perfectly fine to ignore

SG Writers: *Introduces Jack Spheer as Lena’s ex-flame.* Alright look! Calm down! SuperCorp can’t be canon because Jack is a guy and he dated Lena therefore Lena is straight and not in love with Kara. Got it?

Me: But, now you come to me, and you say: “Lena is straight. Got it?” But you don’t ask with respect. You don’t offer friendship. You don’t even think to call me Godfather. Instead, you come into my house on the day Kara and Lena are to be married, and you ask me to believe this shit?

My favorite character is straight,  it’s just their sexuality not their personality, character development, or role in the media
My favorite character is homosexual, it’s just their sexuality not their personality, character development, or role in the media
My favorite character bisexual,  it’s just their sexuality not their personality, character development, or role in the media.
Sexuality isn’t what a character is, please differentiate personality and sexuality.
A character’s romantic/sexual interests are just a characteristic, not the entire character his/herself.
It’s perfectly fine to seize the ‘representation’ factor but ignoring important stuff like this is down right ignorant in a way.

quick guide to visiting living history museums/events

Have your ever been to a war reenactment, a Renaissance faire, or someplace like Colonial Williamsburg? They can be really cool. Hundreds of dedicated craftsmen and actors in period costume will demonstrate historical lifestyles and activities for your entertainment and education. Much of it is interactive and they are happy to answer any questions you have.

But living history is not Westworld, though sometimes it sure feels that way. Lots of visitors seem to forget that reenactors are real people, not toys.


- Ask questions! Most people involved in reenactment are passionate about history - it’s not exactly a lucrative activity.

- Participate! Many living history events have interactive demonstrations. It may feel corny, but if someone invites you to help churn butter or something, go for it. Your girlfriend will think it’s cute. What are you afraid of? Looking nerdy? Your at a Rev War reenactment, buddy. Get over it.

- Talk to people! Ask them about their costumes, their lifestyle, what reenactment is like, if they made their props themselves, ect. Sometimes they will answer in-character. It’s *fun*.

- Ask for photos! Reenactors are constantly being photographed and don’t really expect to be asked first, but it’s a nice gesture and they’re more likely to smile or pose if you do. Get a selfie with John Hancock - what’s to lose?

- Get into it. Pretend you’re a time-traveler, if you want to. Or don’t. Just have a good time and play along, if that’s what makes you happy.

Do not:

- Touch people without their permission. Yes, she’s wearing a bodice. No, you can’t sexually assault her. If you want to feel a costume, wig, or prop, ask first. It’s not weird to be intrigued by someone’s period clothing, and plenty of people are totally okay with you touching the material or craftsmanship…. IF you get their permission first.

-Eat people’s food uninvited. Those people cooking dinner in a cast iron cauldron over a fire? That’s literally their food. Yes, they’re really going to eat that. Yes, it’s probably delicious. But unless they’re a food vendor or have set out samples, you probably aren’t welcome to try it - if you’re hungry, they can point you to the nearest food station.

- Enter tents or rooms that aren’t open to the public. Sometimes it can be unclear what’s public and what’s private - innocent mistakes happen, so don’t sweat it if you accidentally stick your head into someone’s personal room. Just apologize and backtrack. As with anything, when in doubt, ask permission first.

- Try to catch people up. This is just weird and annoying. Lots of guests come to living history events determined to disprove that they’re actually visiting Boston in 1776. Again, this isn’t Westworld. We aren’t robots programmed with false memories, and forcing us to acknowledge the fact that it’s actually 2017 isn’t going to liberate us from our robo-slavery. It’s performance! Put reality on hold for a bit and just enjoy it. If you have questions about the historical accuracy of something, ask it politely, not smugly. It’s perfectly fine to be ignorant of something and to ask a “dumb question”, but when you frame it as a “gotcha”, you just embarrass yourself.

- Don’t show up in Pochahontas cosplay. Especially the Disney version. Just… don’t do this.

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In the game MC always needs saving by the RFA, which kind of annoys me because I'm not the sort of person who relies on other people's help. What if the tables were turned and MC was the one saving the RFA (and maybe the minor trio if ya want) from something, whether it's something really small like an insect or something really big, like a house fire? Btw your headcanons are great - and so are you!

This is a great idea!! I personally hate this kind of stereotype in games, so I loved writing this!! I hope it’s what you wanted??Also, thank you so much anon!!! you’re great too ! (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄) -Green


-so, we’re going tame for this guy

-because like.

-he LITERALLY CALLS YOU and does his sappy I love you and sCREAM s because of a cockroach . He SCrEAMS

-so this will be that kind of scenario

-you two are just chilling at your apartment, on the couch and cuddling. Lots of cute kisses

-ily Yoosung

-and suddenly.,,,,

-A SPIYDER crawls right along your shoulder

-Yoosung is. Dead. He screams in your ear and practically THROWS you off of him

-once you see why ur like “ew gross” and just squash it. With your bear hands.

-Yoosung can’t process it because for One: it’s so great you can kill bugs without crying how do you do that


-you chase him around the house with your gross hands

-he hates you he loves u tho


-you’re being hunted by people who want to get seven (cheesy I know, bear with me)

-ok. Okooookookk. Ok.


-you just want to protect Mc, I know. But like. mc can do perfectly fine on their own thank you

-when he straight up ignores you and says it’s for your safety and shit??? AGAIN??? You thought you solved this??

-you’re not okay with that.

-you’ve told him several times you can protect yourself, and he won’t listen!!!! He just keeps working!!!! What’s he working on anyway???!

-you are. Anger.

-so one morning you find Saeyoung asleep and you go into his computer

-you feel terrible for it but you can’t take it anymore ok

-you find out where his enemies are. And you just leave. You left only a note saying you could take care of yourself, packed a bag and took his car.

-by the time Saeyoung wakes up, he’s hella confused because it’s around night

-“ I slept in oh no ” dance ensues

-rushes to his computer, is about to HACK AWAY before he finds your note

-lol he’s crying

-he’s freaking out and calling your name, searching the whole house

-he can’t find you a n y w h e r e

-right when he’s about to leave and look for you, you come in through the door

-you look hella beat up but you’re

-you’re smiling???

-he runs to you and just cries in your shoulder. You have to calm him down and after that you take care of the injuries

-after this FINE little incident, Saeyoung tries to be less protective and so insistent to do things on his own.

-lots of cuddles afterwards



-you two were going out for dinner, just a normal night for insanely rich people and you were laughing, having fun

-you’re at an obscenely expensive restaurant ( because you deserve the best of the best )

-when there’s a gunshot suddenly

-someone shouts to get on the ground and you all hide under tables

-Jumin is. Not okay. You are in DANGEr. He has to DO SOMETHING

-before he can call his guards your on your feet



-you throw the gun out of reach and just start

-mauling this dude

-you’ve never been more attractive in Jumins eyes oh my Goodness

-someone was smart enough to call the police, and you have him knocked up and ready to go like a little present by the time the police get there

-both you and jumin don’t want to be invaded by reporters so you leave ASAP and jumin

-this little boy doesn’t know what to do because GOD YOU WERE HOT but also YOU COULD HAVE DIED

-he won’t let you out of his sights for the rest of the week



-She does not underestimate you at all. you both practice your butt kicking stuff together

-whenever a guy does something inappropriate to either of you, the two of you just laugh and then KICK HIS ASS TOGETHER

-You save each other from everything all the time.

-everything is mutual. Jaehee is literally the only one in the group that backs off and let’s you fight your own fights, just lets you know she’s got your BACK BABY

-i love my wife…


-gah…. b r o ,,…

-this guy  i n h a l e s  stereotypes

-smokes them every morning before work

-”Honey, cook me dinner!!!” “Babe, I’ll do the heavy lifting”

- A  G  H

-you are prepared. the next chance you get, you’re going to SHOW HIM

-Show him you’re more than his little s/o. you have the p o w e r to kick his ass. just know every time he says a stereotype, you decided to let him live.

-so one day you two are out on a date, right?

-he takes you to a store you like and the two of you split up.

-Zen comes back, wanting to show you an item he think you would like, when he sees a guy stalking up on you


-as soon as he sees this guy grope you, he’s about to ROCKET.

-but then you just. do a 180 turn and slap that dick across the face, making him fall on the floor.


-he is honestly. so impressed.

-never will he under estimate you again. that was amazing


-so, we all know how V feels the responsibility to take everything in his own hands and have lots and lotsa secrets

-you don’t get too mad when he does this to you, because you’re trying to understand

-but when you learn he’s putting himself in danger to ‘protect’ you, you have a hard time.

-I think instead of saving him from something, because really his only threat was rika and lol she gone now

-you would bring it up with him

-you both would have a very very long chat. I don’t think V wouldn’t not believe you if you said you could easily protect yourself

-he trusts everything that comes out of your mouth 1000%

-oh V oh precious V,,, falls for the pranks too easily you don’t even know if it counts as fun

-It’s just hard for him to accept that he isn’t alone. He doesn’t need to do everything himself.

-Oh V.


-oh BOY was this fun to write

-it was the worst thing ever don’t make me do this ever again I cried


-after the Mint Eye, it took Saeran a long. long time to even think about a relationship. which is completely reasonable.

-And let’s face it, Saeran is obviously not the perfect partner.

-none of the RFA members are, they all need help please help them

-The only thing that threatened you in your relationship was Saeran.

-he would randomly get triggered and start screaming and throwing items

-you both had been together long enough to learn how to deal with these situations, but he had caught you off guard one day.

-you were coming into the living room with some healthy snacks, for both Saeyoung and Saeran because. These kids need a mom

-When you walked in Saeran was pinning Saeyoung to the ground and choking him

-and of course Saeyoung wasn’t fighting back. he was most likely thinking he deserved this somehow.

-you quickly dropped everything in your hands and dashed towards him

-you threw him off of Saeyoung, and you tried to get Saeyoung to run out of the room because he wasn’t a good help during these moments of PTSD for Saeran

-but he was just. frozen on the ground.

-Saeran tried to attack him again and you had to smack the vase he somehow got out of his hand, making it shatter on the floor.

-he decides to attack you after that and suddenly the both of you are rolling around on the floor, scratching and biting

-finally you muster up your strength and push him off of you, running to the next room

-he follows you

-you’re in Saeran’s room now and you throw him onto the bed

-you’re manhandling him into a blanket burrito, throwing his limbs where you want them to be as he tries to hit and bite you

-you get him trapped in the blanket and you make him lie down, and you throw yourself on top of him

-it takes him hours to calm down, but eventually he does

-it takes him days to get near you again. he feels disgusting. he feels wrong. he feels like d y i n g. every time he sees you he thinks how he hurt you

-you have to convince him as the days go by you weren’t severally hurt and you would always be there. you can protect yourself, even if it was from him. you can save yourself and you can save him.

-you can save him.

The Heart of the Mountain - Bagginshield Oneshot

Hi! So I wrote this one-shot for @azriona for @fandomtrumpshate  /  @fandomtrumpshateofferings auction! Azriona donated to Planned Parenthood - kudos! Anyways, this is my submission, so I hope y’all like it!

Bilbo wished he were brave enough to stare down those foreign, blue eyes and tell their self-entitled owner he can fetch his own seed cake, thank you very much.

He wished he could have locked the door and blow the candles and shoo the jolly, messy, dwarf-shaped locusts away.

He wished he were brave enough to be rude to his rude guests. He wished he could snuff that knowing smile from Gandalf’s beaming face. He wished for many things.

He wished that dwarf leader, whatever his name was, weren’t so bloody handsome.

He wished, as he carried the last of his seed cakes and offered it to the dwarf (who didn’t even bother to look up and acknowledge his presence, the arrogant prick) that his eyes weren’t so vividly blue, that his presence didn’t storm through Bilbo’s entire being and filled his humble abode with dreams of adventure, that his voice didn’t vibrate within Bilbo’s very core, that he didn’t smell of earth and rain and ashen pipe-smoke…

He hid in his room, waiting for the normalcy of his life to settle around him and erase Thorin Oakenshield from his thoughts. He fell asleep, dreaming of foreign words and blue eyes and dragons.

Oddly enough, he was displeased to wake up and find the merry company (and its grumpy leader) gone. Almost like a night vision he didn’t dream to its end and now, once awake, failed to remember – he wished for more.

He wanted more.

Bilbo dashed out of his house, contract in hand and handkerchief forgotten, to chase yesterday’s dream of blue, blue eyes.

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Trudeau is a spineless liberal capitalist.

He spent many minutes talking about how great the environment in Canada is, how we need to improve the climate for our children and grandchildren, to closely listen to Indigenous people and have them involved in decision making, to transition to green jobs, and to follow through on what he was elected for, but then he approved Kinder Morgan pipeline.

He’s showed he is perfectly fine ignoring consent.

He’s showed he is not genuinely concerned with the lives and lands of Indigenous people.

@firebyfire here you go, sweetheart. It’s a slight bit different, but you will get clumsy Newt swooning over hot Graves. I promise that.

I thought it will be a short one. It’s not. lol

  • I’ve seen you several times around uni and every time you’ve seen me tripping over something I swear it’s not because I’m swooning at how hot you are 

Newt heard a lot of things about the new assistant of Anatomy professor. He usually didn’t really care about people, about how they look or what they wear. He was listening to what they talk about. And well, that narrowed his attention to the grumpy old professors and their lessons.

He was perfectly fine with that kind of student’s life and often was simply ignored by his fellow group mates. Oh, they tried to socialize with him, inviting him along when they went somewhere to have fun, but Newt wasn’t good at socializing. He always tended to annoy people, so he stopped trying a long time ago.

The first time he saw Mr. Graves was like watching some sloppily made introduction to a porn film. He watched few, alright? Just to experiment stuff, don’t judge him. So, Mr. Graves entered the classroom, pacing like a fucking model in front of them and stopped by the professor’s desk to tell the old man something.

Newt’s eyes didn’t know where to look seriously. He didn’t see anyone ever before who will think of as an attractive person. There was a lot of whispering between his mates but he paid them no attention, because Graves was going back and their eyes just met? And Newt’s hand jerked dropping the pencil he held. So, he naturally went down, under the desk to search for it, only to unceremoniously bang his head when he wanted to stand up. He got out eventually, not without a dull pain in his skull, but Graves was already gone and he dreamily sighed for the rest of the lesson, which he didn’t find as interesting as five minutes ago.

The second time he saw Mr. Graves was when he had his lunch at the cafeteria, the next Wednesday. Newt sat silently at his usual spot, near the window, munching on his favorite sandwich and reading through his report. Whenever he had something to work on, he would do that, but when he didn’t, he would just look out of the window and admire the nature. The spot had such a beautiful view and he was shocked that no one took it. Maybe other students were too busy gossiping and chatting with their friends.

A low hum made Newt raise his eyes from the paper he was reading. Mr. Graves sat at a table in front of him, and thank God, he was with his back at Newt, because Newt couldn’t trust his face at the moment. Mr. Graves was probably eating something really delicious, judging by the appreciative sounds he made.Newt’s face turned red and he couldn’t really breathe… because he was literally choking on his sandwich. He tried to swallow, tears forming in his eyes. After seconds of struggling, and he genuinely thought he will die, the bite of food went down his throat and he started coughing violently. Several persons watched him with worry, including Mr. Graves. Why no one gave him the attention when he almost died moments ago?

Mr. Graves was faster than his thought process, and no, he’s not stupid, he’s the smartest on his course, his mind was clouded by this man- and gave him a glass of water - his glass, as Newt noted - encouraging him to drink it up while soothingly rubbing his back. Those big hands felt so warm, even through the fabric of his sweater and Newt wanted to feel them on other parts of his body, everywhere to be precise, but Mr. Graves withdrew his hand much sooner than Newt would prefer to. When he tried to thank him, Newt stuttered and blushed such a deep shade of red, he didn’t need to see himself in a mirror to feel how hot his cheeks grew. Graves smiled at him, and God, the man was clearly trying to kill Newt, because what he was doing to redhead’s heart?

With a short nod, the man sat back at his table and resumed eating his lunch. Newt buried his face into his papers, trying to focus on them and not on the muscles flexing on Graves’ hands as that brought the spoon to his mouth.

When the Wednesday came around again, Newt sat restless through all of his lessons in hope to catch a glimpse of his crush- oh. He was crushing on Mr. Graves. This… wasn’t so bad, if he thought about it. Half of the university was crushing on him. It felt like crushing on a celebrity or something along those lines, because if he was being serious, he had no chances. Where was Mr. Graves and where was he?

Thinking about how his love life will never actually exist, he walked through the almost empty corridors, leading to the library. He loved to spend his free time in there. The dorms weren’t exactly a place where you can relax, study or read something. At least his roommate was just the silent type as he was, something he could not quite attribute to their neighbors on both sides.

The smell of books, paper, ink and dust drew a fond smile out of him and Newt walked through the endless aisles in search of that book he wanted to check out some time ago. Spotting the needed row, he went directly for the place he saw the book the last time at. Just, it wasn’t here. His smile turned into a pout as his eyes searched for something else to occupy his mind with.

A small chuckle caught his attention and he turned his head in that direction, only to come face to face with the book he looked for. The book moved out of his vision and its place took a familiar handsome face of assistant Graves.

“You wanted to read this one?“ the man asked, his lips quirking up at Newt’s stuttered greeting. Newt nodded frantically, not trusting his mouth anymore and desperately trying to avoid eye-contact.

“You can take it then.“ Graves said, shoving gently the book into Newt’s trembling hands. Newt’s eyes widened and he actually looked up.

“Why?“ was his simple question and it made Graves smile

“Well, it would be rude to not give the student the opportunity to learn, even if it’s…“ his eyes were focused on Newt’s as he murmured, his voice becoming deeper “Captive Prince.“

Newt wanted the floor to crack and swallow him completely. He did want to read it, because he was a bit curious. Especially after seeing how the girls won’t shut up about how hot it is.

He didn’t observe when Graves invaded his personal space and practically shoved his body into the books behind, his hands blocking any ways to escape and his body dangerously pressing onto Newt’s as he whispered

“Newton Scamander, I would like to ask you to stop blushing so cutely whenever you see me, because I swear to God, I’ll do…“ Graves leaned and kissed him hard, and fiercely, passionately even. “this.“ He finished, his eyes devouring Newt’s swollen, wet lips.

Newt watched him through his lashes, his brain empty all of a sudden and lips burning. Maybe his mind was clouded again, but there was one thing he was sure of. He didn’t mind Graves doing that again. And even more. So, Newt just silently claimed Graves’ lips in a sloppy kiss. He was clumsy here as well, but he hoped that Graves will teach him how to do things properly from now on.

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AH! (awkward art anon again//) I forgot to add, If you don't want to or just feel too uncomfortable that's perfectly fine!! Just ignore the message or sth~ Thanks for reading this, hope you have a nice day♥




A/N: Request from anon. God, I got so much uni stuff to do the upcoming week, one of my professors really thinks he’s the most important person on the planet. Like, no, fuck off. I’ll be trying to put some stuff on queue. Anyway, enjoy guys! I know you love jealous!Boomer as much as I do! ;-)

Words: 1110
Warnings: violence

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(You can completely ignore this if you want its perfectly fine) I had a pretty bad day today and I kinda just want to read fanfic, but I've read everything you've written (many times,, I practically live on your masterlist lmao) so could you maybe recommend some fluffy fics? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

Oh gosh I haven’t really read a lot of fics in a long time so this is all I can think of right now you can also check my fic rec tag I’m sure you’ll be able to find some fluffy fics in there. 

Cold Hands, Warm Heart [Oak x Reader] by @imaginebeinghamiltrash 

Summer Rain [Oak x Reader] and Barcelona [Rafa x Reader} by @alexanderhamllton  

For Keeps [Oak x Reader] by @secretschuylersister

Domestic Bliss [Oak x Reader] by @sunshinemiranda

Where The Sun and Stars Meet [Rafa x Reader] by @ourforgottenboleros  

Title: Happy Halloween

Pairing: Oswald Cobblepot x Female Reader

Summary: After a party gone wrong you have to show Oswald you aren’t some damsel in distress.

Warnings: Semi-public sex, masturbation, oral sex (female receiving) sub!Oswald and dom!Reader (for the most part).

Originally posted by raymukada

In hindsight, you should’ve realized tonight was going to be awful. Oswald woke up moody, threw a fit when breakfast was served a minute late, and nearly shattered your favorite glass when he realized his costume wasn’t completely ready yet. Needless to say, your comment about dressing as himself and going as a drama queen didn’t land well. He spent the majority of the afternoon pointedly ignoring you. Which was perfectly fine. His tantrum gave you an opportunity to actually get work done around the mansion.

After that, Isabella came over which just worsened Oswald’s mood. If you didn’t know better you would think a literal black cloud was covering his head. It’s hard for him to see her, you know. He’s still sore over Ed falling for her, and the fact you so willingly accept her in our lives just pores salt in a wound he’s been licking for a while. You aren’t under any illusions about how you and Oswald got together. Both of you were pining for someone you couldn’t have and got together out of some desperate need for affection. Unhealthy? Of course. Does it work for the two of you? Well, you’ve been happily living together for three months now, dating for five.

The entire time Isabella stayed at the mansion to help finish your flapper dress Oswald sulked in the shadows, pouty and glaring. Eventually, your friend took the hint and left. You begged her to stay with Oswald’s scoff as background music. She could’ve been just as bitchy as Oswald. She should’ve been just as bitchy as Oswald. You would’ve understood completely. Instead, Isabella bowed out gracefully, explaining she had her own costume to complete. The one friend from Oswald’s world you’ve managed to make and he consistently drives her away.

“You’re unbelievable.” You told him at the time. Oswald just rolled his eyes and stomped off to find his own barely finished costume.

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Puppy Love || Daehyun

Request: Hi, can I request a scenario with BAP’s Daehyun where his girlfriend is obsessed with puppies and accidentally ignores him? Thank you 

Summary:  You’ve always been an animal person. Your boyfriend is only learning the downsides of that characteristic. 

Word Count: 1,322

A/N: Written for @soshibaby98 ! Sorry for the long wait but I hope you enjoy the scenario all the same. <3 You know how my last update I said I was dealing with shitty internet  (xx) literally after I posted that my internet dropped and this has been my first day with internet and I’m so done with NBN Australia wtf its Christmas Eve get your shit together. Anyway everything should be up soon and then I have a little sorry present for y’all when its all over.

“I should’ve known this was a bad idea…”

Daehyun huffed as he watched from the small circular table, elbows propped onto the lacquered wood as his hands cradled his chin. His eyes followed your form as you moved, slight defeat spread across his features as he did.

You laughed to yourself, a wild smile plastered across your face as you gleefully patted the small head of a Chihuahua seated in the gap between your criss-crossed legs.

“Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy!” You cooed, scratching the underside of the dog’s jaw, its thin tail rhythmically hitting your thigh.

Daehyun found his lips pursing into a prominent pout as he watched in disgruntlement. A voice in the back of his mind taunted him, sounding too much like Youngjae.

‘It’s not gonna end well, it’ll backfire in your face.’

Daehyun sighed again, moving his hand so that he could rest his chin on his folded forearms. He should have known better.

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like don’t get me wrong I literally have a recovery tag on my blog but I also spent years trying to convince myself that one day I’d be perfectly fine again

(which ignores the fact that my mental illness is, in a lot of ways, caused by the fact that my life was never fine)

and I track my progress and notice how I’m doing better in some areas

so I’m not anti-recovery but I oppose “Recovery Should Be Everyone’s Goal!” as an ideology

the end

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i loved the kandriel rivalry!! do you think you could do a continuation with everyone's reaction to kevin's tweet?

yes ofc!! i realised after i’d posted the original post that i’d done pretty much everything except what the other anon had asked,, so here’s the actual answer to the press’ & the world in general’s response to kandreil going public :^)

  • honestly when kevin first sends the picture and christmas tweet no one “official” really thinks anything of it
  • (and the ones who do are quickly shut up by their editors)
  • heteronormativity is still The Thing
  • and polyamory?? just doesn’t exist at all really
  • at least in the public eye

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Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: i literally had so many doubts about getting this up on time today so jm sorry its a bit late i hope its still ok sigh




Dan doesn’t understand. This should feel like the happiest, most comforting place in the world. No, universe. He should be feeling the genuine content flooding through him, replacing the underlying stress left behind by the hours of the passing day, and should feel the remaining exhaustion drain out of his system as soon as his eyes lock with the comforting emerald glitters in the soft glow of the lamp; the only source of light in the lounge.

He should be feeling a lot; but he isn’t. He can’t.

Ryan’s still the same, he thinks. He still makes Dan’s coffee exactly how he likes it, he still carries the warmly addictive scent of his aftershave, faded by the day’s passing and Dan still relaxes into his chest, inhaling it as if he’ll never breathe again. He still grins in the contagious, slightly crooked fashion that never fails to tug the corners of Dan’s mouth up into an involuntary smile in response, and they’ll still laugh until helpless, falling into a clumsy, yet gentle embrace on the sofa, their legs tangling together underneath the duvet; a secret away from the eyes of Ross, or Adam.

But it’s not genuine, anymore. His eyes have lost the captivating glitter whenever he’d laugh, his tone’s newly monotonous if he can’t be bothered putting the effort into hamming it up every time he gives his input into Dan and Adam’s (and probably Ross’s if he looks up from the mobile google results for ‘Do fish have dreams?’) conversations, and on the rare occasions he does put the effort into saying something, it’s usually a complaint of some description.

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Shit Abled People Say #256

“You don’t need a wheelchair ! your legs are perfectly fine :^)” my abusive, unsupportive mom. Doctor (pcp) completely ignores me when i bring up getting a wheelchair.

walking, even just a little bit, triggers extreme concussions and migraines. You sure i don’t need one ?

Fun in the sun - Modern!AU

Title: Fun in the sun - Modern!AU | High School!AU

Rating: T

Fandom: D.Gray-man

Characters/Pairings: Lavi & Alma Karma & Lenalee Lee & Howard Link & Allen Walker & Kanda Yuu 

Summary: The group have a pool party at Alma’s house. Just fluff and fun and ridiculous gay undertones.

Notes: Cursing courtesy of one Kanda Yuu, and, uh, the gay undertones of very close friends. Also chicken fights. And I, uh, just really like taking Kanda’s hair tie away hahaha Can be considered an Extra from Cave of Poppies. Word count: 3.3k

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A series of firsts with Taehyung and Jungkook. 

This is part of the Toxic Relationship timeline, but it is not part three. It is a side drabble, not part three. Taehyung’s timeline is not in chronological order, whereas Jungkook’s is. I hope you enjoy.

First Time Meeting


           You wish you could remember how you met Taehyung, but the truth is that there’s no definitive point that you could go back to. It seemed like you were just floating through the world, lost and confused until Taehyung found you and then colors burst through your eyes and Taehyung was the fixture that you floated around, the thing that kept you afloat, and then things were different because it was you and Taehyung, and you were just friends at first, honestly but somewhere along the line you realized that Taehyung felt like the air you breathed and oh crap, you thought as you stared at him one day, I think I’m in love.

And you think it’s funny that you can’t even remember the first time he told you Hello, but you’re sure you’ve probably been in love with him since then.


           You fiddle with your hair, twirling it around your finger as you worriedly chew your lip. Taehyung walks next to you, happily humming, his hand swinging in the empty space between you two. You want to reach out and grab his hand, but that’s not what friends do, so instead you grab his forearm, stopping him from walking. Taehyung turns to you, eyes curious but then a smile breaks out on his face as he catches your worried expression.

“Taehyung,” you say seriously.

His lip quirks up higher, his eyes twinkling. “Yes?”

You sigh in exasperation, and you know you must be getting annoying because you’ve asked the same thing about fifty times in the last two minutes but – “What if your group members don’t like me?”

Taehyung lets out a laugh, reaching over and ruffling your hair. His eyes crinkle at the corner as he says, “Aww, you’re too cute” – and you ignore how it makes your heart skip a beat – “but you have no reason to be worried. I’m sure you’ll be fine.” He gives you a mischievous grin, patting your head affectionately now. “Why wouldn’t they like you?”

You say nothing, just looking at his eyes. They’re twinkling in happiness, his lips quirked into a happy grin, completely at ease, and slowly you start to release the breath you’ve been holding, nodding slowly.

“Right, right,” you slowly release the tight grip you have on his arm. “Okay, I’m calm. I am calm and not worried at all.”

“That’s good,” he grins, gesturing with his head at the building behind him, “because we’re here.”

And before you even finish yelling out Taehyung! he’s already scurrying off, his laughter a twinkling sound that hangs in the air and you let out a short laugh of your own before rocking on your heels and running forward.

You’re out of breath by the time you catch up to him, reaching out to grab his arm, the material of his coat soft and warm in between your fingers, and your cheeks are red from running so fast and you almost crash into him because he just abruptly stops, but you catch yourself before you run into this back, and then you’re shoving him gently, letting out a short laugh. “Meanie,” you tease, stepping from behind him and then you freeze, because there are six pairs of eyes staring at you.

You shrink into Taehyung’s side. “Um, Tae?”

Taehyung grins, lazily dropping an arm on your shoulder. “Hey guys, this is who I was telling you about.”

They’re all intimidating in their own way. It’s not that they physically look intimidating; it’s the fact that you know these six people are so important to Taehyung now and you don’t want to mess anything up.

Your cheeks are slightly pink as you bow, mumbling a hello. It’s quiet for a moment and then one of them smiles. He’s tall, broad shouldered with a handsome face and a gentleness to his smile. “Hello,” he bows, “I’m Seokjin.” And then he glances at Taehyung, his lips quirking. “Taehyung was right, you’re adorable.”

You blush even more, pressing yourself tighter against Taehyung as he laughs, ruffling your hair again. “Didn’t I tell you?” He sighs heavily as you whine, shoving his hand away from your hair, and then he introduces you to the rest of the members.

Finally he gets to the last one, and when he introduces him, his eyes light up and his grin gets bigger, and he reaches out to grab the boy from around the neck, affectionately rubbing his hair as the other boy tries to shove him off, his face becoming pink as he whines out, “Hyungggg.

“And this,” Taehyung says, “is our little Jungkookie.”

And then Jungkook glances at you, his eyes wide and his smile shy. He bends lightly, peeking at you through his hair, and his voice is quiet as he says, “Hello.”

You smile back at him widely, internally aww-ing at how cute he is. You bow a bit, tucking your hair behind your hair. “Hello Jungkook.”

And he grins widely at you while Taehyung just looks between the two of you with a confused expression, but then he shrugs it off and Taehyung drops his arm around your shoulder again, loudly exclaiming that he’s dying of hunger, and if Taehyung or you would have been paying attention, you would have noticed that Jungkook was still staring at you.

First Time Holding Hands

Taehyung – 

           There’s something cool being pressed to the top of your head, making you sigh in content. You open your eyes lazily, gazing up at Taehyung, who smiles brightly at you, a damp bandana wrapped around his head. He presses the damp towel tighter against your head, causing you to sigh and close your eyes in content, letting your head rest against your knees.

“Tae,” you whine, “it’s hot.”

Laughter bubbles past his lips, and he presses the towel against your forehead. “I know.”

You sigh, “Make it stop.”

You can hear the smile in his voice as he says, “I’m trying.” And then before you know what’s happening, there’s something wet dripping down your back, causing you to jump in surprise by the coldness. Your eyes snap open and collide with Taehyung’s, who’s grinning widely as he wrings the wet towel over your back. He wrings it out once more before he lays the towel on your back. “Better?”

You nod, a smile on your lips. “Better.”

Taehyung brushes your damp hair away from your face distractedly, and his fingers linger on your cheeks. He laughs, “Your face is so red.” His eyes crinkle, his fingers gently brushing your cheek and you ignore the warmth coming from his fingertips, despite the fact that his hands are cold and clammy from handling the wet towel.

His eyes light up. “Do you want to go get some ice cream?”

You frown. “I don’t have any money.” You glance at him, lifting your brow. “Plus, my shirt is all wet now.”

He rolls his eyes, tugging at your forearms as he stands up. You whine, letting your body go lax as you state that you’re too lazy to go anywhere. Taehyung laughs loudly, and then his hands are wrapping around you easily, lifting you up. “Come on lazy butt, get up. No one will care about your shirt and I’m treating you to ice cream.”

You blush at the feel of his arms around you. You struggle to get out of his arms, pushing on his biceps to release you. You stutter out, your cheeks flaming, “F-fine, but let me down! I can walk perfectly fine.”

He lets you down, and you ignore the way your body slides down the length of his, ignore the sturdy, lean, warm feel of his chest as he laughs. “Fine, but hurry up, it’s probably full today.”

And then he does it, his hand reaches down, his fingers tickling the skin of your forearm, and then his palm is pressed against yours, his fingers locking with yours. His touch is firm, but gentle, his fingers gently pressed to the skin of your hand and you’re at a loss for words as he tugs you gently forward, a gentle smile on his face as he says, “Come on.”

You ignore the way his touch makes your body tingle, ignore the gentle squeeze he seems to involuntary give, ignore the fact that he holds your hand all the way to the ice cream shop, ignore the emptiness you feel when he lets you go to excitedly press his hands against the glass while he points at different flavors, and you don’t think he’s going to grab your hand again, but as you’re leaving, he steals a spoonful of your favorite ice cream and you whine out Taehyung, but he just grins, force feeding you some of his ice scream, and as you’re stepping out of the shop, he does it again – his hand is warm in yours, and he looks down at you with a smile as you walk out of the shop, but neither of you notice where you’re going and then Taehyung is running into someone, dropping his ice cream on them.

Taehyung lets your hand go, bowing profusely as he apologizes and then he looks up at the pretty girl standing in front of him, and you think it’s weird how his jaw goes a little slack as he looks at her, his finger lightly twitching and he doesn’t even glance at you as he introduces himself to her and offers to buy her an ice cream and pay for the damage to her clothes. There’s something about the way that she smiles that makes you feel uneasy, but you can’t put your finger on it.

She lightly bows, introducing herself, and everything is a blur to you, your heart sinking lower as Taehyung focuses solely on her.

And this is when he meets her.  

Jungkook –

            You wake up to your phone buzzing.

You feel around the counter, your eyes still screwed shut. You answer it without even looking at the screen, your voice thick with sleep. “Hello?”

“Hello?” There’s shuffling on the other side and then his voice drops low into a whisper. “I’m sorry, did I wake you up?”

“Jungkook,” you sigh, sitting up on the bed. You rub at your eyes, clearing your throat. “Jungkook, no, I’m up. Hi.”

There’s a smile in his voice. “Hi.” There’s a short pause. “We already said that.”

You roll your eyes, running a hand through your hair as you feel yourself become more alert. “Did you just call to laugh at me?”

He chuckles, the sound vibrating all the way down to your toes, causing you to smile. His voice is warm, melting over you, and soft. “No, actually, I was wondering if you could come down right now.”

Your eyes become wide and then you’re shuffling to your window, quickly pulling the blinds back. “Right now? Jungkook, are you crazy?! It’s freezing outside and it’s,” you glance at your phone, “one in the morn–” 

“I’ll see you in a bit jagi!”

“Jungkook! Jungkook!” The dial tone sounds in your ear and then you’re frowning at your phone screen, cursing. You quickly send out a text asking him if he’s serious and in response Jungkook sends you a picture of himself standing outside of your building. He’s smiling brightly, the tip of nose bright red from being in the cold. He’s pointing up at your window, his brows raised in question, his eyes twinkling in mischief and the captain to the picture reads I’m waiting for you ~~

You let out a slow breath, chuckling to yourself and then you’re quickly getting dressed before running out the door. As soon as you open the door, the cold air hits you. It nips at your cheeks, causing you to wrap your arms around yourself. You see Jungkook leaning against the building, his eyes shut, his arms crossed against his chest. You walk up to him and as soon as you’re standing in front of him, his eyes crack open, causing him to smile and he stands up straight to greet you.

You shiver, smiling at him through the clattering of your teeth. “What was so important that you had to call me this late?”

He smiles, shuffling in his place, ruffling his hair, glancing at you through his lashes. “I wanted to see you.”

Your smart retort dies on the tip of your tongue and then you feel positively warm as your cheeks heat up. You curl deeper into yourself. “That’s sweet,” you whisper.

Jungkook smiles, a light dusting of pink on his face, but then he frowns. “Are you cold?”

You let out a soft laugh, shivering lightly. “Well, yeah, I told you it was freezing and – what are you doing?”

Jungkook is pulling at the sleeve of your sweater, tugging you closer to him. He opens his arms, pulling you toward him, and then he’s engulfing you in his embrace. You’re stiff at first, but then your body relaxes, your eyes closing as you let yourself sink into his warmth. Your hand comes up between the both of you, curling into the warmth of his chest, and you let out a deep sigh. His cheek rests on top of your hair, his soft pants of breath gently blowing your hair as his hands gently run through the strands.  His voice is thick as he asks, “Is this better?”

You nod against him, pressing yourself closer to him. “Much better.”

You don’t know how long you stand there, in his arms, but then Jungkook is sighing, pulling away from you. He bends down to look at your eyes, his gaze serious, his eyes searching your face. Your mouth drops open as he gazes at your face and his eyes focus on the small puffs of air escaping your lips and you think he’s going to kiss you but instead he swallows loudly, a tense smile pulling at his lips.

“I know of a little coffee shop close by, do you want to go get some?”

You shake your head, clearing your mind as you clear your throat. “Uh, yeah, yeah. Is it open right now?”

Jungkook smiles. “The members and I go there all the time when we finish with practice.”

So you nod your head, your mind still lightly shaking, and the way that Jungkook’s hand slips into yours as he tugs you down the street seems so natural, it almost distracts you from the sudden realization you came to.

You wanted Jungkook to kiss you.

First Kiss

Taehyung –

           Taehyung is in love with someone else. You’ve known this for a while now.

You watched Taehyung fall in love with this girl, this person who’s so unlike you that it almost hurts. You watched him come back to the dorms after that first date, his gaze starry and glossed over as he walked in with a happy smile on his face. You watched him loudly declare that he was in love as he flopped back on the couch, clutching his chest as he sang a loud love song meant for someone else.

You watched him slowly fall deeper in love with this girl, and you honestly thought she loved him back. 

At least you did until Taehyung comes knocking on your door, tears flowing down his cheeks, and you’re thoroughly confused about what’s happening when Taehyung drops to his knees, his arms wrapping around your waist. He buries his head in your shirt, clutching the material in his hands, and he sobs out, “She broke up with me.Oh god, it hurts. It hurts so bad.”

Your fingers brush through his hair as you sink down with him, and you blink back tears as you look at this broken boy in front of you. You press your lips together, stopping yourself from saying something and instead help him inside, where he collapses in a fit of sobs on your couch. You slowly lift his head, letting it rest on your lap, and you run your fingers through his hair until he cries himself to sleep while you daze off as well.

The next day, you wake up alone with a stiff neck and a broken heart.

And this is how the cycle goes for a long time. By the third time Taehyung shows up at your door, you decide that if he won’t hate her, you will.

So you’re not surprised when Taehyung comes at your door once more, tears in his eyes, and you just usher him inside. He walks past you, his shoulders shaking, and you let yourself lean against the door, your heart breaking as you watch him.

“Why do you let her do this to you, Taehyung?”

Taehyung turns to you with red eyes. He looks lost and confused, his nose scrunching up as he holds back his tears, and he chokes out, “I don’t know. I love her.”

You sigh, shaking your head, helplessly watching him. You open your mouth to say something and then –

Taehyung grabs you, his grip firm on the back of your neck as his other hand goes to the curve of your hip, pulling you closer. Your mouth drops open in surprise, your eyes going wide, and you breathlessly call out Taehyung, but then Taehyung’s lips are on yours, hard and warm and his lips are so soft against yours, despite the fact that his kiss is rough, and this kiss is salty, bittersweet as the taste of his lips mingle with the taste of his tears.

Your fingers reach up to grab at the lapels of his jacket and you tug him closer, tilting your head and your head feels light, dizzy, and you can’t believe that Taehyung is kissing you.

But then –

“Wait,” you breath against his lips, pushing at his chest, “wait, stop, stop.” 

“Please,” Taehyung mumbles against your lips, his hand sliding into your hair. “Please, please, please.” He kisses you more forcefully, his lips trailing down your neck. He places a soft kiss on the corner of your mouth. “Please.” He places another kiss to the other corner of your mouth. “Please.” He hovers over your lips, his eyes clamped shut. 

You freeze, because you know that this is wrong, nothing about it feels right, but the feel of Taehyung’s lips on yours feels so good. And so, against your better judgment, you slowly whisper out Okay.

And Taehyung lets out a soft groan, pressing a hand to the small of your back as he presses you tighter against him. His touch sets you on fire as his hand tangles into your hair.

And this is the beginning of your destruction.

Jungkook, part one –

           Your first kiss with Jungkook isn’t technically a kiss at all, and you wouldn’t count it your first kiss, but some would consider it a kiss and so–

“Do you want a black drink and some chips, or would you rather have some sweets?”

“Jungkook, you can try to be nice to me but I still won’t forgive you.”

Jungkook sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose in exasperation. “For the last time, I did not cheat on the game.”

You raise a brow. “Then let’s have a rematch!” You lean forward, pressing your nose to his cheek. He laughs lightly at the tickling sensation of your breath hitting his neck. “Please Jungkookie, why won’t you play me again?” 

He sighs, shaking his head, his hair tickling you. He gently shoves you away as he picks the controller back up. “Fine, I didn’t want to play you to save you some dignity so you won’t lose twice, but since you insist.” You grin as he starts the game and he huddles closer to you on the couch, his eyes serious, a mischievous grin on his lips. 

“Bring it on,” he laughs, and you bump your elbow into his side as the game starts.

A couple of minutes later, you sit on the couch with your mouth dropped open, your eyes wide. Jungkook is leaning back in the couch coolly, a wide grin on his face. “So uh,” he glances at the screen and then at you, “good game.”

“That’s not fair!” You whine, shoving at him and he just laughs, leaning against the arm of the couch. You pout. “You’re better at this game than me.”

He shakes his head. “I told you earlier, but did you listen? No, because you’re stubborn.” He teases you, grabbing the end of hair and using it to tickle your neck. “So stubborn.”

“Fine fine,” you squirm away from his teasing. “You win, fair and square.”

His eyes light up. “Thank you, now can we please go out to eat? I’m starving.”

“Yeah yeah,” you shove him, rolling your eyes, “you’re just saying that because I have to pay for your dinner now.”

His eyes are wide and innocent. “I have no idea what you mean.”

He’s starting to stand up when you pounce on him. Your original plan was to pin him on the couch and tickle him, but that’s not what happens at all.

No, instead your elbow lands in his stomach, causing him to let out a groan, and your fingers end up clawing at his face, some of them landing in his mouth, and your legs are awkwardly tangled with his. Both of you stare wide-eyed at each other, but then you’re both laughing loudly, untangling yourself, and you don’t know how it happens but then you both lift your head up and bump heads and your lips brush against each others for a couple of seconds in what one might consider a kiss and your breath catches at how soft his lips are and you’ve barely felt them when – 

Jungkook is on the other side of the room, his cheeks pink.

“U-uh, I’m going to get money so we can eat so–”

And then Jungkook is running out of the room, leaving you alone in a tangled mess. You stare wide-eyed at where he stood and then slowly, your hand comes up to your lips, brushing against them softly, and you find yourself smiling.

Jungkook, part two –

           These late night adventures with Jungkook have become a daily occurrence, so this is how you find yourself in a park at 2:30 am.

“Jungkook,” you call out, sitting on a swing as you drag your feet on the floor. He glances up from where he’s sitting on the floor, papers and pens scattered around him as he draws.


You lean against the chain of the swing, smiling softly. “What are you drawing?”

He smiles, looking back down at the picture. “Don’t laugh?”

You nod. “Promise.”

He looks down and starts shading something on the paper. “I’m drawing you.” And you’ve barely started blushing when he looks up at you with a smile. “You look beautiful in the moonlight.”

You sigh, closing your eyes. It’s quiet and then you speak. “Are we ever going to talk about what happened Jungkook?”

Jungkook frowns suddenly, looking uncomfortable as he avoids your eyes. “What’s there to talk about? I told you I liked you and you didn’t say anything.”

“Jungkook,” you sigh loudly, “you’re my best friend–”

“You’ve said that before.” His voice is clipped and tight, sounding frustrated.

You sigh, closing your eyes and wishing that you could go to a time where things where less complicated. You wish you could go back to a time when you didn’t have the feel of Taehyung’s hand imprinted on your hips, the feel of his mouth pressing on the skin of your back. That would make things easier. And you can’t tell him, because he doesn’t know that another best friend already broke your heart and you can’t have that happen again.

“Jungkook? Will you push me?” He doesn’t move and you sigh, lowering your voice, “Please?”

His body seems frozen, but then his shoulders relax and he stands up. He places his hands over yours on the chains, and then he’s slowly pushing you forward. You close your eyes, letting your worries drift as you go higher and higher. You tell yourself that you don’t care about Taehyung and his girlfriend. You don’t care that you could hear them having sex when you hang out with Jungkook at the dorm. You don’t care that she calls out his name in the same way you do. You don’t –

Jungkook calls your name softly, and you realize that you’ve stopped moving.

You open your eyes and as soon as you look at the warmth in Jungkook’s gaze, Taehyung fades from your mind. Jungkook’s eyes are wide, curious, his hand tightening on top of yours. He gazes at your lips, a look of concentration on his face.

“Remember the first time I called you down? And it was so cold?” His lips twitch into a smile. “You were so cute, your cheeks were so pink and you were holding onto me so tight and I,” he takes a deep breath, bracing himself, “I wanted to kiss you so bad that day.” 

Your breath catches in your throat. 

“And… I want to kiss you right now, but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

His eyes are locked on yours, his gaze dark. “Can I kiss you right now? Please? I just want– ”

You lean up and tentatively press your lips to his, cutting him off. Jungkook is frozen, but then he melts into your embrace. He twists you so he’s standing directly in front of you, leaning down as he presses his lips to yours in a warm kiss. His kiss feels warm, familiar, like something that you’ve been missing that you hadn’t realized you needed until now, and it causes a warm feeling deep in your belly.

He kisses you until you feel warm from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

He presses one last kiss to your lips before he pulls back, resting his forehead against yours. Your breath mingles together, and Jungkook closes his eyes tightly, squeezing your hands. 

“Thank you,” he breathes out. 

“You’re, uh, welcome.”

He opens his eyes and starts to pull away, but both of you are surprised when you reach out and stop him.


He glances at the hand that’s clutching his sweater, and he looks up at you with a hopeful expression. Your voice is tentative, your cheeks blossoming red as you nervously say, “Can you kiss me again?”

And Jungkook grins widely before he turns around and cups your face in his hands, his eyes fluttering closed as he presses a harder kiss against your lips.

You can feel him smiling against your lips and it makes you smile too, and so you both smile into the kiss and your hands slid up to tangle in his hair and you think that in terms of first kisses, this one is definitely up there.

First “I Love You”

Taehyung –

           When Taehyung says he loves you for the first time, it’s back before Taehyung had another love, before your heat bled with every breath you took.

“I think this one tastes weird.” Taehyung pensively licks the spoon, keeping it in his mouth for a while as he closes his eyes. He nods slowly, popping the spoon out of his mouth. “Yeah, this one definitely tastes weird.” He scoops up some of the soup and offers it to you on the same spoon. “Wanna taste it?”

You crinkle your nose, shaking your head. “No thanks., I’ll just eat mine.” You spoon some of your own soup as Taehyung watches on wishfully. He looks at you with wide eyes, a pout forming on his lips and he’s opening his mouth but – 

“I’m not giving you any of my food Taehyung. You shouldn’t have ordered something if you didn’t know what it is.” 

Taehyung whines. “Pleasssseee?? I’m a growing boy and I’m training! I need all the food I can get!” He sticks his bottom lip out and makes his eyes wider, somehow making them gloss over and you hate that he looks so cute right now. “Please?”

You shake your head, but you can feel your resolve weakening. “No Taehyung, eat your food.”

“But it tastes weird!” He whines, leaning over the table. “Please, I’ll do anything.”

And he looks at you with a growing smile on his face because he knows you’re about to give in and sure enough, you slide your plate over to him. He lets out a happy noise, happily digging in.

“You owe me beef.”

“I’ll buy you all the beef in the world,” he says over a mouthful of soup.

You smile at him, resting your head on your hands as you watch him eat.

“This is so good,” he says, eating happily. “Thank you so much, we’ve been training like crazy lately and,” he basically slurps half the bowl, “we’ve been working so hard. I didn’t get to bed until like three in the morning, and that’s early compared to other times.” 

You frown. “But are you having fun?”

He grins widely, and it makes you think that it might be worth it by the brightness of his smile. “So much fun, I love the members.”

You tilt your head, smiling at the look on his face. “They sound amazing.”

“They are.” He throws you a sly wink as he starts eating the side dishes as well, “Not as amazing as you though.”

You try not to blush, so you roll your eyes, scoffing. “Yeah, yeah, you’re just saying that because I gave you my food.”

He laughs, throwing his head back as his eyes crinkle. “Okay, that’s true, but you know I love you regardless, right?” 

And you swear that time stops.

You sit up straighter. “What?”

Taehyung looks at you in between mouthfuls of rice, a curious raise to his eyebrows. “What? I love you?” He grins squarely. “I do, you’re my best friend.”

Your heart is racing now but you tell yourself to calm down. His best friend. Friend love, not romantic love, calm down. But still, your heart races, though you don’t show it. 

You cover your heart dramatically, wiping away at fake tears. “That’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes, flicking some rice at you. He laughs when it lands at your hair, causing you to squeal. “Rude, I’m nice all the time.”

You’re picking the bits of rice from your hair when you laugh back, saying that you love him too, and if you mean it in a way more than friends, well he’ll never know.

Jungkook – 

           You’ve been dating Jungkook for a while when it happens.

“Do you want to order in or go out to eat?”

You glance up from the movie you’re watching, looking at Jungkook standing in the doorway of the kitchen. You lazily stretch out, letting your limbs go lax as you relax into the couch. “Honestly,” you start, running a hand through your loose hair, “I’d rather just stay in and cuddle while we watch this movie.” 

Jungkook grins, taking his phone out. “Ordering in it is. Usual?”

“Yes please, and get me extra –”

“I know!” Jungkook yells from the kitchen and you grin as you hear him greet the worker on the phone before he repeats your order.

Half an hour later, you’re sitting on the couch with Jungkook as both of you feed each other. “Try this, it’s good,” Jungkook says as he lifts a piece of beef to your lips. You let your lips wrap around the food, licking your lips and you savor the flavor. You start nodding your head in agreement, but then Jungkook mumbles. “You have a little – here, I got it.” And then he’s darting forward, his tongue flicking out to lick the corner of your lips before he presses a quick kiss to your mouth, and then he’s leaning back, a happy smile on his face. “Got it.”

“Oh god,” you say as you roll your eyes, wiping at the corner of your mouth. “You’re so corny.”

He bites a piece of beef, blowing you a kiss dramatically. “You like it.”

You steal a piece of beef that he was brining to his lips and quickly stuff it in your mouth as he looks at you with a wide grin.  You grin at him, wiggling your eyebrows. “I guess I like you a little bit.”

Jungkook smiles at you, a dazed expression on his face and it makes you grin. “What?” you ask, wiping at your face. “Do I have something on my face?”

He grins wider, his eyes twinkling, and then he says it, in an exhale. “God, I love you.”

And you feel every bone in your body freeze.

You look at Jungkook in a panic, but all he does is smile at you, lifting a piece of food to his mouth. “You don’t have to say anything, I know you’re not ready, and maybe it’s unfair for me to tell you this, but I love you, I really do.” 

And his eyes are so happy, so sincere, that you can’t help but feel warmth in your chest, your cheeks turning pink. Your voice is quiet and all you say back is a shy thank you, and Jungkook keeps smiling at you, but he says nothing just leans over and steals some food from your plate, raising his brow at you.

All you do is smile and soon both of you are stealing food from each other’s plate, laughing as both of you bend over your plate to hide it from the other, and as your laughter mingles together in the small space of your apartment, you know that maybe one day you’ll be able to tell Jungkook you love him too.

First Time

Taehyung –

           With Taehyung, it happens almost naturally.

It seems natural – right – for Taehyung to be running his hands down your back, his lips pressing at the base of your neck, his tongue slowly dragging across your collarbones. You’re panting as Taehyung teases you with his lips, his fingers digging into the small of your back, dipping down lower and lower as you clutch the material of his shirt in your hands.

Taehyung’s tears have all but dried up now, and it gives you a sense of bitter satisfaction that it’s your name that’s escaping Taehyung’s lips, not hers.

Taehyung hooks your legs over his hip, letting his fingers tease the bare skin of your thighs. He bends down and presses a soft kiss to your hip, causing you to let out a sigh. Taehyung glances up, his lips twitching, his mouth still pressed to the soft skin of your hip. “Tell me to stop,” his voice is gruff, his eyes serious. 

You groan out as his tongue laps at your skin, pushing your hips higher. “Don’t stop.”

He closes his eyes, groaning as he slides his hand up your body. “I need you to tell me to stop.” 

In your memories, you replay this part over and over: the way you sigh out his name, curling your back as you push against him and Taehyung’s soft groan, a low noise before he pushes you flat against him, his lips pressing tightly against yours, and then it’s a blur of skin on skin, his lips pressed to every inch of your body, a soft hitch escaping your lips as Taehyung takes you to new places you’ve never been before, and it’s only when both of you are spent that the realization of what you’ve done sinks into you.

You look beside you at Taehyung, who has his arm loosely hooked over your waist, his eyes lazily gazing at you. He smiles, a slow grin that takes over his face and then he’s tugging you closer. His skin feels hot against yours, your hip pressing into him, and he presses a soft kiss to your temple. 

“Go to sleep.” 

You close your eyes, biting back a smile, your entire being feeling alight, and it’s only when you wake up alone that it all comes crashing down. 

Jungkook – 

           Everything about Jungkook feels like home, warm and inviting, a feeling that makes your insides feel fuzzy. Every time Jungkook kisses you, his eyes fluttering shut as his hand cups your cheek, his lips warm and soft on yours in a kiss so tender, it makes your head spin. Every time Jungkook presses a kiss to the back of your neck, that soft spot right on your back that makes you purr, his lips quirking up as he feels you shiver against him, it makes your heart flutter.

That’s why it’s easy with Jungkook. 

There’s not any pressure, just a small fumbling of limbs as Jungkook touches and presses into you in ways that he’s never done before. A small whisper of Are you sure? and I love you so much and everything is soft and sweet, and he doesn’t even falter when you whisper against his shoulder. 

“I’m so nervous,” you breathe into his skin.

You can hear his smile and then he’s kissing the top of your head. “I thought you’ve done this before?”

And you kiss his shoulder softly, letting out a shaky breath. “Not like this.” You look up into his eyes, warm and trusting, and smile at him. “Never like this.” 

And all Jungkook does is smile, lacing your fingers together, and he kisses your lips softly, letting his lips trail over your jaw. His voice is soft, warm, as he says, “Just trust me.”

Everything is soft and new and you fall asleep nuzzled into Jungkook’s arms, his breath blowing the top of your hair softly, and you smile, kissing his chest and you know he’s asleep and he can’t hear you but you still whisper Thank you anyway.

The next morning you wake up to Jungkook sprawled over half of the bed, his legs and arms thrown over you and you can’t help but laugh as you shove him off and Jungkook doesn’t even stir, just unconsciously reaches out for you and tugs you closer. 

And this is so different because for the first time, you don’t wake up alone.

First Heart Break

Taehyung –  

           You can’t quite remember the first time Taehyung broke your heart, but if you had to guess, it would be the first time Taehyung went back to her.

Taehyung was never really yours to begin with, but he still managed to break your heart.

Jungkook – 

           Jungkook never quite manages to break your heart, but you think that perhaps maybe you broke his instead.