perfectly legit

Fives is Graceful and Clumsy AF

He either stumbles like a newborn foal

or is as smooth as flowing water.

There is no in-between. Seriously, look at this nerd. Flawless execution.

Fumbling dweeb.

He can dodge blasters like a pro

but can’t stay on his feet.

Do a barrel roll!

Even when he does land on his feet, he kind of flops over and needs help standing.

His close-range coordination is abysmal (baby where are you aiming exactly?). But he doesn’t always get decked in the face.

Sometimes he’s tripped and then gets decked in the face (he really needs to stop trying to punch commando droids).

He has better aim with his feet

except when he doesn’t

DO NOT TELL ME HE TRIPPED CUZ OF THE EXPLOSION he was well on his way to face-planting even before the detonator went off. Someone protect this panicky dork.

Bonus: “Deadeye” Hardcase taking care of Business™ while Fives flails like a drunken nuna.

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Honestly, if at any point Gotham tries to convince me that Edward ‘seducing men is a perfectly legit way to get what I want’ Nygma

that Edward ‘I’m on first name basis with a swol leatherclad employee of a sex club’ Nygma

that Edward ‘tries to get Batman to indulge him in a date’ Nygma

that Edward ‘it didn’t bother me at all that my best friend, a dude, was in love with me, but that he killed my girlfriend and lied about it to my face and was perfectly fine with getting into a relationship with me under those circumstances’ Nygma

is straight, I’m going to laugh in their face. You can’t make me give up my bisexual child.

okay so i’ve been playing on my yuya file and like

i know some of you said i should marry cherche in this file cuz dragon fam but


i ended up marrying him to olivia

but hear me out

oh man if that ain’t fruitshipping

but also they dont forget about entame


plus have you considered


is “A Man for Flowers” like… c’mon…

and also

“Taking a step forward with courage” ahah




does… does this sound familiar????

their son wants to make his fam and the ENTIRE WORLD SMILE

even through his struggles like if that doesn’t scream yuya sakaki at you idk what does

marrying cherche had a good argument too but just… sorry guys. i couldn’t resist.

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I'm a little embarrassed asking this, I know why Will is a mongoose but why Hanni is a penguin?


No’s a perfectly legit question. Here’s the Hannipenguin origins story. But be warned, like a lot of things in the Fannibal Kingdom there’s often no real reason and it all just spiralled out of control. 

My advice is to just go with it. And thank you so much for reading. 

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Other than the "not in a committed relationship yet" slant (which is perfectly legit and reason enough on its own) another reason Viktor and Yuuri might continue to use condoms is because it's kind of considerate. To put it as delicately as I can, things don't always vacate the premises in a timely fashion if left up to gravity alone. It can be unpleasant to have that sneak up on you at a later time and place.

This is also a very good and legitement reason, thank you for adding it!


Of course, it all went to shit in less than three months. 

Sans didn’t know why that was typical for them. It wasn’t like monsters hadn’t suffered from hundreds of years of persecution and imprisonment. Their return to the surface was supposed to be a well deserved break. Things were supposed to be looking up. They were supposed to be happy. 

A lesson, Sans decided, in why it was better to be a pessimist. The powers that be apparently had a thing for crushing the dreams of optimists.

And humans. And monsters. And the whole world, really.

The only ones that seemed to be having a good time were the zombies outside.

“you got the map?” Sans asked. They’d finally settled down for the night in a run down house that looked like it had been abandoned long before the world turned to shit. Sans was glad that Grillby was his own natural light source. It made it easier to pick through the debris to find an adequate couch cushion to crash on. Outside, it was eerily quiet. Sometimes, in the distance, you could hear the rabid screech of the undead. But all in all, there was silence.

Sans didn’t think he’d ever have such a violent hatred for silence.

“we gotta be close to boston by now,” Sans said, though he couldn’t be sure if Grillby was listening. Sometimes he just spoke out loud, to make up for the dreaded quiet. “so should be….three? four more days to new york? maybe if we can find a working car….”

He went quiet. Pinching the bridge of his skull. There were times where he still couldn’t believe Grillby agreed to this. It was dangerous enough with those things outside. But Humans were hardly any better. Most of them couldn’t tell the difference between a couple of harmless monsters and those freaky ghoulish abominations. The ones that could, didn’t care. The mere fact that monsters seemed to be immune to whatever disease had ravaged the world, was reason enough to piss the remaining human population off.

And now Sans was dragging them into the thick of it. He remembered reading up on New York City before Papyrus’ big trip, back when he was still debating whether he should tag along. 8.4 million people packed into 468 square miles. More humans than either of them had ever seen in a lifetime, even living in a relatively thriving city like Ebott.

He’d opted not to go. Too much noise, he’d said. Besides, Tori had asked him to help at the school. It was just for three days, and it was important for Papyrus to go. He was monster-kind’s official mascot after all. He and Frisk were very important diplomats now.

“i’m sorry…” Sans said without prompting. His grip had tightened on his skull. He could swear it was going to crack. “i shouldn’t…i shouldn’t have dragged you into this. you didn’t have to come, you got your own shit to worry about. the world’s gone to hell in a hand basket and you shouldn’t have to walk through the thick of it, just because of me.”

like this literally always happens? “you say you’re too busy but i see you on tumblr and if you have time to reblog stuff that means you have time to give me stuff!”

ffs, even if it wasn’t that half the time i’m on tumblr mobile, maaaaybe i wanna chill for a couple hours after work and not spend it sifting through gift requests after a ten hour shift. “i don’t have time to do that AND relax after work” or “doing that makes me kinda stressed and rn i can’t be arsed with that because work is already stressful” are perfectly legit types of me not having time, jesus.

I used to do it because I was unemployed, broke, bored and had jack shit to do and it wasn’t a big loss. Then I was looking for work, and now I’m working my ass off, so no, I don’t have time to deal with every request that comes my way. sorry not sorry!

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Ship that pisses you off: 💣

Ooo, way to go straight for the controversial one, Stars. XD

Okay, first, disclaimer: shippers gonna gonna, and you go and like whatever ship your heart desires, even if it’s whatever ship(s) I discuss get angry about below. We can agree to disagree! But here we go. 


Mary and whatshisname (in the last season) from Downton Abbey. The car guy that she marries at the end. 

Look, the main problem is that she and Matthew were achingly perfect, and I know, I know, Dan Stevens decided to move on and the only real way to get Matthew out of the show was to *do what they did*, and I know no one was ever going to be good enough for Mary after Matthew. 

BUT [spoiler alert] Matthew literally died in a car accident. And she broke down with perfectly real, legit concerns about getting involved with a guy who races cars for a living in a time when that is like, SUPER, super dangerous. But everyone just like, talked her out of it? And talked her into being with the guy? Which not only makes zero sense with Mary’s character, it made no sense for everyone else to be trying so hard to sell her on this guy?? 

Rule of thumb for writers and characters and romance: if everyone has to constantly talk about how right two characters are for each other but I cannot feel it from the two characters in question, you’re doing it wrong

While I get some things they tried to do (she definitely needs someone who challenges her, agreed), it was Not Right from the beginning. She was constantly hesitant and unsure and it came off like everyone else “knew better” and pushed her into the relationship with the guy, which is not at all in line with the Mary we grew to know. 


(Other ships I thought of: Alex/Izzie (Grey’s Anatomy) - though I blame fandom and writing “twists” for that one; Ted/Robin (HIMYM) - blame the finale only; Kylo/Rey (Force Awakens) - blame certain corners of fandom) 

PSA About Playing With Me

I do not care if our characters never met in canon. I will play with them.

I do not care if our characters have to cross dimensions to meet. I will play with them.

I do not care if your character is not from any one canon. I will play with them.

I do not care if your character is from another canon ENTIRELY. I will play with them.

I do not care if your character is genderbent. I will play with them.

I do not care if your character is the same muse, different player. I will play with them.








That is all.

It’s not that I literally don’t believe in the feelings of ‘non-binary’ people. They feel some sort of discomfort related to gender. That’s perfectly legit. I don’t think they are lying about that.

What is not legit, however, is their explanation for it. It’s idiotic to just immediately take their word for it. “I feel X” does not automatically make “I am X” true as well. “I feel uncomfortable about my gender” does not have to mean you are transgender or 'non-binary’. There can be many explanations for why you came to feel that way.

There is a difference between the objective truth and your own perception. The first is actual reality – the real explanation for why you feel the way you do. The second is what you believe to be true. It is muddled by your own feelings, your bias, your knowledge and lack thereof. What you believe might be all wrong. It might be based on misinformation you read online. It might be based on misconceptions about what your feelings mean. You might’ve been influenced by other people who are wrong. Your feelings might change or you might come to realize in time yourself you were mistaken before.

What 'non-binary’ people do, is present their feelings as the objective truth. Because they say so. They see no difference between truth and perception; to them, their perception is the only truth.

Excuse me for not automatically believing in something just because you say it’s true.

“I can’t stand charismatic, pretty white male villains” is a perfectly legit personal preference, and if that were the actual stance people were taking in the fandom, this would be a very different discussion. “It is morally wrong for people in general to like this particular charismatic(?), pretty(??) white male villain because people should identify with the innocent characters I care about” is something very different. “I don’t like thing” is personal preference. “You shouldn’t like thing” is not a matter of personal preference, and that is what’s been going on here.

–from this post by @anghraine