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Misha’s Google searches before going overseas
  • “Places in [city, country] named after Dean”
  • “Places in [city, country] named after me Castiel”
  • “Best running routes near [hotel, city, country]”
  • “Forecast wind speed in [city, country] on [travel dates]”
  • “Optimum wind speed for perfectly tousled hair”
  • “How to take the perfect selfie” Haha just kidding, I always look perfect
  • “Jensen Ackles”

concept: mornings where you’d wake up in a warm bed with the sun beaming through the bedroom windows and calum would come walking through the door with his curly hair perfectly tousled and a large mug of coffee clutched in his hands, and a smile would adorn his sleepy face as he noticed you were awake, muttering “morning sleepyhead” before sipping his coffee and walking over to sit down on the bed next to you, and you’d grin sleepily before murmuring “hey babe, is that coffee for me?” making calum chuckle before putting his mug down on the bed-side table and turning to wrap himself around you. “maybe we can share it” he’d say softly before planting a sweet, gentle kiss on your shoulder and burying his face in the crook of your neck, quietly whispering “but first - cuddles!”
Nazi Germany's "Perfect Aryan" Baby Was Jewish

In the 1930s, the Nazi party began issuing propaganda featuring the image of a “perfect Aryan” child. If you were looking to build a master race of adorable white people, you could do a lot worse: Hessy Taft, the model, had round eyes, a charmingly surprised expression, and a perfectly tousled tuft of dark hair on her head.

She was also Jewish.


You stand still, catching your breath as you consider the dummy in front of you. It already has multiple slashes in its head and torso, each one leaking sand. Replacing it would probably be a good idea.

Reaching forward to take it down, you see Percy standing behind it, smirking. He leans comfortably on Riptide, with his black hair perfectly tousled as usual. And, gods, that smirk will be the death of you. But you manage to keep a straight face.

“What?” You ask as you lift the dummy off of the stake.

“Nothing,” he says, still smiling as he walks toward you. “I’m just glad it’s the dummy and not me.”

Wait For It (M)

The last part of the series collaboration with @taesthetes and @optosomnio

Catalyst series: Seokjin / Yoongi / Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook 

Kim Namjoon. 3 880-ish words. Mildly graphic smut. Demon AU.

At first sight, Kim Namjoon is a man you know not to fuck with. It’s not because of the perfectly tousled hair, the reflection dawned shoes, precisely tailored suit, and reeking professionalism that borderlines vanity. But then again, who wouldn’t have an ego the size of a sun when they’ve built an entire empire under the name of Kim Corps that made billions and known worldwide?

Filtered city lights splay over tangled sheets and stark limbs. Feather-like kisses upon shoulders, neck and that spot just under his ear that makes him go crazy. Bare chest pressed flush into his back, knowing what it does to him, knowing he can’t resist. Mellow lips draining away the last of his rationale and he almost, almost tells himself to fuck it, it’s just a company he built from scratch (plus with a bit of help from his fellow friends –tycoons actually– that aided him in giving him a jump start to his career –but yes, scratch).

Namjoon sighs, delighted or conflicted, he’s not so sure.

“Come back to bed, Joon.”

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lucasfilms makes a spin-off about poe’s life before joining the resistance. we open on a group of eager young pilots, buzzing about the cool instructor they’ve heard so much about. the door opens and poe dameron strides in. an immediate hush falls over the room. he stands in front of them, helmet under his arm, hair perfectly tousled and windswept. he is the Coolest Person You Have Ever Seen.

… for one second. then the other three members of his squadron bustle in and this exact thing happens for about ten seconds before poe remembers suddenly that he is supposed to be teaching young people

the title “RAPIER SQUADRON” comes up and that’s how the film starts


Discover Jen’s secret weapon for perfectly tousled hair.

We all often hear the term “effortless” to describe a hairstyle, but rarely does it take a low-level of work to achieve your favorite look. Enter Living Proof Instant Texture Mist.  This weightless mist starts working its magic in just ten seconds, and delivers a range of your textured looks favored by the likes of Jennifer Aniston. We caught up with the actress and Living Proof co-owner to get the lowdown on the product that can help you get the hottest look in hair right now. KELLEY HOFFMAN

Textured hair is usually known for being a summer look, but this year, the trend has extended to fall and winter. What do you love about it?
Oh god, I don’t know if it’s a trend. It’s always been something that I sort of love—easygoing, beachy, hair, you know I just think it’s effortless. It’s easy to maintain. You can go days without washing your hair, which is good for your hair. It’s just a sexy, good look.

So you’re someone who likes that beachy look, no matter the season.
Oh yeah, but I also wear white jeans all through the year. I don’t usually listen to rules, which I probably should.

Tell us what’s amazing about Living Proof Instant Texture Mist
What is great about it is that it’s one of those products that can do no wrong, no matter the way you use it. It’s kind of foolproof. You can use it with damp hair, you can use it on dry hair, you can blow dry it, you can use a curling hair on it—which is actually really great, because most products that are leave-ins you can’t add heat to, because eventually it will just burn or break your hair. And it goes for days. You can use it for second day hair and it’s great. It’s sort of the more texture, the better. We all want it to look effortless, and it is effortless, which is great. And this product just makes it really easy to get that look. And it doesn’t feel sticky or stiff, you can still run your hands through it.  

How do you like to use it on your own?
I’ve been using it when it’s wet, then air dry and run fingers through my hair, then it keeps a nice tousled shape, and I like it. Sometimes I mix it with the Amp Instant Texture Volumizer, which is a cream, and I just scrunch it into my hair when it’s wet. It’s nice to combine the products too.

What other Living Proof products are you obsessed with right now—and why?
I use the Restore Mask Treatment every Sunday and I love how soft it makes my hair feel; it’s kind of my pamper day. If I’ve just worked and been on a movie, and had a lot of wear and tear, or a lot of blow drying, then Restore Instant Protection Spray is really good to use, because it does exactly that—restore. If I’m in a place with humidity, I go right for the No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream, which is another awesome product. I also love the Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment, because you get kind of everything, all-in-one. 

Nazi Germany's "Perfect Aryan" Baby Was Jewish

From the article:

In the 1930s, the Nazi party began issuing propaganda featuring the image of a “perfect Aryan” child. If you were looking to build a master race of adorable white people, you could do a lot worse: Hessy Taft, the model, had round eyes, a charmingly surprised expression, and a perfectly tousled tuft of dark hair on her head. She was also Jewish.

Taft, now a chemistry professor in New York, recently gave a copy of a Nazi magazine with her image on the cover to Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial.

A Berlin photographer named Hans Ballin snapped the photo of Taft in 1935, when the reign of Hitler was in full swing. At the time, the Nazi party was holding a contest to find the most beautiful Aryan baby, and unbeknownst to the child or her parents, Ballin submitted her photo, knowing full well what he was doing. “I wanted to make the Nazis ridiculous," he reportedly told the girl’s mother.

Taft won, and soon, her picture was everywhere. Her parents kept her inside the house for fear of retribution from the party, and eventually, the family fled the country, settling in the U.S. after years on the run across Europe.

"I can laugh about it now,” she told the German newspaper Bild (as translated by theTelegraph)“But if the Nazis had known who I really was, I wouldn’t be alive.”

Lea Michele Turns Surfer Girl in a Hot-Pink Rashguard and Bikini

Singer, actress, dancer, and… surfer? There’s no doubt that Lea Michele is one hot beach babe! Rather than just lounging in the sun, the star took to the waves yesterday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for a fun-filled round of surfing lessons at Oakley’s Learn to Ride-Surf event.

Michele looked radiant in a bright pink rash guard—one of summer’s hottest trends—and striped string bikini bottoms. Topping off her active look with oversized shades and perfectly tousled beach hair, the triple threat showed off her toned physique and natural beauty on the sand and in the water. Michele’s hot look certainly has us wanting to hit the ocean!


I’m re-reading Scarlet and kaiswell is SO REAL

  • “…young and inarguably good-looking. His prison photo showed him flippantly winking at the camera. Kai hated him immediately.” literally Kai’s first reaction to seeing Thorne’s prison photo is “wow he’s so attractive. my not-girlfriend is travelling with an amazingly attractive guy, what if she also thinks he’s attractive, oh no”
  • Thorne making fun of Kai’s admirers and then getting all starstruck two seconds later when Kai mentions his ship on live tv what a loser
  • Thorne HONEST TO GOD pouts when Kai doesn’t mention him by name in his press conference
  • “At least dreamy Prince Kai knows your name”
  • “Thought you wouldn’t want to miss” - Thorne fanned himself, swooning - “his heavenly, chocolate-brown eyes and perfectly tousled hair, and-”
  • there’s so many more quotes like this, give it a rest Thorne you’re not fooling anyone
  • “Cinder has a bit of a crush on him,” Thorne stage-whispered. / “Don’t we all?” said Iko. NO ONE DISAGREES. every single person aboard the Rampion has an embarrassingly large crush on Emperor Kai and Thorne is embarrassingly obvious about his
  • “Kai hated him immediately” / “I generally dislike royalty and government officials on principle” HONESTLY MEYER WANTS US ALL TO WRITE ENEMIES-TO-LOVERS KAISWELL FIC I DON’T KNOW IF THERE’S ANY OTHER WAY TO READ THIS

Andromeda Black: a modern muse + hair & makeup

A lovely girl with her dark red lips, perfectly tousled hair. She never had it tossed back in a ponytail unless she were nervous or irritated, and it was most notable that during exams she would take her hair up only to let it down again multiple times. Her makeup only accentuated how utterly dangerous she could be, intimidating in her looks that never seemed to soften– perfectly groomed brows to match beautifully lined eyes. Some whispered of the fact that they’d never seen her without makeup, while others would comment that there was something rather ‘whore-ish’ about that red lip stain she frequented. Always pure, always flawless.
Harry Styles is not that good at Scrabble - Nashville
One Direction bad boy Harry Styles is good at many things, but the board game Scrabble is not one of them.

One Direction bad boy Harry Styles is good at many things.

Making Directioners lose their voices from screaming.

Wearing impossibly tight pants.

Having perfectly tousled hair.

Inspiring Taylor Swift songs.

Unfortunately, the tiled spelling board game Scrabble is not one of his many talents, as evidenced by the game board he shared with his Instagram followers on Tuesday.

Though he and his mystery opponent (many fans are speculating its Louis) did get a triple-letter score on the “K” in “kiln” and the “Z” in “za” (it counts) and a double-letter score on the “Q” in “quite,” the other words they played like “cute” aren’t that impressive.

To be fair, they were probably just killing time on the road.

They’re currently touring in Norway, Sweden and Finland before the North American leg of their tour this summer.

At a recent concert in Oslo, Sweden, Styles made waves when he called out his friend for stealing his girlfriend when they were 14.

So clearly the “Harry calling out his friend” was basically tour promo from a brand marketing company (not really a press release, more of a “Hey, check out this click bait you can write about promoting 1D’s tour!”).

I find this really interesting because while some articles were word-for-word, a LOT of them spun the story in different directions, like this one focusing on the Scrabble game (?!) and throwing in the rest at the end.

On a different story link (in the SF Gate of all places), I saw a credit to Hearst Digital Marketing Services, so I’m pretty sure they’re the ones responsible. Looks like 1DHQ has brought in some new marketing strategists. While I don’t like the “Harry shames friend” stories, I do like that they’re getting broader attention.

jayroys  asked:

i am here to save you from boredom and tiredness IMAGINE FBI AGENTS!MCKIRK UNDERCOVER IN A GAY BAR because apparently i'm a sucker for overused cliche tropes

I got too drunk to do this at the time ahahaha oops >>

“My ass is getting more attention than ever in my life,” Jim scoffed, nearly silent with how quiet his voice was.  Leonard still caught it in his earpiece and huffed a halfway amused chuckle.  "Don’t laugh at me, Bones, come save me.“

"I’m watching from here, thanks,” came the reply.  

Jim didn’t look over to the bar where his partner had taken up position.  He’d agreed that Jim would circulate in this crowd better, especially in his leather pants and sleeveless shirt, with his blonde hair perfectly tousled– Sometimes he hated being so pretty, but he filled a lot of fantasies apparently.  He kept to the edges of the dance floor but still seemed to attract more attention than he wanted.

“Hey,” another eager guy greeted him over the music.  "You wanna dance a while?  Looks like you’re looking for someone to go home with too, if I’m not mistaken.“

"Not so much,” Jim replied with a wince.  

“I think I’ve got him,” Bones’ voice came quietly over the comm.  "Ten o'clock.“

"Sorry, you’re not really my type,” Jim said quickly to his potential dance partner.  Or rather, as the guy imagined himself.

“That’s too bad,” the guy said, but didn’t budge.  

“Yeah, isn’t it?” Bones interrupted and Jim had never been more relieved to feel an arm snake around his waist.  "C'mon, darlin’, I wanna get goin’, alright?“

"Course, babe,” Jim shot back.  In revenge for leaving him alone for so long before he showed up and turned on the southern charm, he slid his hand into Bones’ back pocket and pinched.  It earned him a sour look from his partner.

“Knock it off,” Bones grumbled as he steered them toward the door.

“Asshole,” Jim retorted.  "Leaving me to be the piece of bait.“

"You do it so well, darlin’,” Bones said and kissed his cheek jokingly before he released him.  If Jim faltered for a moment before turning it into a glare, he would never admit to it.  

i have my realistic aesthetic that I try to build my real every day life around which is basically “chic city librarian who goes to rock clubs on the weekends” like everything is black or grey, dark nail polish, black eyeliner, bleached hair, chic ankle trousers with a loose blouse or sweater tucked in, loafers or  skinny jeans and crop tops and leather boots, chokers etc. 

but then there is my vague dream aesthetic thats always in the back of my head which at this point is just a vision of me standing on a high balcony in some (european?) city in the morning with perfectly tousled hair, wearing a big grey fluffy fur coat with some sort of negligee underneath and nothing else, with smudged eyeliner from last night that somehow still looks good, drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette even though I dont smoke and have no interest in smoking