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Fives is Graceful and Clumsy AF

He either stumbles like a newborn foal

or is as smooth as flowing water.

There is no in-between. Seriously, look at this nerd. Flawless execution.

Fumbling dweeb.

He can dodge blasters like a pro

but can’t stay on his feet.

Do a barrel roll!

Even when he does land on his feet, he kind of flops over and needs help standing.

His close-range coordination is abysmal (baby where are you aiming exactly?). But he doesn’t always get decked in the face.

Sometimes he’s tripped and then gets decked in the face (he really needs to stop trying to punch commando droids).

He has better aim with his feet

except when he doesn’t

DO NOT TELL ME HE TRIPPED CUZ OF THE EXPLOSION he was well on his way to face-planting even before the detonator went off. Someone protect this panicky dork.

Bonus: “Deadeye” Hardcase taking care of Business™ while Fives flails like a drunken nuna.

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Honestly, if at any point Gotham tries to convince me that Edward ‘seducing men is a perfectly legit way to get what I want’ Nygma

that Edward ‘I’m on first name basis with a swol leatherclad employee of a sex club’ Nygma

that Edward ‘tries to get Batman to indulge him in a date’ Nygma

that Edward ‘it didn’t bother me at all that my best friend, a dude, was in love with me, but that he killed my girlfriend and lied about it to my face and was perfectly fine with getting into a relationship with me under those circumstances’ Nygma

is straight, I’m going to laugh in their face. You can’t make me give up my bisexual child.

The Signs as my Favourite Men in Literature

*Careful! Contains elements of sarcasm.

Rhett Butler, sexy and sarcastic twat with a heart of gold (literally, because he is that rich) who enjoys making fun of everything and everyone and watching dumb people being dumb // Aries

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brutally honest, handsome, physically strong, sarcastic, selfish, self-confident, drawn by goodness, afraid of rejection, wild behaviour, rebellious, charming, “ungentlemanly”, often amused and seldom serious

Edmond Dantès (Count of Monte Christo), a very decent guy who is imprisoned without any logical reason but manages to break out, starts a spicy campaign to avenge himself upon all the dumbasses who turned him in, becomes rich and powerful, HOT! // Taurus

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kind, honest, innocent, living by traditional codes, naturally intelligent, honorable, driven by duty, loving, forgiving, later bitter and vengeful, hateful, resourceful, imaginative, protective

Mr. Fitzwiliam Darcy, a snobbish and arrogant jackass who so mercifully decided to propose to Elizabeth “against his better judgement” when he obviously could’ve had every woman in England // Gemini

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honest, self-confident, feels superior, prideful, arrogant, assuming, sensitive, later easygoing, introverted, great communicating skills, great at analysing and organizing, has own set of values, dismissive, aloof, brave and stubborn, protective, chivalrous

Jay Gatsby, a romantic and gentle flower that is ridiculously obsessed with the past and can’t get over himself, seemingly thinks he’s the nicest guy in the universe and a beast in bed, tbh why would Daisy even look at other men? // Cancer

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dreamer, restless, delusional, charming, gracious, enigmatic, kind-hearted, determined, wealthy, passionate, dedicated to love, optimistic, energetic, loving, lives in another world, giving, caring, nostalgic

Harry Potter, a dork who needs friends who save him from all the stupid bullshit he attempts to do, he wouldn’t even have managed to get through the first year of school without Hermione and Ron, being his companion includes being dragged into some seriously concerning and dangerous shit // Leo

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brave, strong, devoted to his beliefs, strong-willed, warm-hearted, hot-tempered, impulsive, lack of emotional control, moody, witty, curious, protective, loving, humble, loyal, forgiving, grateful, stubborn, modest

Sherlock Holmes, a mental trainwreck and annoying know-it-all, I really understand why Dr. Watson is the only one who can stand his company because there’s not enough patience in the world to deal with this one, but I guess masterminds have to be hoes with a god-complex // Virgo

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high intelligence, perceptive to details, workaholic, concentrates strongly, energetic, perfectionist, possesses a genius mind, creative imagination, stubborn, narcissistic, understands and analyzes human behaviour, lacks empathy for others, supresses emotions, overthinker

Atticus Finch, tbh I don’t know if there is a bad thing I could say about this man, he is a great and loving father, he is a badass lawyer and he shoots like a young god, i mean look at him! who wouldn’t want to be Mrs. Finch? // Libra

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kind-hearted, fair, stern but loving, honest, consistent, fights for justice, calm, quiet, moral, open-minded, courageous, strong-minded, respectful, faithful, wise, empathetic, intelligent, omniscient, great guide/Mentor

Edward Fairfax Rochester, a rude and horny but romantic dude who totally forgot that he locked his wife in the basement and thinks bigamy is a perfectly legit thing // Scorpio

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excessively passionate, guided by senses, good at reading other’s minds, wild, desires a new life, pompous, genuine, often incapable of restraining his desires, dark and brooding, seeks innocence and freshness in contrast to his troubled life, deeply loving

Enjolras, a super-handsome hunk who thinks about the Revolution 24/7, honestly so much wasted potential because where’s the romance?, but then again it is borderline sexy to fight for what you believe in // Sagittarius

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believes in democracy and freedom, charming but also capable of being terrible, rebellious, determined, ambitious, stubborn,  passionate, wild, beautiful, has radical beliefs, stoic, unafraid, “gives more light”, typical leader

Macbeth, incredibly hot and brave warrior who has some trouble with his self-esteem and has to show his wife what a manly man he is, totally obsessed with power which is sexy at the beginning but then it just gets weird // Capricorn

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brave and capable warrior, consuming ambition, self-doubt, powerful, lonely, feels guilty, very manly, kind at the beginning, treacherous, imaginative, ruthless, gullible, loving towards his wife, loyal when not inflicted with his ambition, arrogant, respectful

Jean Valjean, a former prisoner with a giant heart and a helper syndrome, tbh it’s a little bit annoying how good he actually becomes, particularly because he has a shit ton of own problems including a cop whose only mission in life is to catch him // Aquarius

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honest, hard-working, compassionate, loving, willing to discover goodness, helps others, has a giant heart, idealist, takes responsibility if necessary, brave, selfless, intelligent and perceptive, strong and agile, protective, soft-hearted

Heathcliff, a really sexy beast with the attitude of a bad boy, can’t get over his first and only love and obviously has to behave like the biggest jerk on earth, obsessed with Catherine to the point where it gets really creepy, anyway I guess sex with him takes you to paradise // Pisces

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wild and natural, amoral, cruel, possesses stormy emotions, vengeful, hates and loves with the same intensity, cares for those he loves and desires, obsessive, loyal, passionate, powerful, adventurous but silent child, mysterious


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I'm a little embarrassed asking this, I know why Will is a mongoose but why Hanni is a penguin?


No’s a perfectly legit question. Here’s the Hannipenguin origins story. But be warned, like a lot of things in the Fannibal Kingdom there’s often no real reason and it all just spiralled out of control. 

My advice is to just go with it. And thank you so much for reading. 

Things You May Have Forgotten About TDM

•Liam was part of the children’s league for a while

•Liam and Cole had a sister named Claire who died instead of gaining powers

•Chubs went to go to the bathroom one night without his glasses and fell to the bottom of an empty pool and couldn’t get out because he twisted his ankle

•Liam was born on a greyhound bus and was the miracle bus boy for 3 years

•When ruby was little she didn’t want to wear a dress on her dad’s birthday so she took it off and walked around in just her batman underwear (and Im not saying liam found out about it and asked for a copy of the picture but there’s an interesting photo in his wallet of a six year old in batman undies that always makes him smile)

•Ruby is basically confirmed as SUPER HOT in the first book when they were in that wal mart with all the kids she still had that red dress on and all the boys were staring at her and she was like ???? and liam goes “they’re just distracted by your…face.”

•In NF when wouldn’t it be nice came on the radio and Ruby cried because she thought everyone was asleep and liam grabbed her hand

•The other orange Ruby escaped Thurmond with (Martin)

•Liam=confirmed superhero nerd
“Steve Rogers is a perfectly legit name”
“[Chubs] Hawkeye here managed to fake to the bottom of a pool”

•Cate’s nasty boyfriend Rob

•the only thing they found of jude was his shoe

•The only reason chubs thought everything was going to be okay was because he thought Ruby and Liam would still be together in NF

•Liam was the only one out of the black betty gang who could pass for 20

•Vida made Chubs glasses so he could see better

•liams motorcycle from ITA

•We never got a backstory for Vida

•Clancy’s face was plastered all over Thurmond because he was the first one there

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For me the ot4 are in these houses! Marinette - Slytherin Adrien - Hufflepuff Alya - Gryffindor Nino - I dont actually have a set house for Nino yet because I dont think we have enough info for him. Its mostly just him being a Hufflepuff tho

Those all seem perfectly legit to me! I could put all of them in any house ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (that’s kinda my Problem with hogwarts houses, if any character is complex enough, they could probably fit into most)

And that’s very true. #morenino2k17

Imagine blog appreciation post

Hello, hi,
time to give credit where credit is due.

Writing requests is really hard and exhausting and I don’t know how these people do it, but I appreciate them for it.

So here’s a list of my absolute favourite imagine blogs. Go check them out and like and reblog if you want, because that is literally the currency we’re dealing in here.

  • All of these have been updated in the last month and should be active.
  • Small warning: some of these will be nsfw (they tend to tag, tho).

Little Crow


  • My absolute favourite. The birb writes incredibly beautiful prose and is a true inspiration.
  • Fandom: Mostly Kuroko no Basket and Haikyuu.
  • Speciality: Did I mention the pretty prose? Also: heartfelt, on point and very evocative headcanons about minor characters you never considered until that exact post gives you entire stories worth of material.

YoI Central


  • Pretty sure admin Luna is alone and updates several times a day and I don’t know how they do it because ??? the quality does not betray the speed with which these must be written????
  • Fandom: Yuri on Ice
  • Speciality: Fluff headcanons. Like, the innocent, feel-good fluff that helps you through the day. I don’t think they even do angst, which is apt because why would you hurt those precious skaters.

Dazai, why


  • I somehow got to this blog because of a comparison chart about Port Maffia members’… members and I haven’t left since. They’re funny.
  • Fandom: Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Speciality: They actually do perfectly legit SFW headcanons and scenarios but yeah, my favourite are their NSFW headcanons, because they’re a) very good and b) have a really chill, sort of fun attitude about them? It feels mature and realistic.

Oh boy


  • Very, very nsfw blog that deals, as the name suggests, with mostly dark scenarios. Combines those with really poetic language and metaphor heavy writing style.
  • Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
  • Speciality: Kink. Do tread lightly. I tend to skip the heavier ones, but I’ve also fallen in love with some of the others. They are responsible for what is my favourite Hanamiya piece of all time

Gay skaters


  • Fully SFW headcanon blog. They do some very elaborate matchups as well.
  • Fandom: Yuri on Ice
  • Specialtiy: I really like how detailed their headcanons are? Like they’re extensive, well written paragraphs, usually accompanied by gifs. It’s a really nice read and it’s obvious they put a lot of thought into it.

All hail Ranpo


  • This blog does mostly headcanons.
  • Fandom: Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Speciality: This is personal preference, but I really like their characterisation of Akutagawa and Ranpo, specifically. Akutagawa because they make him very human, while still keeping to the cold dick persona of the manga. And Ranpo because Ranpo is sheer joy.



  • Full fledged request blog. Admin Nova does memes, headcanons and little scenario’s (or big scenario’s).
  • Fandom: Kuroko no Basket and a little Haikyuu
  • Speciality: Scenario’s. I really like the scenes they paint and their characterisation of fictional athletes. I’m fairly certain Nova is not a native English speaker, which is actually a plus, since it makes for a truly cool and unique writing style.

Haikyuu dream


  • Multi-admin scenario blog. They update quite a lot and they also do, like, sleepover weekends.
  • Fandom: Haikyuu
  • Specialty: This is kinda hard to tell, because they have, I think, five admins who would each have their own speciality. But I highly enjoy their ‘cute’ scenario’s. They have a lot of really funny, light drabbles which in my personal preference sort of fits the fandom rather well.

KnB writing blog


  • A scenario blog run by two sisters.
  • Fandom: Kuroko no Basket
  • Specialty: Angst. I don’t know what it is about KnB, but somehow this fandom always gets the best dark, angsty scenario’s. This blog delivers them in spades.

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are you a fuffy shipper? (Faith x Buffy) or what are your thoughts on Fuffy? do you believe that faith had a thing for Buffy or anything like that?

I’m not a romantic ‘shipper in most cases. That includes Buffy and Faith in that sense too, but I don’t really know HOW I’d classify them. THAT IS SOME COMPLICATED SHIT, particularly in my continuation.

I think there’s a pull between them, though, a connection that’s unique to anyone else in their lives. While, in my view, it doesn’t lead to anything romantic (or just plain sexual, since I’m not sure “romance” would really be much of a thing between them regardless), I think it’s a perfectly legit take, whether it’s for me or not.

coldwind-shiningstars replied to your post “There seems to be an upswing in people making fun of those articles…”

Yeah, I find those Yuck because a) they tell people how to identify and b) they’re always framed as “friends can’t have a sexual relationship and still call themselves friends!” Those women aren’t straight by the TECHNICAL definition but if that’s how they conceptualize themselves it’s who they should be. (Society, not individuals, are the problem.)

Yeah, exactly. 

It’s like - what I was trying to get across in my OP is that my impression is that people are conflating media trends with individual behavior. And as a result I feel like people are taking their frustration with the way in which the media marginalizes queer women and using it to invalidate perfectly legit relationships or activities. (Experimentation is a thing, people! Even if the people exit it with their heterosexuality intact!) 

And I’ve seen… certain posts that seem to imply that these women are considered safely straight because they just want sex, whereas actual lesbian and bi women want genuine bona fide /relationships/ with other women. Which…. feels extremely biphobic and arophobic to me. These women are seen as a safe topic because female-female attraction and experimentation are seen as a) titillating to men, and b) frivolous and inherently a lesser part of a woman’s identity than her attraction/relationships to men. Which is… a significant factor in the oppression of queer women. 

And, yeah, I’m really not a fan of telling people how to identify. I agree that a lot of these women are probably dealing with some internalized homophobia and might eventually come to describe themselves as lesbians or bisexual. But I don’t think that it’s “enabling” internalized homophobia to let them call themselves straight. Giving people space to self-determine is important and ime makes them more likely to trust you if they do eventually choose to be a part of your community. 

(If they’re using their experiences to invalidate your identity, such as “I also feel that way, therefore you can’t possibly be x”, then that’s not cool. But if they’re just speaking about their own experiences? Leave them be, ffs.)

anonymous asked:

I sent the last ask. I hope you know I have major respect for you and your blog and I'm just interested in your opinions and thoughts on this interesting subject cause you seem very intelligent and a lot of times your conversation does even go a little over my head. I don't mean to be baiting or bothersome...hope you know that. To continue, I guess I'm looking to clarify: You think Kylo is coded as feminine, but you don't think it will be handled well in the story?

I’m guessing that you are trans!Kylo anon and not the reylo shipper who wants me to know how inadequate my feminism is?

If this is trans!kylo anon, I’m definitely going to answer your asks.  It might take awhile though because I have many feelings about trans kylo.

Do I think Kylo’s feminine aspects will be handled well?  That’s a complicated question.

I think the authors of TFA used feminine coding as a tool to communicate existential horror.  The reason people watch TFA and see Kylo as “the bad guy,” horrible, evil, etc, is partly because of those code-markers, and because of framing, a lot of other diegetic tricks.  How does the story convince people to root against Kylo Ren?  To WANT him to suffer?  By playing sad, scary music when he’s around, and framing his actions more than his motivations, and by coding him as a feminine (pagan) archetype and as gender non-conforming.  These tactics are being used by the storytellers as tools to convince people that he deserves violence.  That makes for a perfectly legit story, on a structural level, but when you start analyzing the story on feminist and political level, there are some ethical problems.  People, especially children, absorb the moral signals they get from stories like this - we got hard science about that.  Stories engineer empathy and TFA builds empathy exclusively for masculine-performing characters.

So on an ethical level, TFA did not handle that well.  BUT.  It’s totally possible for me to enjoy a story and celebrate it’s formal and structural awesomeness while also acknowledging that it poses ethical problems.  That’s why I freebase the discourse.  Problmatic texts and rage-filled call-outs are the ying and yang of free speech and they are both necessary and vital to the health of human culture.  So in a sense, it was handled well, in that the story exists at all, and is effectively a pimp ✨ 🎵 ✨ space opera. ✨ 🎵 ✨

AND obviously TFA is not a stand-alone text.  Way I see it, three things could happen, now.

One is that the rules the universe has established stay the same, and Kylo changes.  Light stays “good,” Dark stays “evil,” it’s arbitrarily black and white, but Kylo changes from black to white.  That’d mean he would become more masculine-performing.  For me that would be a very disappointing direction for the story to go.

Two is that the rules in the universe change, and the characters stay the same.  Information is revealed to us that allows us to recognize that the good-evil binary is not as fixed as we thought.  This is how both the other trilogies operated: by introducing a series of characters, and then subverting what we know about them by adding new information and context.  That route would probably “fix” the ethically dangerous subtext in TFA.

Three is that the rules stay the same, the characters stay the same, and Kylo dies.  Good defeats evil, the end.

I’m not naturally inclined to trust Hollywood or Disney around a feminine-coded male character, but the other Star Wars movies were profoundly deft with messaging.  My money is currently on some fantastic chimera of options one, two, and three that maintains three distinct morality-plays directed at three types of ideal reader.  Hmm maybe that is optimistic.  Well.  It’s early in the morning.

The Symmetry of EXO's Face. *Requested*

Disclaimer: I’m not here to call your bias ugly. This is just for fun/talk. Their subjective beauty is up for you to decide. However, I will be using the Fibonacci sequence (a powerful math sequence that measures perfect symmetry and ratio), to show you guys just how symmetrical the EXO members really are. Fibonacci, besides inventing a powerful math sequence, also had his sequence used to see what the perfect human face is. These templates (called the golden ratio face template), show what humans, by nature, biology, and math, prefer in other humans. Basically, these templates show what the perfect human face looks like by using definite math. Please do not tell me “These templates are fake” because they are not. Do some research. Nobody can deny the powerful Fibonacci sequence. Nobody can deny math because math is a fact.

*I already did one on Tao, so he will not be included here. If you are curious about his facial symmetry, click here:

Chanyeol’s face is very mixed. He has both masculine and feminine qualities. It’s obvious he is not very symmetrical by looking at both templates, but his facial structure is very feminine. The female template fits his jawline perfectly. The male template’s eyebrows are WAY off on Chanyeol’s face….indicating his face is not very masculine but rather feminine.

AHA! I knew it!! Sehun is VERY symmetrical! Rejoice, Sehun fans! symmetry in a human’s face is really rare! He’s on the same level of symmetry as Tao! The male template does not fit him so well, indicating that he has a rather feminine face, but the female template is practically perfect on his face. The eyebrows match up, so does the nose, so do the lips and the face shape. Sehun is so pretty, isn’t he?

I’m noticing a pattern here, rarely does the male template fit the exo boys. They’re all too pretty for it. The same goes for Kai. His symmetry isn’t as good as Sehun’s or Tao’s, but the female template outlines his face shape perfectly. He is more feminine than masculine, I would say.

I SERIOUSLY CHOKED ON MY SPIT WHEN I SAW THE FEMALE TEMPLATE ON LUHAN. IS HE EVEN A GUY??? WTF. IT LEGIT FITS PERFECTLY! THERE IS NO LINE OUT OF PLACE! My mind is blown. Luhan is prettier than I thought. Also, his face is THE MOST symmetrical one out of ALL EXO members. His face might be really feminine, but hey, he’s rocking that Fibonacci sequence. Be proud, Luhan fans, your bias is legit the definition of the perfect human face according to science, arithmetic, and geometry.

……………..Maybe this is a bad shot of Suho (since I couldn’t find any with his face facing front), but none of the templates fit. Dx Sorry!

Baekhyun has the same thing going on like Kai and Chanyeol. They are a mix of both—-not really fitting into either. But hey, best of both worlds, right? Can’t say that Baekhyun is symmetrical, though. practically nothing lines up Dx

Same thing as Baekhyun, Kai, and Chanyeol. Dx

Yixing’s facial features are pretty masculine, but his face shape is feminine. On terms of symmetry, he’s a 6.5/10. :)

Same thing as Suho Dx I’m sorry! I’m bad at searching for pictures! Blame me T^T

Believe it or not, chen’s face-shape is rather feminine, despite his killer jawline. His symmetry is pretty good, though. His nose, lips, and eyes line up well. It’s only his eyebrows and the jawline for the male template.

That’s it :) Please don’t send me hate mail XD This is just for fun. And I like science/math, so my hands were just itching to do this. Don’t feel discouraged or sad that your bias wasn’t as symmetrical as you thought because beauty comes in many forms, not just symmetry! :)

NEWS Crash course: Tegoshi Yuya 2/2


Tegoshi is a great vocalist but he can also play guitar and he does it sometimes at concerts. He also composed some of the music and lyrics to NEWS and Tegomass songs. Apart from singing in his two bands Tegoshi does his fair share of acting too. Though he usually plays supportive roles I think he’s pretty good at it. 

While Tegoshi took part in several TV shows he is best known for his participation in ItteQ. Basically it’s a really great show where the cast travel all around the world, show amazing things and do amazing things. It suits him perfectly and showcases his talents. Since he was doing so well he got his own corner “Entertainer Tegoshi” is which he travels to different countries and learns new unusual skills in a limited time. Tegoshi’s ability to learn combined with amazing determination and the desire to continuously challenge himself make it seem that nothing is impossible for him. 

He might seem like a very brave person but he’s actually easily scared. Haunted houses and insects are his worst enemies.

Bungee-jumping from a helicopter: I can do that!
Touching worms: No way!

The only thing Tegoshi absolutely sucks at is drawing. Not that he would ever admit it. His works are so bad he actually has his own corner in one of the magazines where he draws portraits of different guys from his agency.

Tegoshi is very athletic and good at many sports but soccer remains his biggest passion. He loves it so much other members worry that it might be more important to him than the band. He plays whenever he has free time and is friends with some J-League players. He always plays as a forward. He says that for awhile in school he was a goalkeeper but he realized that with his personality he couldn’t be in defence, he needed to attack. He is also one of the hosts at the show called Soccer Earth which allows him to travel the world and interview his favourite players. The last two years he was also Japan’s main newscaster for FIFA World Cup.

Tegoshi’s other interesting hobby is crossdressing. The first time he did it (voluntarily that is) was at a winter tour in 2009. He dressed as Santa girl for the Christmas concert and also as a schoolgirl while participating in other members’ song. After that he began to do it regularly at concerts, dramas and TV shows and every time he got better at it. And it’s not just about looks, he tries to act like a girl too and he’s got it down to an art. He says he does it because fans like it but it’s obvious he really enjoys it. I bet his mother is very happy about it too.

Tegoshi does everything to please his fans which he calls “kittens”. He’s a professional when it comes to posing for the camera, saying mushy things onstage and doing all kinds of fanservice. That includes doing things with his bandmates. Now the people who like to ship have their own preferred pairings. I have mine too. But I think that in case of Tegoshi every pairing is perfectly legit because he flirts with all the members and does it gladly. Whether they cooperate or not.

Actually, Tegoshi is good friends with all the NEWS members. He doesn’t really keep in touch with anyone else in the agency though. Instead he hangs out with older musicians such as L'Arc~en~Ciel’s Hyde.

Currently Tegoshi lives with his pet dog Skull, a toy poodle which he bought in 2010. He alternates between NEWS and Tegomass. He is a part of the permanent cast of ItteQ and Soccer Earth. Along with Masuda has a radio show, Tegomass Radio.


Asked about Tegoshi other band members basically agree that he’s a harmless egoist. He often causes minor stress for people around him but he’s actually nice.

Tegoshi doesn’t like formalities and neglects the social hierarchy speaking informally even to his seniors. Though the youngest and the least experienced out of the 4 he uses nicknames for all the other members. But while they admit that he might be a little rude and disrespectful it also helps to lessen the distance in relationships. His fellow members often have complaints about him being too noisy, showing off too much, making others pay for him, walking backstage nearly naked and many more. But whenever they scold him you can tell they actually love him the way he is. He is also well-known for his pranks which are so childish and ridiculous nobody can really stay mad at him. After all, that’s just his way of showing affection.

Tegoshi is amazingly self-confident and never doubts his own abilities. He may come across as arrogant but the truth is he is really capable and hard-working. Tegoshi is also known for being very outspoken and frank. He often says things without worrying what people might think of him which gets him both a lot of admirers and a lot of haters. Despite this Tegoshi claims he is actually quite shy in private but once the camera starts rolling he turns into an idol and there is no more place for hesitation. He is insanely competitive and would do anything is someone dares him to.

Tegoshi admits that though he loves dogs his own personality is very much like a cat’s. Which seems to be true since he looks cute and cuddly, but he does what he wants and likes to cause mischief.

Strong-willed, energetic, outgoing, cute, stubborn, playful, hardworking, mischievous, perfectionist, flirty, egoist, shy, pretentious, adventurous, ambitious… these are just some of things that come to mind when I think about the guy. But they are just words and can’t even begin to describe the complexity of human nature. Yet, I hope my little discourse gave some insight regarding this strange and amazing human being called Tegoshi Yuya.