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“If memory served, it happened in the beginning of the 13th century…”

So I guess it’s kinda self explanatory;
My fake anime scenes of Crowleys story from the Michaela novels.

I think this is a good example of what happens when you get a little too excited, have no self control and are a perfectionist artist.
This took me about three weeks to finish, since I wanted to post them all together. The characters are of course references from the original OnS anime to make it look more believable as actual screenshots. I did take some artistic freedom with some of the designs e.g. Jose and Victor, and of course Crowleys hair and Ferid’s appearance in general. But I think I did ok.
Drew, colored and shaded everything myself.
And yes, I did draw seven different backgrounds all by myself. A task I’ve never taken before and this was actually a really good challenge for me, never before had I realized how much background actually matters in a picture. And to be honest I’m really happy with the results.
(Also reduced jpg quality on purpose.)
“Subtitles” are from the fan-translated english version of the story by @chilly-territory

This was probably one of the biggest projects I’ve ever taken and it was a lot of blood, hype and tears all the way.
I really hope you like it~


Aries: Athletic; Brave; Childish; Daredevil; Schmoozer

Taurus: Ambitious; Couch Potato; Eccentric; Genius; Natural Cook

Gemini: Dramatic; Friendly; Good Sense of Humor; Inappropriate; Schmoozer

Cancer: Couch Potato; Family Oriented; Hopeless Romantic; Loner; Over-Emotional

Leo: Athletic; Brave; Charismatic; Dramatic; Friendly

Virgo: Bookworm; Frugal; Neat; Perfectionist; Shy

Libra: Animal Lover; Artistic; Charismatic; Commitment Issues; Flirty

Scorpio: Brave; Genius; Grumpy; Loner; Perspective

Sagittarius: Adventurous; Commitment Issues; Inappropriate; Loves the Outdoors; Rebellious

Capricorn: Ambitious; Grumpy; Light Sleeper; Lucky; Workaholic

Aquarius: Born Salesperson; Commitment Issues; Eccentric; Good Sense of Humor; Star Quality

Pisces: Absent-Minded; Good; Hopeless Romantic; Over-Emotional; Perspective


Kylux Art Academy AU

“Your pieces are so…ordinary. They´re nothing special on them. They are so perfect, symmetrical done. Art is not supposed to be perfect, art is supposed to make you feel something” The man said, as he shook his long raven head. “Are you even capable to do this? The pride you carry in your being is so much that you´d become like your father? A soulless perfectionist artist”

“You dont talk about me about perfection, Ren” he gritted his teeth “How you even got in the Academy? Was it with the help of your precious mother , Senator Organa? Youre not talented enough to get in here on your own . You know that you´ll never become an artist good enough as your famous grandfather.”

The First Order is the most prestigious Art Academy, only a selected piece of young talented artists can be accepted to it. B. Hux ll is a descendant of notorious artists on his family line, recognizable for their perfection in every piece. Kylo Ren intends to follow the path of his grandfather, abandoning his political life and name to become an artist.

I think you know when you fall in love with something, because you will always become a perfectionist with it. If you don’t love it, you wouldn’t ever care for it that much.
CL's Interview with ELLE KOREA

ELLE KOREA: Although you’ve done many different kinds of photoshoots thus far, a feminine beauty concept like this is quite new for you isn’t it? It seems like you’re gradually getting into that feminine age.
CL: Yeah, since I’m 25 years old. To be honest, I’m going to make a confession here… I’ve actually never thought of myself as feminine. Haha. But I think it is fun now that I’ve done a feminine concept like this. Nevertheless, since I’m a musician, I tend to connect all the works that I do back to music and I think today feels rather jazzy?

EK: What kind of woman do you think is the most beautiful?
CL: Other than gender, confidence is the most important of course. I think that someone is most beautiful, sexy and cool when they are confident.

EK: We know that you’re a perfectionist as a (music) artist, but are you a perfectionist with makeup too?
CL: I’m currently working hard at learning it. Make up is of course, important to me as I’m photographed a lot in my line of work. A slight touch could make the entire face look different and it also looks different on camera and off camera. I carefully check on the things like the coverage I’m getting, the contouring and my eyebrows though.

EK: Which part do you pay attention to the most?
CL: Firstly, it’s the eyebrows. There’s a particular shape that I like. And also because I’m known for my eye makeup, I pay a lot of attention to the eye line and eyelashes. Usually, a lot of eye makeup techniques are tailored for those with double eyelids. It’s awkward when applied just as is to me as I have monolids. So I’ve researched and learned a lot about that.

EK: Actually you do have beautiful facial features, such as your forehead, nose and chin.
CL: Ever since my debut, my answer to the question ‘Where should I get cosmetic surgery on?’ has always been ‘Just the eyes’. Haha. Well… even though I have lots of imperfect parts. I haven’t gotten eyelid surgery though. I think having not done it has allowed me to be able to try lots of different looks. I think of it as a strength as that is good for my job.

EK: I’m curious about what you have in your beauty pouch.
CL: I carry the basics in it. Maybelline’s Age Rewind Concealer, Maybelline’s Fashion Brow Duo Shaper which I use to fix my brows, false eyelashes and a curler, lip balm and other things.

EK: If you were to give us a tip on your signature eye makeup?
CL: I’m going to explain it carefully for everyone who puts on their eyeliner thickly like me. Firstly, you can’t just use one product! I used to do it in just black, and with just one type of eyeliner but instead, first apply Maybelline New York’s Eye Studio Gel Liner and get a rough shape done, then use (Maybelline’s) Hyper Sharp Liner in Brown to fill in the details and you’ll definitely get a much more softer and three dimensional look.

EK: I wonder what your vanity looks like.
CL: I really have a lot of makeup. I like to just buy them first even though I don’t need to use them yet. I’ve bought so many lip balms from all over the world that I don’t even know how many I have.

EK: I didn’t know that a beauty interview with CL would be this fun!
CL: That’s because I really like beauty!

EK: You’ve always kept your hair dyed. How do you take care of it?
CL: My hair is really damaged and dry since I bleached it in elementary school. That’s why I work really, really hard at taking care of it. I use lots of treatments at home. Not only do I take care of the care but I also take good care of my scalp. Did you know that your scalp affect the elasticity of the skin on your face?

EK: Now that we’re talking about elasticity, your skin is really firm. You don’t even have smile lines.
CL: I like taking care of my skin at home. Actually, I don’t have the personality that lets me lie down at the skin clinic for a long time. I get frustrated and also tend to think a lot. Instead, I put on lots of different face masks at home while taking a bath. I also believe that it’s important to take care of the basics, so I think that exercise and managing your eating habits are also important.

EK: “A secret beauty habit that only I do” is..?
CL: I stretch my face as soon as I wake up in the morning. I make strange expressions, say ‘ah eh ee o woo and also stretch my neck. And then I would take a bath. What’s good about baths is that you can’t use your smartphone then. Spending 15-20 minutes without your phone, listening to music, meditating and not doing anything, is really time well-spent.

EK: Your secret to maintaining a firm body?
CL: I used to be the kind to exercise really hard when I’m active (as an artist) and to totally not do it at all when I’m resting. But I’ve realised the importance of health and balance recently, so I’ve been exercising consistently. I take walks at the mountains behind our house with my sister. Ah! And recently, I’ve fallen in love with Zumba. I’ve always loved dancing and I attended a (Zumba) lesson with friends and staff in the US. It’s something really embarrassing but fun… The point is that it’s funny when you’re doing it seriously.

EK: These days, a lot of youth lack self-consciousness or blindly follow others such that they are unable to love themselves. For example, they would edit the selfies that they post on Instagram to the point that it looks like a different person.
CL: Yes, that’s the reason why people that exude confidence are the most beautiful and charming in my eyes. Actually it’s something to think about for me too… how much editing I would have to do for a photo that I take… since I’m showing it to the public. You have to know which look is the real you. Without comparing yourself with others and just focusing on yourself.

EK: What sort of woman do you wish to be in the future?
CL: Hmm… I just hope to age as ‘me-like’ as possible.

EK: Do you have a role model?
CL: It’s not just one person. I have one for emotional/psychological needs, one for style… there are lots. It’s difficult to specifically name someone. I just simply want to be healthy, and be me!