perfectly perfect couple

So, this is my girlfriend. Yes, she’s handicapped. She is paralyzed from the chest down. We met just over a year after the accident that changed her life forever, and I couldn’t be happier.

Sometimes love isn’t about finding someone perfect, it’s about loving someone imperfect perfectly.

You know you truely love someone when you see that they are flawed & imperfect but still treat them as if they are because they *are perfect to you.
—  True Love

endless list of perfect music videos -> 52/? - Simple Plan - Perfectly Perfect 

You don’t have to try, change a single thing
‘cause just the way you are is sweeter than anything.
Maybe I’m a fool, but it’s always been you
‘cause no one ever makes me smile the way you do


Vaneeleanor Appreciation Week :: Day 2
↳ Favorite Moment 

“You will turn on absolutely anyone, won’t you? So what’s the plan? Leave me to answer for this among the men? Assume they’ll tear me to pieces for granting access to the woman who stole the girl out from under us? My death sentence? Listen to me clearly. Put down that key, walk back through that gate, return the girl, and I will sort this with the men. You have my word. But lock that gate and there is no walking back through it, ever. And I assure you, you will hear from me again.