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Imagine Bangtan: Mafia! Min Yoongi

Imagine Bangtan (Different Profession AU!): Jeon Jungkook | Kim Taehyung | Park Jimin | Jung Hoseok | Kim Seokjin | Kim Namjoon

NoteBased on the roleplay series that me and Midnight have been working on~ 

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  • So let’s talk about Mafia Yoongs
  • I don’t really think he’d be the time to be directly involved in the assignments tho
  • No, no, no
  • He’d be the consigliere, giving advice to the boss, which would probably be Joonie and resolve any and all disputes that happen between the hitmen, mostly Jungkook and Tae because they literally fight over everything 
  • And you, you’re just a plain ol’ run of the mill, normal college student trying not to procrastinate your life and your grades away
  • He first saw you when you were running from one class to another because obviously, even after months of attending classes, you’ve lost track of what day it is and are rushing to get to the right class 
  • He finds it irrationally, insanely adorable and he’s slowly smiling to himself and then Jungkook gets back just in time to catch that and he’s like 
  • “Hyung, are you okay? You’re… smiling.” Jungkook speaks with a genuinely concerned expression on his face, “I didn’t think you had feelings, wow…” 
  • Which leads to a subsequent loss of dessert, extra snacks and even wifi privileges for the rest of the week

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Problem Solved

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Jeremy has a problem. A huge one. One that consists of a red hoodie and dark perfectly tousled hair and pretty eyes and -

And he’s getting off topic now. He needs to… chill. Okay, no, he just needs to stay calm and think it all thoroughly. He’s probably just been watching too many romance-based porn videos lately or something. Yeah, that’s it. Totally.

Jeremy grips the strap of his backpack tighter as he gets closer to the cafeteria. He needs to push these thoughts to the back of his mind before he sees him. Him who has been practically the only thing on his mind lately. Him with his stupid perfect grin and stupid nice long fingers that would look perfect with his intertwined in them and -

Jesus Christ, this really is becoming a huge problem. He’s got to stop thinking about this before he meets up with him because then his face will automatically go completely red and he’ll ask, “Jeremy, buddy, what’s got you all red?” and how exactly would he respond to that? Spill everything? Lie to him? He couldn’t do that, either of them.

Okay, he’s here, the cafeteria. No more thinking, just…

“Jeremy, buddy! What’s up?” Michael says as he throws an arm around Jeremy’s shoulders. He gestures wildly with a cup of slushie and Jeremy is seriously worried there’s going to be red slush everywhere soon. “You totally missed it, man, all last night I was working on that level I’ve been stuck on for forever — you know what I’m talking about? (Jeremy nods because of course he does) — and then just when I was gonna give up, I tried one last time and I did it! Beat it without breaking a sweat, sorta anyway…”

Michael continues on about the details of how he finally accomplished success and Jeremy just watches him. He notices the way Michael is still enthusiastically moving the hand holding his slushie while his arm is still slung across his shoulders, other hand gripping lightly at Jeremy’s sweater. He can feel a blush coming from that. They continue walking to their usual table and sit down, Michael’s arm going to rest on the table instead of Jeremy’s shoulders. He frowns slightly at that.

That’s also when he remembers that he was supposed to be listening to Michael talking the entire time. Damn him and his runaway thoughts, but can you blame him? He could watch Michael talk for forever and only be focused on the way his eyes sparkle or the way he can notice a few faint freckles here and there.

“Earth to Jeremy! Hello!”

Jeremy is brought back from his thoughts as Michael waves a hand in front of his face.

“You spacing out on me? Rude. Am I really that boring?” Michael jokes.

Jeremy blushes and says quickly, “Dude, no! I was just thinking…”

“What about?”

Jeremy blushes again and looks away as he starts fiddling with his hands. “Uh…nothing interesting. Don’t worry about it.” Why can’t he be calm and cool about it all? Better yet, why can’t he just stop thinking all these things about Michael?

Maybe he doesn’t want to stop, though.

“Whatever, dude. Hey, you want anything from the line? I think they got fries today. The good kind.” Michael says as he starts standing up.

Jeremy nods and goes to follow him. He stops, though, when Michael puts out a hand and starts backing away towards the food line with an “Allow me, Jer-bear.”

Michael shoots him a wide grin when he sees Jeremy blushing lightly at the nickname before he turns around and walks off. Jeremy blushes harder at the grin aimed at him and finds himself frustrated at himself. Michael has smiled and grinned at him a million times, so why is he getting all worked up over them now? Why do feelings about people have to change so much? He groans and lays his head on the lunch table.

He has got to stop thinking about Michael like this.


They’re hanging out at Michael’s now, school having ended about an hour ago. Michael is currently intensely focused on Donkey Kong 64, the vintage clear controller clasped tightly in his hands. They had been playing Mario Kart 64 together earlier before Jeremy had said that he wanted to take a break. Now he’s just leaning back on his bean bag as he watches the TV screen. Well, he at least looks like he’s watching when in truth he’s not paying attention at all. He’s thinking. Again.

He’s thinking about the way the light from the screen causes shadows to play across Michael’s face. He’s thinking about Michael’s focused stare and the fact that his tongue is peeking out from his lips and oh, man, he shouldn’t be thinking about that. Then he’ll start thinking about kissing and making out and… more. Would…

Would Michael ever want to kiss him?

Maybe he’ll only ever feel platonic things towards him. Or maybe Jeremy just isn’t attractive enough? Or confident or cool or…

Jeremy sighs and slips further down on his bean bag. This causes Michael to pause the game and turn towards him.

“Seriously, buddy, what’s up? Something’s been bugging you lately and I’m starting to get a little worried. So, what’s wrong?”

Dammit, he never meant to worry him. He didn’t know he had been so obvious about the fact that something has been bothering him. He runs a hand through his hair and starts, “Well, it’s just…”


“Okay, like… there’s this, uh, person? That I like and…”

“Dude, chill, is this about Christine? I know you have a crush on her.”

Jeremy sputters, “No, no, I don’t, uh, have a crush on her! It’s… someone else.”

“You don’t? Okay, then who is she? Come on, you gotta tell me.”

“Well… it’s not exactly a… you shouldn’t use…” Jeremy tries until he finally just practically shouts, “They’re not a girl!” He blushes deeply and covers his face with his hands. “That’s all I’m gonna say.”

He doesn’t hear anything for a minute or two until there’s quiet shuffling of Michael moving on his bean bag. He didn’t realize that he was moving in front of him until he felt hands on his wrists, tugging gently. Jeremy moves his hands away but refuses to look Michael in the eye.

“Jeremy, is that what’s been bothering you so much? Did you think I wouldn’t, like, approve or something? Jeremy, buddy, nothing could stop us from being friends! I’ll support whoever you wanna date, girl or boy.”

Jeremy looks at him at the last bit and swears he can see something there. Something like… hope?

He must be imagining things.

Michael smiles softly at him when they make eye contact. Even though the room is lit up only by the TV, Jeremy could still point out every feature of his face, from the edges of his soft lips to his few freckles. He also realizes that Michael is still holding onto his thin wrists and that at this point they’re just staring at each other and smiling gently. They’re so close now that he can feel Michael’s warm breath and see that his lips are parted just slightly…

His breath hitches as he leans closer, closer, and then…

He’s kissing him.

Jeremy Heere is kissing his best friend of 12 years, Michael Mell.

Holy. Shit.

His lips are soft and everything he imagined they’d be and more. His thoughts have finally stopped and stay that way even when he’s pulling back. He’s blushing so hard as he looks at Michael who’s grinning widely, a blush dusting his cheeks as well.

He figures that it’s safe to say Michael won’t ever only feel platonic things towards him.

Girls, Good Grades, and Other Things Annabeth Finds Unattainable

Hi @sayhellotothepoodlepercy! I was your feast of fortuna gifter this year, and I’m incredibly sorry for the delay. I think I made the deadline, but I’ve been having internet issues :( . Anyway, I hope it was worth the wait! I was super happy to get a blog that I knew and admired - I hope I did your Pipabeth college AU justice! Thank you for giving me the chance to write this, Ash. Stay amazing!

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Pairing: Piper/Annabeth

Word Count: 6.5k

Summary: Annabeth’s in love with Percy. That’s the way it always was, always has been, always will be …. right? Then Annabeth gets assigned Piper as her college roommate her freshman year, and suddenly Annabeth has to deal with harder schoolwork, messy desks and messy relationships, and, most importantly, that fact that she’s head over heels in love with Piper. 

Too bad Piper’s straight. 

Annabeth knows Piper’s ID number before she actually meets her. It’s 10 digits long, but Annabeth has it memorized, front to back and back to front, just like she has her own. After all, she’s written it on more forms then she can count. Housing applications, liability forms, privacy sheets … at this rate, just hearing Piper’s name is enough to make her tired.

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Kasperi Kapanen imagine

I feel so so dirty after writing this, this might be he worst thing i’ve ever written. For the sake of this imagine we’re going to imagine Kappy, Willy, and the reader (Willy’s sister) are sharing an apartment.

Warning: lot’s of making out

900 words

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You shut the door behind you and pressed Kasperi against it. Your lips attached themselves to his neck and you sucked hart.

“You got your first NHL goal baby. Fuck, I’m so proud of you.”

His hand found the back of your head and pulled you up to meet his lips again. He slowly walked you backwards, his lips never leaving yours. You could feel him opening a door and walk you into another room but you didn’t look which one too lost in his lips and your thoughts. His hands disappeared under your dress and you were just about to pull away to tell him to hurry up and just take it off when the back of your legs hit the edge of a bed and you fell backwards. Kasperi leaned over you, his lips swollen red and you wanted nothing more than just pull him back down when you heard the front door to your apartment slam shut.

“Kappy, you here?”

Your brother was the biggest cockblock you’ve ever met. To give him credit he didn’t know his precious baby sister was dating his teammate, but come on!

Kasperi told you that he told your brother that he would be bringing a girl back to the apartment nearly half an hour after you excused yourself to “help a friend with boy trouble”. Tonight you wanted to celebrate with your boyfriend and not worry about your brother finding out about your secret relationship. The two of you always had a flirty relationship but after you decided to move in with Willy and therefore also Kappy it had evolved into something so much better.

“Didn’t you tell him you had a girl in here?”

You whisper yelled at him.

“I did. He must have forgotten.”

He whispered back. He looked at you for a moment, unsure how to continue.

“A little busy right now Willy!”

He yelled towards the door. When he looked back at you, you signaled for him to be quiet before flipping the two of you, leaving you sitting on top of him. You began kissing down his neck, unbuttoning his dress shirt slowly and peppering the exposed skin with featherlight little pecks.

“Kappy I love you.”

You had to press your face into his stomach to keep yourself from giggling, Kasperi on the other hand groaned.

“You’re drunk Willy. Go to your room or leave but I can’t come cuddle you now.”

You slowly opened the button of his jeans. He reached up to touch you but you wouldn’t have it. You pinned his hands to the bed and tighten your grip a bit, signaling that he should keep them there. You opted for a loose dress tonight simply because you knew you could take it off quickly. His eyes wandered over your body before he quickly sat up with you on his lap and kissed you hard. His hands wandered up your back and fumbled with your bra for a bit. You laughed into the kiss but just as you were about to tell him that it opened in the front your phone rang loudly. You looked up surprised only to scramble to hide under a blanket moments later when William stumbled in. He looked at you for a moment before turning bright red and turning around.

“What the fuck?!”

You quickly grabbed Kasperi’s sleep shirt and put it on. William still had his back turned to you, his hands balled into fists at his sides. Kaspi tried to talk to him but you knew this wouldn’t end well.

“Willy man I swear it isn't…”

Your brother turned around and you could see the anger in his eyes. He was rarely like that, not on the ice and not off it either, but when he got angry oh boy did he get angry.

“It isn’t like what Kappy, huh? It isn’t like it looks like? So you weren’t just about to fuck my baby sister? She’s my sister Kappy. My sister! Why did you think that this would be okay?”

Kasperi put his arm around you and pulled you closer until you were completely in his embrace.

“I love her, William. I love your sister. This isn’t just some one time thing and I’m not using her, okay? I love her. I think she’s IT for me.”

You and Kasperi had only been dating for a few months and you’ve never discussed a future or even said the L word. You looked up at your boyfriend with his perfectly tousled hair.

“You love me?”

“Yeah. Of course I do.”

You leaned up to kiss him when William protested loudly.

“I really don’t care about that right now. I want you fully dressed and in your SEPARATE rooms in five minutes. We’ll talk about this in the morning when I’m less drunk and less likely to castrate you. And I’m calling dad first thing in the morning.”

He turned around and hurried out of the room. Kasperi turned to look at you again and you kissed him, swinging a leg over his hip to straddle him again.

“Say it again.”

“I love you.”


“I love you.”

You kissed him again, running your hands up his torso. You were getting carried away again but you didn’t care.

“I said separate rooms!”

Ephemeral || Prologue

(adj) lasting for a very short time

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pairing: jimin | reader

genre: angst (I guess)

word count: 1.4k (I tried)

summary: and six months later his name lights up the screen of your phone at 4am, and you still pick up

warnings: none

a/n: this is more like a long drabble, honestly, and I apologize for my bad writing in advance, if you want to read good fanfiction, I recommend @inktae (that’s in case you want to cry) or @jungblue

The way you met Park Jimin wasn’t unusual. Being in college brought a lot of new things into your life, none of them surprising, most of them were things you weren’t used to though. Like going to stupid frat parties. Considering your two close friends from high school didn’t go to the same college as you, you tried your best to stick to your roommates, two girls who were really nice, that’s for sure. But unfortunately they were more social than you and ended up dragging you to a huge frat house and running off without you.

Mentally cursing them in your head, you stood in the middle of a crowded and stinky living room, in between couples either making out or grinding on eachother, the shitty music blaring in your ears. Slowly pushing your way through the crowd, trying to get off of the ‘dance floor’ as quickly as possible, you ended up getting shoved from every side, earning dirty looks from couples, you interrupted swallowing eachother’s tongues.

As you finally made it to the kitchen, you were relieved to see one of the girls you came with, Mina, standing next to a rather tall boy with a bandana tied around his head. Eventhough you didn’t want to interrupt their conversation, you also absolutely didn’t want to keep standing alone like a complete outcast, so you grabbed a beer from the table and started making you way towards them. Luckily Mina saw you walking in their direction and sent you an enthusiastic wave.

“Y/N! There you are! I haven’t seen you since we came here”, she laughed and you held back a snarky reply on how they basically abandoned you. Instead you smiled and nodded. “Y/N, meet Taehyung. Tae, that’s Y/N my roommate!”, she gestured in between you two. A wide rectangular smile spread across his face and he gave you a happy “Hi, nice to meet you!”. Surprisingly his voice was deep and soft, much deeper than you’d expected. You greeted him back and took a swig of your beer, but wrinkled your face at the disgusting taste. “Cheap quality huh.”, Taehyung said and chuckled. “Honestly, you better get used to it, at parties like these, you can’t have high standards”. Mina nodded in agreement, “Beer is a no go, I honestly just drink rum and coke, it’s a safe shot if you ask me. Anyway, do you think Sana’s with the others already?”, she asked and looked over to Taehyung, who just kindly handed you another drink. He nodded and Mina gestured you to follow them.

Once again, you pushed through sweaty bodies and finally went up the stairs until Taehyung opened the door to a random room. As you walked in, you were relieved to see that no couples were making out in the bed or worse, but felt slightly pressured to see 7 pairs of eyes, including the ones of your other roommate Sana, landing on you. 6 boys and Sana were sitting scattered around the room, engulfed in some chatter, some scrolling through their phones, but their eyes shot up when you three entered. “Guys, that’s Y/N, she’s our roommate so be nice!”, Mina said jokingly and sat on the floor along with Taehyung. You stood awkwardly for a second until you ended up sitting down next to a boy with soft looking black hair, plump pink lips and the sharpest jawline you’ve probably ever seen. “Nice to meet you Y/N, I’m Jimin.”

After that night, hanging out with the guys became a daily thing, as Mina and Sana already were good friends with them, and you just tagged along, your friendship growing closer. Jimin was really nice. That night, you ended up talking to him a lot more than you’d thought considering he looked like a straight up prince. But someone with such good looks couldn’t be just perfect. Park Jimin was a flirt. Every day, when you all would walk around campus, sipping coffee and chatting, Jimin would end up talking to a random pretty girl, who’d give him her number and tell him to ‘text her some time’. And Jimin you ask? He would agree every time, would give her a charming smile and save her number in his phone. Did he ever text them? Unlikely.

At first your relationship with Jimin was platonic, you were sure to not fall for any of his charms, him literally demonstrating what not to do, day to day. But could you help that little crush, that slight infatuation with him forming in the pit of your stomach? Absolutely not. The way he ran a hand through his perfectly tousled hair one too many times, or the way his eyes disappeared while laughing at one of Hobi’s jokes, or the way he seemed so caring towards the people close to him just sent a warm feeling through your body and you couldn’t help your cheeks to heat up whenever he whispered something to you.

Maybe, most definitely even, that was the first mistake you made, letting yourself fall for him.

The second mistake you made was sleeping with him. You were drunk just like him, and you could say, it just ended up happening, but that would be a lie. That night you confessed to him, after months of staying quiet about your feelings, too scared of what would happen if you’d confess to Park Jimin, not only your close friend, but also the school’s most charming fuckboy. But surprisingly, almost unbelievably, he told you he felt the same way about you.

The third mistake you made was believing his words. Eventhough you knew just how good he was with lulling girls in with what he said, your heart started to flutter as he told you he liked you too, more than a friend. That he wasn’t there with you the next morning, after you confessed to eachother and slept together should’ve been a huge red flag. But as soon as he apologized and told you he’d take you out on a date, you threw away your worries and gave yourself to him.

Mina and Sana always looked critically upon your relationship with Jimin, but you proceeded not to listen to their concerns. You ignored them as they told you, it isn’t right of Jimin to keep flirting with random girls, and rather listened to him telling you that it’s meaningless. You ignored them as they told you, Jimin shouldn’t only take you out on dates when he fucked up but you lied to them and said that you went on a lot of dates, when in reality, you didn’t.

Eventually and expectedly things ended between you and Jimin. 4 months into keeping up with all the shit he gave you, you found him cheating on you with Irene, a girl from your literature class. It was a hit to the face, and you cried for about a week straight, about your blindness, your stupidity and all the signals you had ignored, completely lost and in love with a boy who didn’t give two shits about your feelings. What hurt most was, that he didn’t try to chase after you, to apologize to you or comfort you. You only hung out with the others when Jimin wasn’t around, and avoided him on campus.

The fourth mistake you made was never fully letting go of him. He still held you in his hand like a toy, and he knew it. Eventually he started to call you again, to ‘hang out’. You again, ignored Mina and Sana, thinking that this time, things could work between you two, and the next time and the next.

And six months later, it’s 4am on a Thursday, his name lights up the screen of your phone, and you answer it, like the fool you are, for the softest boy you’ve ever met in your life, for the boy who holds the pieces of your broken heart, the boy who you can’t let go.


I’m re-reading Scarlet and kaiswell is SO REAL

  • “…young and inarguably good-looking. His prison photo showed him flippantly winking at the camera. Kai hated him immediately.” literally Kai’s first reaction to seeing Thorne’s prison photo is “wow he’s so attractive. my not-girlfriend is travelling with an amazingly attractive guy, what if she also thinks he’s attractive, oh no”
  • Thorne making fun of Kai’s admirers and then getting all starstruck two seconds later when Kai mentions his ship on live tv what a loser
  • Thorne HONEST TO GOD pouts when Kai doesn’t mention him by name in his press conference
  • “At least dreamy Prince Kai knows your name”
  • “Thought you wouldn’t want to miss” - Thorne fanned himself, swooning - “his heavenly, chocolate-brown eyes and perfectly tousled hair, and-”
  • there’s so many more quotes like this, give it a rest Thorne you’re not fooling anyone
  • “Cinder has a bit of a crush on him,” Thorne stage-whispered. / “Don’t we all?” said Iko. NO ONE DISAGREES. every single person aboard the Rampion has an embarrassingly large crush on Emperor Kai and Thorne is embarrassingly obvious about his
  • “Kai hated him immediately” / “I generally dislike royalty and government officials on principle” HONESTLY MEYER WANTS US ALL TO WRITE ENEMIES-TO-LOVERS KAISWELL FIC I DON’T KNOW IF THERE’S ANY OTHER WAY TO READ THIS
The House of Beasts, Part 3

Another update. I felt inspired today, and it actually came out really well! Here’s part 3. Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it, and happy sunday to those who don’t! Have a lovely day, nonetheless ;-)

Summary: Prythian University, the grounds where frat houses wage wars and throw the best parties yet. Feyre, an art student and girlfriend to the Head of House of the Spring House, discovers secrets everyone’s been keeping from her for the last year and a half. An ACOTAR/ACOMAF AU, which begins as Feylin then evolves into Feysand. Begins as ACOTAR, includes AU of Under the Mountain, but will focus more on Acomaf.

Word Count: 2555 words

Once again, thank you all for withholding any hate and supplying only constructive criticism (I really need it!) and sending any requests, suggestions, etc.  Disclaimer: All characters and some direct and or modified quotes belong to Sarah J Maas, as well as some of the plot points. I take no credit for them whatsoever

Part 3: Secrets

Once the weekend had blown over, a quiet Sunday spent with my music and my paints in the study room, school came back full swing on Monday. I’d planned my schedule so I had all my harder courses packed early in the week, so Thursday and Friday were much more relaxed and spaced out. Sometimes it was a blessing, lazy Friday mornings when all I wanted to do was get out of school and spend the night with Tamlin, and some days, like today, it was hell, and I had no motivation whatsoever to step foot into a single classroom. I stopped by the Good Bean, ordered a double shot of espresso, and hurried my way over to psych, planting myself in the back of the room with my laptop and my coffee, my fingers hovering over the overpriced keyboard of my Mac Book that Tamlin had bought me at the beginning of the year. A good start to the year, he’d called it.

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Someone had a list of AUs and included "I just got in the wrong car" and I thought of Clint and Phil

“Wait. What are you doing?” Phil asked as a strange guy stumbled into the front seat of his twenty year-old Volvo and shut the door with a loud “Oh, fuck, what a night.”

Phil didn’t know this guy, it was one in the morning and he was waiting for Jasper. This guy didn’t look like he even knew Jasper. This guy had perfectly tousled, short blond hair and was wearing an old black leather jacket over a tight-fitting black t-shirt, along with well-worn jeans and tan construction boots. He did not look like a member of the College Democrats who had to work late at the library.

“Um,” Phil added, really unsure of this situation.

The guy had leaned back and closed his eyes, but now he opened one, ran it all the way down Phil’s frame, and then opened both eyes with a shake of his head, like he was clearing cobwebs out. “You’re not Natasha,” he stated, as if Phil was wrong for being in his own car at one in the morning outside the library.

“No, and you’re not Jasper,” he replied. He crossed his arms and leaned back against his own door to get a better look. It was dark, but Phil could see a strong jaw, late-night stubble, and a gorgeous mouth. He cleared his throat and tried not to stare at the guy’s clearly defined abs in that tight t-shirt.

He got a glare in return. “This is where she said to meet her. Even gave me this car description. What the hell?”

“What’s your name?” Phil decided to ask. Continuing to think of him as ‘hot guy who was manna from the heavens’ was probably not a good idea for either of them.

After a beat of silence, the guy huffed and said, “Clint Barton.”

“I’m Phil Coulson. Wait. Did you say Natasha?” Phil said. Something clicked into place in his head and he had a sinking feeling. “Do you mean Natasha Romanov?”

Clint nodded and rubbed his hands on his jeans and Phil absolutely didn’t picture his rings rubbing over Phil’s own legs later. Okay, this was definitely a set-up.

Clint said, “She said she’d give me a ride when I was finished working. I work a block over at The Shield, and she said she had to meet me here because she was doing some work on a project with some dude from her history class.”

“At one in the morning?” Phil asked pointedly.

Clint sighed. “So it doesn’t make sense at the moment.”

“I’m in her history class, but we’re not working on anything. My buddy Jasper told me he had to close the library tonight and that he’d need a ride.”

Clint looked at Phil as though he were seeing him for the first time. Then he leaned back in the seat and grinned. Phil thought maybe he swallowed some sandpaper when Clint’s face lit like a lantern with his smile.

“It’s a setup.”

“Yeah,” Phil sighed. He reached down and turned the car on. “Natasha and Jasper have been needling me about going out, but I don’t really have much time, and I just can’t find anyone I click with.”

“Sounds like Nat. She thinks she can set anyone up.”

“Why’d she set you up?” Phil asked. He couldn’t imagine a guy who looked like Clint and who was obviously a kind person (he hadn’t shoved his way out of Phil’s car yet) having any trouble getting dates.

“Ah. Well,” Clint said, and he rubbed his neck like he was embarrassed or something. “I kinda have to work a hell of a lot to make tuition, so I don’t have a lot of time, and besides, I only ever fall for guys way too smart to be interested in me, and the only guy I’ve seen lately to make me turn my head is the president of the College Democrats, some political science gen—oh,” he sighed, this time rubbing his hand over his face. “You’re the president of the College Democrats, aren’t you?”

Phil laughed. “Yeah,” he paused as his brain caught up with what Clint said. “I made you turn your head? When?”

Clint crossed his arms over his chest and gave a petulant pout. “You and Nat did a debate together about a month ago. You wore this suit that looked sharp enough to cut diamonds, and you nailed the debate like you could’ve done it in your sleep.” He shrugged and added, “You were hot.”

Phil took a deep breath and smiled. “You wanna go get something to eat? I know a diner on sixth.”

“The one with the cherry pie a man would kill for?”

“Yeah, that’s the one.”

An hour later, as Phil watched Clint gesture madly about a guy he’d had to throw out of the bar he worked at, he sent a text to Natasha.

It just said, “Thanks. He’s awesome.”


You stand still, catching your breath as you consider the dummy in front of you. It already has multiple slashes in its head and torso, each one leaking sand. Replacing it would probably be a good idea.

Reaching forward to take it down, you see Percy standing behind it, smirking. He leans comfortably on Riptide, with his black hair perfectly tousled as usual. And, gods, that smirk will be the death of you. But you manage to keep a straight face.

“What?” You ask as you lift the dummy off of the stake.

“Nothing,” he says, still smiling as he walks toward you. “I’m just glad it’s the dummy and not me.”

New Anniversaries

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Originally posted by pe88ysous

 Daniel Francisco Sousa II (OC) x Reader, former Steve Rogers x Reader, mentions of Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes 

Length: 3483 words (yeah, I got carried away)

Warnings: none really, allusions to previous part, and some swears, reader moving on, pretty much made up Peggy Carters family - quick rundown. Peggy married Daniel Sousa, they then had a son, who had a son himself

Requested by @iamwarrenspeace

Part 2 to Missed Anniversary

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Wait For It (M)

The last part of the series collaboration with @taesthetes and @optosomnio

Catalyst series: Seokjin / Yoongi / Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook 

Kim Namjoon. 3 880-ish words. Mildly graphic smut. Demon AU.

At first sight, Kim Namjoon is a man you know not to fuck with. It’s not because of the perfectly tousled hair, the reflection dawned shoes, precisely tailored suit, and reeking professionalism that borderlines vanity. But then again, who wouldn’t have an ego the size of a sun when they’ve built an entire empire under the name of Kim Corps that made billions and known worldwide?

Filtered city lights splay over tangled sheets and stark limbs. Feather-like kisses upon shoulders, neck and that spot just under his ear that makes him go crazy. Bare chest pressed flush into his back, knowing what it does to him, knowing he can’t resist. Mellow lips draining away the last of his rationale and he almost, almost tells himself to fuck it, it’s just a company he built from scratch (plus with a bit of help from his fellow friends –tycoons actually– that aided him in giving him a jump start to his career –but yes, scratch).

Namjoon sighs, delighted or conflicted, he’s not so sure.

“Come back to bed, Joon.”

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That nylon article about the show was amazing lolol...."He’s really quite good at stage banter. (There is possibly nothing he’s not, at least, quite good at.)" That's my favorite bit, like has there ever been a more accurate statement?

“Styles, who, I’ve determined since seeing him up close and personal, might be the most perfect iteration of a male pop star ever, flawless from the tips of his perfectly tousled hair down to the toes of his rainbow Gucci loafers.”

i love when people instantly fall in love w harry like bitch me too the fuck



are you free on monday night?

yeah, i think so. why?

well i was thinking since i met your best friend it’s time that you meet mine. he has a gig in this club. it’s a halloween party and i don’t know if you’re up for it but it’s probably gonna be really good so i was wondering if you’d like to come? you can bring niall, too.

yeah sounds fun! is it a fancy dress party?

yes. is that okay?

oh it is. it is fantastic. i already know what i’m gonna wear ;)

will you tell me what?

absolutely not.

thought so. well, then i won’t tell you about my costume either.

fair enough. let me know where and when! xx

i will! xxx ;)

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concept: mornings where you’d wake up in a warm bed with the sun beaming through the bedroom windows and calum would come walking through the door with his curly hair perfectly tousled and a large mug of coffee clutched in his hands, and a smile would adorn his sleepy face as he noticed you were awake, muttering “morning sleepyhead” before sipping his coffee and walking over to sit down on the bed next to you, and you’d grin sleepily before murmuring “hey babe, is that coffee for me?” making calum chuckle before putting his mug down on the bed-side table and turning to wrap himself around you. “maybe we can share it” he’d say softly before planting a sweet, gentle kiss on your shoulder and burying his face in the crook of your neck, quietly whispering “but first - cuddles!”


You knew her son was visiting today, which is why this is the worst time for something like this to happen. Mrs. Reid had had a panic attack earlier in the day, which is why you, being her personal caretaker, had to give her a sedative.

The blonde woman lays on the bed, smiling as you move around her. Then you hear her mumble, “(y/n).”

Turning around, you smile at her softly. “Yes, Mrs. Reid?”

She’s staring at the ceiling, smiling deliriously before she pats the bed. “Come sit with me.”

Confused for a moment, you perch on the edge of the bed carefully. She turns to look at you and takes your hand in hers.

“Will you sing?”

Shocked, you take your time to answer. “Um, sure.”

Taking a deep breath, you begin to sing a soft lullaby your mother had taught u when you were a child. Mrs. Reid smiles and leans back, closing her eyes. Soon after, you know she’s sleeping, but you continue to sing anyway until you hear the door open.

You immediately stop and look over your shoulder to the door. Your jaw almost drops. A handsome man with perfectly tousled hair stands in the doorway.

He smiles nervously. “Hi, I’m Spencer. I’m here to see my mom.”

Getting over your shyness, you smile also. “Hi! It’s very nice to meet you, Mrs. Reid talks about you a lot.” You look at your sleeping patient. “I’m sorry, this has been a bad day for her.”

“It’s alright, I’ll just wait for her to wake up.” He says, walking in and sitting down in the armchair by the window.

You smile. “Alright! Well, if you need anything, just let me know. I’m (y/n), by the way.”

“It’s very nice to meet you, (y/n).”

“You as well.” You reply before walking out the door, blushing madly. Reid watches you leave, smiling softly.

25 metres

title: 25 metres

word count: 4k

pairings/other notes: jikook, yoonseok, santa!jimin, elf!hoseok, elf!taehyung, manager!yoongi, sadcashier!jungkook, mall!bangtan. jungkook is a shy cashier and loves how the Christmas exhibition is only 25 metres away from the 7/11, especially when he can get the best view of the new santa with chiselled thighs.

a/n: hello! I promised 9th december but it’s 2 days later. haha. I’m not sorry. I stayed up again to write this, I’m super tired but I hope you enjoy it! should I make a second part? I got asked on ao3 to write a sequel but I think it fits better as a oneshot, maybe I’ll write a spinoff. anyway, thanks to all of you for being so kind! my first fic did p well, I was legit expecting only 10 notes but it got a lot more than that and it’s encouraging me to put myself out there. anyway, enjoy!

With you, shawty with you

With you, shawty with you

With you, under the mistletoe…

           the song has been on repeat for the past hour, and jungkook thinks he might physically tear out his ears if it means he doesn’t have to hear justin bieber wail anymore. he slumps against the counter, cheek brushing the cool plastic.

           just five more hours, jeon jungkook. five more.

           the bell at the door jingles, signifying the entrance of a new patron. jungkook hastily straightens the red hat on his head, sits up, and smiles as warmly as he can.

           “Welcome to 7/11!”

           A young mother pushes past the glass door, five-year-old in tow. the small boy is chortling as he fiddles with the reindeer antlers on his head, his mother smiling down on him with such love that jungkook feels himself melting a little. the brunnette places a coke down on the counter, fishing for her wallet. jungkook is eye-level with what seems to be a squirming lump, and he paints on the biggest grin he can muster.

           “hey there little guy! came from the christmas exhibition?”

           the five-year-old takes one look at the handsome jungkook, who is all angular features, with a smile so wide it radiates sunbeams. jungkook stares back at the curious toddler, pulling a funny face in an attempt to make him laugh. the child cocks his head, and opens his mouth. tears start to pool at the base of his eyes, and jungkook silently curses.

           “Mom!! stalker!

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Siren!Seungkwan | 13 Days of Sevenween

Word Count: 1,569

Genre: Fluff

You really did not want to be here. Stuck in a boat, with your family, in the middle of the ocean. Okay, right in the middle may be an exaggeration, but it might as well have been the truth. Nothing was seen except deep, dark blue waves spreading to the horizon; like a blanket of navy dotted with the occasional jagged, grey rock.

 You tried to just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, but the constant bickering of your younger siblings was driving you insane and pulling you out of your reverie every few seconds. Preparing to lash out at them and give them the lecture of the century, you stopped as soon as your mouth opened. 

You heard a gorgeous, near entrancing sound in the distance. It was slightly muffled, which was an utter shame. You looked around, hoping to find the source of the wondrous sound. Nothing. You shrugged, it must have been your imagination. But no more than a minute later, it was back! It sounded like someone was singing, quite well for that matter.

You quickly glanced to your mother, to whom you asked “Did you just hear that?”

She stared at you blankly, as if you were crazy.

“Hear what? There’s no noise except your brothers over there and the waves, darling.”

You shook your head, “I can’t be the only one who heard that. I hear a voice! Like someone is singing, or calling out to us! Someone could be asking for help!”

“Y/N is going senile, she’s hearing things! There’s nothing out here except thousands of fish and rocks, smart one." One of your brothers rolled his eyes. 

You grunted in defeat, and slumped back into your seat on the boat. Just as you closed your eyes in hopes of perhaps napping off your delusion, the voice hit you again, but it sounded closer. Slowly, you sat up and looked to the direction from which the enchanting noise was coming from. There, perched on a rock hundreds of yards away, was the barely visible silhouette of what looked like a young man. With a tail. Gaping, you blinked multiple times, at this point wishing you were just seeing things. He wouldn’t disappear. Were your ears playing tricks on you? Did your eyes decide to join in on the torment? No, this was all too real. You unconsciously reached out to the faint shadow, who mirrored your movement. Amazing!

Slowly, though, the shadow disappeared into the fog rising off the ocean. You quickly turned back to your family, who were all looking at you in slight surprise.  

"What the heck were you trying to touch Y/N?” Your brother asked.

You felt your cheeks become hot as you hastily answered, “O-oh! I just… saw a cool fish!”

Your brothers burst out in a fit of cackling, and your mother shook her head, smiling. You were going to find that man on the rock again if it was he last thing you were to do. You had to know who he was, and more importantly, prove to yourself you weren’t crazy.

As you caught a glimpse of land, you could’ve sworn you heard a faint, melodic voice calling “Goodbye~” in the distance.

The next morning, you were the first person up. You jumped out of bed, pulled on clothes appropriate for the chilly sea air, grabbed an apple for a quick breakfast, wrote a note to your parents explaining that you were “going out to sea to try and find that cool fish you saw the other day”, and bounded out the front door.

You half-walked-half-ran to the dock where your family’s boat was, and jumped in. You took the spare boat key from your jacket pocket and jammed it into the ignition, which started the somewhat loud, more like wake-up-the-whole-town loud in your opinion, motor. Within seconds, you were speeding away from the dock and the mainland of your home.

Once you were at a steady speed and no longer needed steering, you pulled out a map and looked for where you marked on it the day before.

“There. He was there.” You muttered to yourself, pointing to the dot you hastily drew.

You set the gps on the surprisingly advanced, for a family boat, boat and set off to find the mystery mer-man. About a half hour later, the gps beeped, alerting you that you had reached your destination. You stopped the boat, and waited. And waited, and waited, and waited some more. You must have fallen asleep, well, it was early, because you were awakened by a splashing sound and some freezing, salty water hitting your face.

You groggily blinked your eyes open, and couldn’t believe your eyes. There he was, yet again. Sitting leisurely on the same rock as yesterday, only much closer. At the very most, two yards away. Smiling, he rested his chin in his hands,

“Have you been waiting long?”

You stared in awe for a moment, taking in his ethereal beauty. It was no wonder they called mermaids and mer-men myths, no one could possibly be this stunning. He had perfectly tousled mahogany hair, and a complimentary pair of striking amber eyes. His features were soft, not too defined, but still appearing to have been sculpted by the gods themselves. And last, but definitely not last, he had a tail covered in shimmering pale blue scales. This couldn’t possibly be real! But, alas, it was. 

He snapped you out of your daze by flicking more sea water in your face with his tail, “Hello! Earth to human!”

You jerked your head towards him, and stuttered out an apology. “I-I’m sorry, I’ve just never-" 

“Seen a creature like me before? Oh, I’m sure. It’s not every day a girl gets to meet one of the worlds few, rare sirens.”

That gorgeous, mischievous grin never left his face. Wait, a siren? Those things in old folklore that led fishermen to their death by singing, as if they had cast a spell on them? Impossible! He was much too, well, nice looking to be one of those.

“Now, before you ask, no. I’ve never killed any dumb old sailor. That’s just a nasty myth.”

Could he read your mind?

“Th-then why do you sing? Well, I mean, I would assume you also do it because you enjoy it, but isn’t it still dangerous? You could still lure some poor man to his death!” You suddenly accused him.

“Hmm, I suppose that is true. I’ll have to work on that,” He tapped his chin as if he was deep in thought, “However, that’s not why I’ve led you out here, human.”

He meant to get you out here, in the middle of the ocean? Alone? What could his intentions properly be?

“Quite frankly, human, wait, what’s your name?”

You quickly stammered out an answer.

“Y/N, huh? A beautiful name for a beautiful person. I’m Seungkwan, by the way.”

You could’ve sworn he winked.

“Frankly, Y/N, I lured you out here because, honestly, I’m lonely. I’ve seen you out here with your family before, and you seem like a great person to spend time with. I know that seems creepy, but when one doesn’t have others to rely on for companionship save for fish and sharks, they tend to observe the people and things around them. So I began observing you." 

Your cheeks grew hot, "You-you have? How could I seem like a good person to befriend? All you’ve probably seen me do is yell at my brothers and stare off into the sea.”

Looking almost offended, Seungkwan crossed his arms, “I’ve been around for a lot longer than you have, Y/N. Sirens are near immortal. Technically, I watched you grow up. You’ve become a much different person than who you were as a child. You’ve become more reserved, more contemplative. Although, I do know very little about you. Tell me about yourself.”

Hesitantly, you gave him a brief description of your hobbies, your family life, what school was like, and he responded in kind. You learned Seungkwan was one of the only sirens who lived in the area, he was originally from the South China Sea near South Korea. He travelled here to gain some independence from his family, and meet new people. You could have talked to him all day. Coincidentally, you did.

You were in the middle of trying to explain to him what having legs was like, when you noticed the sky turning a soft orange color, the sun was setting.

“You must need to get home, huh?” He inquired.

You nodded glumly, and he scooted forward so he was only inches from your face.

“Go, then. I can’t let you catch a cold and get yelled at by your parents for being out here all night.” You nodded again, smiling this time. He was beginning to care about you. He hastily pecked your cheek, to which you responded by turning the color of a tomato.

“Promise me you’ll keep coming to see me! I hate being all alone out here." 

Laughing slightly at his childish demand, you nodded a third time, "I promise, but only if you sing to me more.”

He agreed, and soon after he had dove under the waves. You sat back in the chair on the boat, replaying the day’s events in your mind. This should be quite the story for your family.

-Written by Admin Usagi

My Sister’s Not For Lovin, Wayland (Part Four)

Outfit Idea

Requested By @teenwolfarelittleshits

Despite your perfectly tousled hair, ruby red lips and winged eyeliner so straight you could use it as a blade, you were nervous. Downworlders milled around you, the desirable sister of Magnus Bane but not one kept your attention for any longer than it took you to mutter a few dismissive looks.

With a board expression you sipped from the gold flaked champagne that Magnus had acquired, rolling your eyes when witches gathered round you in awe and Magnus watched you in amusement as you blatantly ignore them all.

“Witchy its very rude to ignore people.” A whisper was muttered against your ear.

“It’s not my fault they’re boring.” You hummed, turning to face the familiar blond as he smirked.

“Well perhaps I could find something more exciting.” Jace’s eyes fell on the dance floor and he led you over to it.

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