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You are perfect

You scoff when I tell you that you are perfect and begin listing out the reasons why you aren’t. You are perfect not because you are flawless, but because there isn’t one thing I want to change about you. Your imperfections only make you more perfect in my eyes.


Hello beautiful people! Admin Jonah here (Jay works too) Don’t be intimated by the perfect butts (looking at you, James) and have a perfectly imperfect one. This blog is 100% body positive. That includes all bodies - so yes, yours! As you can see, I’m not the skinniest, most attractive, hairless man in the world. I have stretch marks, prominent scars, skin folds where I would rather them not, and enough hair on my ass alone to clothe some children. But that’s okay. This is my body, my vessel… Not to say this isn’t hard to post, filter free, but this is me. 100% authentic. So don’t be shy to submit your own photos. This blog is for all the perfect, and imperfect, beautiful butts out there!