August 23 - September 22
The Efficient

  • Symbol: The Virgin
  • Element: Earth
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Season: The time of harvest
  • Archetype: The harvester
  • Shadow: The bourgeois
  • Strength: Joy in details
  • Weakness: Perfectionism
  • Motto: I inspect!
  • Goal: Cleanliness and health
  • Life purpose: Examining everything critically
  • Traits: zealous, tidy, industrious, reliable, thorough, fussy, distrustful, thrifty, smart, critical, sober, objective, pragmatic, adaptable, keen, cautious, reserved, chaste, critical, helpful, cold 

Ok goddamn I’m so fucking stressed about the tournament tomorrow.

I know nothing is really expected of me because it’s my first tourney ever and I’ve sorely unprepared and my team knows that.

But that doesn’t factor in my perfectionism and the fact that I’m just sorta afraid of embarrassing myself.
The Prickly Genius of Jonathan Blow - The New Yorker
The video-game designer’s latest project, The Witness, reflects his personality: logical, stubborn, unsuffering of fools.

“I found, in Braid, success in distilling things to their simplest form,” Blow said. The Witness builds on his love of taking a simple idea and exploring its permutations. “The way that I know when I’m done is when, with any category, I’ve discovered all of the interesting things,” he said. “One of the reasons it took so long is because I wanted to be sure I’d visited the meaningful possibilities.” The result is, as one critic put it, “the Goldberg Variations of puzzle games.”

Perfectionism has come at a great and quantifiable cost. The money is—for now, at least—all gone. The Witness cost close to six million dollars, vastly overshooting Blow’s original budget of eight hundred thousand dollars.


It’s a risky gibe. One man’s perfectionism is another’s indulgence, and while The Witness is a masterly exploration of the conundrums that exist within a narrow set of rules, the wider message can seem muddled.

On Jon Blow.


Perfectionism: Making Yourself Sick | Psych2Go Ft. Chris

hey kids I’m giving myself a creativity/self-improvement day tomorrow so!!! it’s face practice time. if you would like to offer up your face to potentially be drawn by me please reblog this with your selfie/face tag in the tags!! I’m using them to try and work out how features are actually composed rather than how I think they are when I’m throwing shapes at paper so it might be quite basic results-wise but I’ll try and give you something pretty!! probably end up similar to this, maybe a little more rough but also my linework perfectionism means probably not a little more rough at all

Enneagram - Integration and Disintegration Points Explained

Type 1: Ones are perfectionists in every way. Because of this perfectionism, they cannot enjoy their lives. However, the one believes achieving perfection would bring them joy. Thus, once they realize that joy cannot be found in perfection, they integrate to seven. When they keep denying themselves that joy, however, they get moody and depressed, like fours. Thus, they disintegrate to four.

Type 2: Twos want to help everybody. However what they really want is acceptance, like a four does. Once they realize that they are loved and accepted, they integrate to four. However, when they do not realize that, they get manipulative and want to be repaid as evidence that they are appreciated and loved. Thus, they crave power in people’s lives, and disintegrate to eight.

Type 3: Threes want to be successful and work hard toward that success. However, what they really want is security. Success allows them to be secure in both their self-image and in their wallet. Thus, when those needs are met, they integrate to six. When they cannot get their success, they begin to lose hope and become listless. Thus, they disintegrate to nine.

Type 4: Fours want to make a mark on the world. They want to be accepted as individuals and express their individuality. Doing this is their form of perfection. Once the individual is perfected, they integrate to one. However, if they fail in their goal, they start seeking approval. Thus, they disintegrate to two.

Type 5: Fives have a thirst for knowledge. They want this knowledge so that they may understand the world so they may have a sense of control. Once they feel that they have control over their environment, they integrate to eight. If this goal cannot be met, they get worrisome and panicky. Thus, they disintegrate to seven.

Type 6: Sixes want security and safeness overall. Being safe gives them peace of mind. Thus, they integrate at nine. When they cannot get this security, they may lash out, getting competitive and arrogant, especially if counterphobic. However, this lashing out is only an expression of their inner struggle with accepting or rejecting authority. Thus, they disintegrate at three.

Type 7: Sevens crave fun and variety. They love taking in a variety of experiences. What they really want, however, is focus and fulfilment. Once they get that, they integrate at five. When they can’t get that focus, they criticize themselves for not meeting their expectations. Thus, they disintegrate at one.

Type 8: Eights want to be in power and have control. That way, they can protect themselves. Once they are able to protect themselves, they can focus on helping others. Eights really do want to help others, but they want to lead them. Thus, when not feeling threatened, they integrate at two. When they feel that their power is slipping, however, they get anxious and want that control back. Thus, they disintegrate at five.

Type 9: Nines want inner peace. However, their sense of self is lacking, and that’s part another part of what they aspire to me. Once they can realize who they are and what they want, they start to assert themselves and achieve what they want. Thus, they integrate at three. When their inner peace is disturbed, they get anxious and seek security so that their peace may be restored. Thus, they disintegrate at six.


I think my problem is...

I always sit and wait for things to happen – I never go out and make things happen. My perfectionism oftentimes is what stops me from going out and doing things because I need to be absolutely secure in knowing that the risk I’m about to take is going to be worth it. I need to become a more active participant in my life, but I have no idea how to do so.

Theocracy is perfectionism

In the history of human civilization, no large society has ever come close to achieving consensus, be it on values, life styles, or standards of taste. Yet there have been many that have tried. Today, they are known as theocracies.

By theocracy I do not mean a strict religious society, at least not in the usual sense of religious. Rather, I define theocracy as any society with a strong commitment to moral and political perfectionism. Perfectionism is a term that refers to any attempt to prescribe a theory of what constitutes “the good life,” as it was known by Aristotle. Perfectionism comes in many shapes and sizes, from suppression of so-called sexual deviants, to the soft paternalism of Michael Bloomberg.

Classical liberalism is in essence the repudiation of perfectionism. That’s why advocates of “libertarian paternalism” are still properly understood as illiberal even though they abstain from direct coercion. When policy has the aim of shaping our lives based on a bystander’s substantive theory of how one ought to live, be it who to love or how much soda to drink, it runs the principle of liberal neutrality through the shredder.

Read the rest of “The Essential Heresy of Freedom” at Sweet Talk.

lestroispomme asked:

ahhhh i love your blog so muuuch thank you so much!!! can i ask you fic rec? doesnt matter the ship i dont mind i love your taste! can you share your fav fic ever please? xxxxx

Thank you very much!!! (#/ ◡ \#)

I haven’t read fics in a very long time but here are my AO3 Haikyuu!! bookmarks, I hope you like it:

AsaNoya (rated E): Of heroes and birches by raptorez




You might want to check viria’s IwaOi fic recs too.

I had an update for my atwood set, easier to find thumbnails........

and this update has totally thrown a spanner (haha see what i did there?) in the works. I am not going to redo another 300 or so thumbnails just to move my icon. I will do that with the next set. The yellow background and the ugly ass CC icon will make it easy enough to find them. I am not going to drive myself insane by doing all those thumbnails again.

Now to investigate making a default replacement to hide that stupid icon for my game…………….

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Wow. The Boyband anon is on point with the boy's character sketches. I would add that while Louis is one of those lightning processing people, Niall's intelligence is not be under-estimated and Zayn is very perceptive. A deep thinker. Harry also is clever especially with people and words. Not so good on business but Louis tends to deal with that & then discuss with other boys. They are a good team. Harry has amazing presence and Louis has energy. A film PR friend of mine .../2

2. likens Louis to Tom Cruise in terms of energy. Also perfectionism. I hope he does do some acting at some stage but whatever he does, he’ll do well. Niall’s family situation is the bumpiest and they all shield him from stuff. Your anon did talk about stunting & pr “opportunities” which is an odd way to put it as they tend to be obligations more than choice and one of the reasons why Niall gets out them is that Harry and especially Louis will offer themselves over the others. ../3

3. Harry and Louis understand the trade off, that it’s part of the game/industry. It goes against Liam’s grain and Niall just hates them. Harry & Louis also support each other so they have that too. The blackmailing thing is part of the industry. It’s sold as getting background to protect the client on signing, but can be used later. Not just boy bands although they tend to be young & signed to the worse contracts. Common saying is that boy bands are not marketed, they are merchandised. ../4

4. But a lot of the industry is watching 1D to see what’s next. They’ve broken a lot of boyband stereotypes, they’ve kept fans, grown with them & are seen as a long-term act if handled right. Plus, remaining four are committed to each other and band so there’s a chance. They are all known as talented, charismatic and hard working. The last is probably THE most important in the industry. Which a lot of outisders & wannabes just don’t get. People work. Hard. …/5

5. Final story about a hardworking boy band whose schedule was so tough that they were regularly exhausted. Falling behind on their insane schedule so instead of committing less, their tour manager began to give them little pick me ups. To keep them energetic. The occasional upper turned into not so occasional cocaine hits. For everyone. Basically, to keep up their tour managers were providing drug cocktails. With managements knowledge, probably approval. So a couple of the boys started …/6

6. It wasn’t a problem for most of the band but two of them started to get in deep. One of them dropped weight, started looking bad but he had a great support system and a strong family who found out and intervened. Outraged. Management denied knowledge, “cleaned out” (paid off) tour management. The other boy was better at hiding it, continued to spiral down until management used him for their own purposes. It’s still hasn’t been addressed. Boyband land is not pretty. I wish them all the best.


the signs couples

aries and leo: a really passionate relationship, both are very intuitive and forceful, the hot couple. 

pisces and cancer: soft and loving kind of relationship, touchy. might get tired of each other, but the ability to understand each other keeps them together.

taurus and virgo: will learn a lot from each other, a lot of empathy in this relationship. virgo can be too strict sometimes, but they’ll feel comfortable, cause, virgo and taurus, they’re both realists.

gemini and aquarius: might be a little bit awkward, but i think they make a really lovely couple overall. soft, a lot of conversations and inside jokes. easily can be called best friends.

sagittarius and aries: will travel together, show each other off in public and laugh tons. a lot of happiness, coziness and optimism, probably built for each other.

capricorn and taurus: will listen to each other at the hardest times, will last if taurus will accept capricorns perfectionism and ambitions. a strong relationship that will probably last.

NOTE: love whoever you want, it doesn’t matter either if they’re the worst or best match for you. if you accept each other’s flaws and ghosts, you are lovely together. astrology shouldn’t stand in the way of love.