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SG Writers: *Introduces Jack Spheer as Lena’s ex-flame.* Alright look! Calm down! SuperCorp can’t be canon because Jack is a guy and he dated Lena therefore Lena is straight and not in love with Kara. Got it?

Me: But, now you come to me, and you say: “Lena is straight. Got it?” But you don’t ask with respect. You don’t offer friendship. You don’t even think to call me Godfather. Instead, you come into my house on the day Kara and Lena are to be married, and you ask me to believe this shit?

Hold It

A/N: So good, it hurts.

“You really piss me off sometimes,” Dan grumbled. He currently had a grip on my wrist and was leading me upstairs into the flat. I rolled my eyes, he was so dramatic when he wanted to be.

We’d been having a perfectly fine evening, until I’d decided to annoy him. Usually he would either ignore me or bother me just as I did him, but there were also times like these. He’d suddenly steam up and would be in an irritated mood for the rest of the night. It had long since stopped intimidating me, and now I knew he just needed space when he was in these moods.

As he locked the door I went to head toward the living room to do just that, leave him alone. Dan’s grip on my wrist didn’t let go, though. He still had his jacket on, just standing in front of the door with a hand on me. I shook him, starting to get annoyed myself. “Hey, hulk man? Yeah I’m gonna need that arm back now.” Dan yanked me as I started walking. His eyes were literally on fire while he looked down at me. “Alright well, you got me. Now what? You gonna throw me outside for the night?”

My body was pressed against his chest now. His face got closer to mine, until our noses were touching. “You,” he growled, “are going to go to our room, strip naked, and wait for me to come in there. Do I make myself clear?” Usually I hated being told what to do, but Dan rarely called the shots in bed, it excited me. I only nodded and let him release me so I could fast-walk to the bedroom. When I entered, I peeled my clothes from my body. They fell and joined the piles of clothing on the floor. There was anticipation running through my veins, Dan and I had had a few fights that ended in hot sex, but it only happened when were were both upset. If one of us was mad we’d usually keep our distance. Dan’s steps got closer and closer while my body climbed up the bed and then sat in the middle. Dan entered the room, his shirt was off and in his hand but he dropped it to the floor as he came toward me.

“Come down here.” I cautiously headed toward where he stood at the foot of the bed, getting up on my knees and looking up at him expectantly. “Now what, big man?” He bit his lip and remained silent, long enough for me to get uncomfortable under his gaze. “Since you love to push me right to the edge…” Dan pushed my shoulder and I fell back. He dropped down to the floor and his hands were placed on my knees. “So let’s see how you like it.” I swallowed hard. His voice was deep and soft.

Slowly, Dan pushed my knees apart and I was on display to him. I wanted to close my legs out of shyness, but wanted to see where he was going with this. Without preamble, he started leaving wet kisses along the inside of my thighs. His hands slid slowly on along the tops of my thighs as well, sending tingles down my legs and right between them too. He knew they were sensitive, my body was getting hotter. Moments later, his left hand was skirting dangerously close to my center. By then I was more than ready for him to do more to me, sighing every few seconds. His finger teased me, tracing over every bit of me without hitting my clit, just gathering wetness and spreading it around. “C’mon, Dan. Do something,” I whined. “Alright, baby. As you wish.” The evil finger that had been teasing slid slowly into me. It wasn’t enough, but I still gave a gratified sound. He pumped it in and out of me while still littering kisses around where I wanted him most. Soon another finger was added, and he picked up speed. In a few minutes I was close, moaning loud and begging him not to stop. Dan stopped kissing me and looked up.

“You wanna cum?”

I nodded so hard my neck cracked a little, “Please don’t stop I’m so close!”

“Well too bad.” Dan ripped away all contact he had with me. Instantly I was falling away from that ecstatic moment he’d been driving me toward. I tried to chase it but without any stimulation I knew it was gone. I propped up on my elbows and looked at him in anger. “What? Didn’t like that? Didn’t like feeling good and then having it all stop?” I pouted and pushed my hips toward him, hoping he’d actually go back and finish me. Surprisingly he started up again.

Three almost-there moments later and I could feel tears in my eyes. “Dan…I’m begging you just-” I tried to catch my breath and speak at the same time. Plump pink lips pulled away from my overheated, soaking center. “You think I should let you cum now?” I didn’t even bother answering, just whining out softly. “Hey, don’t give up. Maybe I will this time.” Dan waited until he was sure I had calmed down enough, then proceeded to work me over again, faster this time, until I was right there, just about to let go. “On second thought…” I cried out. My fingers were gripping the sheets impossibly hard. “I’m still pretty mad at you.” I wiped the tears from my eyes and sat up halfway. “Bear, I’m sorry I made you so upset tonight. I promise I won’t bother you anymore just please please let me cum baby I’m going to explode!”

While sex between us could get a little on the kinkier side, nothing one of us did had ever pushed the other to beg; not until now. Dan seemed genuinely shocked at my words. “Did I push you too far, princess?” He uttered in a soft voice. “No no no I’m good. Just can you…you know.” I gestured to my nether regions. For the first time during the hour he’d been torturing me, he gave a genuine smile instead of a smirk. This time when he leaned in, I knew he would finish me properly. His tongue and lips went back to my clit, his fingers playing with that soft spot inside me. In less than a minute I had a grip on his hair and I was all but screaming his name with a mix of “Daddy” and “thank you”. Dan rode me through it, until I was too sensitive and he had to stop.

My vision blurred with tears and I tried to catch my breath. Distantly I heard Dan remove his pants and climb behind me on the bed. Carefully, he pulled me up where he was, and held me to his chest, idly wiping at the last of the frustrated tears on my face. “I really am sorry if I made you mad,” I said. Dan stopped and turned my head to look at him. “It’s fine, pumpkin. Sorry I pushed you so much tonight.”

“Don’t worry. I actually kind of liked it. Maybe I should piss you off more in the future.”

His face got serious, “Do it again and next time you just won’t cum.”

Maybe it was because he’d just made me cum, but I didn’t really believe him.

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So, Supercoorp fandom can hate on a man of color, send him disgusting shit because his character was an obstacle for their crack ship and made him say things about fan hooliganism and it’s perfectly fine?

So, Supercoorp fandom can send shit about main hero’s love interest, mock the actor, post disgusting shit about him – death threats included, mock his real relationship with the main actress and it’s perfectly fine?

So, Supercoorp fandom can kiss Melissa’s ass as long as she says what they want, she is a queen when she says that people can ship whatever they want, they can question her relationship and call it PR, muse about what she can or can’t say because “producers didn’t allow her” or be sure how “unhappy she is about her character’s arc”, but the second she says something that doesn’t fit their imaginations she is a bitch and “done for them” and it’s perfectly fine?

So, Supercoorp fandom can love the show only as long a ship is a possibility and it’s perfectly fine?

So, Supercoorp fandom can love the cast as long as the actors stay silent and say nothing about bullies, but when they sing a song about friendship that is REAL and nothing more – because apparently shippers can’t see a difference between their fantasy and canon facts - they are suddenly called homophobic and it’s perfectly fine?

So, Supercoorp fandom can ignore sexualities of the characters, ignore friendships (because who needs healthy friendships, right? Friendships between women don’t mean a shit, right? Friendships are less important than loves, right?) and talk about subcontext, baiting and “meaningful gazes” but when the cast just says it’s friendship, nothing more, it’s gross and awful and again, homophobic and it’s perfectly fine?

Supergirl cast did nothing homophobic or wrong. NOTHING. They were FORCED to finally do something, because they had enough of the constant harassment they got. No one baited a thing about Supercoorp. The shippers baited themselves. There are canon facts and there are fanon headcanons and if shippers can’t tell the difference it’s THEIR problem, not the cast or producers problem.

If you think  that you can harass actors because they said everyone else already knew, if you think that you fight for a better world or something by sending gross shit to them – rethink your life choices.

And yes, I’m waiting for the hate I for sure am going to get, because some people can only hate, when they don’t get what they want. Nothing else.  

Moon of Fire Part x (Sastiel Sequel)

I can’t believe we are now this far into the story, thank you for much for sticking around! 10/15 to go! Don’t forget I’m running a Sastiel competition with amazing prizes. All you have to do is make an edit/fanart based on my Sastiel fic to be in the draw to win!

If you haven’t read A Court of Fire and Dreams:
Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V.

Moon of Fire:
Part i, Part ii, Part iii, Part iv, Part v, Part vi, Part vii, Part viii, Part ix

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The Heart of the Mountain - Bagginshield Oneshot

Hi! So I wrote this one-shot for @azriona for @fandomtrumpshate  /  @fandomtrumpshateofferings auction! Azriona donated to Planned Parenthood - kudos! Anyways, this is my submission, so I hope y’all like it!

Bilbo wished he were brave enough to stare down those foreign, blue eyes and tell their self-entitled owner he can fetch his own seed cake, thank you very much.

He wished he could have locked the door and blow the candles and shoo the jolly, messy, dwarf-shaped locusts away.

He wished he were brave enough to be rude to his rude guests. He wished he could snuff that knowing smile from Gandalf’s beaming face. He wished for many things.

He wished that dwarf leader, whatever his name was, weren’t so bloody handsome.

He wished, as he carried the last of his seed cakes and offered it to the dwarf (who didn’t even bother to look up and acknowledge his presence, the arrogant prick) that his eyes weren’t so vividly blue, that his presence didn’t storm through Bilbo’s entire being and filled his humble abode with dreams of adventure, that his voice didn’t vibrate within Bilbo’s very core, that he didn’t smell of earth and rain and ashen pipe-smoke…

He hid in his room, waiting for the normalcy of his life to settle around him and erase Thorin Oakenshield from his thoughts. He fell asleep, dreaming of foreign words and blue eyes and dragons.

Oddly enough, he was displeased to wake up and find the merry company (and its grumpy leader) gone. Almost like a night vision he didn’t dream to its end and now, once awake, failed to remember – he wished for more.

He wanted more.

Bilbo dashed out of his house, contract in hand and handkerchief forgotten, to chase yesterday’s dream of blue, blue eyes.

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Trudeau is a spineless liberal capitalist.

He spent many minutes talking about how great the environment in Canada is, how we need to improve the climate for our children and grandchildren, to closely listen to Indigenous people and have them involved in decision making, to transition to green jobs, and to follow through on what he was elected for, but then he approved Kinder Morgan pipeline.

He’s showed he is perfectly fine ignoring consent.

He’s showed he is not genuinely concerned with the lives and lands of Indigenous people.

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AH! (awkward art anon again//) I forgot to add, If you don't want to or just feel too uncomfortable that's perfectly fine!! Just ignore the message or sth~ Thanks for reading this, hope you have a nice day♥



When It Ends Pt. 3

Part I / Part II / Part III

Summary: To say you hadn’t come to rely on Jaehyun was a lie. And now you’re terrified what will happen to you when it all ends.

Idol: Jung Jaehyun of NCT

Word Count: 1050

Warnings: Same as usual

Your name: submit What is this?

“Jae, please. If it was you, just admit it. I won’t be mad. In fact, I’ll be the exact opposite.”

“Y/N, I’m flattered that you think I’m diabolical enough to pull this off, but, sadly, I am not.”

“That’s a shame.” You run your fingers through your hair, then bury your face in the palms of your hands. “What do we do?”

Jaehyun rubs your back soothingly, then slightly sighs.

“We have two options. We can proceed with the plan as we normally would have, then come back to this issue. Or we prioritize our stalker first, then get back to the plan. I’ll leave the decision up to you.”

You look up at him and give a tired shrug.

“I can’t think.”

He gives a sympathetic smile and pulls you closer. You hate the fact that you’re depending on Jaehyun for comfort. You also hate the fact that you’ve never felt so safe before.

“I think we should find the person that sent this out,” he says, looking at the phone in his hand.

“But, how? How can we possibly find this creep?” He takes a deep breath and slowly exhales.

“We would have to get help. And, if you’re okay with that, I know a guy or two that could help us.”

“I’m up for anything at this point.” Probably not the smartest choice of words.

Sicheng was pissed that he was not in the loop the very second the contract was signed. Taeyong was impressed that you could handle Jaehyun, and even had some power over him. Yuta thought it was the funniest thing ever.

“You guys are so evil, I love it,” he laughed. Jaehyun rolled his eyes and heaved an exhausted sigh.

“I hate that you’re so good at getting classified information. I wish it was Taeil and not you.”

“You won’t be hating my skills when I find this creep for you,” he retorted with a wink.

“So you’ll help us?”

Yuta scoffed.

“You think I could say no when Sicheng is right next to me? Don’t even act surprised.”

Jaehyun finally let a small smirk creep onto his face. You felt considerably more relieved as well. While you weren’t friends with Yuta, you knew that he was reliable when it came to finding out everyone’s secrets. You could never forget that time in your first year when Ten’s sneakers missing, and Yuta just casually looked up from his phone and told him that it was under Somi’s bed at home. It had only been missing for 5 minutes.

“Taeyong? What about you? Are you in?” Jaehyun looks at Taeyong with hopeful eyes and leans forward in excitement.

“I guess,” he sighs, leaning back against Jaehyun’s bed. “I suggest that both of you keep on the downlow side until this all clears up. Keep acting like a couple, but don’t even think about your evil plans. Don’t talk about it. Don’t even let the thought of the contract cross your minds. Just be a happy couple and support each other. Got it?”

You and Jaehyun nod your heads. It’s too easy to forget that you’re not actually Jaehyun’s girlfriend.

Jaehyun was perfectly fine just playing with your hair while ignoring his homework. But, you were being a good student (for once), and decided that Jaehyun needed to focus on his studies (again, for once).

“But you just look so beautiful,” he whines, poking your cheek. You swat his hand away and let your hair block your face from his view. He didn’t need the satisfaction of knowing he made you smile.

“I feel third wheeled, right now,” Sicheng complains, a look of mock disgust on his face.

“Minghao is sitting right next to you?”

“No, I agree with Sicheng, I’m feeling third wheeled too.”

“That’s not how a third wheel works? Y/N, help me out here.”

“No, I agree with them, stopping being so flirty.”

“My own girlfriend isn’t even on my side, I’m hurt.” Sicheng and Minghao laugh at Jaehyun, but soon grow quiet as someone approaches the table.

“Jung Jaehyun?” Jaehyun turns around and his expression immediately falls as he sees who it is.

“Oh, hey, Sejun.” Sejun looks annoyed as he watches Jaehyun cling to you, but neither of you move to break away from each other.

“I just wanted to let you know that if you need anything, I’m here for you. I know that picture leaking really damaged your image.”

Minghao scoffs and gears up to say an equally rude comment back at Sejun, but you tap the table, a nonverbal signal telling him that it was okay. Jaehyun was there to handle this.

Sure enough, Jaehyun puts on the most sarcastic smile he can and straightens his back a little as he looks at Sejun.

“Damage my image? I don’t quite understand. Surely people already know that I am allowed to kiss my girlfriend as I please, of course with her consent. I’m just weirded out that someone was watching us, and even took a picture.”

He pulls you into his side and places a kiss to the top of your forehead, watching as the corner of Sejun’s mouth twitches.

“After all, what we do together is no one else’s business.”

A more natural smirk crosses Jaehyun’s face as Sejun walks away, heading towards Sohyun, whom he had befriended after it was confirmed nothing was happening between her and Jaehyun. You relax in Jaehyun’s grasp, and neither of you move to put distance between you. As Minghao and Sicheng return back to their previous conversation, you lean up to whisper into Jaehyun’s ear.

“Taeyong told us to not follow through with it,” you mumble, making sure only he could hear.

He pulls back a little to look at you, shock gracing the features of his face.

“I totally forgot about the contract,” he whispers back, shaking his head, as if to clear his mind.

At least you were both guilty of that. You had lost track of the amount of times that you forgot that this was all a contract, all temporary. You had come to depend on Jaehyun, trust him, and, dammit, you even came to love him at some point. And that just made you even more terrified for when this ends.


This is more of a filler chapter to help me transition back into writing for this series.

~Admin Duckie~

@firebyfire here you go, sweetheart. It’s a slight bit different, but you will get clumsy Newt swooning over hot Graves. I promise that.

I thought it will be a short one. It’s not. lol

  • I’ve seen you several times around uni and every time you’ve seen me tripping over something I swear it’s not because I’m swooning at how hot you are 

Newt heard a lot of things about the new assistant of Anatomy professor. He usually didn’t really care about people, about how they look or what they wear. He was listening to what they talk about. And well, that narrowed his attention to the grumpy old professors and their lessons.

He was perfectly fine with that kind of student’s life and often was simply ignored by his fellow group mates. Oh, they tried to socialize with him, inviting him along when they went somewhere to have fun, but Newt wasn’t good at socializing. He always tended to annoy people, so he stopped trying a long time ago.

The first time he saw Mr. Graves was like watching some sloppily made introduction to a porn film. He watched few, alright? Just to experiment stuff, don’t judge him. So, Mr. Graves entered the classroom, pacing like a fucking model in front of them and stopped by the professor’s desk to tell the old man something.

Newt’s eyes didn’t know where to look seriously. He didn’t see anyone ever before who will think of as an attractive person. There was a lot of whispering between his mates but he paid them no attention, because Graves was going back and their eyes just met? And Newt’s hand jerked dropping the pencil he held. So, he naturally went down, under the desk to search for it, only to unceremoniously bang his head when he wanted to stand up. He got out eventually, not without a dull pain in his skull, but Graves was already gone and he dreamily sighed for the rest of the lesson, which he didn’t find as interesting as five minutes ago.

The second time he saw Mr. Graves was when he had his lunch at the cafeteria, the next Wednesday. Newt sat silently at his usual spot, near the window, munching on his favorite sandwich and reading through his report. Whenever he had something to work on, he would do that, but when he didn’t, he would just look out of the window and admire the nature. The spot had such a beautiful view and he was shocked that no one took it. Maybe other students were too busy gossiping and chatting with their friends.

A low hum made Newt raise his eyes from the paper he was reading. Mr. Graves sat at a table in front of him, and thank God, he was with his back at Newt, because Newt couldn’t trust his face at the moment. Mr. Graves was probably eating something really delicious, judging by the appreciative sounds he made.Newt’s face turned red and he couldn’t really breathe… because he was literally choking on his sandwich. He tried to swallow, tears forming in his eyes. After seconds of struggling, and he genuinely thought he will die, the bite of food went down his throat and he started coughing violently. Several persons watched him with worry, including Mr. Graves. Why no one gave him the attention when he almost died moments ago?

Mr. Graves was faster than his thought process, and no, he’s not stupid, he’s the smartest on his course, his mind was clouded by this man- and gave him a glass of water - his glass, as Newt noted - encouraging him to drink it up while soothingly rubbing his back. Those big hands felt so warm, even through the fabric of his sweater and Newt wanted to feel them on other parts of his body, everywhere to be precise, but Mr. Graves withdrew his hand much sooner than Newt would prefer to. When he tried to thank him, Newt stuttered and blushed such a deep shade of red, he didn’t need to see himself in a mirror to feel how hot his cheeks grew. Graves smiled at him, and God, the man was clearly trying to kill Newt, because what he was doing to redhead’s heart?

With a short nod, the man sat back at his table and resumed eating his lunch. Newt buried his face into his papers, trying to focus on them and not on the muscles flexing on Graves’ hands as that brought the spoon to his mouth.

When the Wednesday came around again, Newt sat restless through all of his lessons in hope to catch a glimpse of his crush- oh. He was crushing on Mr. Graves. This… wasn’t so bad, if he thought about it. Half of the university was crushing on him. It felt like crushing on a celebrity or something along those lines, because if he was being serious, he had no chances. Where was Mr. Graves and where was he?

Thinking about how his love life will never actually exist, he walked through the almost empty corridors, leading to the library. He loved to spend his free time in there. The dorms weren’t exactly a place where you can relax, study or read something. At least his roommate was just the silent type as he was, something he could not quite attribute to their neighbors on both sides.

The smell of books, paper, ink and dust drew a fond smile out of him and Newt walked through the endless aisles in search of that book he wanted to check out some time ago. Spotting the needed row, he went directly for the place he saw the book the last time at. Just, it wasn’t here. His smile turned into a pout as his eyes searched for something else to occupy his mind with.

A small chuckle caught his attention and he turned his head in that direction, only to come face to face with the book he looked for. The book moved out of his vision and its place took a familiar handsome face of assistant Graves.

“You wanted to read this one?“ the man asked, his lips quirking up at Newt’s stuttered greeting. Newt nodded frantically, not trusting his mouth anymore and desperately trying to avoid eye-contact.

“You can take it then.“ Graves said, shoving gently the book into Newt’s trembling hands. Newt’s eyes widened and he actually looked up.

“Why?“ was his simple question and it made Graves smile

“Well, it would be rude to not give the student the opportunity to learn, even if it’s…“ his eyes were focused on Newt’s as he murmured, his voice becoming deeper “Captive Prince.“

Newt wanted the floor to crack and swallow him completely. He did want to read it, because he was a bit curious. Especially after seeing how the girls won’t shut up about how hot it is.

He didn’t observe when Graves invaded his personal space and practically shoved his body into the books behind, his hands blocking any ways to escape and his body dangerously pressing onto Newt’s as he whispered

“Newton Scamander, I would like to ask you to stop blushing so cutely whenever you see me, because I swear to God, I’ll do…“ Graves leaned and kissed him hard, and fiercely, passionately even. “this.“ He finished, his eyes devouring Newt’s swollen, wet lips.

Newt watched him through his lashes, his brain empty all of a sudden and lips burning. Maybe his mind was clouded again, but there was one thing he was sure of. He didn’t mind Graves doing that again. And even more. So, Newt just silently claimed Graves’ lips in a sloppy kiss. He was clumsy here as well, but he hoped that Graves will teach him how to do things properly from now on.


A/N: Request from anon. God, I got so much uni stuff to do the upcoming week, one of my professors really thinks he’s the most important person on the planet. Like, no, fuck off. I’ll be trying to put some stuff on queue. Anyway, enjoy guys! I know you love jealous!Boomer as much as I do! ;-)

Words: 1110
Warnings: violence

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monomanual  asked:

Quick question on The Eldar language: Mon'keigh. I always assumed it was a joke, pronouncing it 'monkey' (though slightly strechted). I have heard it pronounced by others as 'mank-eye'. Which is fine, it just ignores a perfectly good joke. Your take?

Yeah, I pronounce it “mon-kay.” It’s definitely an in-joke. The T’au’s name for humans is also the rather unsubtle “gue’la” - gorilla. 

30 Question Tag~

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I was tagged by @brandnew-ldh  (thank you muah)

1. Nicknames: Sunny, Sunshine, Kitten….there’s a lot but my close friends call me Meow (because I look like a cat, they said) and my online alias is Dawn

2. Gender: Female

3. Star sign: Libra

4. Height: 155cm or 5'1"

5. Time: (you mean now?) 9:58 AM HKT (i found out about this abbreviation today lol)

6. Birthday: October 5th

7. Favorite Bands/Groups: Infinite, IOI, Pentatonix

8. Favorite solo artists: Taeyeon, IU, Avril Lavigne

9. Song stuck in my head: Why by Taeyeon (probs because it’s the last thing I listened to), Open Up from Produce, Faded by Alan Walker and random melodies that I might or might not have kind of composed on a whim

10. Last movie watched: SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING

11. Last show watched: I’m actually rewatching Produce for a third time now

12. When did I create my blog: I created my main blog literally years ago but this sideblog? About 3 months or so?

13. What do I post: daehwi with a side of bnm boys plus the other broduce trainees (i legit just reblog stuff 95% of the time I’m gonna try post original content when I actually have time to sit down in front of a computer)

14. Last thing googled: is the brain a muscle (the answer is no)

15. Do you have other blogs?: Yeah, my main blog (duh)

16. Do you get asks?: very rarely, but I get excited like a kid on Christmas morning when I do so spam my inbox if you wish

17. Why did u choose your url?: I created this blog around the time when daehwi got the most hate so I felt the need to defend him. (I’m considering shortening it up a bit at some point so feel free to send suggestions)

18. Following: 75 (there’re so many non-produce related blogs lolll)

19. Followers: ~150 the last time I did one of these a week or two ago I had 90 where did you all come from ily

20. Favorite colours: the pastel colour palette in general

21. Average hours of sleep: 3 (i have a really serious problem of insomnia that can’t be solved even with medication rip me)

22. Lucky number: 265 (it’s my go to number)

23. Instruments: flute, piano, and kind of the harp?

24. What am I wearing: a pastel blue oversized shirt and white shorts

25. How many blankets I sleep with: 1 that often ends up god knows where in the morning

26. Dream job: a writer or researcher

27. Dream trip: (realistically) Greece or (unrealistically) Antarctica and outer space

28. Favorite food(s): chocolate and candy

29. Nationality: Chinese

30. Favorite song now: Always from Produce

Tagging (if you want~): @park-woojin, @idaehwi , @shyjeojangs , @godkimsamuel , @cherry-youngmin , @youngmin-ah , @wannaoone , @wannabroduce101 , @lovebugi and anyone else who wants to do this!

Imagine Alistair being back in Forks and unexpectedly finding his mate.

[Fair warning, this is a long one.]


How were you back in this town before even a year was complete since the last fiasco with the Volturi was still puzzling you. It takes you minimally speaking, a century before you could even think of visiting anywhere for any sort of interaction that didn’t involve hunting. 

Bloody consciousness. Why did Carlisle have to go and make efforts to be friends with you? You were perfectly fine ignoring him but no it was too much of a task to let you brood in peace. 

Turning your back on Carlisle during his confrontation with the Volturi had made you feel.. something. You were here to rectify it right now. See it for yourself that Carlisle held no grudges and stop all these feelings. 

The Cullen house was packed when you arrived. Crowds. Nothing sours your mood faster than being in a crowded place. “Carlisle, there was no need for a welcome committee. Are you trying to piss me off?” 

You spared a glance around the members of the Cullen coven that were present, lingering on the one called Renesemee. You had observed her enough during your stay last year. Nobody was giving you death stares except for the blonde bitch. You were pretty sure that was just her face. 

“Alistair you made it. We were confounded when you announced you were visiting. If I didn’t know any better I would think you missed us” Carlisle briefly touched your arm before moving a step back. 

“Or the attic” 

“Rosalie! No need to be rude. Alistair please come in. We are so glad to see you. I know Carlisle certainly wishes you would come by more often” Esme was smiling lovingly at her husband and everyone moved towards the sitting area in a humanely fashion. So pointless. All of them can stand for months on stretch if they have to without any effort. Yet they were playing their roles so well, all for what? Civilisation? Pathetic.

You stood near the corridor something was tugging you to keep walking but you stopped. A little whiff and there was no mistaking the delicious scent. “Why am I not shocked to find a human at your house” Everyone except Carlisle were frozen like they were ready to take you down the moment you even twitched. 

“Purely coincidental. I’m a mentor for this one and she is tenacious. She will be leaving soon. I had no intentions of making you feel uncomfortable” Leave it to Carlisle to trust you and not peg you for a psychopath like the rest of his family.

“I know you, Carlisle. Always playing for the good team.” You scoff and take one last look at him and his family. They were fine and they held nothing against your actions. It was time to leave but why were you being tugged towards the human? You definitely weren’t hungry. “I didn’t plan on staying more than a few minutes, Carlisle. I felt.. bad about my abrupt departure last time.” You glared at him but kept your voice in check for the sake of the child present in the room. “Please refrain from involving me in your family drama ever again” 

With that parting sentence, you left Carlisle and his “family” behind moving in the opposite direction than the human. It was pure curiosity that made you sneakily wait for the human far enough from the Cullen house but firmly on the path that you were bound to see her. 


Dr. Cullen was like a magician. His patients could pull through from the most toughest situation. His focus, his ability to hone in things that others might take more time to think or being so meticulous with his surgeries, he had everything that could get him work in a really swanky hospital in a big city without any difficulties and yet you found him in a place like Forks. You couldn’t believe your luck. 

Maybe you could come off a little weird. Your appearance didn’t scream smart medical student. You were loud and sarcastic. You never said no to a good party as long as it didn’t affect your studies. You gotta live a little right? 

Except you were going insane right now. It was crunch time and you had to study all that you could to pass a very difficult test in the upcoming days. Dr. Cullen had a very useful library right at his house. Nothing better than free books or pizzas to a college student. Sure something was off about the whole family like they were almost not human, you weren’t naive. You knew there were things out there that might not fit in the normal equation. But you kept your priorities in mind and pretended to notice nothing about the Cullens as long as they didn’t notice anything about you. 

You were carrying a few books that were useful to you and walked back to the main area. You treated books with the utmost respect hence the reason Dr. Cullen would let you borrow them. “I’m sorry I barged in like that but Mr. Ross can be a such a turd.” You smiled apologetically towards Edward. Dr. Cullen had a guest over so Edward was helping you. 

“Not a problem Y/N but you better hurry.” It was almost completely dark and you still found it difficult to navigate the way out from the Cullen house. These people really liked their privacy. 

“I’ve got everything I need. Thanks for the tips, I will be back to return this at the end of the week” You kept the books in your backpack making it weigh too much than it’s capable of handling. 

On your way out, you never saw Carlisle’s guest. You kept your backpack on the passenger seat and started your car to warm up a little. It was completely dark now and you were surely going to get lost if you weren’t careful. 

You were jamming to a song playing on the CD when you saw a tall figure standing by the side of the road. You passed by him, you certainly weren’t stopping for some random stranger in the middle of nowhere. But you did stop when that same stranger was standing in the middle of the road two minutes later. You were paralysed by fear and shock. It was one thing to be aware about strange things and completely different to witness it. 

It looked like he could see you clearly despite the headlights beaming at him. He was tall, disheveled and dressed weirdly with his freaking red eyes that made him a complete creepy package. You tried to keep your cool and looked past his exterior appearance, see inside him. You may not be that high on the freak spectrum like him but you had a talent of your own. You could see inside someone and read them. It came in handy when the world was filled with people ready to cross any boundaries for their selfish gains. 

Surprisingly he was nothing of malice or ill intentions but more annoyed like he had figured out the puzzle but wasn’t happy about it. By the time you blinked he was gone. You certainly weren’t that gone off from stress to experience hallucinations. 

The knock on your window startled you so bad you let out an ugly scream. “Stop the screeching, will you? It’s unbearable” His voice was so different, snobby and demanding. He opened your door before you could think of locking it and then unbelievably, he just ..stared. “Wh-what do you want?” Your voice was almost a whisper, the fear was suffocating you. 

“I should have know better than this. A fragile human” He laughed without humour and had his hand around your neck in the next heartbeat. “A tiny squeeze and you are dead, so weak” his mouth twisted in disgust before he leaned in closer and inhaled deeply. His eyes were completely black now, his anger was tangible but so was his confusion. 

“Why are you trying to hurt me?” Your hand shook badly but you placed it over his hand, his skin was cold and hard. He was too fast to read, his emotions all over the place but all strongly revolving around you. You tried to push his hand away.

“Silly humans and your endless questions” he growled before turning over your hand to stare at your tattoo and then he was gone, a fast blur disappearing into the forest. [Maybe a Part 2 if y’all want. ::Part 2::]

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flyingthroughthemoonlight  asked:

Are you still accepting prompts? Cause I have one if you are. Patton has a nightmare and Virgil does that breathing technique he did with Thomas to calm him down. (That or there's a bad storm out. I don't know why, but I get the feeling Patton would be afraid of storms.) I love their dynamic, so yeah. 😊

(OMG, how cute??? I love this idea! ^.^)

It was half past three in the morning and Virgil was considering going to sleep after hours of mindlessly browsing the internet. He shut the laptop lid, plugged it in, then flinched as he heard a peel of thunder from outside. With a smile, he prepared to go to his room and just enjoy the sound of the rain. 

Before he could do so, he heard shuffling then Patton appeared in Thomas’ kitchen. Virgil raised an eyebrow and crept over to see what the other side was up to. 

Patton was gripping tightly to the counter, breathing in short little spurts. Virgil recognized it instantly; Patton was panicking. 

“Patton?” he asked hesitantly. 

“H-hey, kiddo. You okay?”

Virgil rolled his eyes; leave it to Patton to completely ignore himself to check on others. “I’m perfectly fine. What’s wrong?”

“Storms,” he said with a short little gasp. A shoot of lightening flashed outside the window and Patton flinched. A loud clap of thunder echoed and Patton mumbled, “I don’t like loud noises. I don’t like-”

“Patton. Listen to me. Breathe in for four seconds.” Patton was still shaking and breathing erratically. “Patton, listen. Four seconds.” Patton finally met Virgil’s eyes and listened. “Hold it for seven.” Patton obeyed. “Now breathe out for eight. You’re doing great; keep doing that.”

Patton did, slowly regulating his breathing, but his hands were still shaking. 

“I don’t like storms,” he said with a shaky smile. 

“I kind of guessed that,” Virgil said with a small smirk. “It’ll be over in a bit, I promise. We can uh- We can watch a movie or something until it’s over.”

Patton broke out in a huge grin. “Great idea, kiddo.”

His hands were still shaking, but the enthusiasm this time was real.

Send me a word, sentence, or short paragraph and one of the sanders sides characters (or HP character), and I’ll write you a little fic! catching up on prompts!

Title: Happy Halloween

Pairing: Oswald Cobblepot x Female Reader

Summary: After a party gone wrong you have to show Oswald you aren’t some damsel in distress.

Warnings: Semi-public sex, masturbation, oral sex (female receiving) sub!Oswald and dom!Reader (for the most part).

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In hindsight, you should’ve realized tonight was going to be awful. Oswald woke up moody, threw a fit when breakfast was served a minute late, and nearly shattered your favorite glass when he realized his costume wasn’t completely ready yet. Needless to say, your comment about dressing as himself and going as a drama queen didn’t land well. He spent the majority of the afternoon pointedly ignoring you. Which was perfectly fine. His tantrum gave you an opportunity to actually get work done around the mansion.

After that, Isabella came over which just worsened Oswald’s mood. If you didn’t know better you would think a literal black cloud was covering his head. It’s hard for him to see her, you know. He’s still sore over Ed falling for her, and the fact you so willingly accept her in our lives just pores salt in a wound he’s been licking for a while. You aren’t under any illusions about how you and Oswald got together. Both of you were pining for someone you couldn’t have and got together out of some desperate need for affection. Unhealthy? Of course. Does it work for the two of you? Well, you’ve been happily living together for three months now, dating for five.

The entire time Isabella stayed at the mansion to help finish your flapper dress Oswald sulked in the shadows, pouty and glaring. Eventually, your friend took the hint and left. You begged her to stay with Oswald’s scoff as background music. She could’ve been just as bitchy as Oswald. She should’ve been just as bitchy as Oswald. You would’ve understood completely. Instead, Isabella bowed out gracefully, explaining she had her own costume to complete. The one friend from Oswald’s world you’ve managed to make and he consistently drives her away.

“You’re unbelievable.” You told him at the time. Oswald just rolled his eyes and stomped off to find his own barely finished costume.

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Puppy Love || Daehyun

Request: Hi, can I request a scenario with BAP’s Daehyun where his girlfriend is obsessed with puppies and accidentally ignores him? Thank you 

Summary:  You’ve always been an animal person. Your boyfriend is only learning the downsides of that characteristic. 

Word Count: 1,322

A/N: Written for @soshibaby98 ! Sorry for the long wait but I hope you enjoy the scenario all the same. <3 You know how my last update I said I was dealing with shitty internet  (xx) literally after I posted that my internet dropped and this has been my first day with internet and I’m so done with NBN Australia wtf its Christmas Eve get your shit together. Anyway everything should be up soon and then I have a little sorry present for y’all when its all over.

“I should’ve known this was a bad idea…”

Daehyun huffed as he watched from the small circular table, elbows propped onto the lacquered wood as his hands cradled his chin. His eyes followed your form as you moved, slight defeat spread across his features as he did.

You laughed to yourself, a wild smile plastered across your face as you gleefully patted the small head of a Chihuahua seated in the gap between your criss-crossed legs.

“Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy!” You cooed, scratching the underside of the dog’s jaw, its thin tail rhythmically hitting your thigh.

Daehyun found his lips pursing into a prominent pout as he watched in disgruntlement. A voice in the back of his mind taunted him, sounding too much like Youngjae.

‘It’s not gonna end well, it’ll backfire in your face.’

Daehyun sighed again, moving his hand so that he could rest his chin on his folded forearms. He should have known better.

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Reader x Hyungwon

Genre: fluffy, suggestive

Summary: A sunny day turns into a frightening night, but Hyungwon is always at your side

A/N: So my first two scenarios are still on my main blog. I want them all here, so this is a… remastered… version of my first piece, if you will. The original has since been deleted. If you haven’t read already, please enjoy. And if you have, well, look out for any changes!

The sheer white curtain you had bought completed the living room in your new apartment.

“See, Hyungwon? It suits the room perfectly!”

“Yeah well, they won’t be much help with the rainstorm today.”

You slide the curtain to the side, revealing beams of sunlight. You stared at him, “what are you talking about? The weather is perfect.”

“Ah, _____, don’t you ever check the weather?” He plopped onto the couch, messing up your arrangement of newly bought pillows.

“I can see the weather with my eyes, and I say it is a perfectly fine day.” You decided to ignore the forcast today, knowing full well if there was a storm you would be scared out of your mind. You’d rather be ignorant than terrified. 

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