as she tries to pull the folder flyer from Tyler’s pocket.

“Jenna not now, shhh! I’ll show you later.” Tyler whispers swatting Jenna’s hand away as Josh returns to the kitchen.

“Sorry about that it was Y/N, she’s running late from work, but I told her you guys were hear and she’s so excited you’re in town for the weekend. What brings you guys this way anyways?” Josh says returning from his phone call.

“I took Jenna to Disneyland for the week an we figured we better stop by while we were close.”   Tyler answers.

“So have you guys found a place to stay yet? There’s some really nice hotels?” Josh asks.

“Oh.. umm, not yet..” Tyler says taken aback totally expecting Josh to have  invited  him to stay at his place. “I uh..guess we should go figure that out then. He says looking to Jenna. "but let’s grab dinner after we get settled.”

“Yeah definitely!” Josh agrees. “I’ll text you the address of wherever we decide to go.”

“Alright, catch you later man.” Tyler says, walking towards the door


“Sorry babe, there was an accident on the highway.” You say when you finally make in home. “Where’s Jenna and Tyler?”

“They went to go find a hotel.” Josh answers.

“Why? Why didn’t you just tell them they could stay here?” You give him a confused look.

“Did you forget we have the annual Swingers Ball tonight?” Josh says. We can’t exactly be like ‘hey we’re gonna go to a party but uhh just stay here’, or  'hey we’re gonna go fuck some strangers see you later’.“ He laughs

"Okay, yeah good point.” You agree looking through the pile of mail on the table. “Hey Josh where’s is the’s invitation for the party, you know that colorful little flyer that had all the info on it? I just wanted to double check the time but I can’t find it, I left it right here with the mail.

"I’m not sure, but you can always check the email reminder, but I’m pretty sure it starts at eleven, which is good because it still gives us time to go out with Tyler and Jenna for dinner before. Where do you wanna go?” Josh asks.

“Let’s taken them to that little authentic Mexican place  a few blocks over, show Tyler was real Mexican food is.” You laugh as you scroll thorough your emails on your phone locating the reminder. “Yeah it is at eleven.”

“Ok I’ll text Tyler about the restaurant.” Josh answers.


“Ahhhhhh it’s so nice to see you again.” You squeal as you hug your best friend Jenna. “You too, Tyler.” You break away from Jenna to give Tyler a quick hug as well when they approach the table at the restaurant.

“Did you guys find this place okay?” Josh  asks as the four of you take your seats at the table.

“Yeah it’s actually pretty close to our hotel.” Tyler answers still slightly annoyed that their not staying with you and Josh.

“Oh good I’m glad you guys found a place.” You’re stomach swirls with guilt as you answer; making your best friends get a hotel so you could have sex with strangers. If it was any other meetup you guys would have bailed immediately to be with Tyler and Jenna, but this was the Annual Swingers Ball; you and Josh are pretty well known through out the swingers community and your attendance  at this  years biggest meetup is highly anticipated.


Dinner goes well, it’s so great to catch up, and hear all about Jenna and Tyler’s trip to Disneyland. After the food you all have another round of drinks and continue to chit chat until you notice the time; it’s 9:30 and you and Josh  both still have to take a shower and get dressed and ready for the party.

“Well I’m gonna have to call it a night guys, sorry I’m just exhausted from today but we’ll make it up to you guys tomorrow and take you sight seeing and all that I promise.”  You say before finishing the last sip of your drink.

“Uh ..yeah us too actually.” Tyler says looking down at his watch. “But yeah we’ll definitely take you up on that offer tomorrow.  

"Anything else I can get you?” The waitress stops by to ask.

“No I think we’re all set, just the check.” Josh answers.

The waitress returns shortly with the check; both boys reaching into their pockets for their wallets.

“Ty I’ll get it.” Josh says pulling the check towards him.“ It’s the least I can do.


After the restaurant you rush home to take a shower and change; getting dressed to the nines for the ball in a slinky floor length black dress with a high slit , and jeweled straps and neckline. Josh looks handsome as ever in simple black dress pants, a white button down shift cuffed to the elbow showing of his sleeve tattoo, and a black tie;  his yellow hair perfectly tousled.

"Mmmm you look so good I might just need to keep you for myself tonight.” You tease as you straighten his tie.

“You too.” He smirks, biting his lip, and grazing his fingertips up  along the flesh of your thigh peeking out of your dress’s long slit.  

“Keep it up and we’re not gonna make it to the party.” You quip, pushing down his roaming hand as you turn to leave.

“Don’t forget who this belongs to.” He says with a hearty smack to your ass, as you exit the apartment.

“I never do.” You smile, looking over your shoulder at Josh.


At the party you see all your regular acquaintances and even a few fresh new faces, but despite everyone looking their best for the ball  you and Josh are having a hard time agreeing on a couple to approach. You both want to pair up with a new couple you haven’t experienced before but your picky tastes limit your selections; Josh preferring tall blondes, and you favoring men with tattoos.  You always agreed when you first got into swinging that you would never settle on a couple you both weren’t completely into even if it meant going home alone that night; you weren’t desperate you were both more than happy with just each other;  getting to experience other couples together is just an added perk.

You were just about to call it quits and head home when you spot a lone couple anxiously stirring in a distant corner of the large room; their backs facing you.

“Josh, look.” You whisper tapping his arm to get his attention, and motioning discretely to the couple. They definitely fit your types; the girls long blonde hair pulled up into a sleek ponytail, her strappy yellow dress flowing beautifully from tall, slender frame as she nervously sips her drink; her brunette, tattooed husband by her side fidgeting with his wedding band.

“They definitely have potential.” Josh says as the two of you make your way over to introduce yourselves.  The closer you get the more familiar they seem; maybe you have seen them at a meetup before after all.

“Wait, oh my god Josh is that…?”

“TYLER!…JENNA!” Josh exclaims cutting you off, as you now stand directly behind the couple. They turn around with blushed faces, and their eyes go wide with shock; matching your own, as you all take in what’s happening.

“What are you guys doing here?” You speak first.

“Well I guess we could ask you the same.” Tyler retorts, nervously twirling his hair.

“Fair enough.” Josh replies, looking around. “Hey umm, why don’t we discuss this back at the apartment?

"Okay.” Tyler and Jenna agree


The walk up the stairs to you and Josh’s apartment is filled with awkward silence; Josh is the first to break it once the four of you are inside.

“Well I guess we should explain first.” Josh starts as everyone takes a seat on the couch in the living room. “I don’t even know where to start, so I’m just gonna come out and say it Yes, Y/N and I are swingers.” He looks to you, taking your hand in his. You nod letting him know he was doing ok and to continue. “We’re actually fairly well known in the swingers community. This was the biggest party of the year, and it’s the only reason we had you guys stay in a hotel. We knew there would be questions if we went to a party without inviting you guys to come along and we weren’t ready to explain our lifestyle, but I’m honestly kinda of glad to have it out in the open with you guys now, you’re our best friends and I’m hoping by the fact that you guys were there too that you’ll be understanding.

"Of course you guys.” Jenna smiles, briefly  placing her hand on your knee for reassurance. “I mean we’ve never done anything like that before but Tyler brought it up and I thought we could go check it out and see what happens”.

“How did you guys even find out about it?” You look at them quizzically and Jenna shoots Tyler a look.

“Umm I saw the flyer on your kitchen table and I thought I was junk mail, so I umm took it, sorry. I thought it would be fun to spice things up with Jenna while we were out here, where nobody knows us.” Tyler admits.

“So that’s why I couldn’t find the invite when I was looking for it earlier.”  You laugh. “but anyways Josh and I were talking on the way home and if you’re still interested in uhhh spicing things up as Tyler just put it then ummmm …uhh …we’d love to help. You ramble anxiously, unaware of how they’ll respond to what your proposing.

"Like swing, like with us.” Jenna asks for clarification.

“Yeah,  if you’re comfortable with that, if not we can just pretend this  whole night never happened.” Josh responds, trying to let them know what even decision  they make will be respected.

Tyler and Jenna look at each other; silently communicating before both answering with a simple “Ok”

“Let’s move this to the bedroom then shall we.” Josh smirks motioning to the hallway.

“So like how does this even work exactly?” Tyler asks as him and Jenna take a seat on the edge of the bed.“

"So, I get Jenna.” Josh smiles pulling her up from the bed by her hand. “and you get Y/N .” He says as you take the spot next to Tyler, previously occupied by Jenna, and rest your hand midway up Tyler’s inner thigh.

“A-nything else we should know.” Tyler tenses under your touch, bracing himself with his hands; resting one on each side of his seated body.

“Just relax and have a good time, follow our lead.” You encourage, rubbing small soothing circles with your thumb.

“Oh and I want you both to know we always practice safe sex outside of our own relationship and get tested regularly so there is nothing to worry about.” Josh reassures them . “ But umm since I know you and Tyler have never really been with anyone else we’re open to not using anything if you guys want, Y/N is on birth control.” Josh says, looking to Jenna, his hand snaked around her waist.

“I-I am too, I’m okay with that.” Jenna shifts her eyes from Josh to Tyler to make sure he agrees; Tyler responds with a quick nod.

“And if at any time you guys wanna stop, just say so and we’ll stop immediately, no questions asked. You add, moving your hand up Tyler’s thigh; he seems to have relaxed some. You slide your hand up higher, palming the growing bulge in his dress pants and connect your lips to his. You part your lips encouragingly and Tyler takes notice running an experimental lick along your top lip before sliding his tongue into your mouth.

Josh migrates his  hand slowly up Jenna’s back to the base of her neck; slowly unzipping her yellow dress while pulling her in for a kiss. To Josh’s surprise Jenna’s tongue is the first to make a move; pushing past his lips and swirling about his mouth; showing far less apprehension than her husband despite ”spicing up things”  being his idea.

Tyler slides the jeweled straps of your dress off your shoulders; the fabric sliding down your chest and pooling in your lap as your tongues still explore each others mouths. You stand, pulling Tyler with you; your lips still attached as you let your dress to fall to the floor and step out. Tyler grips your back pulling you towards him deepening this kisses, he fumbles with your bra clasp for a brief moment before getting it; your strapless bra springing free from your body and joining your dress on the floor. Tyler breaks the kiss to admire your body, lightly grazing his hands over your naked form.

“Is this okay?” He asks and he touches you. His eyes quickly dart over to his wife; her breasts in his best friends mouth, and for a brief moment you see jealously wash over him.

“Relax Ty, she’s in good hands” you whisper as you kiss his neck, your hands undoing his belt. “And you are too,” you smirk against his skin as you grasp his length; his pants falling down his thighs. You begin a trail of kisses down his neck and over his tattooed chest as you pump him, continuing to kiss down his body, stopping only to pull his boxers father down with your free hand, the other gripping the base of his cock.  Resting on your knees, you take Tyler’s length into your mouth sucking playfully on the head as you stroke the rest with your hand, producing a satisfied groan to vibrate in his throat, catching the attention of Jenna. She watches briefly as you bob over her husbands length; following suit, she drops to her knees before Josh, undoing his belt and shimmying his pants and boxers down his thighs, springing his erection free. She doesn’t waste anytime, quickly grasping his cock and guiding it into her mouth and beginning to suck; hollowing her cheeks as she moves her mouth up and down his length. Josh tangles his hand in her blonde hair; gripping it lightly he begins to control her movements, pulsing his hand on the back of her head; his own head tipped back in pleasure with eyes closed.

You can feel Tyler looking down watching you; his hands resting on your shoulders and you look up to meet his lust filled gaze as you take him deeper into your mouth. “Fuck” he whines softly, sucking in his bottom lip between his teeth, as his eyelashes flutter. You grip the back of his thighs just under the crease of his backside pulling him in until the tip of his cock grazes the back of your throat causing you to gag.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” He pants. You pull back, keeping just the head in your mouth, pumping the rest, and allowing the warm liquid to fall onto your tongue. You climb onto the bed; mouth full of cum and turn to face Josh opening you mouth; white strands dripping from the corners.

The sight of his best friends cum filling your mouth is enough to trigger Josh’s own orgasm; cradling Jenna’s head as he fills her mouth.  "Mmmm Hold it.“ He grunts knowing what you have planned. Josh’s removes himself from Jenna’s mouth as you quickly grab her pulling her onto the bed before she has a chance to swallow, colliding your filled mouth against hers, cum dripping down both you and Jenna’s chin as your tongues mix and swap the salty substance. Jenna pulls back from the kiss first; your lips still connected by  strands of sticky cum that stretch until they break. The visual is enough to keep both boys hard and ready for more. Jenna proudly opens her mouth looking up at Tyler before shes swallow, as he gets into position behind you; pulling down your black thong.

“Fuck that’s so hott baby! You having fun.” He asks his wife as he teases your entrance with the tip of his cock. She nods rapidly with smile at Tyler while Josh grips her ass from behind, lowering his head to kiss along her lower back before pulling down her thong with his teeth. He grasps his length gliding it through her wet folds and pushes in. He quickly establishes a rhythm thrusting in and out; his skin slapping against Jenna’s.

“Oh shit, I love watching you get fucked baby, you look so good.” Tyler praises Jenna as  he fucks you; finally no longer being a tease. He’s slightly smaller than Josh but feels just as good; the slight curve of his length hitting you G-spot with every thrusts.

“ Fuck Tyler, right there.” You moan pushing back against him, desperate for more. Tyler groans lowly to himself in response.

“Hey Ty, ….Mmmm fuck..any kinky shit you’ve wanted to try now’s your chance Y/N loves that shit. Josh informs Tyler as he continues to fuck his wife.

"L-like …Mmmmm like what? Tyler ask trying to keep his composure but failing; he’s so close.

"Fucking choke me, Tyler!” You moan out, causing Josh to chuckle at your neediness. Tyler brings an unsure hands to your neck, grasping it lightly as if he’s afraid he’ll break it. “Tighter, Tyler!” You place one hand over his, the other supporting yourself on the bed, and you squeeze your hand around his, effectively tightening his grip. “I’m gonna cum.” You barely manage to squeak out; as the pleasure from Tyler cock mixes with the euphoric feeling of your blood flow and oxygen being restricted, causing an intense orgasm to surge through your core. Tyler helps you ride out your orgasm still chasing after his own.

“Told ya, she loved that shit.” Josh laughs, gripping Jenna’s hips and quickening his pace, She drops her head low, eye closed, eyebrows furrowed together; Tyler knows that face, he’s seen it a million times; Jenna’s about to cum.

“Fuck, Josh I’m cumming!” Jenna screams out as if on queue; her arms giving way under her as she sinks into the mattress. Josh finishing seconds later. The sight of his wife coming completely undone at the hands of his best friend are enough to make Tyler fill you up.

The room is quiet, nothing but a symphony of heavy breathing can be heard as everyone collapses down onto the bed.

“For the record…” Josh huffs out, pausing to take another breath, “You guys can stay with us anytime.”

Wait For It (M)

The last part of the series collaboration with @taesthetes and @optosomnio

Catalyst series: Seokjin / Yoongi / Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook 

Kim Namjoon. 3 880-ish words. Mildly graphic smut. Demon AU.

At first sight, Kim Namjoon is a man you know not to fuck with. It’s not because of the perfectly tousled hair, the reflection dawned shoes, precisely tailored suit, and reeking professionalism that borderlines vanity. But then again, who wouldn’t have an ego the size of a sun when they’ve built an entire empire under the name of Kim Corps that made billions and known worldwide?

Filtered city lights splay over tangled sheets and stark limbs. Feather-like kisses upon shoulders, neck and that spot just under his ear that makes him go crazy. Bare chest pressed flush into his back, knowing what it does to him, knowing he can’t resist. Mellow lips draining away the last of his rationale and he almost, almost tells himself to fuck it, it’s just a company he built from scratch (plus with a bit of help from his fellow friends –tycoons actually– that aided him in giving him a jump start to his career –but yes, scratch).

Namjoon sighs, delighted or conflicted, he’s not so sure.

“Come back to bed, Joon.”

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The House of Beasts, Part 3

Another update. I felt inspired today, and it actually came out really well! Here’s part 3. Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it, and happy sunday to those who don’t! Have a lovely day, nonetheless ;-)

Summary: Prythian University, the grounds where frat houses wage wars and throw the best parties yet. Feyre, an art student and girlfriend to the Head of House of the Spring House, discovers secrets everyone’s been keeping from her for the last year and a half. An ACOTAR/ACOMAF AU, which begins as Feylin then evolves into Feysand. Begins as ACOTAR, includes AU of Under the Mountain, but will focus more on Acomaf.

Word Count: 2555 words

Once again, thank you all for withholding any hate and supplying only constructive criticism (I really need it!) and sending any requests, suggestions, etc.  Disclaimer: All characters and some direct and or modified quotes belong to Sarah J Maas, as well as some of the plot points. I take no credit for them whatsoever

Part 3: Secrets

Once the weekend had blown over, a quiet Sunday spent with my music and my paints in the study room, school came back full swing on Monday. I’d planned my schedule so I had all my harder courses packed early in the week, so Thursday and Friday were much more relaxed and spaced out. Sometimes it was a blessing, lazy Friday mornings when all I wanted to do was get out of school and spend the night with Tamlin, and some days, like today, it was hell, and I had no motivation whatsoever to step foot into a single classroom. I stopped by the Good Bean, ordered a double shot of espresso, and hurried my way over to psych, planting myself in the back of the room with my laptop and my coffee, my fingers hovering over the overpriced keyboard of my Mac Book that Tamlin had bought me at the beginning of the year. A good start to the year, he’d called it.

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A Rude Reawakening (Part 13)

Series Summary: You’re attacked while walking back to your apartment after a long shift at the bar. When two men come to your rescue suddenly a part of your old life comes flooding back to you.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam.

Warnings: Smut, fluff. 

A/N: Ok, so I had another go at writing smut, turning up the heat a little more this time. Again, if you don’t want to read it, skip the italics. I think I’ll be finishing this story with the next chapter so if you have any fanfic requests I’d be happy to hear them! :) 

Read part 1 here.

Read the previous chapter here. 

A Rude Reawakening (Part 13)


You jolted awake. Dean was sitting up next to you, his hand on your shoulder. You put your hand to your forehead and found that it was soaked in sweat. You looked up at Dean and wrapped your arms around him.

“I shot you! I’m so sorry, Dean!”, you cried into his chest. He cradled you against him, stroking your hair.

“What’s going on?”, you heard Sam mumble.

“Nothing, go back to sleep”, Dean said firmly to his brother. Sam rolled over, and his gentle snores started up again.

“Y/N”, Dean whispered, “I’m fine. Hey, look at me”. He held your head up to face him.

You felt like you couldn’t breathe, your heart was beating so fast. As you stared into Dean’s eyes you began to relax. He was ok. It was just a nightmare.

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New Anniversaries

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 Daniel Francisco Sousa II (OC) x Reader, former Steve Rogers x Reader, mentions of Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes 

Length: 3483 words (yeah, I got carried away)

Warnings: none really, allusions to previous part, and some swears, reader moving on, pretty much made up Peggy Carters family - quick rundown. Peggy married Daniel Sousa, they then had a son, who had a son himself

Requested by @iamwarrenspeace

Part 2 to Missed Anniversary

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