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Prompt: Kommissar regularly gives beca piggy back rides and and she wants one so she asks Pieter

Thank you for this prompt Nonnie! This is also a combination of another Nonnie’s prompt. Thank you lovelies! I hope this is what you wanted.


Walk 500 Miles

“Now this is the way to travel.” Beca says happily, her arms wrapped around strong shoulders, riding piggy back on her Olympian of a girlfriend.
The sun is shining, a cool breeze tickles her hair, and she’s being carried.
For once, she enjoys the hiking part of hiking.
“Do not get used to it, nicht so kleine maus.” Luisa mutters, the barest hint of a wheeze is heard as she sucks in a breath.
“Hey, I never claimed to be tiny, you’re the one who insists on calling me that.” Beca says, completely unapologetic for being carried and not walking herself.
“I can carry the maus the rest of the way, if you cannot.” Pieter says, the gesture would be sweet if it wasn’t so saturated with smug arrogance in his own strength.
“I’m fine, this is nothing.” Luisa says immediately, her eyes narrowing in stubborn determination. “Besides, we’re almost there.”
“Where exactly are we going?” Beca asks, her hands fixing the blonde’s fly away strands, tucking them back behind Luisa’s ears.
“Danke. Pieter and I found a cliff that overlooks the lake and-”
“I believe I was the one to find the cliff, you were too busy being the slowest poke of the snails.” Pieter cuts in.
“Beca, please be a goat and shove him for me, will you?” Luisa asks pleasantly.
“It’s ‘be a lamb.’” Beca says, even as she reaches over and tries to shove Pieter.
It doesn’t work.
“Nice try maus, but I am too strong.” He says, chest out and head thrown back in pride.
Luisa pushes against him, the weight of her and Beca nearly causing him to fall.
Beca squeals, her grip around Luisa’s neck tightening to choke worthy status, only minimally loosening her grasp when Luisa taps her arm for air.
“Don’t do that to a girl!” Beca hisses, Pieter chuckles.
“Even you two combined cannot topple me, I am invincible.”
“You got lucky,” Luisa says. “If I was not carrying Beca…”
“You’d still be slower than me?” He grins, jogging ahead of the girls.
Arsch.” Luisa mutters, Beca laughs.
“I heard that.” Pieter calls over his shoulder. “Thanks for noticing the booty, it is pretty great today, no?”
“No.” Luisa deadpans.
“As the Americans say, rude.” Pieter says, Luisa just smirks.
It’s quiet for a while.
“Are we almost there?” Beca asks, stretching herself to see the clearing through the trees as it grows nearer.
“Ja, kleine maus. Want to walk now?” Luisa teases, Beca hums in thought.
“Nah, I’m good.”

They reach the overlook, Beca sighs as she drops from Luisa’s back.
The lake is still dark and reflecting and so, so blue.
It’s smaller from the cliff, and it looks like someone placed a mirror shard in the middle of deep green trees.
“I feel so small and incredibly gigantic up here.” Beca says. “And it’s like I’m flying.”
She looks further over the edge then scrambles back, accidentally backing into Luisa.
“I almost forgot I don’t like heights.” She says, blushing.
Luisa wraps her arms around her from behind the brunette, Beca leans into the embrace, the blonde’s chin resting on top of her head
Pieter sits down to the left of Luisa, their shoulders close enough to touch.
“Ja, it is quite beautiful… So now what? Shall we walk back?”
Beca and Luisa’s response is identical and simultaneous.

Time passes.
They have a healthy snack of carrots, which Beca claims is not a legitimate snack because it’s basically just roots, and when they’re ready they start to walk back.

They’re halfway back to the car when Beca starts to really miss her human transportation system.
“This was better when you were carrying me.” Beca states, tapping her knuckles on Luisa’s defined hip.
“I think you’ll live.” Luisa says dryly, Beca shrugs.
“Walking is not the most fun thing in the world.”
“How lucky for you, as Luisa gives you an abundance of the piggy rides.” Pieter comments, Beca glares at the intrusion.
Luisa nods in agreement.
“It’s piggy back rides, you elephant. And I wasn’t saying I don’t get enough of them, I just said I don’t enjoy walking.”
“I must admit at this moment in time, walking is not my favorite thing either.” Luisa says, tired from the first half of the hike.
Without warning, she hops onto Pieter’s back. He immediately stops walking, standing still right in the middle of the trail.
“Luisa, no.”
“Carry me?” She asks, clinging to him even as he tries to untangle her limbs from his body.
“Absolutely not.” He says adamantly.
“Please?” She pleads sweetly.
“You have a girlfriend, go ask her.” Luisa scoffs.
“Ask kleine maus? I’d crush her.”
“Hey!” Beca protests. “I’m strong.”
She’s met with heavy skepticism from both the Germans.
“Well I’m stronger than I look.” She mutters.
“Pieter, liebling Pieter, the miggida-mac, the brother from the other mother-”
“Flattery and titles from Jump will not help you, Luisa.”
She gives up wheedling and tries a different angle.
“Pieter, as your Kommissar, I command you to carry me to the car.”
“We’re not with DSM, you abuser of power. Now get off.”
Luisa sighs, pretending defeat even as she continues to hang onto him.
“Well, I suppose if you’re not strong enough to do it…”
“Luisa, we took the same psychology classes, I know what you’re trying to do.”
A deep sigh.
“And… It worked. Let’s go.”
She whoops in victory.
“Oh, Beca,” she calls to her girlfriend. “What do you say to dogs pulling sleds again?”
“Ah yes, danke. Pieter, mush!”
“I’m regretting this already.” Pieter grumbles.
“Unsinn, this is fun.” Luisa says, laughing in childlike excitement.
“I think the maus is falling behind.” Pieter says, Luisa swats him for the amusement coloring his voice.
“Beca, hurry up.” She says.
“It’s- easier- said- than- done.” Beca says in between gasps.
Running really isn’t her thing.
Pieter’s showing off, she’s quickly left behind in the trees.
“Yeah, no problem. You guys go on ahead. I’ll be there in a little bit.”
Her run turns into a stagger, she stops to catch her breath, pinching the stitch in her side.
She can hear Pieter and Luisa laugh and tease each other from the glorious, air conditioned car.
Damned Germans and their damned long legs.


This is how the rooting and styling process turned out
I am beyond happy with the results. She looks perfect.
Darling dolls come with a lack of hair,
so I rooted her with white hair, which is very close to her platinum blonde and blends in perfectly.

Here is a comparison between Apple’s and Darling’s hair.

Next thing I’ll do, I’ll paint her tiara and accessories like the character’s.


No more dreaming of the dead 

As if death itself 

Was undone

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tbh Anon I could’ve done with someone breaking the news a bit more gently than that

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Hey there! I love your writing, it's amazing! When you have the time, I think a Kommieter (frendship) fic about Kommissar injuring herself during practice and Pieter helping and taking care of her would be really cute :) Thanks!!

Thank you so much Nonnie!! And thank you for the prompt, it was so great to write! Sorry it’s late, I hope it’s what you had in mind.


Don’t Breathe On Me

The sun is shining through the high windows of the new DSM studio, reflecting off the mirrored wall and illuminating the Starry Night mural opposite of it.
Pieter ignores the beautiful scene, choosing to pace instead.
Luisa, always prompt and punctual and never accepting anything less than perfectly on time Luisa, is late.
Very late.
It’s cause for worry.
Pieter can hear the group’s gossiping chatter, it does nothing to calm his troubled thoughts.
He calls her cell phone for the fifth time, hanging up in frustration when he reaches her voicemail.
The studio door opens and he almost sighs in relief as Luisa walks in.
“Kommissar, you’re-” he’s fully prepared to give her a stern reprimand when he notices her appearance.
Rumpled clothes, messy hair, red eyes and a blotchy nose.
“You look terrible.” He states bluntly.
“Thank you, Pieter.” She says sarcastically, her voice nasally and congested. “Nice to see you too. My weekend was great, thanks for asking. I’m fine, by the way.”
“No you’re not. Go away. No one wants to catch your cold.” He says, completely ignoring her sass.
“I don’t have a cold.” She denies. “I never get sick.”
“Then what would you call this? A freak attack of allergies?”
“Luisa, you don’t have allergies. Go home, get some rest.”
“Rest is for the losers.” She mutters.
“Then get used to being a loser for a couple days.”
“I’m not sick.” She says resolutely, as if saying it aloud will miraculously cure her.
“Why did the maus even let you out of the house?” Pieter asks, Luisa rolls her bloodshot eyes at the fatherly disapproval in his voice.
“It’s not like the tiny maus could stop me. Besides, she’s in L.A. right now.”
“Leaving me with you. Figures.”
“I’m fine. And as long as I’m already here, let me work.”
Pieter sighs in defeat.
“The Kommissar has arrived, time to get started.” He says to the DSM members. “Our leader seems to have an extreme case of allergies today, so practice will be light. Also, don’t let her breathe on you, apparently this case of allergies is contagious.”
“Very funny, you’re hilarious.” She says.
“I know. Now be careful, you sicko, don’t strain yourself. And don’t get anyone else sick, especially me.”
She coughs right in his face.
Pieter reels back in horror, an undignified shriek escapes his mouth.
She chuckles, then genuinely coughs from the action.
“Now that,” she says between coughs. “Was funny.”

So maybe coming to practice was a bad idea.
Five minutes in of warming up and already she’s gasping for breath.
They’ve barely even started their normal conditioning routine but her lungs are burning.
Somewhere in her muddled thoughts she wonders if someone’s set her body on fire.
It would explain all the sweating.
A break would be very much appreciated right now.
Nevertheless, she’s here, so she needs to work as hard as everyone else.
Also to brush away Pieter’s concerned gaze.
She’s fine.
Even if she wasn’t, she has an image to maintain.
She’s the fierce, tough as nails Kommissar.
Internally though, she’s just Luisa, and every inch of her body is screaming.
She gets through conditioning, sucking half of her water bottle down instantly during the two-minute break.
It doesn’t last long enough.
Pieter directs them through the first routine, she must admit she’s grateful not to be leading.
Even though she just drank water, her throat is as dry as every desert combined.
And things are only getting hotter.
They’re not singing yet, only going through the motions to the blaring speakers on the ceiling, Luisa wonders if she can make it through the song, what’s more the entire practice.
Images are blurring, and the room is starting to spin.
Her head pounds along with the beat, everything sways around her unsteadily.
Her foot catches on something, she feels herself falling.
She tries to catch herself, she feels her ankle twist.
Her breath is knocked out of her lungs.
Muted, as though from a great distance away, she hears her name called out in panic.
Then the pull on her eyelids is too strong, she closes them.

She wakes up cradled in strong arms, too large and muscular to be Beca’s. She nearly pouts at the realization.
Her eyes aren’t willing to open quite yet, but awareness of her surroundings comes back to her.
Someone is muttering “Damn you, you stubborn moose.” under their breath.
That would be Pieter.
She opens her eyes.
50 eyes stare back at her.
She risks a glance at the two connected to the arms holding her.
Pieter doesn’t look happy.
He looks very much not happy.
She closes her eyes again.
“I saw that.”
She sighs, letting her eyes open fully.
“Allergies are a bitch.” She says, smiling weakly as those around her laugh.
Pieter releases a deep sigh in relief.
“You’re an idiot.” He says in exasperation.
“Watch what you say to your Kommissar.”
“Kommissar, you’re an idiot, and you’re going home.” He says, getting up and helping her stand.
She hisses in pain when she puts weight on her foot, Pieter grabs her waist to steady her.
“Practice is over, everyone.” He says, addressing the singers. “See you tomorrow.” He turns to Luisa. “Not you. You’re getting rest.”
She says nothing, internally sulking as he helps her limp to the door.
“Where’s your car?” He asks, she points to it, he laughs.
“Your parking sucks.”
She smacks his shoulder, she’s still lightheaded so it doesn’t hurt.
Pieter helps her hobble to her car, plucking the keys from her hands as she unlocks the doors.
She groans when he’s closed her door.
“Still saying you’re fine?” He says as he gets in, chuckling at the mortified blush that’s starting to spread across her face.
“Nothing like fainting in front of your crew to make them cower in fear and respect.” He says merrily.
She glares at him, he just smiles cheekily.
“Now I’m not one to say I told you so-”
“Then don’t.” She says, crossing her arms. “Where’s the concerned Pieter? I’d like him back, he wasn’t such an ass.”
“You don’t deserve concerned Pieter.” She huffs, breathing a sigh as he pulls into her driveway.
“And that is how you park a car.” He says, giving her a significant look.
“Just help me to my house.” She says, her ankle starting to throb in time with her head.
“Carry me?” She asks when he opens her car door.
He sighs but picks her up, careful not to jostle her ankle.
“Only because you’re an invalid.”

It’s not until later when Luisa’s lounging on the couch, her ankle elevated with an ice pack, a box of tissues nearby, chicken soup on the table beside her, that she starts to feel better.
Pieter is excellent at taking care of her.
Whether or not he grumbled the whole time even though she didn’t ask for any of those things is another matter entirely.
She’s cuddled up with a blanket and watching some movie about sharks when Pieter sits next to her.
He sets a mug of hot chocolate next to her soup as he takes a sip of his own.
“Is this my good hot chocolate mix?” Luisa asks.
“That was expensive.”
“It was my payment.”
“With friends like you, who needs taxes?” She mutters, his smile is mischievous and covered with whipped cream.
They watch the movie together, laughing at the horrible acting and pointing out the flaws in the plot.
“Danke,” Luisa says as the final credits roll. “Thanks for taking care of me.”
He turns to her, smiling sincerely, patting her blanketed legs.
“Of course.”
“Want to stay for this movie’s sequel?”
“Stay another two hours for a horrible plot with terrible actors? Of course.”
She laughs and he smiles, then he turns her head back to the screen.
“You’re still sick, don’t breathe on me.”


Imagine: The Wrong Choice

„Oh you guys are together now? Wow that’s amazing.“ I said with a pained look in my eyes. I hope he didn’t notice. I knew it the moment she showed up that Peter would fall in love with her, Wendy Darling, the perfect girl. She was blonde and a lot more beautiful than I was with her honey brown eyes shining like gold. I just had to admit that she was perfect for him. They matched so perfectly. And I? I was just the kind of girl that was not special in any way. My short, a little curly hair, dark brown as dirt and my eyes a mix of green and brown also not very interesting. I realized that I would never be enough. Not for such a perfect boy like Peter Pan. When I looked at him it sent chills all over my body. How could a human being be so damn perfect. Messy dark brown hair eyes green like the forest and his lips. They looked so perfect and soft. But all that it didn’t matter anymore because I already lost. It was too late. I thought back to the time when Wendy wasn’t here yet. Pan and I were like best friends and sometimes even a little more. He showed me all the special places no one has ever seen before. He even took me to skull rock and told me about the heart of the truest believer. No one has ever heard this story except from me. When he saw me he hugged me tightly and long and sometimes he even took my hand. At night when I had a nightmare he used to look after me and sleep next to me so I could fall asleep again but I guess this all didn’t mean anything to him. As I used to be the only girl on the island he probably thought that I needed special attention. But now things changed. Wendy was there. He could choose who should be his lost girl now and obviously it wasn’t me anymore. Pan was already gone busy with ruling his island, telling the boys that they had to work harder and that they shouldn’t waste so much time on fights. I sat down on the ground and put my hand on my forehead trying to hold back my tears. The thought of them two being together felt like someone was ripping my heart out. The feeling of not being good enough, I was so fed up with it. I thought coming to Neverland would save me but actually it felt exactly like back home. My sister had always been better than me. She had better grades than me, she had the better genes and she was a more likeable person than I could ever be. And now it was all the same here in Neverland. “It will never stop.” I mumbled and got up to get back to work I didn’t want to annoy Peter more than I already did. I felt so unnecessary like I didn’t even belong here. During my time in Neverland I never had this feeling before. The lost boys quickly accepted me and so did Peter but that was over now. I felt shut out like a ghost. I walked to my tent to grab my bow and arrow and was just about to leave into the woods to hunt. When Peter saw me he grabbed my arm and held me back. “Where are you going?” He frowned probably wondering why I wanted to go away from camp so late. “Why do you even care so much?” I asked trying to look not too annoyed. “Because I’m the leader. I need to know where my people are.” He said with a harsh tone of voice. “So?” He asked raising his eyebrows in question. “Hunting.” I said with an ironical smile on my face trying to get rid of his grip but he wouldn’t let go of me. “So late? It’s almost getting dark (Y/N).” I rolled my eyes at him. “I’m not a five year old Pan I can take care of myself.” He let go of my wrist and watched me walking away. I just wanted to get away from everything. Peter, Wendy, the boys, the camp and especially my thoughts. And nothing was better than distracting myself with hunting. Because hunting means concentration and concentration means no time for thoughts. I went far away from camp. Too far as I noticed because suddenly an arrow was shot at me. I just saw it quickly coming closer to me and closed my eyes expecting the pain to hit my chest but it never happened. When I opened my eyes Peter stood right in front of me. He had caught the arrow and now held it in his hands. The person who was shooting at me was probably already gone. “See why I need to know where my people are?” He said with a furious look on his face. “You could have died (Y/N).” He stepped closer. “Listen Peter thanks for saving me but it wasn’t even necessary.” I said trying to walk away from him. He appeared right in front of me. “I wasn’t done yet. Why are you so mad at me for saving your life?” He stepped closer to force me back until his face was only an inch away from mine. The feeling of him being so close to me gave me goose bumps. I couldn’t help but stare down to his soft warm lips. I so wanted to kiss this guy .. But he had a girlfriend and still was somehow flirting with me and eventhough I knew he didn’t know how I felt about him it made me angry. He didn’t even realize that he was messing around with my feelings all the time. I got so angry that I pushed him away from me and walked off. “But I was.” I said without turning around again. I didn’t want him to see the pained expression on my face. I left him behind completely puzzled about my reaction. I didn’t even answer his question. When I returned to camp I saw Peter and Wendy sitting on a log near the fire. The lost boys were dancing around it, so was I usually but today I totally didn’t feel like it. I sat down next to Felix and tried to talk to him. While he was telling me stories about another lost boy who did something completely ridiculous today I was constantly looking at the two “lovebirds” holding hands, laughing and kissing. My stomach dropped and I felt like wanting to throw up. After a couple of minutes I just stood up and walked off. Leaving everyone behind in confusion. “She’s only having a bad day.“ Peter told everyone loudly. I entered my tent and started crying silently. This night I couldn’t find any sleep. Later when the dark night had come over camp and everyone was sleeping already I left my tent to look at the stars. Surprisingly it helped me to calm down a little. I sat there for at least an hour before I tried to go back to sleep. Totally exhausted from crying I finally closed my eyes and drifted away into a deep sleep with one last tear rolling down my face. The days, weeks and months passed and nothing about my situation changed. Except of the fact that falling asleep became more and more difficult for me. I started to develop nightmares and lay awake often. I kept the habit of watching the stars at night to calm down. I missed Peter and I missed the feeling of his arms wrapping around me. One night, I was sitting on one of the logs again, staring at the sky. Suddenly I heard the noise of breaking twigs and cracking leaves. ‘Damn’ I thought. I didn’t bring any weapons. I was totally defenseless. I whipped around to see who was there but I couldn’t see anyone. Suddenly somebody appeared to my right. “Peter! You scared the shit out of me.” I said tauntingly but too tired to actually be mad at him. “What are you even doing here?” I whispered anxious not to wake anyone up. “I was just about to ask you the same question.” He said trying to sound as he always did. Sassy and challenging. But his voice cracked. It was so dark I couldn’t see anything but I could tell by the sound of his voice that he just cried. “Are you okay?” I asked suddenly worried about him. “What happened?” I continued because he didn’t answer. “It’s… It’s about Wendy.” I frowned. What happened that Peter Pan, the toughest boy on earth lost his poise. “What did she do?” I asked feeling jealousy and anger forming in my stomach. “I saw her.. Together with another lost boy in the woods… just a few minutes ago. I asked her for how long this was going on and found out that she had seduced a couple of boys already.” “What?!” I asked in disbelief. “You can’t be serious Peter. I’m so sorry.” I said wrapping my arms around him. He rested his head on my shoulder. I caressed his back and comforted him. “What did you do to her?” I asked not sure if I wanted to hear the answer. I knew what Peter Pan was able to cause with his magic. “Nothing. Just banished her from Neverland. Don’t worry I didn’t do anything worse to her.” He said releasing from my hug. “I just feel so dumb. I didn’t even notice anything of that. This is all my fault..” He began and before he could go on with how bad he was and how he hated himself for not being good enough for this worthless girl I interrupted him. “No Peter.. Stop it.. Nothing of all this is your fault. You’re a wonderful smart handsome guy. She doesn’t even know what she has done to herself by leaving you. She’ll regret it the minute she’ll arrive at home. She’ll so regret it that she let you go.” I said not noticing that I was drifting away into rhapsody. Peter watched me carefully as I went on talking about how amazing he was. I blushed when I realized that I was still talking. “Thank you.” He said also blushing. “You need some company while sleeping.. like in the old days?” He just smiled and followed me to my tent. And we fell asleep side by side together. It was an amazing feeling to feel his warm arms wrapped around me and everything I have ever felt for him suddenly hit me so hard that I had to smile while snuggling even closer against his chest. And that’s how we fell asleep. Everything started to normalize again between us. We were even closer friends than we were before. Until one day Pan walked up to me. “Hey.. Do you have a few seconds for a little talk?” He asked me putting his Hand to his neck to rub it. Was Peter Pan actually nervous around me? “Of course.” I said frowning, puzzled about his behavior towards me. He led me into the woods and suddenly stopped next to a tree stump. We sat down. “So what is it that you want to talk about?” I asked not being able to hide my curiosity. He smiled and looked to the ground. Was he blushing? “Well you know (Y/N) I was thinking about us and.. We became closer and closer and there’s this feeling I can’t describe when you’re around.. Well I don’t know how to find the right words but I think I can show it to you.” He said slowly leaning in until something I not even dared to dream about happened. His soft warm lips touched mine. It was the best feeling in the world and he was so tenderly and cautious. We both had to smile because the kiss was so incredibly beautiful. When we broke apart he looked at me with a very happy look on his face but there was still something he thought about. “What is it Peter?” I asked worried about the answer he’d give. “I’m so sorry that I haven’t done that earlier. I just realized that I never wanted someone else but you. I just didn’t notice it until now.” And with that we were leaving the woods spreading the good news to all of the lost boys.


Hope you enjoyed.. I would have posted it yesterday already but I forgot my laptop at home *slaps herself in the face*.. I just wanted to thank all of my followers and hope that you enjoy my stories! The next one will be up soon (It’s a request) I’m currently taking requests btw just feel free to ask.

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