perfectly imperfect me

Before you fall in love with me,please understand that my thoughts change like the weather. Understand that sometimes I get sad for no reason. Understand that sometimes I say I could live in one place forever and the next second I wanna move away and never turn back. But please, never doubt my love for you. My feelings for you will never change. You’ll be my anchor that keeps my feet on the ground while my heads in the clouds.
—  In my own person hell I call my mind // J. A. B

people saying captain america’s a cardboard character

me: hmm, where do I start, how about when steve… *goes on forever

You know you truely love someone when you see that they are flawed & imperfect but still treat them as if they are because they *are perfect to you.
—  True Love

heres two more for now. look. i have acne. i have chronic pain that is 1. not fully diagnosed due to its syptoms and 2. incurable. my teeth arent straight by any means. i have to wear glasses to see. but heres the thing. im perfectly imperfect. you are too. we all have our flaws but isnt that what makes us who we are? (my friend took these for me. the phan hoodie is my friends. i was cold)

Dear Fandom...

A friendly reminder that a week ago you were all shitting on May but suddenly she’s that damaged sweet angel? You sure hold on onto your opinions so strong! (Do not the sarcastic tone) 

What, she’s not Coulson’s lapdog anymore? 

Her work is not her priority anymore? 

She’s not cold blooded and calculating?

Friendly reminder to not judge a character only from their exterior. Nothing is what it seems.