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Welcome Home (Chris Evans x Reader)

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 808

Warnings:  Swearing, Pure Smut

Request: You’re asleep and Chris gets home after being away filming for a few months

Requested by: my beautiful friend @potterhead1265

Chris was away filming and you had missed him dearly.  No amount of Skype calls, phone calls, or texts could account for him physically being there with you; the amount of pleasure he could give you.  Sure, his voice and words gave you pleasure while you had Skype sex, but damn, you would give anything for him to be there with you.

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Apples and Desks

Prompt: (thank you for submitting!)

Genre: smut, fluff

Warnings: swearing, rimming, anal, light bondage, light gagging

Word count: 3020 (im in too deep, no going back at this point soz)

A/N: the actual plot was okay in my opinion but the smut part i actually tried so ayyyyyyyyy ((BUT SIDENOTE: LOOK AT THE WORD COUNT I DIDNT THINK I WOULD WRITE THAT MUCH FOR A ONESHOT HOLY SHIT))

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Tattoos - Alex Summers & Warren Worthington

Summary : instead of having one tattoo of your soulmate’s mutation, you have two. Two completely different tattoos.

Word Count : 1k+

Warnings : uhh fluff? slight angst? lol idk bro

Prompt : everyone has a tattoo of their soulmate’s mutation (if they have one) and you have two completely different tattoos, because you have two soulmates.

Pairing : Alex Summers x reader x Warren Worthington iii

A/N : so this soulmate au has been swimming around in my head for a while so I thought I would finally write it! I’m total trash for Warren and Alex so that’s why it’s these two love bugs. this also starting off in the third person. (e/c = eye color)

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Wings and Plasma beams. Those were your tattoos. Yes tattoos, as in two and not one. Usually people only had one tattoo that represented your soulmate’s mutation, but that’s if they were a mutant.

Y/N sat under a tree branch, well more like she was swinging from the low hanging branch. She could control plants, create whatever type of plant she wanted. Most people longed for such a beautiful, graceful mutation, but what they didn’t know is that she could also create Earthquake, Tsunamis, and any other type of horrible event.

As she sat on her swing made of vines she read her favorite book, humming softly as her eyes scanned the paper pages, keeping her mind calm and free of any and all horrible thoughts. Her brain was thinking other things though, things that were making her heart race a mile a minute. For some odd reason her brain thought that today was the day she would finally meet her soulmates, the two people that were going to love her till death do them part. It was rare for someone to have two soulmates, but Y/N just thought of it as another opportunity to make more people in the world happy.

Alex Summers and Warren Worthington on the other hand were stressing about meeting their soulmate. Of course the two blonde boys didn’t realize that they had to share the same girl.

Warren was walking around with Ororo, Jean, Kurt, Peter, Scott, Jubilee, and Alex. Of course Alex just had to be walking with them. When the group had just about gotten to where Y/N was, the two blondes stopped walking, their eyes locked on her. The group noticed their absence and turned their heads, looking for what had caught their attention. Jean smirked slightly, realizing that the two boys were staring at Y/N.

“Who is that? I’ve never seen her before.” Warren says. He looked awestruck, completely taken back the beauty of the girl; his soulmate.

“That’s  Y/N, of course you’d never seen her before because you never attend any of your classes.” Jean chuckles. “She’s always out her, all the time no matter what. Her mutation basically plants her right to the Earth itself it’s probably why we all call her Mother Nature.” Alex and Warren tilt their heads at Jean, tearing their eyes away from the girl for a second.

“What do you mean?” Alex questions.

“She can basically control the Earth, and she’s pretty damn good at it. If she went up against Ororo or anyone else, she’d no doubt win.” Jubilee chuckles, earning a glare from Ororo. Alex’s and Warren’s eyes went wide. Simultaneously they rolled up or pulled off their jackets, revealing an Earth tattoo on their wrist or forearm.

“You both have the same soulmate?” Kurt says slowly, tilting his head in confusion.

Ororo shrugs. “Once when Y/N and I were talking, she did say that she had two soulmate tattoos, but she wouldn’t show me them, and she’s always covering herself up so that no one sees them.” She sighs before continuing. “I guess it could be a possibility that you three are soulmates.” Warren gagged and Alex rolled his eyes at the winged boys child like nature. When they turned their attention back to Y/N she was packing up her things, her back turned to the group.

Warren and Alex looked at one another before sprinting down to her, determined to beat one a another to Y/N. Warren no doubt beat Alex, using his wings as an advantage. Alex huffed, walking over to them. Y/N’s back was still faced towards them, so she didn’t sense their presence. The two boys looked at one another before nodding at each other, both reaching out and tapping their first finger against each of Y/N’ s shoulders. She turned around, her eyes looked up at the two boys, her e/c eyes going wide.

Alex was first to speak. “Y/N? This may sound a bit crazy, but I’m- we’re your soulmates.” He said, gesturing in between him and Warren. Y/N’s perfectly plush, pink lips spread out into a smile across her face.

“I have been waiting so long to meet you two, wow, I never thought I’d actually meet my soulmates.” She beamed, her perfect smile making both boys go weak at the knees. She turned to Warren, giggling softly. “I figured that you were one of my soulmate’s, you are the only one that has angel wings after all.” Warren blushes, making Y/N giggle again. She looked back at Alex, the same smile still on her face. “I had a suspicion you were too, but I wasn’t sure, any one could have plasma energy as their mutation.” Alex chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“How about we all hang out tonight? Get to know more about each other, since you know, soulmates and every things.” Warren said, his hands making weird gestures into the air. Y/N smiled, nodding as she tucked back a strand of her hair.

“I’d love that.” She slung her book bag over her shoulders before saying. “I’ll see you two later.” She kissed each of the boys on the cheek before walking into the mansion, smiles plastered on all three of their faces.

Y/N sat on the sofa in the lounging room, doing her homework and listening to the fire place crackle. She was happy, the happiest she’s been in a long time. She finally met her two soulmates, both very handsome, and both seemed to get a long, or so she hoped. She sighed, shutting her history book and setting it to the side.

“You okay there, doll?” She turns her head slightly to see Alex and Warren standing only a few feet away from her. She nods, smiling softly at them.

“Yeah, just tired of all this homework. I know Professor Logan means well, but I could care less about some of these events.” She chuckled, moving her stuff onto the coffee table and patting the seats next to her. Alex didn’t hesitate to sit on Y/N’s left side, smiling as he made himself comfortable beside her. While on the other hand Warren stood awkwardly, rocking himself back and fourth on his heels. Y/N tilted her head.

“Come sit, Warren, there’s enough room for you.” She said, her voice soft and delicate. God were these two boys already in over their heads with this girl. Warren shrugged, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“It’s just my wings, I don’t want you two to feel cramped with them. They’re always getting in the way.” He huffed, obviously upset that he couldn’t sit with his soulmates. Y/N frowned and stood up, moving the coffee table out of the way and growing what seemed to be nest in the middle of the floor. She looked at the two boys and gestured for them to sit down. They smiled and gladly sat on either side of her, forming a triangle almost.

“So, what do you want to learn about me? Or are their any things I should know about you two?” Y/N asked, leaning back on her palms. The two shrugged, making Y/N roll her eyes playfully. “Oh come on, you two. Their has to be something.” She looked at the blonde boys, waiting for one of them to speak up. And to her delight, one of them did; Alex did to be exact.

“I uh, have PTSD, from going to Cuba with the x-men, and going through the Vietnam War.” He said. “So I don’t exactly sleep well anymore.” Y/N nodded, then looked over at Warren. He scoffed but when he looked back at Y/N to see her glaring at him he coughed and started to talk.

“Uh, I just have nightmares about the fight with Apocalypse and the X-men, and umm… I have a drinking issue.”  He mumbled, almost as if he were ashamed. Y/N smiled softly at him, grabbing hold of his hand and giving it a soft squeeze to reassure him.

“Well I will be more than happy to help you two boys with your problems.” She said, making the two boys smile at her.

“Well what about you? What’s something we should know about you, love?” Warren said. Y/N’s heart practically melted at the nicknames these two boys were giving her.

“Uh, I’m not sure actually, I’m a pretty open book.” She shrugged, pulling her hair to one side of her neck. “Oh! When I get really angry or sad, or annoyed I can cause Earth quakes or any other type of extreme disaster.” She noted, The two boys looked at each other and then back to Y/N. “Don’t worry, usually I’m very calm and happy so those things hardly ever happen anymore.”

Alex tilted his head. “Anymore?” He questioned. Y/N sighed, pulling her hands into her lap.

“When I was little my family and were in a car accident. My brother and parents died on impact, but because of my mutation the Earth seemed to protect me.” Her eyes wouldn’t look up to meet the blue eyes of her soulmates. “When the doctors and nurses told me that they were dead I became so depressed and angry, I almost brought down the entire block.” By now tears brimmed her eyes. Laughing softly, she looked up, wiping her eyes with he sleeve. “Erik and Professor Xavier took me in after they figured out that it was a kid who caused so much destruction. After that they taught me how to keep my emotions at bay, keep myself calm and free of any harmful thoughts so that something like that never happens again.”  By the end of Y/N’s story Warren and Alex had sandwiched her between them, making her giggle and sniffle at the same time.

“You’ll never have to worry about something like eve again, baby girl. We’ll always make you happy, we promise.” Warren said softly, kissing the top of her head and smiling softly at Alex. Alex returned the smile, also kissing the side of her  head.

The night was spent talking, mostly about their favorite things and some things they did as a kid. The three of them were happy, and they knew they would be for a long time because they had each other.

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Let's Take a Walk! (Eggsy x Reader)

A/N: I’ve never posted a fanfic or imagine on Tumblr before, but here goes! Hope you like it! I will post more if you guys would like. Find me at DeviantArt and Archive of Our Own under InnerBeautyCounts :)

    "Please! Eggsy, please!“ you begged for the thousandth time.
    ”(Y/n), I said no,“ Eggsy replied a bit calmer, after having lost his patience at least ten times in the last hour.
    "It’s just a normal walk. Just a walk through the quiet, calm, serene neighborhood. It’s not like we’re walking in the city or at the park or anything. Chances are we won’t see another single living soul,” you replied.
    He didn’t know, but you had a really, really big crush on Eggsy. This walk might’ve been the perfect opportunity to at least even it out between you and Princess Tilde. You were the one that was supposed to go on a date with Eggsy after the world was saved. You were the one that was supposed to be kissed. Okay, maybe not supposed to, but it sure as hell shouldn’t have been some desperate princess giving Eggsy the “benefit” only because she needed a way out of that prison as soon as possible… and that he happened to be extremely good-looking.
    "Ergh, (y/n), it’s way too risky right after having completed a mission. You don’t know if anybody, from some God-knows-what secret organization, might get us back for what we righteously did!“ he exclaimed, standing up midway, then putting his hands on his hips.
    "Well,” you said as he started to walk a couple steps farther from the cozy couch in the den, “we’re a secret organization ourselves.”
    He stopped and turned his head back a little, followed by completely turning around his whole body, giving you a “really?” look, then chuckling and biting the right part of his bottom lip.
    Whoa, you thought as you stared at his plush, perfectly pink lips. You pursed your own to avoid anything stupid or even risqué coming out of your mouth. 
    You rolled your eyes and smiled. “Besides, we’re two highly-skilled, meticulously-trained agents… or at least, I am, so what’s the worst that can happen?”
    Eggsy scoffed at your little joke and sighed, “Fine, let’s take a walk!”
    "YES, THANK YOU!“ you exclaimed in happiness and relief.
    "Only to prove your point wrong if something bad does, in fact, happen. I even get to say ‘I told you so!’” he smirked, crossing his arms.
    "Oh, whatever,“ you giggled, "get changed and put some decent-looking clothes on. You look like even more of a slob in that ketchup-stained muscle tee and those stupid cargo shorts.”
    "See you in a bit, Agent Bruin,“ he smiled, completely melting you with a wink.
    "See you soon, Agent Galahad,” you replied, putting in your full effort to try to return the wink. Instead, you made a funny face and realized as soon as Eggsy giggled. You began giggling, too, hiding the embarrassment and regret. Way to screw it up, (y/n). Way to screw it up…
After about ten minutes of quick touching up some light make-up and slipping into a simple white, collared blouse and black leggings, then into some feminized (and lethal!) Oxfords, you went downstairs into the tailor’s and waited for Eggsy.
    He came walking down the stairs right on cue, in an expensive Kingsman suit, his black Oxfords, and an umbrella hanging on his arm. “Good evening, (y/n),” he said, in his “proper” voice, “Are you ready for our little stroll around the neighborhood?”
    "Wow, when I told you to get cleaned up and ready, I didn’t mean to get all fancy!“ you teased, pointing to your own casual and plain outfit, "And it’s morning, not evening.”
    "Didn’t mean to get all fancy!“ he teased, mocking your American accent (unless you don’t have one, oops), "Well, I liked to be armed and ready when out in public.”
    "So do I,“ you replied, with a smug look on your face.
    He gave you a quizzical look, cocking one eyebrow, "And where do you keep your-” Before he could continue, you turned around and smacked your butt, then knocked on your chest. “Oh, I see…” he continued as the two of you exchanged smirks, “Well, the suit gives me confidence. You’re radiating and look beautiful casual anyway.”
    Whoa, did he just-“Well, thank you, Eggsy, and may I say, you look rather dashing yourself,” you winked, suddenly feeling brave.
    "Why, thank you, (y/n),“ he winked as he put his arm out, gesturing for you to put your hand in his elbow.
    Full of courage and feeling as if you were on a roll, you placed your hand there and warmly smiled, getting lost in his green eyes, your eyes lingering down to his lips, in a big, glowing smile. He opened the door with left arm, which was also holding the umbrella, and you kept your left hand in his elbow.
    "Not so bad, right?” you smiled, looking up at his finally relaxed face.
    "I-I guess,“ he smiled, pushing up his glasses and turning his face over to you.
    You got your free hand and gently took them off him, carefully tucking them into his jacket’s left breast pocket. "That was only one of your real missions, Eggsy. You have to learn to not being so paranoid. I’ve gone through at least twenty just as rough if not rougher.”
    "Okay, I’ll try,“ he murmured, looking at you gratefully, and keeping his eyes glued to yours. Not noticing, you kept yours glued to his as well. They were even more vivid and beautiful without the lens of the glasses getting in their way, or the reflective shine of the sun. ”(E/c), your eyes are (e/c).“
    You giggled, "Yes, they are (e/c).”
    "And they’re beautiful, too,“ he remarked, slightly blushing, your cheeks doing the same when you had noticed.
    "Thank you, Eggsy. Your eyes are quite remarkable as well; they’re so unique!” you exclaimed, your hand subconsciously stroking the inside of his arm, “And mine are just, well, (e/c).”
    "Oh, you silly, little- ah, they’re beautiful!“ he exclaimed, setting his umbrella against his leg and caressing your right cheek with the back of his now free hand, "Oh, my, your skin is soft, too!”
    You blushed and giggled like a little school girl, looking down to the two pairs of feet, then back into Eggy’s mesmerizing eyes. “Oh, Eggsy, you’re making me blush!”
    "I’m glad I’m doing so,“ he grinned, "but I’m just pointing out the obvious.”
    You felt your cheeks getting even warmer and your mind getting even more engulfed in his warm, tingling touch. You were too captivated in his eyes to realize your faces were getting closer… and closer… that is, until-
    "Hey, babe!“ shouted a man, obviously drunk, "Ditch that wannabe cunt and join me! I can show you a better time! C'mon, girl, ditch the snob!”
    Slowly, you and Eggsy left your positions and turned towards the man. Eggsy gestured towards him as to suggest you make your first move.
    "Sir, I advise that you don’t speak to ladies like that, especially this lady here,“ you said sternly, danger gleaming in your eyes.
    "Yes, and… have you looked into a mirror recently?" Eggsy cheekily added in.
    "Oh, you’re going to get it!” the man shouted, charging towards Eggsy.
    However, Eggsy stood there, legs shoulder with the part and his hands on the upside-down umbrella’s handle. Right as the man was within two feet of him, Eggsy quickly whipped up his umbrella, whacking him right where it counts.
    "ERGH, YOU BLOODY LITTLE CUNT!“ he grunted, falling back onto the hard gravel and clutching his parts.
    You kicked him once more in the shin, saying, "Don’t you ever call him those things ever again. You can’t even compare to him, so you can shut up and go back home, you lonely douche!”
    "Well done, (y/n),“ Eggsy smirked as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders instead of allowing you to put your hand in his elbow.
    "Same goes for you,” you smiled, “and thanks, Eggsy.”
    "Eh, you did most of the work. Fine job,“ he commented, pressing a kiss to your temple, but it wasn’t exactly chaste…
    You blushed, and before you knew it, you had got on your tip-toes and pressed a kiss just as flirtatious to his cheek. As you pulled away, he raised his eyebrows, looking at you with a "not bad" face.
    "Well, we’ve been walking for about three hours, and I want some lunch. How about we go grab some sandwiches at that deli that just opened up? Ruby says it’s real good,” you suggested.
    "Only if I pay,“ he smiled, rubbing your arm.
    "Hmm,” you went, overly exaggerating your questioning expression, “sounds fair!”
    "Alright then, love. Let’s go get some sandwiches!“
    You smiled and tucked in closer to him, replaying everything that happened that day so far. Wait a second, you thought, did he like me back?
"Well, well, well,” said Roxy suggestively, lifting her shades, “where have you lovebirds been all day?”
    "Lovebirds?“ Eggsy asked, smiling and blushing.
    "Aww, you two are blushing,” teased Roxy. He turned over to you and noticed that you were indeed blushing. “Well, what did you two do?”
    “Took a morning walk, beat up a man, then got some lunch,” you replied smugly.
    “And nothing more?” she asked curiously. 
    “Doesn’t seem so… at the moment,” he added, slightly pausing, then looking over to you and raising an eyebrow. 
    “I’m just going to leave…” murmured Roxy, “Goodbye…”
    “What do you mean at the moment?” you asked, in the same fashion Ruby had, turning over to completely face him.
    His confidence and suggestiveness suddenly turned into anxiety and nervousness. He placed his hand on the back of his neck and rubbed it, nervously chuckling. Unable to look at you in the eye, he looked away, mumbling, “Well, I was going to tell you earlier while we were on our walk, but I didn’t want to risk anything… I just didn’t know if you felt the same way.”
    Not wanting to jump to conclusions, you asked, “Well, tell me how you feel.”
    He came closer to you, his body probably only two inches away from yours at most, “Remember what I said about your eyes being beautiful?” he asked, continuing after you nodded, suddenly taking your hand, “It’s more than just your eyes that are beautiful. It’s your whole face, your hair, your body,” he paused to look down and blush as you did, “your character. You helped me become who I am today, and I completely ruined my chances by being an idiot and doing what I did with Princess Tilde. However, I sensed something more from you, and your personality just captivates me…” His voice began to slow and your faces moved in closer, “And it almost physically pains me… everyday… to stop myself… from…”
    It was finally the moment you thought would never come. His plush, soft, lips finally come in contact with your own. Gosh, they were even softer than they looked. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he snaked his around your waist, the space between your bodies completely disintegrating. It was passionate, slow, sensual, and definitely meaningful. 
    “Kissing you,” Eggsy continued, his cheeks glowing and his eyes full of love. 
    “Looks like you don’t have to stop yourself from kissing me anymore,” you chuckled, kissing him once more. 
    “After a long period of time, (y/n), I may be in love with you… No, I’m definitely in love with you.”
    “I’m in love with you, too,” you replied, “and I’m sure you can show me a better time than that creep.”
    Eggsy smirked and raised an eyebrow, “And I plan on continuing to do so. How about we take a walk this evening?”



Another Shot

Pairing: Natan

Word Count: 1555

Description: Natalie and Satan traverse to a carnival near the coast. When Natalie has her eye on a Certain Stuffed Prize, the pair find themselves determine to win it- for different reasons of course. Takes place when Nat and Satan go to the coast. Before she- y’know. Died.

“Ooh! That one! That one riiiiiight there!” Natalie pointed and waved her arm like a flailing idiot, eyes all aglow at the sight of possibly the most hideous thing Satan had ever seen.

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Children of Green (Pt 1)

(Hey there! This is a short few parts about the little family that form’s in Sean’s void! Enjoy!)

Sam had been alone in the void for as long as they could remember. There was never anyone else for them to talk to or play with. No one for Sam to laugh or smile with. They were alone.

That was, until Jack poofed into existence. He treated Sam like they were his own. They played games, and were both always laughing.

But when Sam wasn’t laughing, Jack was doing everything in his ability to make them smile. Jack was always smiling.

Every so often Jack would go away. He told Sam it was because he needed to record. Sam understood, and spent this time taking care of themselves.

One day, when Jack had been gone for quite some time, he came back with a present for Sam.

“Look!” He held it out for them, “It’s you!” In Jack’s hand was a perfectly sized Sam plush. “Do you like it?”

Sam loved it. They cherished it with every fiber of their being. Whenever Jack went to record, Sam would curl up and fall asleep with the plush.

One day, Jack and Sam found Jackieboyman. Sam absolutely adored him.

Then Marvin the Magnificent began popping up every so often. Sam loved watching his magic tricks.

About a month later, Dr. Schneeplestein appeared. Sam loved playing doctor with him.

Sam no longer felt alone.

That was, until October of 2016.

Jack came back. But this time he did not smile. Sam thought it had to have been the first time they didn’t see him smiling.

Jack knew what was going to happen. He knew what cruel fate he was destined to be a part of.

He explained to Sam that on Halloween he may not come back as himself. He told them that after that, to never interact with Jack ever again. Sam was confused.

“It’s okay,” Jack smiled down at Sam, “I am gonna miss you, buddy.” Jack leaned down and kissed Sam on the forehead.

Weeks passed.

It wasn’t until Sam saw someone else in the void that they knew something was really wrong. They tapped the person on the shoulder, and he turned to look at Sam.

He looked just like Jack, but at the same time his body was horribly disfigured. He hadn’t been given a real form yet, so his was forced to accommodate for every idea and artwork that was made about him. This was Antisepticeye in his most pitiful state.

Sam ran off, terrified of Anti. They hid until they thought it was safe, which meant days. Jack never came back the same.

Months passed.

After a long day of hiding from Anti, Sam thought they saw Jack again. They ran up to him and gave him a hug. He was a bit surprised.

“Jack!” Sam squealed. Their eye clouded with tears.

“Sorry,” The man said, “I’m not Jack.”

Sam looked up at the man. He looked just like Uncle Henrik, or Uncle Marvin. He even resembled Jackieboyman. He was the spitting image of Jack.

Sam backed away. They began crying. They just wanted Jack back.

“No! Wait, don’t cry,” The man said, “I’m Chase.”

(Cutting it short because it is getting a little long, but the next part of this will be out tomorrow!)

thegaypumpingthroughyourveins  asked:

crack prompt : Percival wearing a crop top >:]

:D :D :D I give you, Modern Thesival! 

“Does that even count as a shirt?”

Percival turns around on one heel, big brown eyes going wide as Theseus’s voice registers. Instantly, a flush grows in his cheeks, spreading down his unfairly handsome face and throat, all the way to where his collarbones disappear into a tiny, purple shirt. Some part of Theseus’s brain registers the thing as a crop top, but the vast majority of him is just distracted by the pull of the soft fabric over Percival’s wide shoulders, his narrow sides, and the way it ends just above his belly button. 

Graves ducks his head, breaking eye contact. His ears are a vibrant shade of crimson, but his voice is strong: “Credence asked me to go to Pride with him. You’re supposed to dress up.”

“I dare say you’ve dressed down, darling,” Theseus teases, stepping deeper into the closet so he can take Percival by the backs of both elbows and guide him closer, giving the shirt another appreciative glance. 

It’s paired with a pair of incredibly tight black jeans, which Percival’s thighs fill out just perfectly. They display the plush curve of his arse too - the material stretching so tightly Theseus wonders if it’ll rip when Percival bends over. 

Percival just rolls his eyes, “I’ve been told there’s much worse to see. Be thankful I’m not going out in just a thong.”

Theseus snorts and ducks his head to kiss Percival, nosing along the man’s cheek, “I wouldn’t complain, but I also wouldn’t bail you out of jail when you cause accidents.”

Percival rolls his eyes again, slapping Theseus on the chest and heads to the bathroom, leaving his husband standing in the closet. Theseus admires the way Percival’s cheeks bounce and move in those pants, and the way the muscling in his back plays under that teenie shirt. Graves can feel him staring, because as he leans up against the counter to apply his eyeliner, he mutters, “Don’t be crude.”

Theseus just laughs. 

When Percival is all ready, hair slicked back, eyeliner so sharp it could kill a man, and Theseus has stuffed a sweater into his backpack, along with snacks and water, the man turns to Theseus and flushes again.

“I don’t look ridiculous?”

Theseus shakes his head, adjusting the shirt just a little and smoothing it down. 
“No darling. You look hot. Now go, and take lots of pictures. And punch some protesters for me too.”

Headcanon time! Okay picture this. Dirk and Roxy never had any humans around to communicate verbally with. Roxy only needed to use her voice when she was talking to chess people and her cats (because who doesn’t talk to their cats). Dirk never had anyone so he learned how to rap and made the rap bots to practice. 

But since most of their vocabulary is internet learned, there are tons of words that the both of them never learned to pronounce properly. Like Dirk actually thinks ‘ambush’ and ‘plush’ rhyme perfectly. And nobody knew until they all met in person. And Roxy’s asking Jane why she looks so “mel-ON-cho-ly.” And Jake is just so horribly confused when Dirk’s talking about the ‘pheelo-SO-pher’ ‘Plahtto’ and ‘p-sy-cho-logy’ but just thinks Dirk’s using especially fancy words that he’s too dumb to understand, or he does figure out what he means but still doesn’t say anything so Dirk doesn’t feel stupid. 

And Roxy figures out pretty quick that she does it because Jane will always try to correct her and Roxy’s just like ‘lmfao i been sayin that word that way my whole life i aint about to quit now’ And she starts doing it on purpose just ‘cause it drives Jane nuts. And because Jake won’t correct Dirk, Dirk just keeps doing it until he happens to say one in front of Jane and she corrects him instantly. And he gets SO embarrassed and like, “Jake, why didn’t you tell me I was saying that wrong?” And Jake’s just “I’m sorry!!!” 

And AR knows how to pronounce everything right because he’s literally a computer but he absolutely refuses to tell Dirk he’s said something incorrectly because he’s a lil shit and it’s funny how red Dirk gets when Jane tells him ‘island’ is not pronounced ‘izz-land’ after saying it 50 times in front of Jake already. 

btw, Jake’s vocab is mostly learned from movies rather than the internet and he had his grandma to talk to for a little while at least. So he might mess up words occasionally but not nearly as bad as Dirk or Roxy. 

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would you write a smut scenario of namjoon? go watch a movie together and there's this unexpected sex scene and he pretends to be indifferent but he looks at you and when you go home he starts making out with you and getting all touchy??

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Stay the Night

Sitting there quietly, I was entranced by the figures on the screen, who were having a very heated and emotional argument. My heart strings were being pulled as I sat on the edge of the cushioned chair, letting go of the warm hand next to mine upon the armrest, placing it on my lap instead and clenching it with my other fist. My eyes were fixated on the man and woman, watching closely as their passionate quarrel hit its crescendo—unexpectedly leading to a very heated sex scene.

Glad someone’s getting some, my voice echoed sardonically within my skull.

Peering over at the blonde haired boy beside me, I felt myself squirm uncomfortably at the heated scene—not because I was a prude, but because I was imagining two other bodies entangling that way in the throes of passion. However, my boyfriend—who I was beginning to consider asexual—simply sat there uninterested and indifferent to the racy content unfolding on the large screen.

Is this man made of stone?! Maybe he’s just not interested in you that way.


We had been dating for about two and a half months now, and he had shown little to no signs of bodily desires for me. I thought at first that he was simply taking things slow with me, you know, being a gentleman. But, then a month and a half passed and we had hardly connected our lips, let alone explored any of the other’s body. It was beginning to seriously bother me. Was he just not attracted to me, or did he really just want to take things at a snail’s pace?

I let out a small sigh as I watched the intensity of the lovers on screen, rotating in their own little universe of shooting stars and bliss. Envy shot through me with each caress of their lips, each breathy sigh, and every touch of skin upon skin. I shivered at the fantasy of him doing these things to me: stripping my body bare and placing that warm skin upon my own; alas, I was dating a monk—apparently anyway.

And then, I saw it, the smallest flicker of his eyes toward my side. Something unrecognizable was hiding there just beyond that dark brown stare; something like lust. Gulping, I pushed down that rising hope in my chest, ballooning itself there in my heart.

It was probably nothing. There’s no way that mister unspoken celibacy is thinking of breaking this drought with you.

But, those eyes continued darting my way through the rest of the film, a small smile painting those lush lips, his warm hand tickling the skin of my palm. Perhaps, Namjoon was finally giving into those same feelings I had succumbed to? Maybe. Just maybe.


“Thanks for bringing me home,” I smiled, pecking his cheek gently, unstrapping myself from my seatbelt and opening the passenger door slowly, “Did you want to come in for a bit?”

There was that look again; a sparkle in that night sky stare as a small smirk pulled one side of those plush lips upward, “Sure.”

Following me up the stairs to my apartment, I could hear his quick steps behind me, closing in on me as we were faced with the door to my flat. My pulse fluttered with those same sexy images from before: heated kisses and burning touches. Was he thinking about that too?

Struggling with the key, I tried the lock several times before feeling the well-known warmth of his own fingers over mine, his face just over my shoulder, that heat radiating from his chest just behind me, “Here let me,” he whispered against my ear, sending shudders down my spine.

I let go of the handle as he successfully opened the front door, “Ladies first,” he smiled, handing me the key, pressing it into my palm.

Nodding, I took a deep breath and crossed the threshold into my quaint, albeit small, apartment, “Welcome to my humble abode. Make yourself comfortable.”

Why was I so nervous?

Dark eyes darted about the studio, glancing at the bed underneath the moonlit window longingly—maybe my eyes were just playing tricks on me. Perhaps, I was just seeing what they wanted me to see. But, then I saw his eyes fall back on my jittery form, his long legs moving him into my space with just two long strides.

“So, are you thirsty?” I asked nervously, unable to meet that hooded stare.

“That all depends,” he murmured, bringing those taunting lips toward my own.

Gulping, I struggled to release the words sticking in my throat, “On what?”

“Whether you are on the menu,” he smirked, brushing his tantalizing mouth over mine, bringing his hands to cup my face gently.

Did I hear that correctly? Was that a sexual innuendo?

“And if I am?” I murmured against his lips, twining my arms about his shoulders.

Full lips were crashing over my own, answering my question with heated, frenzied kisses. His tongue prodding at my mouth, asking for a dance. The two muscles twirled and caressed in a seductive tango that brought flames licking up from my stomach and into my chest. My fingers interlaced themselves in blonde locks of hair, his own warm hands wandering down my back and guiding me backward until I felt my legs brush against the bed across the room.

I was falling then, against the mattress, and more importantly from this world, into a universe all our own. One where he was the bright shining sun, burning high within a blue sky, and I was the moon, tethered to his movements, following blindly behind his hot trail.

Those lips were beginning a trail of their own across my cheek and down my jaw, leaving wet kisses down my neck before biting down on that juncture between my neck and shoulder, marking me with a purplish bruise for territorial purposes. Wincing, I felt my back arch from that softness below me in pleasure; there was something about being bitten by that mouth that sent me straight to cloud nine. I felt a smirk against my skin as he continued that hot path down my neck and onto the sharp lines of my shoulders and collarbone, revealed by the thin straps of my top.

“Namjoon,” I sighed, his name rolling so effortlessly from my tongue, an unspoken prayer that this beautiful moment would continue.

Pulling those lips away from my tingling skin, he sat back, gazing at me seriously, his voice smooth, “Is this,” there was a nervousness in him, that same anxiousness I had experienced before making its course over those pretty features on his face as he restarted his question, “Is this really ok with you?”


My eyes widened fractionally at the implication; my breath catching in my throat. He wanted me in this moment. He desired me the way I had always desired him. He wanted to become one with my body; to make me see those bright lights and sink into oblivion.

Yes, my mind screamed.

Instead of answering him with words though, I recaptured those perfectly plush lips with my own, letting them coax his into a rhythm that I was leading for once. I needed him. I needed his love. I needed to finally be free with him; to light a fire within this small space around us.

His lips responded without hesitation, following mine blindly, those hands ghosting over my arms and down my waist, finally coming to rest on my hips. There was a tenderness as he began his slow exploration of my body; a slowness about his movements south of my lips, as if he were memorizing each piece of me: my taste; my smell; my touch. After all of those promiscuous raps I had heard him utter on his albums I was taken aback by his nervousness and gentleness with me that night as he touched me there in that pool of white sheets.

The moonlight illuminated that golden skin as it became slowly exposed; clothes discarded bit by bit, revealing more of that delicious skin over me. My own skin was bare, pressing into the expanse of his, melding like sheets of iron into one another. Heated mouths traced patterns down patches of skin, leaving little goose bumps in their wake, emitting breathy sighs from parted lips. This room was on fire now; flames incinerating those translucent sheets around us.

“Are you ready?”

His voice was unrecognizable to my ears: tender and weak. Looking down at me with softened eyes, I felt myself quiver with some fear that I hadn’t expected as he lined himself with my naked hips. My chest was heaving with anxiety. My brain running wild with doubt and discouragement.

What if I am terrible at this? What if he hates it? I am so inexperienced. I really should have shaved my legs. Oh, God why did we leave the lights on?  

A kiss to my temple shook me from those cruel thoughts, quieting the rampage within me, his voice making me weak, “You look beautiful like this,” then with ingenuity, “If you want to wait longer, we can.”

Shaking my head quickly, I whispered in his ear, kissing the lobe gently, “I’ve waited long enough.”

And just like that, we were performing our own racy scene, unscripted and unbridled. The world fell away from our tangled limbs, leaving us in that personal universe that only two lovers could inhibit. Stars were shining bright behind my eyes, heat radiating from the silken skin above me as we shared a slice of heaven, biting into it with hungry teeth. I could taste the oncoming oblivion; smell the scent of our love filling that small room around us, staining my sheets with a perfume all our own.

It was perfect. Indescribably perfect. That sweet bliss enveloping both of us simultaneously, chasing us into a bright set of constellations, where we burned out just like them.

And then, that moment ended as we both plummeted back to earth, planting our feet in reality. It was bittersweet. I felt myself collapse into the entangled sheets, sighing as he fell next to me, rolling onto his side and watching me intently.

A blush crept up my neck, dusting my cheeks and nose under that scrutinizing stare, “What is it, Namjoon?”

“I love you.”

It was a shock to both of our ears. A similar blush enveloping those golden cheeks as he avoided my eyes, afraid of rejection. But, with me, he’d never be rejected.

“I love you too.”

Elated, he grabbed my chin and pulled me into another fiery kiss, one that sent that pool of desire into my stomach and chest, my voice was still raw with that passion from before, “Are you gonna stay the night, Namjoon?”

Without uttering a single word, he looked at me with already hazy eyes and kissed my lips tenderly, placing those warm hands on each side of my face and aligning himself with my own body. We were on our way to those shooting stars and burning constellations; a place where we truly belonged. A place that was our own. 


As always, thanks for reading! Hope you all enjoyed the story! :)

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soon to be divorced couple obnoxiously painting the walls wacky colours every time the other paints over it is so cute imagine Stucky doing that and they realize they're still in love w eachother and 1 paints 'I love you' asddffhfjd this gives me feelings

My hand slipped…

No-powers civilian AU - Available HERE on Ao3

At some point during their nine-week whirlwind romance, when they had met with a ridiculous shower of imaginary sparks and hooked up by the end of the night, then proceeded to burn as brightly as two artists were wont to do, spending every second that they could together in a fit of reckless, passionate abandon, Bucky had admitted to Steve that his favorite color was Barbie pink.  After Steve had laughed until he’d nearly made himself sick, Buck had begrudgingly pointed out that it was because of the Barbie dreamhouse he’d spent countless hours playing with his sisters at while they were growing up, and so reminded him of the happiest times in his life (before meeting Steve, of course) and well… Steve had fell impossibly more for the beautiful sap that he was lucky enough to call his new boyfriend.

So when they had eloped on a whim four weeks later, Steve had decided to paint the accent wall of the sitting room of the condominium they had decided to make their newlywed nest that same bright, obnoxious pink.  The intention had been for it to be a gag wedding gift, but Bucky had been so overwhelmed and grateful that he’d never gotten around to painting over it, and for the rest of their honeymoon phase Steve had quickly come to fall in love with the color, too.

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King - Jinyoung Scenario [M]

Originally posted by pepi-junior

pairing: Jinyoung x Reader

genre: fluff/smut, look away children

word count: 2,332

request: hello!! that prince!jinyoung was very good!!! can i request a smutty scenario that is a sequel from the prince!jinyoung, its your wedding day and wedding night! thankyou so much ily!

A/N: A few things. 1, this is kinda the sequel to this post, so you may want to read that first. 2, this is my first official smut so take it easy on me if anything is awkward >.<. 3, I hope you enjoy you filthy animal. jkjk i love you i just need to bathe in holy water now.

You stared at yourself in the mirror, eyes painted with natural browns and tans while your lips had a softer red that complimented your features perfectly. You glanced at the figure standing behind you. Her eyes seemed to glow with excitement and a few proud tears were obviously being held back. Your mother was more than ecstatic for you to be marrying Jinyoung today; not only would it finally seal the peace between the two neighboring kingdoms, but it would seal the obvious love you two shared.

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Jump Then Fall

for @thehalcyonclub ‘s Taylor Swift inspired writing night! 

You realized that you were in love with Michael Clifford at the randomest time. He’d called you from across the world one day -at the asscrack of dawn for you- and you’d said something stupid. You couldn’t even remember what it was that you’d said, but he laughed and that was it. You’d figured it out.

Michael laughed, and it hit you that he was everything you’d ever wanted. It didn’t make much sense to you at first, because you’d been making Mikey laugh for years now, ever since you met him at that bar after a show.

He quickly became your very best friend, and his laugh was the best sound you’d ever heard. The adorable way his beautiful bright green eyes squinched up when he did it didn’t hurt either. But now you knew why the ridiculous fascination with his the way his perfectly plush, bright red lips moved had sprung up.

And why you found yourself mimicking his movements; when he smiled, you smiled. You’d been told by some of your other friends about the way you positively lit up whenever he came into the room, but you’d just chalked it up to exaggeration. Yeah, not so much anymore. 

Then months and months after you realized you were in love in your best friend, when he was gearing up to go on another tour, he kissed you. Like on the lips. And then ran away like a fucking coward. Which is why you were running through the airport, trying to find the gate for his flight. The bastard was planning to leave the country without even talking to you about what he started.

He’d been hurt before, and you’d been there for it. You’d been there for him. Michael had been crushed by girls who couldn’t -or wouldn’t- deal with his lifestyle. So you could partially understand where he was coming from with the whole running scared thing. But this was you. You thought he knew you better than that since you’d always had his back before but, apparently not.

Regardless, it was time for one of your least favorite things in the world. Public confrontation. And you had already run past the gate he was trying to escape from before realizing it was the one. After backpedaling, you spotted his stupid, adorable fringed jerkface immediately and charged right for him.

“Michael,” you panted when you finally reached him; one hand on your knee as you bent over to catch your breath after running around the airport like a crazy person, the other up in his face pointing an accusing finger.

“Y/n!” He stood up from his seat and looked around nervously. “W-what are you doing here?”

“Michael,” you tried again without the gasping for air this time. It worked. Straightening up, you looked him in his dumb, gorgeous face. “What kind of bullshit is it that I have to buy a fucking plane ticket for halfway across the world to talk to you?”

“Uh,” he looked around again, meeting the expectant eyes of his very nosy bandmates. “Could we not do this right now?”

“Oh,” you crossed your arms. “Now isn’t good for you Michael? I guess the last month hasn’t been good for you either huh?”


“Shut up. I’m talking now because you sure as hell haven’t had the need to for a while and you are the who one kissed me. So I really don’t care if now isn’t a good time since any time before you left for- where are you guys going?” You looked to his bandmates.

“Japan,” Luke supplied helpfully.

“Yeah, -thanks Luke- anytime before you were fucking leaving for fucking Japan would’ve been great for me, which,” you looked down at your nonexistent wrist watch, “looks like it’s going to have to be now. So stop being such a putz.”

“Yeah Michael,” giggled Ashton. “Stop being a putz. Cut that shit out man.”

“What’s a putz?” Went Calum in a not so quiet whisper.

“Guys shut the fuck up,” Michael hissed, his face beet red now and fists clenched in frustration.

“Mikey, why did you kiss me?” You tapped your foot in impatience.

“Well I fucking wouldn’t have if I’d known is was going to ruin everything!” He burst out.

“That kiss didn’t ruin-”

“I’m not gonna make the same mistakes with you that I made before Y/n,” he just barreled on right over you. “You’re too important.” This was going nowhere fast. You weren’t going to get anything out of him when he was this defensive. So you did the only thing you could think of.

Grabbing his flushed face in your hands, you yanked him forward and planted one on him. Molding your body to his, you skimmed your tongue over his lips until he opened his mouth for you with a groan. Michael used one of his free hands to angle your head and deepen the kiss, while the other went to you lower back, pulling you in impossibly closer.

It wasn’t until it was absolutely necessary to breathe that you guys pulled apart. You used this opportunity to physically, take a step back -those lips of his were way more addicting than any of your fantasies bargained for- and verbally, finish what argument.

“When you kissed me before,” you began breathlessly. “It didn’t ruin anything. And if you had stuck around to talk to me instead of avoiding me, I would have had the chance to tell you that I’d fallen in love with you.”

Michael’s jaw went slack, his green eye wide with shock. Then they narrowed in suspicion. “When?”

You shot him a look that was pure ice before glancing away. “A while ago. Why does it matter?”

“Because I love you too.” You looked up at that. “Only I didn’t know it until right before I made a move and if you had told me before-”

“This is not my fault Michael Gordon.”

“I know!” He laughed at your glare. “It’s just that-” he sighed before rubbing at the back of his neck. “What do we do now?”

Rolling your eyes, you pulled him in close again. “You jump then fall, Mikey.” You muttered against his lips. “And I, promise to catch you.”

No Hands

In my humble opinion, that living room floor’s seen a lot. I’d like to say I’m sorry for this, but we all know I’m really not, and there’s no point in lying. 

Read on for thangs. (gif credit: x)

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so apparently, this is how you design characters:


  • small eyes, prominent brow with thick eyebrows
  • large nose with prominent smile lines/nasolabeal crease
  • thin lips
  • prominent cheekbones
  • squared off jaw and strong chin
  • super lovingly detailed skin, i.e. wrinkles, bags under the eyes, etc.
  • looks like they came back from a war 800% of the time
  • no eyelashes????
  • tends towards darker skintones


  • large eyes, subtle brow with thin perfectly plucked and sculpted eyebrows
  • small nose with few-to-no creases or wrinkles
  • pursed, plush lips
  • perfectly smooth-skinned rounded faces with narrow jaws and delicate chins
  • young/childlike to the point of being uncanny
  • eyelash game 20/10 all day everyday
  • always pale/pallid skintones

honestly it’s not just warcraft, literally I could think of any animated anything nowadays and they all do it, it’s just that warcraft has the most immediately comparable examples

please stop standardized sexual dimorphism at all costs

please stop gender sameface at all costs

Shawn Mendes Imagine for geeky-glasses-girl


It was your third day out here. You were camping with Shawn and a couple of your friends. You spent most of your time in the cabin. All of the boys went fishing as you scrolled down your twitter newsfeed with the ongoing connection you had. You feel the door swing open, with the wind rushing to your face. You cringe in the moment, turning to see your boyfriend; Shawn.

“Hey babe.” He says greeting you with a peck. You both never really went farther than that. It didn’t bother you, you liked taking things slow. “What are you boys doing?” you decide to ask, as you put some of the food away in the cabinets. “We’re catching fish!” he says excitedly. “Sounds fun.” You say. “Want some?”

You nod your head. “I guess.” You say watching him kneel down into the lower cabinets. “What are you doing?” you laugh. “We need more bait.”

“Yuck.” You say clenching your teeth together at the sight of the worms packed into the bucket. “Their life sucks anyways.” He says looking into it.

You chuckle to yourself as you motion him out. “Go have fun.” You say. “Ya know, we haven’t had much time together.” He frowns walking to you. “We’ll have time tonight!” you say as he takes closer steps towards you. “Maybe, I should skip fishing.” You hear the guilt inside your voice, which made you upset. “No, don’t.” you say holding onto his chest. You notice how much taller he was than you as he leans down over to your neck. You pull back on your leather jacket as he starts to teasingly kiss onto your neck, making small marks. You laugh pulling back. “Shawn!” you giggle as you feel him smile giving you the kisses.

He pulls away looking down to you. He stared at your lips as you did the same. They were perfectly pink, plush. “Come here.” He says unable to resist himself. He starts to give you small pecks, pressing his lips upon yours. You run your hands in his soft hair as he moves his hands on your lower back. He eventually reaches down for you ass, feeling his tongue sliding, asking for entrance. You never really knew how it felt, just to make out with him. You gasp, opening your mouth for him as he continues moving his hands on your body. You both use your tongues to wrestle each other, knowing he would win. You feel your lips slowly slide near his tongue until you heard the door open. “Shawn, why are you taking so…”

You both stop and look at each other. “Shit.” He curses under his breath as you turn slightly seeing Nash and Cameron. “Oh, I know why.” Nash laughs as Cameron nudges him.

“Guys, get out.” Shawn says pointing to the door. “But, we”


“Shawn, we need the!”

“GET THE FUCK OUT.” Shawn screams as if the whole cabin boomed to his voice. You jump standing closer to him. You watch as Nash and Cameron’s eyes widen in size, struggling to hurry off the steps. They leave quickly as Shawn turns back to you. He kisses your lips again softly, letting go. You smile as you keep your eyes shut enjoying the moment. “What did they forget?” you decide to ask.

“I don’t-…”

“THE BAIT, SHAWN WE NEED THE BAIT.” You turn to see them in the windows. “They are such assholes.” Shawn rolls his eyes picking up the bucket. You give him one last peck before he leaves. 

Fic: Waking and Sleeping

In which Kurt is a cuddlebug. G, 605 words.

Kurt loved curling up with Bruce on nights when Blaine had to work late and couldn’t be there to cuddle him to sleep, but Bruce did lack one key characteristic of a perfect snuggle: a heartbeat. Sure, his chest was perfectly plush and he didn’t complain about being squeezed too tight like Blaine tried to occasionally, but nothing could beat the soothing sound of a heartbeat to really help lull Kurt to sleep.

That night, however, Kurt just had to suck it up and grab Bruce from his case, because Blaine had pulled a double at the diner and wouldn’t be home til nearly one.

“Sweet dreams, Bruce,” Kurt muttered, fluffing Bruce to perfection before fitting his head into the crook between Bruce’s torso and arm. The smell of the cologne he’d stolen from Blaine was strongest there.

It took a few moments, but Kurt slowly stopped rolling and fidgeting in the too-empty bed and succumbed to sleep. Unfortunately, his dreams were less than pleasant. He could only remember flashes of them every time he woke up sweating and gasping, but the sensations of drowning and choking seemed to be present in every snippet that stayed with him when he regained consciousness. He had just fallen back into yet another uneasy slumber when a dip in the mattress and the feeling of something trailing down his spine woke him again and caused him to let out a yell and bat wildly at the intrusion.

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