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Fives is Graceful and Clumsy AF

He either stumbles like a newborn foal

or is as smooth as flowing water.

There is no in-between. Seriously, look at this nerd. Flawless execution.

Fumbling dweeb.

He can dodge blasters like a pro

but can’t stay on his feet.

Do a barrel roll!

Even when he does land on his feet, he kind of flops over and needs help standing.

His close-range coordination is abysmal (baby where are you aiming exactly?). But he doesn’t always get decked in the face.

Sometimes he’s tripped and then gets decked in the face (he really needs to stop trying to punch commando droids).

He has better aim with his feet

except when he doesn’t

DO NOT TELL ME HE TRIPPED CUZ OF THE EXPLOSION he was well on his way to face-planting even before the detonator went off. Someone protect this panicky dork.

Bonus: “Deadeye” Hardcase taking care of Business™ while Fives flails like a drunken nuna.

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The Signs as my Favourite Men in Literature

*Careful! Contains elements of sarcasm.

Rhett Butler, sexy and sarcastic twat with a heart of gold (literally, because he is that rich) who enjoys making fun of everything and everyone and watching dumb people being dumb // Aries

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brutally honest, handsome, physically strong, sarcastic, selfish, self-confident, drawn by goodness, afraid of rejection, wild behaviour, rebellious, charming, “ungentlemanly”, often amused and seldom serious

Edmond Dantès (Count of Monte Christo), a very decent guy who is imprisoned without any logical reason but manages to break out, starts a spicy campaign to avenge himself upon all the dumbasses who turned him in, becomes rich and powerful, HOT! // Taurus

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kind, honest, innocent, living by traditional codes, naturally intelligent, honorable, driven by duty, loving, forgiving, later bitter and vengeful, hateful, resourceful, imaginative, protective

Mr. Fitzwiliam Darcy, a snobbish and arrogant jackass who so mercifully decided to propose to Elizabeth “against his better judgement” when he obviously could’ve had every woman in England // Gemini

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honest, self-confident, feels superior, prideful, arrogant, assuming, sensitive, later easygoing, introverted, great communicating skills, great at analysing and organizing, has own set of values, dismissive, aloof, brave and stubborn, protective, chivalrous

Jay Gatsby, a romantic and gentle flower that is ridiculously obsessed with the past and can’t get over himself, seemingly thinks he’s the nicest guy in the universe and a beast in bed, tbh why would Daisy even look at other men? // Cancer

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dreamer, restless, delusional, charming, gracious, enigmatic, kind-hearted, determined, wealthy, passionate, dedicated to love, optimistic, energetic, loving, lives in another world, giving, caring, nostalgic

Harry Potter, a dork who needs friends who save him from all the stupid bullshit he attempts to do, he wouldn’t even have managed to get through the first year of school without Hermione and Ron, being his companion includes being dragged into some seriously concerning and dangerous shit // Leo

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brave, strong, devoted to his beliefs, strong-willed, warm-hearted, hot-tempered, impulsive, lack of emotional control, moody, witty, curious, protective, loving, humble, loyal, forgiving, grateful, stubborn, modest

Sherlock Holmes, a mental trainwreck and annoying know-it-all, I really understand why Dr. Watson is the only one who can stand his company because there’s not enough patience in the world to deal with this one, but I guess masterminds have to be hoes with a god-complex // Virgo

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high intelligence, perceptive to details, workaholic, concentrates strongly, energetic, perfectionist, possesses a genius mind, creative imagination, stubborn, narcissistic, understands and analyzes human behaviour, lacks empathy for others, supresses emotions, overthinker

Atticus Finch, tbh I don’t know if there is a bad thing I could say about this man, he is a great and loving father, he is a badass lawyer and he shoots like a young god, i mean look at him! who wouldn’t want to be Mrs. Finch? // Libra

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kind-hearted, fair, stern but loving, honest, consistent, fights for justice, calm, quiet, moral, open-minded, courageous, strong-minded, respectful, faithful, wise, empathetic, intelligent, omniscient, great guide/Mentor

Edward Fairfax Rochester, a rude and horny but romantic dude who totally forgot that he locked his wife in the basement and thinks bigamy is a perfectly legit thing // Scorpio

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excessively passionate, guided by senses, good at reading other’s minds, wild, desires a new life, pompous, genuine, often incapable of restraining his desires, dark and brooding, seeks innocence and freshness in contrast to his troubled life, deeply loving

Enjolras, a super-handsome hunk who thinks about the Revolution 24/7, honestly so much wasted potential because where’s the romance?, but then again it is borderline sexy to fight for what you believe in // Sagittarius

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believes in democracy and freedom, charming but also capable of being terrible, rebellious, determined, ambitious, stubborn,  passionate, wild, beautiful, has radical beliefs, stoic, unafraid, “gives more light”, typical leader

Macbeth, incredibly hot and brave warrior who has some trouble with his self-esteem and has to show his wife what a manly man he is, totally obsessed with power which is sexy at the beginning but then it just gets weird // Capricorn

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brave and capable warrior, consuming ambition, self-doubt, powerful, lonely, feels guilty, very manly, kind at the beginning, treacherous, imaginative, ruthless, gullible, loving towards his wife, loyal when not inflicted with his ambition, arrogant, respectful

Jean Valjean, a former prisoner with a giant heart and a helper syndrome, tbh it’s a little bit annoying how good he actually becomes, particularly because he has a shit ton of own problems including a cop whose only mission in life is to catch him // Aquarius

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honest, hard-working, compassionate, loving, willing to discover goodness, helps others, has a giant heart, idealist, takes responsibility if necessary, brave, selfless, intelligent and perceptive, strong and agile, protective, soft-hearted

Heathcliff, a really sexy beast with the attitude of a bad boy, can’t get over his first and only love and obviously has to behave like the biggest jerk on earth, obsessed with Catherine to the point where it gets really creepy, anyway I guess sex with him takes you to paradise // Pisces

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wild and natural, amoral, cruel, possesses stormy emotions, vengeful, hates and loves with the same intensity, cares for those he loves and desires, obsessive, loyal, passionate, powerful, adventurous but silent child, mysterious


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Dude, I`m hating the new Hound make-up! I just can`t stand. You can compare some photos from season 2 and season 7. Why would they do this? Why?

Why do D&D do anything?  After careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that D&D hate Sandor fans and want us all to suffer. Either that or they haven’t actually read the books, which kinda makes sense because RMC doesn’t look anything like book!Sandor, he’s about 15 years too old, and his burns are actually on the other side.  What D&D did to Sandor, Sansa and Sansan is completely FUBAR.  GRRM must be weeping.

Sandor in GoT S2, Full of piss and vinegar, with canon-appropriate stank-eye.  rawr

The new and improved Sandor.  meh

okay but how will i ever watch anything again in my life after the life-changing experience that was watching chicago typewriter

Things You May Have Forgotten About TDM

•Liam was part of the children’s league for a while

•Liam and Cole had a sister named Claire who died instead of gaining powers

•Chubs went to go to the bathroom one night without his glasses and fell to the bottom of an empty pool and couldn’t get out because he twisted his ankle

•Liam was born on a greyhound bus and was the miracle bus boy for 3 years

•When ruby was little she didn’t want to wear a dress on her dad’s birthday so she took it off and walked around in just her batman underwear (and Im not saying liam found out about it and asked for a copy of the picture but there’s an interesting photo in his wallet of a six year old in batman undies that always makes him smile)

•Ruby is basically confirmed as SUPER HOT in the first book when they were in that wal mart with all the kids she still had that red dress on and all the boys were staring at her and she was like ???? and liam goes “they’re just distracted by your…face.”

•In NF when wouldn’t it be nice came on the radio and Ruby cried because she thought everyone was asleep and liam grabbed her hand

•The other orange Ruby escaped Thurmond with (Martin)

•Liam=confirmed superhero nerd
“Steve Rogers is a perfectly legit name”
“[Chubs] Hawkeye here managed to fake to the bottom of a pool”

•Cate’s nasty boyfriend Rob

•the only thing they found of jude was his shoe

•The only reason chubs thought everything was going to be okay was because he thought Ruby and Liam would still be together in NF

•Liam was the only one out of the black betty gang who could pass for 20

•Vida made Chubs glasses so he could see better

•liams motorcycle from ITA

•We never got a backstory for Vida

•Clancy’s face was plastered all over Thurmond because he was the first one there

Lucaya oneshot based off headcannon

Headcannon that legit works perfectly with lucaya: “I work at the animal shelter and you always come in to pet the cats when you’re sad”

Lucas had always wanted to be a veterinarian. It was the one constant that he really understood, that he stuck with no matter what. He stuck with it when his parents got a divorce. He stuck with it when Zay didn’t make the varsity baseball team with him, which really crushed Zay (but it’s not like he had a chance. Lucas was the only sophomore on varsity, and Zay was no prodigy). He even stuck with it no matter what his status was with his on and off girlfriend, Princess Riley Matthews.

Right now, him and Riley were on the off part of their relationship, and Lucas felt good about it. She and Farkle have been spending an awful lot of time together. He’s sure that Farkle could make Riley happier than he ever could, so he decides it’s for the best. His heart was never really in it with Riley.

Especially since he started running into a very interesting girl.

Lucas has volunteered at the animal shelter for two years now. It counts as volunteer hours, looks great on college applications, and helps him get to know more about animals since he wants to be a vet.

But he had to admit, he came to the shelter every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon with the hope that the same five foot tall blonde beauty would show up at the shelter to pet the cats.

She had been coming for the entire two years Lucas had. She’d show up sporadically, maybe two or three days a month. Although every time, her eyes would be red and puffy. Lucas either assumed she was crying, or she had an allergy to cats. But assuming she showed up fairly often, to pet the cats, he assumed it was door number one.

Lucas didn’t know the name of the girl, nor did she know his. It’s not that Lucas wasn’t curious, it’s just that they had found other things to call each other during one of their many long conversations (which frequently kept Lucas from doing his work, for he would just make up odd jobs in the room that she was in so that he could keep talking to her). But when they first talked, the girl picked up on his subtle Texan accent, which was nothing extreme. Just a slight emphasis on his r’s, and how he pronounced the letter “W” from the years he had lived in Texas as a kid. He said it like “double-yuh”, which the girl had teased him for while laughing hysterically and giving him nicknames like Ranger Rick, Sundance, and Huckleberry Finn. He wasn’t as good at coming up with the clever names however, but after sitting in his room and pondering what he could call the girl, he was very proud of himself when he came the next week calling her a short stack of pancakes.

The conversations that the two had always seemed to cheer up the little short stack, to the point where Lucas wondered if she was even coming to pet the cats to cheer her up. Lucas never asked what was wrong, for he didn’t want to overstep with her.

So Lucas shows up one rainy Thursday to the animal shelter, walking up to the front desk and signing in.

The manager soon comes out from her office and assigns him the window washing duty, handing him a squeegee and windex.

The cat rooms are basically carpeted rooms full of those tower things, toys, and a liter box, and for some reason each has a sliding glass door. The cats like pawing it and stuff, so the window cleaning is extensive.

Lucas enters the room that’s first in the hall, immediately hearing multiple meows.

He shuts the door behind him, and looks up to see the blonde girl sitting on the carpet, petting the tabby cat named Pluto.

He heard her sniffle a few times, and when she looked up at him, her eyes were bloodshot and puffy again.

“Hey, Huckleberry.” She says with a halfhearted smile.

Lucas feels himself blush, his heart skipping a beat like it always does at her pretty blue eyes. He wishes she’d come when she wasn’t upset sometimes, because he’d love to see what she looks like without her tear stained face.

“Short stack.” Lucas replies, with a smile and a tip if his imaginary cowboy hat.

He walks past her and to the sliding glass door, the girl looking back to the cat.

“You doing okay?” Lucas asks, spraying the length of the door with the windex.

“Not particularly. But I’ll get over it.” She says with another sniffle, Pluto meowing as she scratches between his ears.

Lucas wipes down the glass in silence for a second, wondering if he should ask what he’s thinking.

“Can I ask what happened?” Lucas asks, throwing caution to the wind.

The girl sighs and keeps her eyes on the cat.

“It’s my dad. He left me and my mom when I was little and started a new family.” Maya starts, Lucas’s heart sinking.

“Oh, I’m really sorry-” Lucas starts genuinely, turning away from the window and looking at the girl.

“That’s not the problem as much.. that happened when I was like five. I’m mostly over it. But what bothers me is that he keeps promising to introduce me to his family. I mean, we’ve arranged like five dinners and meet ups with his family, and he cancels every time. And this time he seemed genuine, and I just got my hopes up so high. I feel like I just need to realize that hope really is for suckers. Maybe if I did, I’d get hurt less.” She lets out, her voice wavering at the last sentence.

“Hey, don’t say that.. if your father is distant like that then that’s on him. You should still have hope for those who don’t disappoint you.” Lucas says quietly, feeling bad for the small blonde.

“I don’t know, moral compass. Most people disappoint me.” The girl chuckles, and Lucas feels a sudden overwhelming sense of wanting.

Lucas feels himself want to be that person for her. He feels himself want to be the first person who proves to her that hope is something that you can have, and something that can follow through.

Lucas blinks at the sudden wave of emotion for a girl he doesn’t even know the name of.

And that’s when he wants to say it. That’s when he wants to tell her how he feels. He feels an overwhelming urge to confess it all to her, to learn her name and tell her his. To kiss her and make her believe that the world has good things.

“You okay, Ranger Rick?” The girl chuckles slightly at the silence.

“The world doesn’t suck. But it may have for you, and I’m sorry for that. You don’t deserve it.” Lucas says, the girl’s expression straightening.

“What’re you trying to say, Huckleberry..” she says just above a whisper, looking up into his eyes with her icy blue ones.

“I’m trying to say that short stack isn’t my only name for you. I also came up with blonde beauty. And I’d really like to know your real one.” Lucas chuckles, her face staying emotionless before her eyes flicker away from his, licking her lips.

“Huckleberry.. I’m sorry. I can’t.” She responds, her eyes closing and her head shaking.

“So, you don’t feel the same.” Lucas states, looking to the ground.

“No.. that would be a lie. I just can’t.. I can’t be hurt again. I’m sorry.” She says apologetically, standing up and rushing out the door.

Lucas bites his lip disappointedly, turning back to the window and finishing his work.


The next Tuesday, Lucas shows up to the shelter with less pep in his step than usual. He assumes that the girl won’t want to come back after what he said.

He just had to go and confess to her.

But when he walks into the shelter’s door clutching the strap of his messenger bag, he hears a voice that surprises him.

The blonde beauty, angrily talking with the receptionist.

“I’m sorry ma'am, but we have a lot of volunteers. I don’t remember them all.” The receptionist shrugs.

“No, come on. You must know who he is. He volunteers here, he’s tall as fuck, he has dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and between you and me he’s really cute.” The girl says, the receptionist sighing.

Lucas blushes at the girl’s confession, fidgeting with his bag’s strap.

He watches as the receptionist’s eyes glance up to him and a smirk adorns her face.

“I don’t know, but he sort of fits your description.” The woman says, pointing at Lucas with her pen.

The girl whips her head around quickly, her face flushing as her blue eyes widen.

Lucas smiles at her and she walks to him, blushing intensely.

She grabs Lucas’s shirt collar and drags him out the shelter and onto the New York sidewalk.

“How much of that did you hear?”

“Yes, I heard you call me cute.”

“Oh. I mean, I just said that because the receptionist probably thought you were cute so I assumed-”

“I think you’re cute too, short stack.” Lucas says simply, her blush growing more.

Lucas chuckles at how cute she is, and how beautiful she looks.

Her eyes aren’t bloodshot or puffy, and she’s wearing black eye makeup that isn’t messy or running from tears.

“Look, I ran because I’m not used to people liking me. The last time I had a boyfriend he kinda cheated on me, and I just have a hard time opening up now. I know it’s dumb, but I do like you too and-” The girl rambles, Lucas cutting her off by swooping up her face and kissing her.

The kiss is full of passion and warmth, Lucas feeling a wave of electricity flow down to his toes and back up again. Her hair smells like strawberries, and her lips are soft and tasting if peaches. Lucas feels himself wanting to cave in more and more to everything that she is, so happy to have her after two long years.

They break apart and Lucas keeps her face in his hands, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.

“I’m Lucas, by the way.”

“Maya. Maya Hart.”

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I'm a little embarrassed asking this, I know why Will is a mongoose but why Hanni is a penguin?


No’s a perfectly legit question. Here’s the Hannipenguin origins story. But be warned, like a lot of things in the Fannibal Kingdom there’s often no real reason and it all just spiralled out of control. 

My advice is to just go with it. And thank you so much for reading. 


I’m just seeing how much people are like, bashing him in his choice of style but like??? Seriously? I admit, when you simply don’t like a song or style an artist is going for, it’s perfectly okay. Everyone has their opinions and preferences, but honestly, to denote his hard work? How proud he is of this? He slaves over his music & career, because he’s dedicated and knows that we are here.

Yixing is going for such a style and concept that shows how unique, versatile, and artistically flexible his is; he’s fucking amazing. He chose this route, he chose to do something different. Obviously people are used to his RnB tracks; songs with more melodic themes and calming undertones but yet upbeat still. With this change of course it’s going to be baffling, it’s completely different than what we’d expect from him. And that’s perfectly okay too.

He’s legit going through a phase, a period of experimentation, and he’s NOT AT ALL failing. The beat is sick, the instrumental is constantly interesting, choreo on point as always, and the lyrics (while they may have some getting used to at first) have a catchy flow.

Even if you don’t like the song or album, please find the decency to respect or not completely hate on something he’s worked so hard on. Appreciate how unique he’s becoming; he’s constantly adding different colors to himself and that’s something we should admire.

Bottom line: stop fucking bashing on SHEEP and Yixing’s artistry because I want to see you fucking try to do all that shit yourself. Think you can? Write lyrics, music, direct parts of your M/V, and learn/create choreography? Then fucking do it within the span of less than a year where you constantly are traveling all over due to: photo shoots, acting roles, being an ambassador & representative for so many brands & items, filiming a variety show, etc.

You don’t like it fine, but to constantly complain and whine and groan about how disappointed you are and how he’s failed this time: you need to leave.

The only thing I can agree with from these people is like, his hair. Those braids…

Mysme Angels&Demons AU

“The world was split evenly in three. As if in a fairy tale, two supernatural creatures were brought to life. What creatures from our story books have inhabited the Earth you may ask? Angel’s and Demons.”

In this AU, I will pick out which characters from Mystic Messenger (RFA + V,&Saeran) will be angel’s, demon’s, or even just plain humans. I got this idea from, idk ahah. Feel free to make something (idk what lol) of this! Just make sure to state that the idea was from me >.<

MC (You/Main Character)

Species: Angel

Why?: You literally save the RFA. I believe it was mentioned once that someone compared you to an angel? The options given for interacting with the game members are usually kind, and you get hearts for them. So why chose the mean ones lol? 

Appearance: Nice,white, slightly smaller than large, wings. And a small halo that rests atop your head~

Jumin Han

Species: Demon

Why?: I chose him being a demon plainly from his attitude. May I remind you, don’t be hypocritical, not all demon’s are particularly mean. As in the story, it’s shown as Jumin being a ‘cold hearted’ kid of guy, but as you progress in his route, it show’s how kind he can really be. Heritage also plays into this, I strongly believe his father is a demon in this AU because of how Jumin portrays him in the game.

Appearance: He would have small little black horns directly on top of his head. Slightly bigger than stubs. They’d have little rings indented in them. His wings, like many others for demons, would be bat like and large. They’d be pure black, to match his horns and hair, with some fading of gray at the end of the wings. He wouldn’t have a tail, rather, he’d have very sharp canine teeth.

  • He’d love to just wrap you in his wings as the both of you cuddled
  • Would for sure put his sharp teeth to use on you~
  • *cough* Hickies *cough*
  • Doesn’t exctly love flying, but totally would if you really wanted to go out for a short flight
  • Wouldn’t admit it, but loves it when you rub his horns (lololol)

The rest is under the cut~

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hey did you see scott's steam post about apparently cancelling FNaF 6 out of the blue? I don't know whether to think this is serious or just another troll, so what are your thoughts?

I don’t know - it sounds perfectly reasonable and legit, but he did troll everyone with his “Sister Location is too dark so I’m releasing a kid-friendly version“ - it would be like him to post this and then drop a trailer tomorrow or something. Personally I’m just assuming it’s legit until proven otherwise - I fully respect Scott and whatever decision he makes.

(One possibility I haven’t seen many people discuss is that he’s joking about cancelling the game, but he is going to take a nice long break for a while to relax and be with his family. Guy deserves a vacation big time)

When you go to any figure of authority and accuse a shaladin shipper of something extremely serious as pedophilia there are serious consequences. Antis need to get that through their skulls that the world doesn’t function the way they think it does and while the person accused will eventually be cleared, it’s humiliating and very hard to get over. Also you can get into serious legal trouble for making serious claims like that. Defamation is among them. This sort of thing is a perfectly legit reason to be sued especially if you compromised their emotional and mental well-being as a result of your stupidity. You’re all demons. I don’t even care if you seem nice, you’re a monster if you support this. Good day.

Do you ever roll your eyes so damn hard at basic ass bitches with halloween?

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It's time to retire the idea that there are no kids. Choose to believe they aren't Sophie's - you'd probably be right. Let's say he wanted kids by 40 (we KNOW he wanted this, bad) but didn't have a partner in mind. So SH becomes the rc/gf/wife stand-in & he gets a surrogate. His time w SH may be up, but he has the kids he's always wanted. It is mental that he would say "we have to clarify in the era of fake news.." and then lie. Ben doesn't have exp. w kids & travels & works a lot. That's all.

So…. Ben wanted kids desperately by 40 because his biological clock was ticking and he got them via surrogacy and chose a woman he doesn’t like who clearly can’t stand him so she would be a wife stand-in.  When the first child arrived, he decided he’d let the world know the kid was real, so he did a pap walk around the block pushing a pram in a residential area (probably one of the most set-up looking pap walks in the history of set-up looking pap walks), then he did another set up pap walk during the baby’s christening because… not a PR stunt, then he did another obviously set up pap walk in NYC with high resolution pictures that went up for sale for months upon months, but no one bothered picking up the unblurred set because no one likes circulating pictures from obviously set-up pap walks, then he went on record saying his wife and baby were not a PR stunt, then he decided to go for a second baby via surrogacy with the same woman he doesn’t like who doesn’t like him back, and he went to all this trouble for two children he barely ever sees because he travels and works a lot.  But when he’s back in London not working and traveling a lot, he prefers to spend his free time going to the theatre alone and also going to pubs with friends.  Because… bathtime is just so 2 years ago…


And let’s not forget he chooses to treat the woman who’s doing him a solid favour (posing as his wife and mother of his surrogate children) like shit, making sure she remains mute, inconsequential and fetchless when walking red carpets and attending events, but mocking her on interviews by saying their marriage is not a PR stunt and also putting on the face of a veritable saint when he says she’s a hero and basically mocks her by saying she works, although she hasn’t worked in years.

Sounds perfectly legit…

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