perfectly proportionate

Regarding every pain in the ass complaint about how Otabek looks too skinny/not manly enough in the 4DX art -

Do you??? Not understand???? How clothing works?????

Let’s reference his outfits in canon, shall we?

Outfit #1:

If you’ve ever even seen a leather jacket, let alone worn one, you know that they aren’t figure hugging. Especially men’s leather jackets. Otabek rides a motorcycle, a big one, he’s more concerned with safety and practicality than fashion.

Outfit #2:

Otabek’s short program costume has large dramatic sleeves and unfitted pants. However if you do go back and watch knowing this, you can clearly tell in the animation how trim his waist is.

Outfit #3:

You can literally see in just about every frame of the free skate animation how this jacket bunched up on him. It’s a dress jacket, and again a men’s dress jacket. They aren’t made to be a second skin. The fact that the jacket is left open also adds another layer to obscuring how trim he is.

Outfit #4:

The track jacket. No matter the character, none of their jackets are fitting. Again, they just aren’t meant to be like that, they’re made to allow ample space underneath for costume elements and to leave extra space to gather and store body heat.

Outside of his outfits, guys, please take the time to remember that Otabek is only 5'6". The muscle and form he’s shown with in the 4DX art is perfectly proportionate with his stature, not to mention right on par with how figure skaters are generally built. If you need any further proof just look up photos of Yuzuru Hanyu and Denis Ten (ya know, the irl skater Otabek is based off of? Same exact height and everything). Figure skaters bodies are lithe, it’s the nature of the sport. Build too much muscle and it not only affects how well you can execute your choreography but it can also be detrimental to your presentation score.

Otabek is a strong character with a demanding presence, it’s what Yuri likes so much about him. You don’t need to be built to come off that way.

The Leopard Cannot Change Her Spots

by: mldrgrl
Rated: R
Summary: Stella has some second thoughts

Stella peruses the file in front of her with the most critical eye she can muster.  Her interest doesn’t really lie within the casefile itself, but the file handler.  The new detective under her purview is young, but seasoned.  She’d read his records upon his transfer and she liked what she saw then, but she likes it more even now.  She likes what she sees a lot.

Detective Charlie Moore is ex-military; four years with Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and six with the NCA upon his discharge.  His records reflect a by-the-book approach to the job, diligence, and a high solve rate.  One of his previous superiors noted that he is tough on criminals, empathetic with victims, and docile with authority.  She likes a man who knows how to be told what to do.

It’s been awhile since anyone has sparked her interest like this.  Over four years, to be exact.  There’s been a handful of people that have caught her eye, but nothing she seriously considered.  She couldn’t, of course.  That’s what being trapped in a relationship does - it takes the rest of the world out of consideration.  She misses that thrill of the unknown.  She wants that freedom again to explore a new body.  To have someone touch her who knows nothing about her.  Something purely physical that ends there without any other expectations.

The ‘wedding’ is only weeks away, and as it draws closer, she gets more anxious.  This isn’t supposed to be her life.  She had been quite content to be alone and to continue to be alone, so how had she let Hank disrupt her so completely?  How had she let it go this far?  And marriage?  Who is she kidding?  She’s not the marrying kind.

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Part One

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Pairing : Kim Taehyung x Reader

Bestowal | V

Word Count : 8.9k

Genre : SugarDaddyAU!

Description : Kim Taehyung disrupts your day-to-day life to make a deal with you.

Crimson Cypher

That November’s night was one of the coldest of the year. When hasty strangers only wished to already be in their home’s warmth, one man chose that special night to go out. Comfortably sat in the back seat of his luxurious car, eyes glued to his device’s screen answering mails from work, ears filled with some jazz quietly playing from the car’s radio, wealthy business man Kim Tae Hyung picked that night to visit his close friend and more particularly his friend’s gentlemen club.

For exactly four months, Kim Nam Joon relentlessly asked his busy friend to come and enjoy some of his time in his high-standard club, proud of his hard work and efforts he put in that club, earning it a great reputation in the whole country. But for him, his success would be fulsome when his close friends would be part of his customer base and they included Tae Hyung. The latter always had resort to some excuses regarding his job, postponing Nam Joon’s offer but not for a very long time. Early this month, Tae Hyung was back in town after a long business trip, Nam Joon recalled the period he would be back and sent him a message.

Soon the engine turned off and the driver quickly opened his employer’s door, wishing him a good night. Tae Hyung tucked his phone in his long dark cashmere coat, tightening the collar around his neck to prevent the icy wind to cool his body. A long dark red carpet was stretched out under his feet up to the club’s entrance, Tae Hyung kept looking up until his eyes met the silver neon sign that read ‘Crimson Cypher’. A middle-aged doorman, warmly dressed, was holding the door the second the car pulled over and kept a frozen smile on until Tae Hyung past by him, not sparing the old man a glance, eager to leave the bitter wind.

Gradually, the lounge’s warm heat surrounded him and he felt more at ease, unbuttoning his coat to reveal a stylish Monaco single-breasted wool suit. He didn’t take the time to look around him and kept on walking straight forward when an arm from the darkness of the dimly lit entrance hall suddenly appeared, stopping him in his tracks. Tae Hyung chuckled and friendly cursed Nam Joon under his breath when the large man told him that no one was exempted from entrance fee.

When Tae Hyung finally stepped inside the club, two rather beautiful women stood in front of him, introducing themselves while he eyes kept scanning the inside of the great room in which already several male clients were present. Through the constant round trips of the very lightly dressed female workers, his gaze settled on the most remote and dark spot that he selected with a movement of his chin, one lady led his way to the table while the other disappeared behind red curtains.

Once sat in the smooth couch, its fabric deepening snugly under his weight and the hostess sent to bring him his chosen drink, Tae Hyung gazed at his surroundings. The place was very neatly designed, three colors majorly dominating the setting – black, red and light silver. The floor was made in very dark brown wood, making imperceptible the black tables’ legs solidly secured on it. The walls were covered with a smooth black fabric, giving a somewhat cozy vibe to the whole room. Some mirror were hung on them, others had short white neon flash lights. The roof was also black with two big holes round-shaped through which white light lit the entire room, the kind of light that made your eyes burn if you stared at them too long. The clients’ chairs were either in leather or in suede fabric and laid-out unevenly in the whole room so that the men could enjoy a pole dance show from wherever they chose to sit. Three steps surrounded the room making it possible to peek at a dancer from afar. None of the four pole bars were left vacant, each being lasciviously used by the club’s dancers along the sensual songs playing.

Tae Hyung took even more time to stare at them wether they were dancing, keeping company to clients as they sat on an extra-chair next to them or taking orders and serving them. All perfectly proportionate, fit and wearing jaw-dropping outfits which all seemed alike but had small differences from one girl to another. Tae Hyung noticed that they were all from different ethnicities as if Nam Joon wanted to give his clients a very wide choice when it came to their preferences. Even up to their hairstyles, each of them displaying a different one.

The previous girl came with his order and stood by his side asking about any other of his wishes. He sent her away, preferring watching for the moment. At some point, he found himself unable to keep his phone in his pants’ pocket any longer, not noticing the owner drawing near.

You’ve got to be kidding me, man!’ He said, walking on the steps that led to Tae Hyung’s table. The younger man raised his eyes to his interlocutor, smiling when he made eye contact and stood up to greet his friend. ’Not even my girls cankeep you from your damn phone? Why aren’t they any with you by theway? Let me-’

No, I’m fine. I told them not to bother themselves, don’t blame them.’ Tae Hyung said sitting down once Nam Joon did.

I mean, I’m the one who’s been keeping on telling you to come and seeing you not being entertained as I expected, it hurts my feelings.’ Nam Joon added, sipping on the drink he brought with him.

The two men kept on talking, the opportunity to make up for the lost time. After the end of college, they didn’t see each other as much as they could and wanted, especially Tae Hyung since his job often sent him abroad. Nam Joon updated him on what he lastly heard about the friends the two men had in common, his own life and how he made his club well-known, recounting every time a celebrity paid him a visit. Tae Hyung learned more about the club’s history and services.

So,’ Nam Joon leaned back in his chair, sipping his drink, ’none of these charming ladies are worth enough to keep company to Kim Tae Hyung?

Tae Hyung smirked, turning his head back in front of him to gaze at the girls still present, busy to answer the clients’ desires. ’You did a pretty good job finding them. They all seem exquisite.’ He leaned back as well.

Yet, none of them seem to your liking.’ trailed Nam Joon, gazing at his friend amused.

Tae Hyung kept looking at the people, that place had a peculiar atmosphere, exhilarating anyone that stepped inside and sure it made the Crimson Cypher’s lived up to its name. Tae Hyung reviewed for what seemed the fourth time Nam Joon’s employees and comforted himself with his initial thought. All of them appeared very lovely, each easily beating any mere girl hollow just by their look, let alone what they could pull off as their trump card.

All? Tae Hyung had the habit of making assumptions on others simply by their looks which exhausted his entourage and one could easily give him many examples on how such behavior quite often turned out as trivial. Nonetheless, he didn’t change his ways because most of the time his assumptions turned awfully often true and at that moment he seemed quite proud about his friend’s high standard club failing to meet his expectations. If only he didn’t think too fast.

Who is she?’ he suddenly asked, breaking the silence, straightening. Nam Joon followed his gaze, turning his head to look to his right, at the other side of the room. ’The one with the high ponytail… I didn’t see her earlier.’ he added not letting the female stranger out of his sight.

Nam Joon narrowed his eyes and smiled before he answered, ’My new recruit. We hired her three weeks ago.’ He turned his head back to his friend who kept an eagle eye on the girl. ‘Do you like her?

Tae Hyung remained silent, observing the young girl as she listened attentively to her older co-worker. The innocent look on her face and her pliable demeanor ignited a very warm spark inside of him, one he didn’t expected to feel so unexpectedly and so quickly by a mere glance from several feet away and in such a place. But what surprised him the most was that inner feeling, not wanting that spark to die out, no, he wanted it to alter in a great fire and at that moment he didn’t care less if it would consumed him entirely. That spark, and he felt it so clearly, didn’t feel like anything else he had encountered before. He had to get to know her, one way or the other.

She doesn’t perform?’ He asked, undaunted.

'All the club’s girls are very good at dancing, it’s part of their audition, beside from looking attractive. Then depending on their skills, job vacancies and their uptime, we suggest them different positions. Some girls accept being an hostess, a dancer, a barmaid, a waitress and even do some cleaning after hours, others can only keep up with one position. Regarding her, she only agreed on the hostess and waitress position. From what I’ve heard she is really good with her body but not confident enough to perform publicly.’

Tae Hyung listened attentively to his friend, still eyeing her and when the young girl disappeared in the back of the bar to replenish it with beverages, he turned his looked back at Nam Joon. 'Correct me if I’m wrong, you do take requests for private dances?’

We do… We have private booths for that.’ started Nam Joon as he unbuttoned his dark blue wool jacket, waiting for his friend to carry on.

Is it possible to book for one?

Sure. How many girls would you lik-’ started Nam Joon, leaning over the table, delighted to see Tae Hyung willing to enjoy his club’s services.

Only one.

Okay… with whom?’

That girl, you told me about. I want her.

Tae, man, I told you she’s not really confident with herself and our customs forbid us to force the girls to do things they’re not comfortable with. Why don’t you chose other girls, more experimented. I can guarantee you you won’t regret it and they’ll please your every wishes. I even have a book with all their pictures if you want to have a closer look, I grant you with the club being a little dark and all-’ Nam Joon shifted in his seat, moving quickly his hand on the table as he talked to Tae Hyung, showing him how his proposal was a better option but once Nam Joon locked eyes with Tae Hyung, he knew the younger man had already made his choice.

I’ll pay you whatever amount of money you want me to.’ stated Tae Hyung deadpan while Nam Joon seemed doubtful.

And you can also tell her that she’ll have nothing to be scared or to be ashamed of.

I don’t know. I hate having to tell those things to anyone.’ Nam Joon passed one hand in his hair, scratching the back of his head and sighed. The warm and firm grip of Tae Hyung on his other hand still on the table took him off-guard, his eyes indirectly pleading him. Nam Joon frowned a second and finished his drink. ’I’ll talk to her.’ Tae Hyung dropped his hand and sighed, heartened. ’But I’m not promising anything.’

'At least, promise me you’ll do your best.’

Nam Joon nodded when a voice in the opposite side of the room called for him.

I have to go. I’ll text you if I get a positive answer from her. It was nice talking to you, Tae. Enjoy the rest of your night. Bye.’

Tae Hyung nodded and watched his friend moving away to join a group of men who welcomed him with loud cheers and opened arms. His gaze looses itself and soon found himself actively looking for the same girl again. As if on cue, she appeared in the spot he was staring at, a tray in her hand as she swiftly circumvented the different people in her way to her clients with a polite smile on her lips. For an unknown amount of time, Tae Hyung eyed her, his thoughts wandering very far away, turning his surroundings blurry. 

And like that, he started wondering what her voice could sound like, how her hair could feel between his slender fingers, if her skin was as soft as it seemed to him from what he could make out, what did she look like with less clothes on… or any at all, how her body was curved and what fragrance she wore. Did a man or woman already laid their hands on her, where did she like to be kissed, did she touch herself often, did she like her breasts to be kneaded, what her moans sounded like, no, what her moaning his name could sound like. What did she look like right on the edge of her apex, completely writhed under him. How could it feel like, her clenching hard around him, choking on her words with his hand wrapped around her delicate neck. What did she taste like and felt like around him… How thrilling would it be to watch his seeds sp-

The sudden cheers of the clients when two waitresses came with a very big pastry cake on trailer, everyone’s voices in unison, singing the birthday song to the person concerned brought Tae Hyung back to reality, blinking several times as he gained consciousness quickly. Then, he felt it. He looked down and saw his growing bulge poking through his pants, forming a small tent. Gradually feeling strained in his pants, he grudgingly decided to leave the place, taking his coat over his arm to place it in front of him, hiding his condition.

As he stood up still, putting his phone back in his pocket, he looked at the small gathering that some of the club’s workers formed around the clients’ table decorated with the birthday cake and at the same time took the advantage of his new field of view to find the reason of his situation.

He spotted her, not so far from the birthday table, singing and smiling as she clapped her hands to congratulate the hero of the night. Tae Hyung smiled to himself at her cuteness and sought consolation when he noticed how close she was to the way that lead to the exit, thinking he could easily brush her without it being suspicious.

He walked with large steps, nodding at Nam Joon on his way and countering people with their drinks up still cheering very loudly. His gaze never left her as he was getting closer and closer to her. When the steps to the exit appeared to him, he was able to have a good look at her figure as no one stood next to her. And God, it did nothing to better his situation, the short tight skirt she wore outlined perfectly her rounded backside, almost urging him to dry hump himself against her.

Side-to-side walking, the distance between her and him shortened and soon she was right in front of him, only mere inches between them and Tae Hyung bothered to uncover his front when he was right behind her, feeling no shame at all when he decided ever so slightly to brush his erected shaft against her, too lightly for her to notice the sudden movement from the man but hard enough for him to twitch in his soaked pants beside being able to take whiff at her delicious scent. Drawing on his strength not to take her right there and then.

You wanted to see me, Nam Joon?’ You asked, peeking inside your boss’s office.

Yeah y/n, come in.’ Nam Joon was sat behind his desk, organizing some files which he put in a drawer when you came in and sat on one of the two chairs in front the wooden furniture. You internally wondered the reason of him calling on you, reviewing in your head the past days and wether or not you did any mistake, at the same time trying to read your employer’s face as he finally finished his rummaging and intertwined his fingers on his desk, a warm smile on his face. You smiled back at him waiting politely for him to talk first.

How is your work going?

Pretty good. I try my best and always make sure to be as engaged as possible not to fail your club’s name.

Yeah and I’m very glad of it and proud of you. I know you had a short amount of time to adapt yourself quickly.’ You slightly shook your head and remained silent, still smiling. ’My manager told me about your audition and the skills you showed her… Have you everconsidered performing as a dancer, y/n?

You opened your mouth, feeling the heat creeping up to your cheeks, flustered by the question and mostly by the deceiving answer you would come up with. You breathed deeply to let your brain form a coherent sentence. ’I’m sorry to say it but I already told her about me not being confident enough to perform in public.’

He observed you silently and closed his eyes as if he already knew your reply and slowly nodded. 'Haven’t you ever thought about doing it, though?

You slowly shook your head, you always admired the other girls when they danced on the mini-stages of the club, one more beautiful than the other. 'I don’t think I’ll ever reach their level. They’re so much more talented than me.’

But I also heard that you took some dance lessons. Was that true or a lie to get into the club?’ At that moment, you felt like exploding from embarrassment, you didn’t lie yet your body language showed otherwise. 'I’m only messing with you, y/n! I know you didn’t lie and you even proved it when you danced for your audition so what keeps you from doing it for real?’

I think… shyness and lack of confidence. I don’t think your clients would pay to see some clumsy girl barely able to move somewhat seductively without stumbling on herself.’

'I think that the problem is you lacking practice. If you allow yourself a first try, the other ones will seem like child game. What do you think?’

You licked your lips, unable to find an issue. Why was he suddenly asking you to do something you weren’t yet comfortable with when other girls told you that Nam Joon generally settled himself with his girls’ first choices. 'If you want me to do it, I think I might find the courage.’

He smiled and leaned back in his chair, slowly rocking himself. 'y/n, here, when the girls dance they don’t do it because I want it, they do it for themselves, because it’s there way of expressing themselves, their way to show their love for dancing. If you ever dance, I want you to do it for you. What did you took those dance lessons for?’

’…Because my mother wanted me to do something aside school.’

'In the first place.’

'I did it because I liked that form of expression and probably the idea of loosing myself, utterly.’ Nam Joon kept staring at you. 'and it was the way I wanted to do it, by moving my body to a song.’

'Yes, because it resonated in each and every cells of your body. That’s what probably made you feel the more alive.’ You looked down, sweeping your sweaty hands on your legs.

'But I never did in front of so many people at the first go. I might just lose it.’ You protested looking at him right in the eye and the fist he brought to his mouth in a thinking manner made you think you probably got onto his nerve. You looked down once again, not sure about what to expect him to say back to you. Maybe was he seconds away from firing you for not being daring enough, maybe he had decided to sort through his workers , keeping essentially those who could perform or if you were lucky enough just let you to go back to your duties. But some part of you made you feel like you were somehow doing the right thing – warning him about your lack of skills in dance and showing him at the same time that you had no intention of ruining the Crimson Cypher’s reputation.

'What would say if you danced just for one client?’

His question took you off guard. One client? What did he mean? You and several other girls dancing for one man or just you and that same client alone in one of the booths meant for the private dances. You never did it before and never attended one but you knew that any requests involving those booths meant a certain amount of money and a sizeable one. But what could better ? or rather what could be the least toilsome?

Dancing in front of a bunch of strangers with in sight the other girls moving their body more skillfully than you and reminding you the noticeable difference between you and them and all those people as witnesses; never mind the  oh-so subtle co-workers whispering between them taunting, the look in their eyes filled with pity and scoffs or to get stuck with a stranger that could take the risk of loosing his money in your lame attempts at being seductive but with no one else around, the worse he would do could be to write a bad review on the club’s website and others apps listing it but that also made you wince, you didn’t wanted to be pointed at as that disappointing 'dancer’ when the other girls tried their best to maintain the Crimson Club’s renown. But presented as such you would rather choose the second option and suffer the assumptions of others rather than feeling publicly ashamed and if Nam Joon kept on insisting, you could blame him later on.

'y/n?’ You blinked your eyes, snapping out of your thoughts. Nam Joon had stood up from his chair and was half sat on his desk in the space between you and it. 'What do you say?’

It seems to me more achievable even though I never did it before. Actually, I don’t really know about what I’m expected to do? Is it the same kind of dance that is displayed in the common room.’

'Don’t worry about it. I will personally ask Pamela to guide you, she’s the one with the greater number of private performances.’ Nam Joon made a pause. 'I see something’s still on your mind.’

'No- Uhm…It’s just…Why me?’ You asked in a small voice, looking clueless.

'You were personally chosen,’ Nam Joon folded his arms on his chest, smiling to you warmly,'You might have more fans than you think.

'Does he, at least, know that I’m still a novice to the field?’

'Yeah. Don’t take it wrong but I actually advised him to choose someone else.’ You shook your head, totally understanding. 'But it seemed that his mind was already settled.’

He didn’t say anything else?’

'No, not that I recall.’ He paused ’Apart from being ready to pay a lot more than required and not minding you not being very experienced… No, nothing else.’ He noticed the fear settling on your face. 'Don’t worry too much, you’ll have all the time you need to get ready and only performed once you feel as such. I made it clear to him.’  

You nodded in agreement and tried, 'Do you happen to know him?’

'You know that it’s not in the Club’s custody to reveal our clients identity but if you keep it to yourself… he’s actually a close friend of mine.’ He paused. 'So what do you say? Are you good with it?’

'I’ll have the time that I need, right?’ he nodded. 'And he doesn’t mind not having the best show of his life despite the money he’s willing to put in it?’ He nodded a second time, smiling. You breathed in deeply and internally screamed to yourself that you hoped you didn’t make a mistake when you answered the words, 'Let’s do this.’

Nam Joon sighed relived, thinking about eventually being able to give a final answer to Tae Hyung’s endless daily messages. You stood up feeling a bit weak after how things turned out and slowly walked back to the door.

'I’ll talk to Pamela and she’ll contact you so that you’ll agree on practice days that’ll suit you best.’ You nodded faintly.

You didn’t really like the way you felt at that moment, the kind of feeling that you get for example when the teacher choose you out of the blue to answer a lesson’s question you didn’t paid attention to, in front of the whole class or the one you get when you have to orally introduce yourself because you’re the new person in the group. You wanly opened the door and stepped outside.

'And y/n! Don’t put too much pressure on you. It’s no big deal, trust me.’

You smiled feebly and closed the door, leaning against it to hold your body up, your legs threatening to give in at any moment.

On the other side of the door, Nam Joon grabbed his phone from the other side of the desk and quickly thumbed a message to his friend, shaking his head as he did so – Nam Joon [08:18 PM] She said yes.

You adjusted the thin straps of your black lace bra along with your brazilian panties under the see through black dress and checking for the umpteenth time that everything was were it was supposed to be.

'How many times do you intend on doing that?’ asked Mallory behind you, staring back through the full length mirror you didn’t leave for the past fifteen minutes. She was part of the dancers with the biggest client base and kindly agreed to help you getting ready for your session in the small room that connected every VIP rooms in which the performers would come from and retreat at the end. She put on your make up and did your hair that went along with your outfit and that matched you the most.

At that moment, all you thought about was how much you wished to return as soon as possible in that same room. Two velvet curtains separated you from where your performance would take place and you didn’t want to face them yet.

Mallory sat up from a chair in the corner and stood next to you, her heady scent surrounding you.'You look stunning and gorgeous. Stop worrying too much. I bet you in a few hours, you’ll come telling me how much you’ll want to do it again.’

'What if I don’t like it?’

'You should be positive if you want it to be easier to you,’ her eyes lingered on your body through the mirror for a moment, 'Nam Joon really pampered you. I never had the chance to wear an outfit so luxurious.’

'I told him it was too much. He gave it to me as a gift for my first time.’

'I bet that client will really struggle to keep his hands to himself.’

'Do you know him?’

'Pamela told me, after few bats of eyelashes, the boss let her know that he close to him and is very wealthy,’ she wiggled her eyebrows making you smile in embarrassment. ‘I mean she got to know what was expecting you.’ You breathed in sharply and decided that you had enough of looking at yourself, turning around to face these fearsome curtains. Mallory followed you and brought her hands to your shoulders. 'Once you get there, take it easy. Remember Pamela’s words, what she taught you and above all, have fun. You should feel desirable, powerful and in control. Don’t let him dis-’.

A knock on the door interrupted her and she went to open the door. Nam Joon entered. You gave him a quick smile and turned your head back to the curtains, shifting your weight on top of your black ankle strap heels. You could feel his stare on you as he bypassed you.

'You look exquisite, y/n. He won’t get over you for sure… He’s just arrived’ You felt him getting closer.

'What did he ask for?’ inquired Mallory, leaning against one of the dark walls in the room.

'He paid for one,’ he answered drawing another sigh from you, 'He told me that you didn’t have to dance the whole hour …’ You closed your eyes, not knowing whether it was better for that client to know you were a complete amateur or not. Nam Joon made you face him, lifting your head, a finger under your chin, a comforting look in his eyes. 'It’ll be all right. Trust me, he’s no big deal.’ You forced a smile to him. 'We can’t make him wait any longer. Come on Mallory.’ He left your side, taking away his warmth with him and motioned your co-worker towards the exit. She flashed you a supportive smile and her lifted her thumbs up as she stepped outside, followed by a winking Nam Joon before the door closed.

You were only surrounded by deafening silence and the loud thumping of your heart that threatened to rip off of your chest. You wanted to join the other girls and spend the night like you usually did the three last weeks but there you had to be, behind these thick curtains, trying to get rid of any negative thoughts wandering in your mind. You thought about all the dance sessions Pamela delivered you, her advices on what to do and not to do, what the clients was allowed to do or not, reminding yourself that you were in charge and you were the one to set limits, mentally reviewing your routine.

The muffled voices behind the thick fabric startled you a bit and you focused on trying to make out what was being said. You guessed the waitress had come in to plate the drinks, your client had ordered and then your heard the door being closed in a muffled -thump-.

'Ok… You can do it,’ deep breath, 'It’s no big deal. You can do it,’ another deep breath.

The music and the male singer’s melodious voice melting together reverberated inside the VIP room behind the curtains you had a firm grip on and you already started to feel dizzy. The first lyrics were heard and you slowly started to push the curtains to the sides, progressively revealing your body but you still didn’t dare to meet your client’s gaze, keeping your head down. Then you smoothly went up the steps leading to the pole bar on which the man could have a great view of your figure moving in sync with the rhythm.

You raised your head at one go, sending your silky hair flying behind you while you softly grab the bar. You quickly took in the interior and gladly discovered that the room was very dimly lit, thwarting direct visual contact between you and your client. Light round patterns moved circularly, illuminating only small spots at a time and giving the room a sensual and private vibe that matched perfectly the carnal song.

You do all the steps you learned by heart, one after another, slowly loosing yourself to the beat pervading the air, starting to get your marks and Tae Hyung could feel it. By the way your features displayed the thrilling emotion wandering through your body, your limbs moving less stiffly and enjoying how you nimbly made the pole bar an extension of your body.

Taking small sips from the champagne flute, the liquid drenching the dryness in his throat you caused the second you came into his sight, he never looked away and blinked as little as possible. In some ways, he was as nervous as you, to get to see you for the second time, with so little distance and with no one else around. That edgy feeling was nearer excitement - seeing you so close, so thinly dressed, moving your body so lustfully just for his own pleasure, granting him some shy looks and oh-those eyes of yours, it was beyond his limits.

Throughout your performance, he could only settle for those champagne sips and planting his small nails in the velvet master chair he was sitting in. He couldn’t do any more, not without you clearly stating otherwise. You and only you had the final word in that room and he wasn’t used to that, not able to be in control. He wasn’t annoyed, he knew what the rules consisted in private booths but he felt very frustrated, even more when he caught your stealthy looks, subtly seeking his approval while you progressed through your routine.          

When the first song’s last beats died down, you got on the stage’s floor, definitely more at ease than when you started and ready to start your second choreography. It wasn’t really large and was in a round shape made in a mirror-like material. On your knees, backside resting on top of your heels, you slowly recovered from the hard and tiring figures you did previously and resumed on dancing, showing off new movements.

In this subdued position, you knew if you looked at your client you could easily meet his eyes and that frightened you a little, almost making you slip out. You meekly shook your head, bringing your focus back on your actions and trying to forget that the current moves you were performing, your body was more exposed to the stranger. When the refrain’s first lines were heard, you sat back on heels, throwing your head back against the pole bar. You mid-closed eyes could now clearly see him in the darkness, right in front of you, few feet away, a glass in his hand and a blank look on his face. His dark bangs hid his eyes not to your dissatisfaction.

You gradually mimicked his posture, slowly parting your knees as you wind your hands alongside your ribs, ligthly pulling up the babydoll’s parted sides, allowing your spectator to make out more distinctly your bra, and faintly pressed your breasts. You felt your cheeks flush, facing him doing these moves and the thought of him staring at your inner thighs didn’t improve much to your embarrassment.

You proceeded with the rest of the routine, ending on a split right on time with the last second of the song. The room felt dead-silent for what felt to you like hours when a light shift from his side of the room broke the stillness. Then, two distinct claps rang to your ears as you stood up and came to front of the mini-stage, heavily panting. You slowly crouched and sat down letting your legs swinging against the cold platform to the stage, catching your breath. You tucked your hair behind your ears and stood up, joining your hands politely.

D-do you wish another dance, sir?’ you questioned, gathering enough courage to look at him through his bangs which slightly parted, letting out a narrow eye. He couldn’t see your eyes clearly as they were shadowed. You watched him standing up, with his glass still full of champagne, and he calmly walked until the soft fabric of his pin-dot print wool trousers brushed your kneels. You diverted your gaze from his eyes as the space between the two of became narrower and narrower, leading you to stumble back on the stage. You sat on it when the back of your knees bent at its contact. You face leveling his crotch, you quickly averted your eyes elsewhere, anywhere, when you felt the faint touch of his hand on the back of your head.

He couldn’t touch you unless you told him so and you slowly raised your head to remind him of it but you were a bit taken aback when the tip of his class touch your lips.

You must be thirsty.’ he coaxed, looking down at you.

You looked at the liquid about to be spilled on you when you wanted to stop him, 'But-’

Drink.’ He sternly said, almost sounding as an order and that time, you meekly obeyed him as lifted the glass, pouring the drink in your mouth, his other hand still resting on your hair. You almost swore hearing him mutter the words, 'Good girl,’ as he slowly patted you.

When he withdrew the glass, almost emptied, he brought his hand from your hair to your jaw then under your chin, tilting your head further backward and gently rubbed the surplus of champagne on your lower lip. You couldn’t look anywhere but at his face, motionless, not knowing how to react to his actions. He tilted his face to the side, part of his hair hanging in the air, making it possible for your to take a closer look at your intriguing client.

His skin seemed really soft and well taken care of, he slowly released the side of his lower lip one caught between his teeth, light glossing the plump rosy flesh when he licked it, a small freckle adorn the tip of his bulb nose and his mid-closed eyes hid coffee-brown eyes. You also noticed how good he smelled extremely good, almost intoxicatingly good, the kind of scent once you smell a bit of it, you only asked for more, never having enough of it. Those aspects were probably the reasons you weren’t warding him off. You felt enchanted by such human that you questioned his actual existence, had all of it really happened or were you still fantasizing how you wished you private session would turn out – idealizing your client, being that young handsome man who seemed to eye intently.

You were so deep in your thoughts, wishing that weird state of mind to never leave you because that moment felt surprisingly good to you, his warm hand on your face and you looking at him like he was some king of God, that you nearly missed his next words, snapping you out of your temporary trance.

You did very well earlier.’ He whispered, eyes lingering on your wet lips.

You blinked several times, his hand stilled on your face and you waited for his next action, afraid to make a move that would make him move away from you. He inhaled sharply and you could sense some regret when he eventually withdrew his fingertips from your flushed skin. He walked backwards, never shifting his enigmatic gaze from you. For some reason, you body ached him being away, his warmth leaving with him and you too never faltered your eyes away from him, as hypnotized. He sat on the same chair than previously and drank from his glass on the spot your red lipstick stained. Then, you very slightly shook your head, realizing you had a job to accomplish and slowly stood up, hesitantly walking towards him, having no idea about what you intended to do.

And as predicted, there you stood awkwardly in the space between his parted legs. You licked and bit your lower lip, thinking, nervously searching in your mind about any other moves you learned a few days ago.

Staring back at you, Tae Hyung kicked his head back against the chair and smiled, 'Why don’t you take a sit?’

You looked at him, still wondering about what could please him but when you eyes landed on him, the small tilt of his head towards the back of the room, interrupted your struggling and you obediently walked towards one of the other velvet chairs present in the room.

You lifted one of them and walked back to the man who motioned you to settle the chair in front of him. You walked around it and slowly sank onto it, hands neatly joined on your closed thighs. Tae Hyung’s hands suddenly reached for your chair’s arm, dragging it closer to him your knees almost touching as a small gasp left you. He rested his elbows on his knees and kept his gaze on the floor, 'You can take these off, if you want, They must pain you.’

You kept staring back at him not daring to make a move, him being this close was causing your heart to stammer in your chest and you waited for him to lean back before you leant forward to untie your high heels as he suggested. Your rush almost ended with you slamming your forehead against his chair in the space between his thighs. You removed the black leather material off of your reddened skin. You didn’t feel how much the shoes hurt until you could freely move the muscles. You bit your lips to prevent moaning out loud from relief.

But Tae Hyung most certainly heard the muffled sound, supporting a smug face as he watched you taking the second shoe, your head in-between his legs. If you only moved up a bit-

You sat up, your eyes closed, still taking in how good it felt to you to get rid of these horrible heels. When you opened your eyes, a slight flush tinted your cheeks as you saw Tae Hyung shining eyes staring back at you. You lowered your head shyly, smiling flustered.

He nudged his left leg between yours and patted his thigh, 'There, let me sooth them.’ You looked up at him, confused and parted your lips. 'I mean… Only if you want me to.’ He carried on, smiling innocently.

'Is that what you want?’ You heard yourself asking him.

Tae Hyung kept looking at you, you had no idea of what he actually wanted from you, unaware of how with great self-control he was restraining himself to take you as a whole. The innocent look in your eyes was really messing up with him, 'You’re the one in charge in here, love,’ He started slowly, 'I won’t do anything you don’t want to.’

He was right and because of your will of wanting to please him in anyway possible and also to prevent him to complaining to your boss later on you forgot you were the one to put boundaries. Then you thought about him massaging your feet wouldn’t hurt anyone. You slowly nodded, showing him you accepted his offer.

He removed his hand from his leg as you carefully lifted yours, making sure not to make any brusque movement and glad you were actually of use, doing something he wanted. You made sure not to put your whole weigh on him, 'Relax, I’m not going to eat you.’ He bitterly replied and put his warm hand on your skin pushing down firmly your limb. The first thing that came into your mind was how smooth and gentle his hand was, you noticed how firm his thigh was under the thin material of his dark suit, making you think that he certainly worked out regularly.

Tae Hyung felt very good, touching your skin and it was just as soft as he imagined it to be. He slowly ran his long fingers from your leg to your ankle, applying different amount of pressure,’ My name’s Tae Hyung?' Your eyes were solely focused on your feet in his hands, knowing how you would furiously blush if you made eye contact in that situation.'Can I know yours?’

'Y-Y/N’ you answered in a very small voice. His hands were now focused on your sole and toes, giving each the same amount of attention. You tried to take deep breath and gain a normal rate. You sensed that he was attempting to make things more comfortable and decided to follow along. You gradually raised your eyes from his abdomen to his chest to his neck and eventually his hair-covered eyes and you noticed a small smile on his lips. You cleared your throat, 'How old are you?’

'How old do I look like?’ His question forced to linger your eyes on him, to his delight, and you carefully studied his features.

'Twenty-five?’ You guessed.

'Twenty-seven,’ He replied instantly and made a pause before he stated 'I give you… 22?’

'Twenty-three.’ You corrected, smiling, much more comfortable than before.

'Is it better?’ He inquired, sneaking his hand to your calf. You nodded, your feet felt less sore. A silence settled and your brain actively searched for something else to say.

'Do you like yourself in here?’ dared Tae Hyung, you could hear a bit of hesitation in his voice. His question was so unexpected and you wondered what he meant by it. He too acknowledged that his interrogation was a bit out of the blue and silently prayed that you didn’t find too awkward.

You frowned and lightly nodded, 'Uhm- Yeah… I guess… People are nice, Nam Joon is nice.’

'Thank you… by the way?’ Tae Hyung blurted.

'For what?’

'Making an effort, stepping out of your comfort zone… Nam Joon told me you never did that before, it wasn’t your field.’

'Yeah, well…,’ You smiled and looked around, recalling the discussion you had with your boss, gathering your hair on one shoulder, 'He managed to persuade me. These are the most expensive services the club has to offer and I felt like he didn’t want to miss an opportunity in earning… more money,I guess… I mean, I wouldn’t either.’ You chuckled lightly.

Tae Hyung looked at you fondly, admiring the way signs of comfort graced your features, 'I’m really glad you accepted to give it a try.’

You looked back at him and you both shared a smile. You gave him your other leg when he motioned towards it.

'So this club is all you got, right? I mean as a job.’


'You’re not in college?’

You hesitated a moment- where was this going? Why would he want to know more about you? And you weren’t the type to lay yourself open anyway. Was is it safe to reveal personal information in that kind of place. But… it’s not like you were going to see each other again either. And then you felt it, a pang in your heart when you thought that it might be your last moments with Tae Hyung. Why did you feel like that? And for him? Some part in you never wanted to be apart from him again after the second he touched you and it scared you a little.- that eerie feeling coming out of nowhere because of a complete stranger.

I’m sorry, you must find me creepy.’ He trailed off looking down at your foot on his leg.

’… I dropped.’

He raised his head, faithless, ’…Why?… If I may ask.’

'It’s okay… I was so bored to be in school, everyday being the same day.’ You started playing with the dark ribbons of your dress, 'I also started to run out of money and that led me to look for a job. I did several small jobs before some girl approached me and said that they were currently looking for hostesses in a nightclub and I gave it a try. As time went on, I never really thought about returning to college.’

'You live alone? No family?… Boyfriend?’ Inquired Tae Hyung.

You shook your head and waited a moment, 'What do you do for a living? Seems like money isn’t a problem for you. My boss told me you were ready to pay any price to have some time with me.’

'No, you’re right. Money is far from being a problem for me. Right after graduating, my friend and I agreed to collaborate in the development of our own business, it wasn’t easy in the beginning but we wanted to be our own bosses and after several months of hard work, success never left our cards.’

You smiled and only then you became aware of your playlist still going on in the background, setting a comfortable atmosphere in the room. You dared to look at Tae Hyung who was staring down into space, deep in thought. You wondered if him zoning out was related to his sudden questions.

'What is it?’ You asked, slowly moving your feet, his fingers absentmindedly stroking you. He looked at you surprised for a second and immediately regained his blank expression from earlier. 'I can see something’s on your mind…’

He bit his lip and let go of your feet and you placed it back down on the ground. 'Can I ask you something… That you might find it …peculiar.' You watched him patiently. 'What would say if I offered you a deal ?’ He hesitated, watching carefully your face.

You frowned a bit and smiled internally at how bad he was with formulating questions. 'What do you mean? What kind of deal?’

'One that would involve you not working anymore.’

'Okay… This is weird. Care to elaborate?’ You countered, crossing your legs together.

'Let’s say, I just want to take care of someone, to look after them but with no strings attached. No accountability. My busy life keeps me from meeting people and to have 'normal’ relationships… To be honest with you, i’m not currently interested in having one. When I do meet someone they wish for a life than I can’t give them… at the moment, I mean. I just want to enjoy life with someone who’s on the same page.’

'So… you want someone to live with you without one being devoted to the other?’  

'Yes, basically. Without the basic drawbacks of a standard couple relation.’

'And what makes you think I am that “someone”?’

'Nothing. I’m just asking you… But if you come to agree, it would be under certain circumstances.’

You internally laughed at his request but still wanted to hear more about it, 'Which are…’

'You won’t be allowed to take any illegal substances, no smoking, no drugs, although drinking is allowed to a certain extent. You’ll have to take care of your health. But most importantly, if you ever give your consent… I want you to reconsider college.’

You frowned, 'Why?’

'For your own good, For your future. Even though I am able to provide you with anything, I think you really should graduate and do something you like aside living with someone else only for money.’

'So you offer me to live with you, to be at your expense as long as I complete my studies?’ You drew your eyebrows together. 'You said you want no strings attached…’ Tae Hyung nodded, gazing at you patiently, 'You imply that we’d have sexual intercourse?’  

'I know you’re not stupid. Because I asked Nam Joon to persuade you to grant me an hour with you, you could’ve guessed that you meet my physical criteria but I don’t know, I feel like it could also work out emotionally… I mean, we could start by getting acquainted first, then and only if you desire it, we could share intimate moments. With still no accountability, nevertheless I can vow you that you’ll be the only woman I’ll sleep with and I expect you to do the same. You can see whoever you want, we’ll only be faithful to each other… “sexwise”, if I may say.’

'I can make whatever request I wish? Do whatever I want as long as no feelings are involved and that I don’t sleep around?’

'Anything you want. Plus the above I mentioned .’ He slightly leaned forward 'What do you say?’

You pondered silently, looking clueless.

'Take the time you need. I don’t want to rush you but keep in mind that I’m an honest man. No catch. And it can stop whenever you want.’

A sudden knock on the door interrupted him, startling you. Tae Hyung was still staring at you to read any sign regarding your final decision but you showed none, devoting your attention to Mallory who peeked her head inside. She smiled at you and averted her gaze on him.

'Sir, your time’s up. Would you like to extend it by one more hour?’

You stare at your hands on your thighs, thinking about Tae Hyung’s words.

'I think we’re good.’ He eventually said, eyeing you intently. You stood up and pushed your chair backwards to make some space between the two of you.

'The boss is waiting for you in the main room, Sir.’ She added and left, the door shutting gently after her quick appearance.

Tae Hyung stood up and walked to you until very few inches parted his chest from your lightly covered breasts.

'Please, consider what I said to you.’ His breath fanned your face, his eyes going back and forth between your eyes and lips.

'I will.’ You breathed out, gazing at his mouth. He smiled faintly and walked away to the door.

'I’ll be waiting.’

(Don’t) Stay Out Of The Fire

AO3 link here!

Created for @spnkinkbingo

Title: (Don’t) Stay Out Of The Fire
Square: Wincest
Rating: Explicit

Also written for WWC Round 10 | purgatoan vs. @phangirlpenguin

Prompt: Horseshoes

Summary: Scorching hot California isn’t the best place to be solving a case at in summer, but Sam and Dean take on the challenge anyway. However, the weather isn’t the only thing that’s burning there.

Word Count: 7378

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, OMC

Pairing: Wincest

Warnings/tags: case fic, canon compliant, set somewhere in the future, pining Dean, masturbation, mentions of original character’s deaths, severe burns, hurt!Dean, hurt!Sam,  first kiss, sibling incest, angst, fluff, language

Unbeta’d, so all the mistakes are mine!

A/N: I forgot how much I love writing case fics, ahhh. Anyway, thanks so so much to WWC mods for giving me an extension, ‘cause I loved writing this one and I hope I did the prompt justice! Also, it’s my second fill for SPN Kink Bingo and I’m excited to attack my Bingo Card, now that I’ve got time :) Hope you’re going to like it, guys!

If you want to be tagged/untagged in everything or only some stuff, simply let me know or add yourself to this tag sheet! (Tags at the bottom of the post. Those that are crossed out mean that Tumblr didn’t let me tag you.)

Feedback and constructive criticism very welcome and highly appreciated. Feel free to check out my Masterlist and/or Commissions if this piece leaves you wanting more :)

“Dean!” Sam shouted and Dean woke up, his hand reaching for the gun lying under his pillow as he sat on the bed. He took the safety off without fully processing what he was doing and turned his head in the direction of the sound.

When Dean opened his eyes, his gaze fell over his brother sitting next to a table. Nothing seemed out of ordinary, and he relaxed as he took in the surroundings, realizing nothing was going on.

The sunlight was peeking through the curtains, the sun rays blinding him with their intensity as he rubbed his eyes with his fists, yawning. “What the hell, Sam?”

“I’ve been trying to wake you up for the past hour, you jerk.” Sam scoffed and Dean shook his head, putting the safety back on and hiding the gun back under his pillow. “I found us a case.”

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Dreaming in Silver and Gold

Alternate Beginning


Prologue \ Ch. 1 \ Ch. 2 \ Ch. 3 \ Ch. 4 \ Ch. 5 \ Ch. 6 \ Ch. 7 \ Ch. 8 \ Ch. 9 \ Ch. 10 \ Ch. 11 \ Ch. 12 \ Ch. 13 \ Ch. 14 \ Ch. 15 \ Ch. 16 \ Ch. 17 \ Ch. 18 \ Ch. 19 \ Ch. 20 \ Ch. 21 

Demon au requested by @persephonesdarkness thanks for getting my butt back in gear and giving me awesome prompts. <3

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Third Party (WonHui Threesome Smut)

Anon requested: WonHui threesome

Originally posted by mountean

I actually had a lot of fun with this, I hope you enjoy!

Word count: 1957 words

@hoseokshipthrusts @jeonrepublic @smuttyseventeen @vernonbitch @alifeawayfromfailure @imaginethesedorks @unofficialastro


You and Jun were best friends for years. As you grew older and closer to him, you two shared a vivid past of making out and wild nights. You also got to know his insanely attractive roommate that you grew a soft spot for and so the two of you didn’t mind him messing around with you.

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3) Foreign Sanctuary- A Novel

Originally posted by moonjint

Don’t forget to read: Preface || Part One || Part Two

A lonely girl, a lonely boy and a beautifully twisted thing called fate.

A/N: Here’s the next part! Enjoy and tell me your thoughts~!

“No I’m not just a fan.” I say for the millionth time in Korean, informing the lady that I’m supposed to be here and that I know the password to get in. But she just shakes her head, trying to talk slower as if a stupid foreign looking girl wouldn’t understand.

“The boys can’t have fans visiting them. I’m sorry but that’s the rules.”

I groan loudly, giving her a cold glare before yanking out my phone and dialing the last number that texted, whining in English immediately as he picks up. “Ugh! I’m here but this lady behind the desk won’t let me in to save my life.”

“Give her the phone.” He laughs at me.

I huff heavily, stomping back over to the bitch and shoving the phone in her direction. She takes it with disdain, as if just by touching it she’ll get some kind of vile disease, but immediately sits up straighter as I assume Namjoon begins talking.

After a few minutes of their rather one sided conversation she sets the phone on the counter and looks back down at her desk, too prideful to admit defeat, but not saying a word as I brush past the desk and towards the elevator, punching in the little four digit code Namjoon had given me earlier so I could get up to their floor.

The ride up is swift, no elevator music playing like in America, just a mechanicalized silence that makes my ears ring as the box lifts me up to the highest floor, which is ninth, stepping out into a long hallway lined with closed frosted glass windows.

I look for the one that says Big Hit, it’s just a piece of paper, after all he did mention that they were just here temporarily. I think about just walking in, but decide to knock, standing a little bit taller as the glass begins to darken with an approaching figure.

Kim Taehyung. Alien, 4-d. The insane member of the band who’s aegyo and actions can never be predicted. He’s onstage personality is so different from his offstage, cute to ragged, aggressive to gentle. His hair is soft and brown, straight strands lapping around his eyebrows and brushing his lashes as he blinks his large eyes.

And if there was somebody who would told me I’d be within three feet of this man, I would’ve laughed and said I wish, but now as I stand before the singer with his ungodly looks I can’t help but feel a little shocked, not fully processing what’s going on.

“Reynah?” He exclaims, sound of my name bringing Jimin, the only other member in the quiet space to turn in his seat. It’s not a large room, but not small either, the boys set up against the wall with music equipment and computers, an oak table with enough to seat ten taking up most of the center space, with a little hallway leading somewhere unknown to my right.  

Park Jimin. Small eye smiles and full cheeks, black hair long, but not as shaggy as Taehyung’s, body built and defined but short in height and stature. His smile is small and sweet, like his personality, oozing with humor and charm with each word.

I don’t see Namjoon, wondering where he is and why he would’ve have been waiting for me so I could save myself from the awkwardness of me with conversation, Especially when it’s with Korean pop singers who at one time in your life you would’ve killed to meet.  

“I- I just brought this for Namjoon.” I hold up the bag watching Taehyung’s face light up with relief at the sight only piquing my interest.  

He waves me through the door excitedly, warm hands brushing mine as he takes the pouch from me. Jimin comes from around the corner, mess of red hair and pale skin evened out with some sort of foundation. His eyes thin into little slits as he smiles upon seeing me.

“Where’s Namjoon?” I ask.

Jimin steps forward and cocks his head, gesturing around the mysterious corner. “Joonie-ah? He’s in the recording booth, wanna come see?”

I halt a second before nodding, wondering what it’s like back there, wondering how he’d look hunched over his work and creating composition with the other members. Jimin begins to lead me down the hallway before the door at the end opens, three rappers toppling out one after the other as they make their way towards us.

“Reynah, you came.” Namjoon stands in front, Hoseok and Yoongi leaning from either side of him to see me. Hoseok and Yoongi are main rappers and composers for the band, Hobi with his jet black hair and thin, upturned nose, all laughs and smiles. Min Yoongi, with his shock white hair and impossibly smooth pale skin, a laid back grandpa-like attitude.   

“Well, yeah. You asked me to.”

A pleased smile shows on his face, continuing to advance until we are pushed back into the larger room, Jin now sitting down with some food and a camera in front of him, making sure he looks as handsome as always by fixing his hair in the viewfinder. Jungkook now sits on the table as well, laying back and eyes closed as his headphones blare music.

Jeon Jungkook is the youngest in age, but not in maturity, only so often becoming the child he really is and giving cute faces and gestures. For the most part he’s a serious and sexy guy, with waves of black hair and a chiseled face.

I don’t know where Taehyung has gone, missing from the room, but with the six boys and me it feels slightly cramped, moving down closer to Jin to get a breath of fresh air as they converse in fast Korean.

“Do you mind steadying this?” Jin asks nicely, pointing to the crooked tripod just out of his reach. Jin flashes me one of his award winning smiles, perfectly oval face and proportionate features stretching in gratitude. The light brown of his hair matches his skin tone so well, complementating the pigmentation of his eyes.  

“Yeah, of course.” I lean over to fix the legs making sure it’s straight before checking the angle. “The lighting looks nice.” I comment, turning the camera down a bit for a fuller shot. “There we go.”

“Do you like photography?” Seokjin asks, the smell of chicken beginning to permeate the air.

“A little.” I say, holding my hand in the space between us. “It’s-”

“Reynah.” He finishes the sentence for me, hands warm and slightly callused against mine from holding the steaming food. His broad shoulders strain against his jacket as he shakes my hand. “Namjoon told us you were coming.”

I nod, pulling back and meeting his eyes for a second before releasing a short breath.

“Are you ready to see what’s inside?” Namjoon’s mischievous voice turns me around, watching with interest as he unzips the black tote and shakes it, a journal landing with a loud clunk on the table.

Jungkook startles at the sound, yanking his headphones and suppressing a blush as he notices a stranger in his presence, putting two and two together as realization dawns on his sharp features. “Hey.” He gives me a subtle nod, earning a chuckle from Jimin as he leans over the table to ruffle the maknae’s hair.   

But I can hardly dwell on anything other than what’s on the table. Other than what Namjoon has just revealed to me. My mouth is wide open, shock gluing my eyes to the black journal laying before me, the one I know will be soft when pressured, one I know will be ridged with indentations, one I know has so many pained impressions of a teenage girl who’d lost her way again and again.

“I got this from a fan about a year ago. Anonymously.” Namjoon weighs the book in between his hands. “No name with it or in it… But she’s an amazing writer Reynah, let me tell you. I can’t begin to fathom how many times this has saved us from creative doom. I received the journal at a time when things were getting rough for us, when it was getting difficult to write or compose. But I suppose the saying that the best things in life are unexpected is true, because I definitely wasn’t expecting this girl or her poetry and when I needed it… is was there to save us.”

I swallow thickly, trying to get words around the lump in my throat but finding it too difficult.

“He’s been trying to find out who she is.” Jin saves me from speaking, elaborating on his words. “There’s no name except a scribbled signature after each entry, so I don’t know how he expects to, but he’s been coming to that book for inspiration since he got it.” Jin smiles, shaking his head in disbelief as he rips open a pair of chopsticks. “Let me just say if he ever finds her she’d be the luckiest girl alive.”

I back up, tripping over the chair and choking on my words. “I- I- I have to go.”

“What?” Namjoon closes the journal and stands, the other boys following suit in concern. “But I was hoping you could-”

“I’m sorry.” I grope for the door handle behind my back, desperate to get out of the room, suddenly clogged with heat and expectation. “I can’t- I just have to- to go. I remembered I’m late for work.”

There are sounds of protest as I hurry out the door and down the hall, running for the elevator in a daze as I hear the seven boys tumble out into the hall. My eyes catch Namjoon’s as the thick steel separates us from each other, as it relieves him from the truth and as it spares me from the harsh reality of my forgotten dreams.

Did you enjoy it? *cheesy smile*

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Preference #12--The first time with him

As promised, 200 followers=the first time. And PLEASE send in some more requests because my list is currently empty.
Riker: You and Riker have been together for about seven months. The two have you have done things, but never actually gone all the way. Tonight he had planned to change that.
You got to his apartment, expecting to be going out tonight. But instead, Riker led you back to his bedroom. He had both your hands in his and he sat down on the edge of the bed. He sat you down next to him.
Riker: “[Y/N], I think that we’re ready now. To become one. To…have…sex.” You found it to be incredibly cute and adorable how flushed he was getting about the topic.
You put a hand on his cheek and he stopped banking and rambling.
[Y/N]: “I think it’s about time too.” You said with a smile.
You kissed your boyfriend’s lips hard. He melted into your lips and put his hand on your shoulders. He slowly moved his hands down your arms and to your hips. Then, they slowly went under your shirt and slid it off over your head. Then, he pushed your skirt up and pulled your panties down.
Riker: “I don’t want you to feel too reveled.” He smiled at you and then kissed your lips.
[Y/N]: “I’m fine with it” you pulled your own skirt off and unhooked your bra knowing that he would never do that for you on your first time.
Then, you began to undo his pants and his eyes widened. There was an obvious bulge in his boxer briefs. You smiled at him and began to rub his member through the fabric.
He let out a long and drawn out moan.
Riker: “Shit” he moaned as growing increasingly harder against your hand and the friction.
[Y/N]: “I love you” you whispered as finally taking his shirt off for him and then rubbing your hands around his bare chest and abs.
Riker pulled his own underwear off and looked from his erection, to you, me back again. You just nodded as he laid down on the mattress.
He held your hips as your legs straddled his hips and he just moved his hands in circles on your sides. He looked at you hovering over him and slowly, he took control. He bucked his hips a couple times at your teasing opening. It was right there, RIGHT THERE. And you weren’t letting him in yet. Teasing him as with every buck, his tip could feel your extreme wetness.
You were getting a lot of enjoyment out of watching the handsome blonde squirm and try to get his manhood inside of you.
Then, he remembered something important and reached into the bedside table. He pulled out a condom me smiled a little.
Riker: “Wouldn’t want to forget this now would we?” He laughed a little and you bit your lip to turn him on even more.
[Y/N]: “No. No we wouldn’t.”
He slowly slid it on his erected self and it turned you on even more than you already had been just a moment ago. You, personally, could not take teasing him anymore because in teasing him, you’re teasing yourself with the way his tip touched against you.
You put your hands on his shoulders and took grip on them as he lowered your body down. You moaned as he lowered onto his full length, cramming the length and width inside of you.

Ellington: You two have been dating for a little over three nights. Tonight you had gone to a party with the other members of the band and had a couple drinks.
You two haven’t had sex yet, but the alcohol made you both admit that you want to.
The two of you were sitting on his bed and just looking at each other. He had only had one beer and you only one drink yourself. So you were both staying with reality pretty well.
Ellington: “So…”
[Y/N]: “So…” You echoed as the two of you just looked at each other.
Then, you made the first move and you kissed his lips. That put you on your hands and knees as you kissed your boyfriend.
He moved his hands slowly around your body, caressing you over your clothes. He slowly slipped his hands under your shirt and unhooked your bra. Then, he couldn’t take it anymore and leaned you back on the bed as undoing his own pants.
He took his own shirt off and then his boxers. Watching him undress for you had definitely made you wet.
He then tore your shirt and bra off at the same time.
He took a moment and just looked at your chest. Both his hands hesitantly cuped your breasts. He smiled again at the feeling of you filling his hands. He moved his palms around, giving you enough stimulation to cause you to let out a loud moan.
He really couldn’t take the fact that his hard on was rubbing against your jeans anymore and he almost ripped your jeans and then your panties as he pulled them off.
He smiled as he looked your body up and down a couple of times. He licked his lips and really couldn’t wait to become one with you.
He was harder than he had ever been with any other girl.
He began rubbing his tip against your clit and was very obviously teasing you and trying to get you even more fired up than you already were. And it was beginning to work. You started to take in sharper breathes that were all hitched and you were struggling to even get enough air in to breathe because he was going up and down your clit so slowly and keeping such a good rhythm.
You began to roll your hips as trying to get some more added pleasure but were getting nowhere.
You looked up and met his eyes with your glassy ones and he nodded.
Slowly, oh so slowly, he moved his tip down and was just hardly touching your entrance. You moaned just from the anticipation of his entrance.
Suddenly, he thrusted into you and began to go very slowly. He was making you feel very loved and very romanticized. He was making you feel amazing. Without any other words, just soft sounds.

Rocky: The two have you have been dating for six months now. For your anniversary, Rocky has planned a special and romantic night. He’s hoping it will go his way and at the end of the night he’ll see you naked for the first time.
When you got to his place, there were pink rose petals all around the apartment.
Rocky: “Hi honey.” He kissed your cheek and took your hands in his giant ones.
[Y/N]: “All this for me?”
Rocky: “Everything for you.” He said with a smile and kissed your cheek.
After dinner, the two of you retired to the bedroom. You had thought this would be like any other sleepover you two have had and you would just share the bed peacefully.
Then, Rocky dimmed the lights.
Rocky: “We’ve been together for six months now. And I love you to death. It’s time I prove it to you. I’ll make you feel better than you’ve ever felt before.” He said as lighting a few candles. He took his shirt off as climbing next to you on the bed.
Rocky: “I love you”
[Y/N] “I love you too.”
He kissed your lips with more passion and live than you have ever felt.
His hands moved up and down your hips slowly. The fabric of your shirt began to move up your body and over your head. He pulled your skirt off and was being fast about undressing you, but slow and romantic at the same time.
Then, before you knew it, you were laying there under him, naked.
He just smiled at you and felt the dominance kick in because of the fact that you’re bare, and he still has clothes on. He smiled at you as he moved your hands to the hem of his jeans and you undid them.
He kissed your neck and began sucking on it as you took him in both of your hands. And…wow…if you thought his hands were big… Then he’s perfectly proportionate for the giant size of his hands and feet.
He moaned against your neck as you stroked him with both your hands and he was soon as hard as a rock.
The two of you just laid there for a minute and he smiled at you as he kissed your lips and stuck his tongue in. His huge tongue was pushing against yours slightly and lightly.
He gave you zero warning before he shoved a long and skilled index finger inside of you.
You let out a loud moan and that only fired him up more.
He smiled and then leaned down and took one of your nipples into his mouth. He started swirling his tongue around it and lightly sucking. Causing your perky nipples to harden up a little more. He got a lot of joy out of that.
Finally, you had had enough of waiting and so had he. He pulled his finger out and got I between your legs. He put his hands into your tips and he held on tight. He then kissed your lips with more passion than other time that you two have ever kissed.
He met your eyes and kissed your forehead as slowly slipping inside you. He’s so big, that with every thrust he hit your G-spot.

Ross: The two of you had agreed to wait until his birthday to have sex when you began dating. Putting you at ten months together and the sexual heat and tension was building up high.
On the night of his birthday, Ross had taken you out to dinner with his family. At dinner, his hand had been glued to your inner-thighs. He had been gently and slowly rubbing your clit all night since you had worn a dress. He was trying to get both you and himself all ready and heated up for your…present to him.
When you got back to his apartment, the two of you closed the door and stood on the middle of the living room. You just looked at each other for a moment and then, he leaned in and kissed you HARD. Your arms wrapped around his neck and one hand went into his hair.
His hand went to your hip, and the other hand went to your best.
Ross: “Jump” he whispered in your war and you nodded as obeying.
He wrapped your legs around him and carried you into the bedroom.
He practically threw you onto his mattress and climbed over you. He got into the push up position and started sucking on your neck. Making you begin to moan and whimper as he hit your sweet spot.
You could feel the wet spot forming in your Victorias Secret panties.
He reached under your dress an pulled your underwear off.
You undid his jeans and they too hit the ground. Your hands slowly moved under his shirt and you felt his hard abs. You could feel a little bit of sweat already beginning to form on his perfectly chiseled abs.
He let out a low groan and you smiled a you moved your hands around to his back and down to his ass, pulling him a little closer to you.
He undid your bra with one hand and immediately started sucking on your left nipple, his baseball mitt of a hand was fondling with the right one. Taking your nipple between his fingers/tongue. He was more than happy about finally getting to this with you. And the feeling of his hard on almost ripping his pink boxer briefs was just a confirmation of that.
He began to kiss your neck again and suck on it.
One of his hands went to your clit and began rubbing. His other hand went into his own boxers.
You pulled his hand out and replaced it with yours. He smirked against your lips.
[Y/N]: “Let’s free you from those” you whispered in a breathy voice in his ear. He let out a sound of excitement as your hands took hold of the band on his boxers.
You pulled him close to you by the band and then pulled them off.
[Y/N]: “Damn you’re huge!” You so as looking at his erection. He smirked
Ross: “you know you love it.” He whispered in your ear and then interlocked his fingers of both hands with yours. You were a little scared about taking him in since he is SO BIG. But, you knew any pain would just be the good kind of pain.
Ross: you ready for me baby?“ He was already taking in shallow breaths. You just nodded and had no words left. You couldn’t get breathes deep enough to form any words. He smiled at you a moment before kissing you so hard that your head went back into the pillow and you leaned your head back while staying in the kiss.
He just kept kissing, and then Ross moved to your shoulder. He kissed it sweetly as he plunged himself inside of you and made the two of you one.

Ryland: the two of you have been dating for three and a half months. You have never even talked about sex. But, you know he wants it.
He hasn’t hidden his feelings for you and that he’s attracted to you sexually as much as with his heart.
Tonight the two of you were watching a movie and sitting on the floor.
You were on his lap and as the movie played you began to struggle to get comfortable. Causing you to readjust your body and to grind your backside against his lap.
You began hearing a couple exhales from him and thought nothing on it. Until, you felt him hardening up.
Your eyes widened a little as you realized what was happening and you gasped as his hands moved around your front and began to undo your jeans.
Slowly, he slid them off and then moved his hands up and down your thighs, taking in the feeling.
He pushed your legs apart and moved his hand to feel the silkiness of your panties.
He began to slowly rub your clit through the fabric.
Ryland: "I’ve been waiting for this.” He whispered in your ear and you let out a deep breath you hadn’t known you were holing.
Your boyfriend slowly maneuvered the two of you so you were on your back on the ground and he climbed over you. He got into the push up position over you. He slowly removed your already wet panties and your hands went to the hem on his shirt. You pulled it over his head and then let out a loud gasp as he plunged two fingers into your wet opening.
Your hands gripped his shoulders as he started finger-fucking you thrusting his fingers in and out.
[Y/N]: “Fuck!” You yelled and he smiled as he pulled your shirt off with his free hand. He started sucking on your neck and you moaned loudly. Just then, he pulled his fingers out and you whimpered, wanting more.
He smiled against your skin and gave you a love bite. You had finally had enough of feeling his jeans brush against your legs and you got his jeans off. His erection was clearly visible through his boxers. You smiled at him and then flipped the two of you over. He unhooked your bra as you did so.
You were straddling his thighs and could tell his member obviously needed tending to. So, you stuck your hand into his boxers and took hold of it.
He started moaning and groaning as you stroked his shaft. He reached up and took hold of your breasts in both his hands. He leaned his head back as his high began to build and it gave him some more adrenaline.
He pushed you back onto the floor and pulled his own boxers off as climbing over you.
Your eyes locked on his and that’s when he came undone, his warm fluids getting on your stomach and making you shriek a little bit.
[Y/N]: “Just get in me already!” You weren’t ever really one to beat around the bush.
Ryland: “As you wish.” He kissed your lips and both of you were almost panting already. He brushed his tip over your sore and begging pussy.
[Y/N]: “Fuck me.” You whispered and he met your eyes as continuing the action.
Ryland: “Tell who you love.” He insisted as making a moan leave your lips.
[Y/N]: “Y-y-you Rylan-nd. Y-ou.”
Ryland: “And don’t forget it.” He said as slipping himself inside you.

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The Art of Pining for Another - Chapter 12

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I decided it would be best to just set out Chris’s outfit for the next day the night before his photoshoot. In so doing, I could sleep in as long as I wanted, get actual breakfast from room service, and even go out to get my hair cut. I had real plans for that morning, and none of them involved working. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see Chris. It was that I thought that if I could start my day off right, I might end the night on a much better note than he or I had done before. Not that we’d had very many nights to start or end the way I planned, but… well… you know what I mean.

However, this is not how things went.

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Game Theory - Chapter 6

Hello lovelies, I hope you are having a great start of the year! Here’s the final chapter of Game Theory. It’s been great fun and I have learnt a lot about all the rookie mistakes one can do when facing a plot! This was my first attempt to create a longer storyline - poetry has always been my preferred creative outlet when it comes to writing. Please do send me a message if you have any feedback, I would really appreciate it! 

Beta by hartfic and dabblingdabbler 

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Hartbig, SFF, SFW, 2,144 words, all of them are filthy lies.

- - - 

If there was ever a moment to stand up and get some water, this is it - and Hannah is not going to miss it. She gently pushes Grace’s legs off her laps and walks to the kitchen, wobbling a little, the last residue of alcohol still lingering in the back of her head. She would happily take another shower. She feels any contact with Grace needs to be washed away immediately or it will build up like seaweed, trapping her at the bottom of a riverbed. She offers a glass of water to Grace and asks: “Is the seaweed in a river called river-weed?”

“Is this a riddle? Because I don’t think I can cope with any cerebral activity beside acknowledging my relative position to the restroom right now.”

“No, just wondering.” She chuckles at Grace’s slow word-knitting, as if each term was fighting its way out of her brain. She is doing that thing - it’s a technique more than a style - where she tries to stretch a sentence for as long as possible, and it’s nearly frustrating how you’d expect it to end, and it doesn’t. 

“You wonder too much, Harto.” Grace says before drinking her water. And then the glass is there, staring back at her in its calm, circular emptiness, and if there’s any more of this silence she’ll throw it against the wall, just to have something happen. Hannah’s phone vibrates in her pocket: it’s Ellie, but she’s not in the mood for a good morning call and decides to ignore her.

Grace notices, and feels slightly uncomfortable. "I should go, I am disgusting.“ She says as she sniffs her shirt, twisting her mouth.

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i’m bored with drawings of females with perfectly proportionate lil hourglass figures tbh where are the top heavy girls with big boobs and no hips, where are the girls that are straight up and down with no boobs or hips, where are the girls with no boobs but alottttta hips, where are the skinny girls with round tummies the ones with waists that aren’t so small, where are the thick ol’ thighs, where’s the arm flab, where are the moles and stretch marks and dark underarms and dark thighs and why do all these girls’ calves taper so perfectly into their ankles also fat doesn’t just mean a kangaroo pouch and big hips

A quick reminder

whether your body

  • is skinny
  • is curvy
  • is overweight
  • is underweight
  • is tattoed
  • is pierced
  • is scarred
  • is large-breasted
  • is medium-breasted
  • is small-breasted
  • is flat-chested
  • has got cellulitis
  • has got stretch marks
  • is tall
  • is short
  • is changed to your liking
  • is dark-skinned
  • is light-skinned
  • is olive-skinned
  • is tanned
  • has got straight hair
  • has got wavy hair
  • has got curly hair 
  • has got afro-textured hair
  • is not perfectly proportionate
  • has got touching thighs

You are gorgeous. You are beautiful. You deserve to be loved and respected because you and your body are absolutely stunning. Don’t let others tell you what to look like, because you are you: unique. ( ˊᵕˋ )♡.°⑅

i feel like hillary has too little skin for her head, whereas trump has too much skin for his head

if they were to exchange skins, they would both be perfectly proportionate, normal-looking people

You don’t need to be “chubby/thick/average” or however you want to call someone who’s over 50kg in order to have curves or be sexy. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you’re literally skinny-shaming in order to stop body-shaming for idols like Hwasa, Joy, CL, and those known ‘curvy idols’. Just look at Krystal, Seulgi, Soyou, Hyoeyon, etc. They are the on skinny side, but their hip-to-waist radio is perfectly proportionate.


Worthy “Lights Out”

87 B+

This Milk Stout was brewed with Madagascar vanilla beans, and is available year-round. I’d like to thank Chad at Worthy Brewing for his gracious donation, giving me the opportunity to dissect his beer and share it with you all. Aromas are predominantly roasty with notes like creamed coffee, cocoa, toasted oats, and caramel on the front. Vanilla draws a weak outline, nearly overshadowed by earth-toned, minty hops.

The palate begins with flavors of milk chocolate as a burnt caramel sweetness descends. Whispy traces of vanilla behave like a shadow to the malt, slightly amplifying the overall complexity without protruding as a main point on interest. Roasted malts continue to develop into a coffee character. Meanwhile, earthy hops infuse a mild grassy bitterness that gently tilts the scales toward 30 IBU’s, finishing with a touch of orange and blackberry. The mouthfeel begins ultra-soft, wet, muted in lactic fashion, propelled forth by mellow carbonation.

Overall, I think this is a solid little stout with good stability and control. Sweetness is perfectly proportionate to roasted bitterness, resulting in an agreeable shifting of weight. Malts take the lead, but hops rise up in the finish for interesting contrast. This delivers what you would expect out of a stout, but with a milky feel, and the added bonus of vanilla. I recommend it.

Malts: premium two-row, rolled oats, de-husked black malt, chocolate malt

Hops: Oregon-grown Nugget, Cascade, Santiam


30 IBU

Bend, Oregon

anonymous asked:

This dude, he's got a smile that kills. Looks that kills. really really reeeaalllyy beautiful body. very proportionate, perfectly shaped. So fit. unf. He's got curly hair and he can sing. We're dating actually, in my fantasies... HAHAH. Im hopeless...


[140517 PT 2: Daejeon] Bangtan Fansign

Part 2 of May 17th fanaccounts (part 1 here):

Since it was first come first serve and we had to make a mad dash half way through the Gwangju fansign to the KTX just to get there for ticketing, my friends and I ended up being numbers 100-102 for the Daejeon fansign, but that was kind of perfect as it turns out because we were right on the aisle meaning ideal for photography opportunities. It also gave us some time to think of new questions to ask them.

There was also a super cute little boy who belonged to one of the Synnara staff members and she told us he was a bangtan fan hehe. When the boys came in and out the walked in through the backdoors of the hall and past all the fan girls to the stage and he ran along with them both times. I think there are some cute pictures of him and V holding hands when they’re leaving, but all mine came out a bit blurry OTL

Taehyung was first. This time Caitlyn went first and I followed right after so I was waiting on the side of the stage while they were talking. The first thing he said to Caitlyn was “Oh you came to Daejeon!…. but… where’s your friend…?” And he kept look over at me. He told her that they/he likes us a lot lol, but he could say why, he said he just does? I think they still find it kind of novel to have western fans even since there are only a handful who have regularly gone to things? Or maybe it’s that they think we look a like? IDK he looked very cheerful about us being there haha.

The first thing I noticed when I knelt down was that he was wearing some kind of bowtie a fan had give him, so I tried to tell him it was cute but then he was trying to tell me something about it and I was really confused as to what he was talking about… he took it off and showed me that it was attached by a bobby pin and then I think he was trying to give it to me?? I was really confused (in my defense I was really sick/dehydrated by the time we got to Daejeon and it only was getting worse). At any rate, he never ended up reading my post-it so I guess I’ll never know who’s the best and worst liar in Bangtan. He asked me my name automatically so I answered, but Jeongguk was listening to our conversation at this point and he made fun of Taehyung for not knowing haha. Taehyung was like “oh right Kat!” and Jeongguk leaned in and went “Yeah its Kat!” like obviously he should know my name, and Taehyung had the grace to look a bit bashful (not that I really expect them to remember my name). It was really cute though.

 When Taehyung slid my album over to Jeongguk he was still kind of teasing him and he repeated my name really enthusiastically like “KAT! Kat Kat!” it was really cute. He’s usually so reserved with me, so this was already out of the ordinary for me and him. I asked him if he ate lunch well and he told me very emphatically that he did and it was delicious! Haha he told me what they ate but I didn’t quite catch it. My question for him was “What’s your favorite snack to get at the convenience store” and he immediately said the spicy chicken snacks (like the ones below) and got really excited when I knew what they were. I said they were really delicious and he was like oh do you like spicy food?? And I was like of course! And I asked him if he ate spicy food well and he was also like “of course!” and we victory high fived lol. He’s was so passionate about his spicy chicken snacks and food in general… now I know if I want to have a good conversation with Jeon Jeongguk, just bring up food!

(This is the food he said he liked: )


Jimin was next and he asked for my name and I looked at him for second to see if he’d remember and he went “ah goyangi!” and wrote to goyangi again. My post-it note asked for him to write/tell me a line from the lyrics he’s tried to write but he just gave me a really confused look and said “what lyrics?” and even though I explained “lyrics by Jimin, by you…” he remained clueless haha. I asked to compare handsizes when he went to give me a high-five and he immediately drew his hand back like no….. and I was please??? And he kept almost doing it and then drawing away like he was nervous but he left it there for long enough that I could tell his hand is smaller than mine T^T he doesn’t really have stubby fingers, they’re just small. His hands are like a childs, they’re perfectly proportionate, kind of pretty even, just so tiny… he’s such a slight person it just wanna hug him T^T Jimin’s little hands…

I think I was really flustered by the time I got to namjoon, I didn’t have a post-it because I was just going to talk to him, but we got derailed over my name (im sorry I feel like this is a really boring fan account to read;;). I wanted to ask him about why he said in the ize interview he likes walking around palaces and such, and which one he liked the most etc, but he asked me my name and I was a little taken a back because he’s actually remembered my name before I’ve said it before and I literally had seen him 5 hours ago so I said “aw you don’t remember?” but then he got a flustered and kept repeating, “I’m sorry but I gotta ask! I gotta ask!” and I honestly don’t mind if he doesn’t know my name so I feel really bad that I made him so flustered about it. I told him it started with a K, and eventually just said Kat, he was like oh right Kat, the only name that starts with a K! and smiled at me but I feel like I made him feel like I was mad at him for not knowing and it wasn’t like that /sob…

 Jhope was listening in on my conversation with Namjoon and imitated his “I gotta ask” and when I told him my name he started to write a C but then made it into a circle saying “with a K right?” so now my album says “toO KAT” lol. My question for him was “Which member wants to have a pet the most?” I But he read my question and wrote “puppy!” and kept saying puppy at me and I was like…. that is not what I asked you hoseok… But when I tried to explain it more he just said “I have a puppy! His name is Mickey!” So I just gave up lmao… (I have no idea how he got what kind of pet do you have/want out of the way I phrased my question either because i wrote basically “Out of the members, who wants to have a pet the most?”)

 I talked to Jin about the car in the picture because it was a mini and my family has a mini. He told me it was the company’s car though. He said he doesn’t have his own car and its really regrettable haha. He thought it was really cool that I had one in the states though! I meant to ask him what his dream car was but I guess I got side tracked. When he saw Caitlyn he told her she was beautiful and pretty and called her “pretty woman” and asked her if she’d knew the movie because it’s his favorite. But… then she was like, “yeah, Julia Roberts?” and he had no idea what she was talking about so we think he was totally lying about that being his favorite movie haha. After she asked him what he’d food he’d cook for her if they had dinner together and he said “Chicken” which usually means fried chicken.

 Suga was last and the first thing he asked me was if it was hard getting from Gwangju to Daejeon and I said only a little bit… we had to go very quickly. He asked me how we came so I told him KTX and maybe it wasn’t a very interesting conversation, but it was really nice. He just chatted with me about coming and going, but something about Yoongi just makes every interaction seem special. I know I’ve said that I always feel like the last member is unsatisfactory due to my collapsed state of mental being, and that it’s usually Yoongi, but this was slightly less of a fail than I usually am by the time I get to him. He even answered my post-it question which was “Who is the most gullible member of Bangtan?” Apparently according to Suga, it’s Hoseok. I almost forgot I’d even written him a question so when he looked and me and said “J-hope” I was momentarily thrown off, but then he said “J-hope is the easiest to fool” and I remembered my question.


I spent the rest of the fansign trying to take pics and not collapse because I seriously felt so terrible but overall it was a really good two fansigns even with us nearly missing our train. The boys were in a really great mood for both, and we kind of thought they’d be more tired for the second one but they were, if anything, in even better moods! Their lunch must have been awesome hehe. Because Monday was Coming of Age Day in Korea for all 95 liners (and apparently Namjoon?) they sang some kind of typical coming of age day song at the end and during picture time decided that they’d all just try and poke Jimin’s face in the name of the coming exciting day where he would become an adult (even though he wasn’t the only one??). I think they like teasing Jiminie the most haha.

For both fansigns the boys were in really good spirits and interacted with each other more fluidly than I’m used to seeing them. Usually at fansigns there are members like J-hope and Jimin who like to interact with the members near them and members like Jeongguk and Jin who focus mainly on the fans in front of them or occasionally into the crowd, and members like Rapmon who when he’s not with or about to receive a fan, spends he free moments cheesin for the crowd. Because they have a completely unset order for their seating arrangements you never know what your going to get, but even members who don’t usually seem that interested in talking to the one next to them were being playful with each other. At Gwangju, Jimin and Jeongguk kept talking to each other and Jhope would join in too, which wasn’t that unusual but super cute. I think I was most intrigued by how cute Jimin was being with Rapmon at Daejeon. He had his arm around him for the first couple minutes and was chatting with him a lot while things were being set up when they first came out. I think they’re surprise time off (at least from schedules) was really good for them. They seemed very refreshed, they looked amazing and vibrant and they’re relationships seemed really good. If they’d had their planned schedules they’d probably have promoted Haruman for the beginning half of May and have dove straight into Japanese promotions with hardly any rest, so it worked out in their favor I think. As they were leaving the stage at Daejeon, one of the members (90% sure it was Hoseok) sang a few lines of Miss Right and now I really want to see a performance of it, I hope they do it live some day… 


Can you do Warren and his gf chilling in bed watching Netflix, well he is, his gf on the other hand is playing with his hand and slipping her tiny chuby fingers between his long slender ones and they have like a fluffy cute Tarzan moment 😂? -Requested by @tanovic54321

It was date night with Warren, but instead of going out, you decided to stay home instead. You turned on the TV in your room and put on Stranger Things while he made popcorn. You jumped in bed in your PJ’s and got comfy under the covers while you waited for him to come in.

“Extra buttery, just for you,” he said as he walked in, grinning. The popcorn’s smell made your mouth water.

“You’re the best,” you said, grabbing a greedy handful of the buttery goodness and plopping it in your mouth.

He set the bowl between you and got under the blankets, pressing his warm body against yours. He stretched his wing out behind you, and you leaned back on it while he slung one arm around your shoulder. It was like laying down on a soft, feathery blanket. He pulled you close to cuddle while you started the episode.

You’d already watched the entire season of Stranger Things, so you were more interested in the popcorn than the TV. When the snacks ran out, you tried to watch, but it just wasn’t the same now that you knew exactly what was going to happen. Instead, you started playing with his fingers.

You intertwined your short fingers with his long, calloused ones. “What are you doing?” He was only half-paying attention.

You lifted your arm and examined your tiny hand wrapped in his. “Your fingers are so long,” you said distractedly. “Put your hand up. I want to see how long they are.”

He raised an eyebrow, but let go of your hand and complied. You pressed your palm against his and stretched your fingers, but they were not nearly as lengthy as his.

“It’s like that scene from Tarzan,” you giggled. “Your hands are like Tarzan’s compared to mine.”

He ripped his attention from the screen. “Hey!” he protested. “My hands are perfectly proportionate, thank you very much.”

“I was just teasing,” you smiled. You turned your head and kissed his cheek to show there were no hard feelings. You slipped your fingers in his again. “I like you just the way you are, Warren.”