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WinterWitch-- the 3 times buck told wan to stay out of his head and the 1 time he let her in

This prompt was so perfect for them, darling! Thank you!

for my “n + 1” meme


There’s too much darkness in him, too much tragedy, and there’s no way he’d let her get anywhere near it. It’s one thing to be with him physically, emotionally – and even then he thinks, he knows, he doesn’t deserve it, but she’s far too stubborn to let him tell her otherwise, and he’s grown far too selfish for her warmth and her touch and her heart to protest. She’s more than strong enough to handle him if, god forbid, he were to ever lose his control in her presence. It’s not that he’s worried about.

He’s worried about her being in his head, about her seeing by the worst parts of him. About those parts of him corrupting her light, her hope, her love, and dragging her into his shadows. She doesn’t deserve it, not at all, the way that he doesn’t deserve her. She insists that it’s not true, and she convinces him to let her come close, to want her to come closer, and he doesn’t have control over that. He can’t control how much he’s fallen in love with her. But this he has control over. She can invite herself into his mind and his body and he probably wouldn’t even be aware of it, but she doesn’t, no matter how much he knows she wants to. She respects him and his boundaries, so he tells her to stay out of his head and she listens because she’s crazy enough to trust him.


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   This was not the first time they had spoken. Trade had been flourishing between their two nations for centuries now and the fact that their peoples were both heavily Catholic certainly aided matters, as did the animosity that currently lay between the English and the Spanish. 

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, Ealga idly thought as she glanced down at her shoes. She didn’t have anything against living the life of a peasant, but the arrogance their brethren across the sea showed had to be snuffed out. Never before had the ancient woman felt so threatened by an empire. Her Gaelic lords were losing influence by the day and Poynings’ laws gave her parliament little power without English consent. No, she’d happily wear peasant shoes if it meant seeing all the invaders die

Still, Antonio was always welcome within her shores. No harm would come to him or his men as long as she was keeping watch, of that she would make certain.

“Nothing but good. Aptly put, my dear. But you know I cannot do it alone, not anymore. Arthur’s presence here has already wreaked havoc on my old order. It would take but a single command and he would level entire villages.” 

Delicate pale digits rested against a smooth brow and green eyes met the other’s own in the candle light. “If we had an ally, however… I would accompany my best into battle and let the land ring with our outlawed war cries.” 

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So I read your Jamilton fic and OMG I have so many good things to say about it! Your characters were so accurate and the entire thing was written extremely well. And Jefferson being an asshole is my favorite thing ever! And the slow burn = perfect!

BWA! Thanks darling!! Jefferson is an asshole, and I love it. But feels are coming, this next chapter is my fav

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Greetings, Eddie! Such a pleasure to meet you and your lovely family! I have a question to ask, how would you feel if Waylon provided you a baby girl?

“Good evening!” Eddie said cheerfully then tilted his head at the question.

“A little girl…? My Darling giving me a daughter…” Eddie murmured then a insane yet somehow parental grin slowly stretched his lips.

“I would adore having a daughter, a little girl to dress in the prettiest of dresses just like her mother…”

Suddenly his grin went sharp, “and she would be perfect just like Darling. My boys and I will have to make sure no whores try to come near our girls.”

Notes From WorldCon: How Zoë Quinn Healed My Soul

Notes From WorldCon: How Zoë Quinn Healed My Soul

Often when I say critical things about Gamergate—or more particularly, about Gamergate’s roots and the conduct of the man who whipped up the initial harassment squad that became Gamergate’s core—I will get a gator in my mentions sidling up to say something like, “Oh, and of course you think that Zoë Quinn is a perfect darling little angel who could do no wrong.” I don’t know what Zoë Quinn’s…

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How The Temperaments Love

Choleric: I will fight anything that tries to hurt you.

Sanguine: There are a lot of people I like, but you’re my favorite.

Melancholic: You are nearly perfect, darling.

Phlegmatic: I feel safe and comfortable with you. 

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Most to least favorite suitors?? I love your blog and your reverse harem fic :)

Omg I’m like dying with happiness over here

Thank you! You’re so sweet, that really means a lot! Thanks for taking the time to read it all, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

As for favourite suitors, I don’t actually have a particular favourite since they’re all my babies, but I’ll list them in terms of just how much of a favourite they are :D

1 = most favourite, 9 = least favourite

1) Robert (babu tol painter 10/10 perfect mysterious darling)
2) Sid
3) Byron
4) Leo
5) Giles
6) Albert
7) Nico
8) Alyn
9) Louis (I still love him ofc, adorable ice sculpture sweetie)

Of course, I absolutely adore them all, but that’s probably the most accurate and closest thing I can give with favourites. Robert, Sid and Byron definitely hold a very special place in my heart, but the other boys are just as precious and important to me as well!

Thank you for the ask, lovely anon!