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Wake Up, Dean

Summary: Dean is cursed and Sam thinks reader is the only one who can save him…

Square Filled: First Kiss

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Rating: explicit (no smut, just language)

A/N: Written/created for @spnkinkbingo

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Size, Lies, and Rolled Eyes: The Great Christmas Tree Debacle

Hello all!  This is my submission for @lovelynemesis Sam’s Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree Writing Challenge.  My prompt was   21. “This tree is way too small.” “Size doesn’t matter.” “Oh, size matters.”

It’s safe to say that I had a lot of fun with this.  Special shout out to @ms-potts-to-you for encouraging me and assuring me that it doesn’t suck.  I’ve only edited this once, so please be gentle.

Word count: 2589

Bucky x Reader

Warning:  A lot of really bad double entendres and innuendos, but nothing actually explicit.  Serious warning: there is some harassment.

You take in the clear, almost sharp blue sky as you inhale the cold air that makes your lungs prickle; it’s the perfect day to visit the tree farm.  Christmas music mingles in the air with the scent of the pine trees surrounding you - ooh, and there’s a hint of smoke from the campfire that is the site of mass marshmallow casualties as kids and their equally excited parents do their best to make s’mores with mittened fingers.  A smile crosses your face as you take in the cheery surroundings and the families searching for the perfect Christmas tree; you absolutely live for this season. 

“What about this one?” Your boyfriend’s excited voice captures your attention and you turn to look where he’s pointing.

You cock your head to the side as you appraise the tree Bucky suggested.  “No, Buck, I don’t think so.”  You give yourself bonus points for the rather diplomatic answer considering he knows damn well that this tree doesn’t meet your strict criteria.

“But why?  He’s cute, kinda like Charlie Brown’s tree.”

Your eyebrows shoot up to your hairline.  “He?”

“Oh yeah, I named him,” Bucky confirms with a nod.

If you’d thought your eyebrows couldn’t get any higher, you’d be wrong.  “You named a tree?”

“Not just any tree,” Bucky smiles proudly.  “I named our Christmas tree. His name is Harold.”

“Harold,” you deadpan.

Bucky nods excitedly as he gently picks some dead needles from a branch.  “He just needs some love.  This tree could be perfect!”

You blink at your boyfriend, somewhat confused because he actually sounds serious.  “Okay, have you met me?  This isn’t our first Christmas together - you know that tree won’t work.” You really aren’t trying to sit on his bubble, but this tree is less than half the size of what the two of you had agreed on.  In fact, Bucky loves tall Christmas trees, so what gives?

He sighs, and it sounds a lot like grudging defeat.  “Yeah, I do know, I just, I dunno, I kinda feel sorry for him.  Just because he’s ugly doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be wanted.”

“See?  You just admitted it was ugly.”

“Well…yeah…in an ‘it’s so ugly it’s cute’ kinda way…”

You cock an unimpressed eyebrow as you cross your arms.  “You’re stretching, Barnes.”

He licks his lips before changing strategies.  “Babe.”

You roll your eyes at his not entirely unsuccessful attempt to be adorable.

“No, hear me out Babe,” he beseeches as he uncrosses your arms to take both your hands into his.

You can’t help the smile that creeps over your face at the sight of his puppy eyes.  “Okay, fine.  I’m listening.”  If he really wants this tree, maybe you can make it work.  Maybe.

“I was this tree,” Bucky begins, completely serious.


“I was this tree.  I was lonely, and sad, and ugly,”

“Oh my God, Bucky, you’ve never been ugly a day in your life!”

He opens his mouth as if to object, but then closes it again before conceding your point.  “Okay fine, but I was lonely and sad.”  He suddenly turns up the charm by 200% as he hooks a stray strand of hair behind your ear.  “But then you came into my life and showed me what love is, and your unconditional love and affection is what turned me into this irresistible arm candy you have today. We could do the same for Harold.”

You laugh as you put your arms around his waist, tugging him in for a kiss.  “I do love you.”

“And I love you,” he presses his lips to yours again, almost verging on indecent considering you’re in a family place.

“And you are irresistible,” you admit between smooches.

“I try,” he whispers as he raises his hands to cup your face, pulling out one of his best moves in the effort to persuade you.

“We’re still not getting this tree,” you murmur sweetly as the kiss finally breaks.  

“But why??”  The whine is starkly at odds with his hulking physique and it’s all you can do to hold in your giggle.

“Bucky, my love, my heart,” his bright eyes soften at the way you so tenderly address him even in the middle of a very important Christmas tree debate, “No matter how much we love it, love him – Harold -  he’s not gonna grow!  I mean, sure, decorations will make him look fuller, but he’s seriously only four and a half feet tall.  And that’s being generous!  That’s not a Christmas tree, Buck, that’s a tabletop decoration.  I’m sorry, but this tree is way too small.”

Size doesn’t matter!”  The cocky voice comes from your left, and both Bucky and you turn at the intrusion.  

Oh, size matters,” you retort.  Who the hell is this guy, and why is he trying to weigh in on your very important tree discussion?  

“No, it doesn’t,” he immediately contradicts you as he takes a step closer, obviously checking you out as he does.  “My name’s Will, by the way,” he says proudly as he motions to his nametag, and it’s only then that you realize that he works at the tree farm.

“It’s nice to meet you, Will,” Bucky begins politely, “but I think my girlfriend and I -”

“So, a lovely lady such as yourself obviously deserves and appreciates a nice tree.  In fact, I’d be more than happy to bring you back to my apartment - it’s just above the gift shop - and show you what a nicely decorated tree can really look like, even if it has a modest stature.”

Your mouth drops open a bit at how he so rudely cut Bucky off and how obviously he’s hitting on you - does this guy not see that Bucky could snap him like a twig?  Bucky looks over to you with an amused smirk and raised eyebrows, silently asking if you want him to intervene.  You smile and almost imperceptibly shake your head. You’ve got this.

“No, Will, that won’t be necessary.  In fact, we -”

“This tree right here,” interrupting you this time, Will points to another tree to your right, “is the pinnacle of pine tree perfection.”

You give a perfunctory glance, seeing immediately that it’s too short for what you want.  “Yes, well, it’s a very nice tree, but I’m looking for something at least 10 feet tall, and from the looks of it, you don’t have what I want.”

“You don’t really want a 10-foot tree,” he scoffs. “Tall trees are so overrated.”

What the…what is this guy’s deal?  Why does he care about your preferred tree height?  You finally take a good look at the guy and it hits you. Ah, yes. Male fragility at its finest.

“Size really doesn’t matter. It’s all in how you decorate the tree,” he declares proudly, sounding as though he just gave you the secret to the meaning of life.

Oh.  So this is how you wanna play?  Alright then, buddy, game on.  “Yeah, no.  That’s a lie that people tell trees to make them feel better about themselves.”

“I beg your pardon?” Will sounds positively offended.  “Did you ever consider that maybe it’s not the size of the tree that’s the issue, but you? Maybe you just have no idea how to properly decorate a tree.”  

You narrow your eyes before continuing, “Okay buddy, don’t pin the responsibility for this on me - I have to at least have something to work with.  While I do agree that decorating is definitely important, skill can only do so much.  Whether you like it or not, size does matter.  Too big, and it bumps into stuff it shouldn’t, gets in the way, and is just overall uncomfortable to have in the room.  Too small and you might not even notice it if you’re not paying close attention. That in particular is a real bummer.”

Bucky, who has been carefully following the conversation as he always does when someone he doesn’t trust is anywhere within your vicinity, bites his lip and ducks his head in an entirely unsuccessful attempt to hide his silent laughter.

Will sniffs in indignation. “Well, maybe your room is just too big.”


“Are you seriously blaming my living room for your tree’s inadequacy??”  Your voice gets louder with each word, but at this point that you don’t care.  “No matter what the size of the room is, the ceiling in a standard building is still at least 7 feet up.  Even a studio apartment would want a bigger tree than this.  A goddamn Smurf would want a bigger tree!”

Will blinks at you, seemingly surprised that you’re still not buying into his load of crap, while Bucky has officially given up on being polite and is now holding his stomach as he laughs out loud.  

His mirth is cut off abruptly when Will steps forward and comes uncomfortably close, wrapping his arm around your waist and resting his hand on your hip. You stiffen immediately from the unexpected and unwelcome contact.  

“You know what?” Will begins, clearly not ready to let your disagreement on tree size interfere with his attempt to pick you up, “Seeing is believing.  Come on, Baby, let me just show you my tree, it –“

“Okay pal, you just crossed the line.”  Bucky takes Will’s wrist into his left hand, swinging it forcibly up and over your shoulders so you’re free to step back.  “You see, I don’t really mind you attempting to flirt with my girl - she’s gorgeous, and I don’t blame you for trying, especially since I know it’s a lost cause. God knows I don’t understand it, but she chose me, so a little pipsqueak like you is no threat.”  

Bucky still hasn’t let go of the other man’s wrist, and Will whimpers as the gloved, unyeilding metal squeezes a little tighter.

“What I DO mind is that you touched her without her permission. You see,” Bucky twists his arm and Will goes to his knees, “I have this crazy and, I don’t know, apparently progressive sense of human decency that tells me that women should be respected. At all times.  By all men.  Which means that you don’t touch a lady unless she says she’s okay with it.”  Bucky pushes back toward Will, and Will bends backward to try to relieve the pressure. “Understand?”

Will nods violently.  “Yes! Yes Mr… uh, Mr…Sir!!  Yes, sir!”

Bucky gives a chilling smile that doesn’t reach his eyes. “Good.  I’ll be watching you, Will.  I know where you live.   And if I EVER see or hear about you touching someone without their permission, I will end you.”

Bucky releases Will’s wrist, and just like that he drops the scary facade, smiling a genuine smile that has Will thoroughly confused.  “Now, my girl and I are looking for a tree that’s roughly 10 feet tall.  Do you have anything like that?”

“Um, uh, yeah. Yes!  We have taller trees on the other side of the farm.”  

Will looks ready to run away, but Bucky doesn’t let him.  “Lead the way, then.  Show us where you have taller trees.”

Will looks kind of like a goldfish the way his eyes grow huge and his mouth gapes.  “I could just tell you where…” he begins, but his voice trails off when Bucky begins to glare.  His shoulders drop in defeat, “Right this way, sir.”

Bucky takes your hand, and you both follow Will.  “Are you really going to torture him by making him help us after all that?” you ask quietly, not fully able to hide your grin at Bucky’s antics.

Bucky smirks before pressing a kiss to your temple.  “You’re damn right I am.”

God, how you love this man. You laugh softly as you squeeze his hand, finally ready to concede.  “Hey, if you really want to, we can get Harold.”

Bucky stops and stares at you.  “But he’s not what you want.”

“Well, he’s shorter than I’d like, but it’s going to be your tree too, Buck.”  You shrug before continuing, “If Harold will make you happy, then we’ll get Harold.  We can always get a tall tree next year.”

He smiles at you like you’re the only thing he sees, and you can’t help your own giddy smile in return. “Hey,” he murmurs, “how about a compromise?  We can get two trees and put Harold in the entryway.”

The smile on your face can’t possibly get any bigger, but it tries.  “That sounds perfect.”

Bucky throws his arm around your shoulders to pull you close as you walk to catch up with Will.  It’s not that long of a walk, and soon you’re among trees that tower over you.

“Hey, Will?”

Will immediately stops and turns at the sound of Bucky’s voice.  “Y-yes, sir?”

“Do you remember which tree we were looking at before you so rudely interrupted us?”

Will stares wide-eyed into the distance for a moment, clearly on the verge of complete panic as he tries to remember.  “Umm…I…Yes!” A look of relief floods his face as he begins to nod with more enthusiasm than strictly necessary.  “Yes, I know exactly which tree that was!”

“Good.  My girl and I are gonna look around these trees to see if we can find one that suits our needs, but we’d also like to take that tree.  Do you think you can cut it and have it waiting for us when we’re ready to leave?”

“Yes, sir!”  Will salutes Bucky, he actually salutes him, before scurrying off to do as Bucky asked.

The silence only lasts a moment.  It starts off with a snort from Bucky, then a snicker escapes from you.  You and Bucky look at each other and burst into laughter, startling a pair of chickadees that were resting in a nearby tree.

“Oh my god, did you see that?  Bucky, I think he peed a little,” you finally manage to gasp through a fit of giggles.

“He had it comin’” Bucky chuckles before exploding into another belly laugh.  It takes several minutes for the two of you to regain your composure, but eventually you manage, wiping tears from your eyes.  Time to get back to business.

“Hey Babe, what about this one?”  Bucky points to an absolutely lovely Fraser fir.  It’s the right height, has the perfect shape, and its branches are full and strong.

“Oh, hey, yeah…I like this one,” you breathe as you stare at the gorgeous tree.  “It’s beautiful, tall, and thick.”  You smirk before adding, “Just like you, Buck.”

Bucky turns to you with an unreadable expression on his face.  “…I…I don’t know whether to be flattered or concerned that you just compared me to a tree…”  

The sound of approaching footsteps captures your attention.

“Please excuse me, sir, I just wanted to let you know that your tree is ready.”  Will approaches hesitantly.

“Great, we’ll take this one, too,” Bucky points to the tree you both want, “and we’ll meet you up front.”

“Yes sir!”  Will immediately gets to work as you and Bucky walk back towards the gift shop and family activities.

Twenty minutes, a s’more, and a cup of hot cocoa later, Bucky pulls you close as a worker finishes strapping the trees to the top of your vehicle.  “Are you ready to go home and decorate?”

“Been looking forward to it since we got here,” you answer honestly.

His voice is rough when he murmurs, “Me, too.”

“So let’s go.”  

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That’s My Girl!

Originally posted by kingsebastian

Lance Tucker X Reader, Lance Tucker X OFC daughter Melody

Warnings: Language

Words: 1562

A/N: So I’m posting this on my main blog, because it received some good feedback on my other, much smaller blog. So…if you read this and think, “oh my god! I read this from another writer”, well that writer was in fact me. I own it. Both blogs are mine, I just don’t put it out there as me. In any case….enjoy!

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“You deseve better” - Sweet Pea Riverdale

Warnings: Strong Language (only like 1 word)

“You shouldn’t be with me” he said not looking you in the eyes.

“Why?! What’s so wrong with what we have?” You said, you could feel the water pooling in your eyes.

“Me!” Sweet Pea said raising his voice. “I’m what’s wrong! You deserve someone so much better!” He turned away from you but you grabbed his had and he slowly turns back.

“Stop, Sweets. There’s nothing wrong with you.” You said softly.

“Yes, yes there is, Princess.” He said finally looked at you in the eyes. “You’re perfect and I-I’m me. I’m not good enough for you. Trust me you’ll be happier with someone else.” He said placing one of his large hands on your cheek and brushing away a tear that had slipped from your eye.

“No. I can’t love anybody else and much as I love you!” You said as you started to cry a little harder.

“I’m damaged, Princess. I don’t want to damage you to.” Sweet Pea said slowly turning and stepping away.

“I’m already damaged! We all are! Don’t leave me!” By this point you were practically begging him. No matter what he said, there was no one else for you. “Please. Don’t go.”

He stopped dead in his tracks and stood there for a second before you heard him mumble “Oh fuck it”

He turned and made his way towards you and grabbed your face kissing you softly but passionately. You snaked your hands around his neck, After a while you were both gasping for air. 

“So you’re not leaving?” You asked him.

“I don’t think I could ever really leave you” he said smiling slightly.

He pulled you into his warm body and just held you and you could help but think about how perfect he really was.

Okay right so that was a first for me but I hope you enjoy.


You are a man of taste and quick decisions. That is how you amassed your billions. You have your ideal boy in mind and you know that when you see him you will make your move. You might see him on an airplane, on the street or even the beach. He really could be anywhere. Yet, once you look in his eyes, you “know” that you will know.

He really is stunning isn’t he? Yes. Those eyes! You sink into those eyes, don’t you? You must have him. Sure, you have the charm to invite him to coffee (or…maybe to your penthouse - you think: why not show it off asap?) Good plan.

Bring him up and give him a tour. My, he looks so perfect here. Invite him to sit and bring him coffee. Good plan. Just stare into those eyes. Those eyes are so inviting. So powerful. You must have him. You now “know” it for certain. He likes your wealth. You can feel it. Oh, my. His eyes are even more beautiful than you remember. Yes. Sink into his eyes. Listen to him. Yes you want him to know more about you. You want him to know the big things first. Tell him about all of your holdings: Every company you own, and how many homes. Yes, this young man needs to know. You want him to know everything upfront. Just look into his eyes. They are so commanding and it is so easy to tell him the truth. Good boy. Yes, he is impressed and takes your hand. So comfortable. So horny. So obedient. It’s nice to let him be in charge. You “know” you are safe to just let go and be a good boy. You feel him lead you to the master bedroom and feel his gaze as he speaks. You “know” that you have never been so at ease and that you are so so happy

You wake up in his arms and you just “know” you are just meant to be with him. You want to prove it. You want to take him shopping today. He will need new clothes, new watches and so much more to fit into your lifestyle. As you make love to him ask him to move in and tell him he no longer has to work. You blurt out a figure as a weekly allowance. How did you even come up with that five digit number? You assume that you just “knew” his worth and what it would take for him to put his career on hold (wait… did this boy even work?? No matter). You want him to enjoy your life with you and that starts today. Tell him he is your god and you beg to make him king of your castle. Beg him to let you take him shopping. Yes, look at that smile. You “know” you make the right choice.

After you taste the sweet nectar, you dress him from your closet. Not quite as fitted as he deserves but that will change. Without him saying a word, you “know” he would look so much better with your finest watch on his wrist. Yes, take his hand and go to the safe. Teach him the combination and show him your tray of watches. Beg him to let you put the president Rolex on his superior wrist. There, now he is adorned like a god should be.

Yes, let him take the lead. As a handsome younger man he will know what brands and designers look good on him. On the way out of the building you tell the security staff to add his profile to your list of approved visitors. You even joke that they will be seeing a lot of him. Yes.

You look into his eyes after each purchase. He says “thank you” but his eyes say “good boy slave.” After a full day of shopping you head back into the penthouse and stare into those eyes. Yes. You make the decision. Your life is now complete. You “know” it. He is to be so much more than your king. You need him as your husband. No prenup. Good decision boy. Yes, those eyes. He deserves to be a billionaire. Asap. You KNOW it.

The Hitman - Bucky Barnes x Reader - Pt. 1 -NEW SERIES?

Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

Summary: Bucky works as a hitman and receives a mission to take down a normal college professor at a local university. Once he sets eyes on her and gets to know her, he realizes there a lot more to the story than just a average english professor. Will he pull the trigger? Or will something stop him?

Pairing: Hitman!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 2.5k

Warning: Idk… weapons?????

~No tags worked for this story, sorry in advance~

Authors note at the end because it may or may not be long.


He fixed the tie that was newly bought and wrapped around his neck. He recently cut his hair to a shorter length and got rid of the facial hair. Before he looked old and scruffy, now he just looks young and full of life. He practiced his smiles and memorized his fake life story once again. He was on his way to a local university, there worked the infamous (Y/N) (Y/L/N). An anonymous donor had paid Bucky a lot of money, by a lot of money he means his usual pay, times four. Of course he’d take the mission they gave him; who wouldn’t take it?

He’s been through this all before, each mission came with a new name, a new story. This time he was suppose to be a helper teacher, a teacher in the making. It actually took a few weeks to actually be booked into her classroom as a helper but he needed the time to observe her anyways. Rumor has it that she is one of the best teachers on campus. Of course that would have its disadvantages but with a bit of research and maybe a bit of spying, he knew the exact times she would be left alone for her own privacy.

He hopped out of his car when he realized he was at his destination and walked into the familiar school. He knew exactly where to go, he was provided with blueprints of the buildings layout beforehand. Walking through the hallways and giving a few females a flirty smile while their insides melted. He knew who he was, what he was capable of and of course he used it to his advantage. He was a few minutes earlier than when he was suppose to be there, which was perfect. He walked into the classroom and up to the clustered but organized desk. There she was.

She had been bombarded with millions of requests and worksheets from her students that she didn’t even realize the new helper teacher had walked in, and boy was that the best time for him to walk in.

“Hello, you must be (Y/N). I’m Mateo Cavanuagh.”

His blue eyes looked down into her (Y/E/C) eyes. She gave a small smile before setting him right into work. It surprised him, honestly. Normally people would stare at him with an awkward smile, to the point where he could feel their heart beating in their chest. He was a narcissist, all he cared about was himself and making sure he could live the life he wanted, what else would you expect.

“Perfect, here. This whole stack is from their recent exams. This here is a cheat sheet, all the answers are circled in red. Just count their score, total it and then write it on this rubric next to their name.” She handed him a stack of papers and with a red ink pen on top. He was here to murder her, not do her work, but he had to. He had to at least spend the day with her before he pulled the trigger. He knew what time she was left alone and that was always at 8:00 PM when she left to go home. He had to tolerate her until that time.

He silently sat there across from her and did the work. By the time she finished her paperwork, he was finished with his as well. She leaned back into her chair with a sigh of relief as he eyeballed her figure.

“Thank you. What was it again? Mateo? Yes. Thank you, Mateo. If you weren’t here then I’d be stuck here for another hour and that wouldn’t have left me time to go home and get all the stuff together for the end of the semester party.”

“End of the semester party?”

“Oh, sorry. Most teacher don’t do that. My students are such good students and work so hard for what they want. Sometimes you need to cut them slack, give them some things you needed while you were in college. See, when I was in college, I woke up hungry and fell asleep hungry. They didn’t care, you could be starving to death and all they cared about was if you studied. You could have mental health issues but it didn’t matter. You were expected to succeed. Every semester I throw two parties, one mid semester and one at the end. It’s all food and drinks and things they could possibly need. I have one on one talks to see if they’re okay and I just want to make sure they are not thinking of doing anything… harmful to their life or others. I do it a lot for their tests too, I mean I don’t have the best pay but I make sure they have a drink and snack before they’re into hours of testing.”

She took her glasses off before setting them onto the table and looking at her new assistant. “That was a lot, wasn’t it? Sorry. I don’t usually talk this much.”

“No, it’s great, what you’re doing. I assure you, you’re the first teacher I’ve heard of doing that. Did you… lose someone from the stress or something?”

“I make it seem like that, huh? No, not quite. Almost, but not quite. I guess it’s just my personal experience and knowing what they’re going through, it’s hard. I want them to be successful, yes, but emotionally and physically stable in the process.” Her smile was bright. She didn’t have much family, so her students filled in the empty spots. She’d do anything for them, they were amazing kids and she wouldn’t want any other class. His eyes were locked onto her, like he was in deep concentration.

“You’re really something, Ms. (Y/L/N).” His eyes were filled with admiration, and it wasn’t just for show. He truly believed she was something special. Who would want you dead? Who could possible want to take the life of such a good human being and service to not only the world but her students. It didn’t matter though, he’d have to kill her before the clock struck 12.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a shame, really. That some professors don’t even consider the state of their students. I’m close to so many of them, some of them don’t have any older figure and they look up to me. It makes me happy really, I wouldn’t know what to do without them.”

“That’s amazing, how long have you been teaching?”

“Only a few years, I hope I can still teach until my last breath. It’s what I truly love to do, and you sir are soon going to be in the same steps as me. We’re the same age, aren’t we? Same profession. I read your paper before you came here, you know.” She lifted up a file filled with papers before tossing it his way. He opened it and read every fake record of his that he wrote down weeks ago.

Mateo Cavanaugh, 25, originally from Denver but grew up in Columbus, only child from the parents of Maria and Anthony Cavanaugh, graduated top of his class, named valedictorian and graduated from one of the best colleges in the world, while at the same time, a ranking author. If she wasn’t watching him like a hawk, he would have patted himself on the back for not only having such good accomplishments but such a good way of manipulating everyone into thinking this dream man was really him.

“You seem to have a well put life for you; if I had known any better, I’d say you scrapped that all together and made your own life. You truly are a work of god, many would kill to have the opportunity you’re in.” She reached for her glasses again before balancing them on top your ears and nose and grabbing her bag from underneath the table.

His eyes were steadily on her, did she somehow figure out what he was there for? She seem so nonchalant, so carefree and put back but at the same time he felt a vibe that told him that she somehow figured him out. If she knew, she surely wouldn’t be this easygoing about being face to face with a man that’s about to end her life. He quickly shook the worries off his face and replaced it with a smile. If she saw how scared he was at first, it may have been a dead give away, too bad she did.

“So, what is a high class man like you doing downtown? States away from where you grew up? Why did you specifically request to work in my classroom? Sure I have a reputation around the state but nothing a guy in Columbus should have heard.” She pulled an apple out from her bag and took a bite as he straightened his back and cleared his throat. She watched the way his hand tapped against the arm of the chair. He seemed nervous and she couldn’t exactly put her finger on what it was.

“I had a friend in Columbus that moved here, she didn’t have your class but she had friends who did. She knew about your reputation and she mentioned it to me when I was looking for a mentor. I did my researched and found it would be best if I could see the example of what I want to do when I begin to teach.” Perfect answer, he thought to himself. He was practically a deer in headlights and he got his way out of it. This is why everyone comes to him to do their dirty work.

“Good. So you know what classes I’ve taken and what I’ve mastered in, right?” She quickly stood up before walking towards the man, tossing the apple up in the air and catching it. She took a bite before setting it down on the corner of her desk.

“Yes, of course.”

“So you know I also studied behavioral analysis for a while, right?”

“Yes, what about it?” His eyes stayed on hers. His heartbeat was faster and more nervous than anytime before. Nobody has ever figured out who he was and what his purpose was but he had a gut feeling she knew.

“Are you wearing a blue tie?” Her hands touched his chest before picking up the brand new blue tie he was wearing. Surely she couldn’t use that as any evidence against him, right? At this point he saw her as a threat but wasn’t quite sure. He stayed in place and played along until he knew what was happening.

“Uh… yeah?” He looked her in the face while her hands traveled around his jacket and button up. It was purely platonic, she was just examining the clothes he was wearing.

“You’re Mateo Cavanaugh, correct?” Her arms raised to her hips and settled there.

“Of course! What’s your point?” He was confused and frightened, his arms came out to his sides before he perked his head out at her in frustration.

“Answering your question from before; It’s all about body language. The movements between the moving knee and the cracks in your fingers. Are you constantly tapping your foot? Are you avoiding eye contact? Or is it that whenever you’re lying you blink your eyes twice or lick your bottom lip? Maybe you bite it, maybe you bite the inside of your cheek.” Her legs traveled back to behind her desk while her hands rested on the edges of the wooden table before her.

“And you questioned me because-”

“Because there was something off about you the moment you walked through that door. When you said your tie was blue, you took a quick but deep breathe before you answered. When I asked you if you name was Mateo Cavanaugh, you didn’t inhale, instead you exhaled.”

“Who are you?” He hand was placed on his hip, ready to draw his gun out any second.

“Me? I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N). See, I didn’t lie about who I was, the real question is… who are you?” Her glare stared right through him. He couldn’t take it anymore, you both were alone and he knew the fastest escape route through the building. His hand raised to grab the hidden gun only to find the holster empty. His eyes widens and trailed to look at the empty pocket where the gun was suppose to be.

“Looking for this?” His eyes traveled to her hand, the gun dangled on her fingertips. She gave a smirk before picking up her messenger bag and setting it onto her neck and hip. “Whoever you are, you should really keep an eye on your weapon. Judging by your reaction, I’m assuming this is the only weapon you have on you?”

He was silent. He knew what he had to do in any position where he was caught. He stood there quietly only to hear a scoff escape her lips.

“I’ll answer the questions you probably are asking in your head. Yes, I am who I say I am. My class, my students. All true. The file you probably studied of me, its all true. But my whole life wasn’t in that file, I guess. The past few weeks I’ve noticed this small black car follow mine around, I assumed someone was after me for my past work, and since they just observed my moved and never took a chance to attack, I could only assume they would try to befriend me before killing me. Gotta keep your friends close and your enemies closer huh?” She grabbed a small pen off her desk and wrote on a sticky note before sticking it to the front white board.

His eyes darted towards the note and read it in his head. ‘Important matter - class dismissed until any further notice.’

She cocked the gun before pointing it at him.

“Turn around, I’m going to walk behind you with this to your back. Do as I say and don’t walk out of place, or expect to be on the ground with a hole through your heart. Don’t worry, I can make a good fake life just like you have, Mateo. My apartment is only a block from here, but you probably already knew that.” She placed the gun to his back as he turned. She hovered over his back to covered the gun before directing him outside of the school and down the street to her house. She saw the multiple opportunities that he had to somehow fight her off or escape but he didn’t, and she was worried about that.

By the time they reach her apartment, she forced him into a chair at gunpoint. Gun steadily pointed towards his forehead, she set her bag down on the opposite side of the room, locking the door and closing the blinds.

“Let’s start this off simple, who sent you?“

A/N: So uh… am I ashamed for doing 2 fics in a day? NEVER! The days been long OKAY? Kinda shows I have noThing to do day after day which means I live a lonely life but school doesn’t start for another month and I have no other plans- ANYWAYSSS POSSIBLE SERIES? probably shouldn’t do another series with a peter parker one coming on the way & sexual tension halfway done but oH WELL
also sorry I just love Bucky so much I make so many stories with him and I can’t help it he’s just so amazing okay bye

That's My Girl!

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Lance Tucker X Reader, Lance Tucker X OFC daughter Melody

Warnings: Language

Words: 1562

“Daddy!” The little girl ran to up to Lance. “Hey princess! How’s my little girl?” He asks his five year old daughter. She’s the spitting image of Lance. Rich brown hair, blue eyes, that same Tucker smile. She was his pride and joy!

“Daddy! There’s a boy a school, and he’s mean!” Melody stood in front of her father, with her bottom lip hanging out in a pout. “Who do I have to hurt?” No one was going to be mean to his little girl! She was the daughter of an Olympic legend. Melody deserved respect! Even if she was only five.

“His name is Brady, and he’s stupid and mean! He pulls my hair, and punches me, and calls me muffin girl! Daddy do I have a muffin?” Lance looks at his daughter confused. He really has no idea how to respond to her. She’s too young for a muffin top, and she’s in shape anyway. She trains with her father three days a week. However, what if this boy is referring to her in a sexual way! No way will he let this little boy sexualize his baby girl!

Lance kneels down so he’s face to face with his girl, “Sweetheart, you’re my little princess! You’re better than any boy!” He smiles at her. “Even you?” Melody asks, “even me!” Melody smiles big and wraps her arms around her daddy’s neck, giving him a big hug. “I love you daddy!” She says. Lance wraps his arms around her in return, “I love you too, princess!”

“Oh, daddy!” She pulls away and looks back at her father. “Yes, princess?” He asks again. It looks like she’s thinking hard about her words. “Um, Brady said…he said…” tears start to form in her eyes, and it starts to break his heart. “Brady said, I’ll never be as good as you cause I’m just a stinky little girl, and girls are no good!” His little girl is crying now. He hates to see her cry.

“Shhh, princess.” Lance brings her back in for a hug. He now wants to punish this boy. Maybe he can talk his parents into gymnastics classes and break this little boys spirit, like he’s done to Melody. “Look at daddy, baby.” Melody does as she’s asked. Lance wipes away the tears on her baby face.

“You’re a Tucker! Your father is the god of gymnastics, that makes you better than royalty. We own the floor! Don’t you ever let anyone tell you they’re better than you! You’re the best part of me, and no one will ever be better than you!”

Melody smiles at her dad. “You’re the best daddy! But what about Brady? What can I do?” Lance’s gears are already turning. “Think you can remember everything I’m about to tell you?” Melody gets excited and starts to clap, “oh yes, daddy! I remember everything just like an elephant!” He smirks at his little princess, “good! You’re gonna let Brady know not to ever mess with a Tucker!”

“Honey!” Lance says, joining you in your bedroom. You’re currently nursing your four month old son, Xavier, leaving Lance to see to Melody’s needs. “Yes, Lance?” He sees his baby boy happily enjoying his dinner and Lance can’t help but smile. He has the perfect family and life is good, that’s why it bothers him so much that some five year old boy would try to hurt his little girl.

“I think we should both be there to pick up Melody from school tomorrow. Are you ok with taking Xavy out?” He knows you haven’t been out in public much since the baby was born. Lance’s celebrity status makes having a normal life impossible, and everyone is still trying to get pictures of the newest little Tucker.

“Everything ok?” You question your husband as he sits down on the bed. “Mel is just having issues with a bully. I want us both to make sure she can handle it.” Lance explains to you. “What did you do?” You ask your husband. He may be a family man, but he’ll always be Lance Tucker; Asshole of the century! He coined the phrase “you don’t want to fuck with me!” And you know just how personally he’d take it if anyone messes with his family.

“Don’t worry honey. She’ll be fine. We had a good talk, but I just want us to be there if we have to step in and talk to his parents.” You shake your head at Lance, “this will not end well!”

You arrive at school and walk up to the entrance. Handing off the baby to Lance you give him a stern look, “Stay here! I don’t trust you!” Lance gives you a shit eating grin, “I swear I didn’t do anything! But I’ll stay here as requested with my boy. Xavy, mommas being mean to daddy!” Lance turns to mush talking to his son.

Walking into the classroom you’re greeted by a cheerful Melody, ready to leave for the day. “Hi baby girl, ready to go?” She runs and grabs her bag, “yes, mommy! Let’s go see Xavy!” Melody grabs your hand and says goodbye to her teacher.

“Mommy, where’s daddy?” She notices Lance’s absence and starts to worry a little. “He’s outside with Xavy. Everything ok?” You ask your little girl. “Oh yes! Just can’t wait to see dad!” Melody is a true daddies girl.

The two of you exit the school, and she can see Lance and her brother in the distance. She can’t wait to give her dad and hug and tell him about her day! But before she can make it there, a little boy steps in her path.

“Excuse me.” Melody says, being as polite as she can be. You stop short to watch the interaction, knowing this must be the boy bullying your daughter. Lance starts to walk to you, just in case Melody needs back up.

“Look at little Melody muffin!” Brady says teasing her. “Could you please stop! That’s not very nice.” Good girl, you think. Always ask them to stop first.

“Why? Whatcha gonna do to me?” The little boy asks. Where are this boy’s parents, cause they need to teach their son some act right! “Well, I’m not gonna do nothing!” She tells the boy. Wait, did Lance Tucker tell her to back away from a fight? This can’t be right!

“That’s right cause boys are better than girls! That’s why you’ll never be better than your dad!” Oh hell no, Melody. I’m about to whoop this boys ass! Lance can see you fuming. He grabs you by the arm, and shakes his head at you. You glare at your husband for stopping you, but he uses his eye to point in the direction of your daughter. “Just watch!” Is all he says.

You turn your attention back at your daughter and notice a couple of adults close by the boy. They better be his parents, cause you have words for them about their pride and joy!

“I talked to my daddy, know what he said?” She asks him condescendingly. Yep, she’s a Tucker! “He said I was right, didn’t he?” Ooh, that little boy is too fucking smug! Melody….don’t let him talk to you like that!

“Nope!” She has the classic Tucker swagger, “he said you’ll never be better than me! He said you have a penis and I have a vagina, and with my vagina I can have as many penis’ as I want! No one wants a wrinkled up penis!” Melody said proudly.

“He also said girls are better than boys because they can pick the best penis! That’s how my daddy got my mommy! He had the best penis ever, and she didn’t want anymore penises! My daddy’s a God! My mommy chose the best, and now my daddy makes little gods, like me and Xavy! You’ll always be regular!” Melody, stands in front of the boy with her arms across her chest waiting for the little boy to talk.

Three adults and one little boy stood there shocked. The five year old was just as cocky as her father. She was a Lance Tucker clone.

You look over at your husband who had a proud look on his face. “That’s my girl!” Lance says with all his charm and swagger. “What…The Fuck, Tucker!!” You give yourself a face palm.

Looking over at the boys parents, you see anger in their faces at the less than tactful way your daughter handled their son. There’s no way you’re handling that shit storm!

You take the baby from Lance. “Surprised you didn’t tell her to drop an f-bomb!” Scolding your man child. “No one messes with my kids and gets away with it!” You chuckle at your husband. “Good! Cause there’s a couple of parents over there with a traumatized little boy. Fix it Tucker, or I take away your God status! Nobody likes a wrinkled up penis! And remember, I chose the best. So if you ever want to get inside my vagina again, you’ll make sure that boys parents forget what just happened!’ You tell your husband, and give him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Come on Melody. Let’s go wait for daddy in the car!” The little girl grabs her mother’s hand, “did I do good mommy?” She asks. “The best!” The three of you walk away and you can hear Lance talking to the parents of the little boy she just decimated. 

“Hi, Lance Tucker….can I interest you in free gymnastics lessons for your son?”

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hi, yeah ummmm how DARE you make me cry about how dean motherfucking winchester just wants to be loved and wants good food and a family? how dare you make me realise that this is canon SINCE SEASON 1??? what gives you the right >:( i was FINE thinking that the early seasons were just monster, monster, ohno dads misssing, monster and now you pull THIS SHIT??? unbelievable. (this is re: your meta about performing!dean and the shapeshifter btw)

IKR. Literally I cannot believe how expositional season 1 and how amazing it is to watch them back. I scoffed out loud at the tv I don’t know how many times in my rewatch.

Dean is LITERALLY the tough guy with a heart of gold. He’s every *stereotypical woman’s dream* from the 1980s tough guy movie. He’s gorgeous, tough, hard as nails but a fluffy kitten underneath who just wants someone to love him.

Originally posted by lollyeonard

I mean he even enjoys cooking and likes keeping things clean and tidy. 
*Tink stares into the camera*.

He wants to settle down, maybe go out hunting sure but come home and snuggle up to watch Oprah, be loved, have someone care about him instead of him having to care for everyone, have someone to cook for him instead of having to cook for everyone else, have someone draw him a bath…

If only there was someone like that in the show.

I mean I would have been happy with it being anyone, obviously season 1-3 I was just waiting for someone to show up and fill those big empty boots that were laid next to Dean’s bed… just brazenly there, the emptiness is clear.

(Yes the empty visual spaces in season 13 are fantastic too, yes I love them :p).

I’ll be honest though in season 1-3 I didn’t expect what we got as the resolution to Dean’s love interest arc that was set up here, but it was so good when it happened, I mean, sparks literally flew so…here we are. Then built on for a decade as to why this character is consistently written as literally perfect for all the elements that were set up for Dean in the previous 3 seasons before he even showed up.

Season 13 isn’t destroying Dean’s character, I can’t even with that assertion, it’s just bat shit crazy, it’s brilliantly focusing on it in a more blatant way than it ever has done before and that is just so obvious if you rewatch season 1.

I love it :D


young derek hale x reader

word count: 740

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Eccedentesiast - Sehun

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Requested by @thousandthxrns

Request:  Hello ^^ can I request a Sehun angst where reader owns a flower shop and Sehun goes to buy flowers for his gf every single day and reader falls in love with him? Pretty please and thank you~

Genre: Angst

Member: Sehun



somebody who fakes a smile

Owning a flower shop wasn’t a difficult task, if you ask me. Making sure that every flower was in it’s best form, its stem cut to its suitable length, watering them each day was quite an enjoyment of mine. Ever since I was a little girl I loved flowers of all kind. The colours, the scent, everything about them conveyed a gentle feeling of calmness. 

Flowers weren’t just decoration, to me, they were a gift and each one had a different meaning behind them. You could tell a story using flowers alone, that was one of the reasons why I loved them so much. You can give them to wish somebody well, a gift of congratulations, a token of sympathy, a plea of forgiveness, and most importantly, a gift to somebody you love with all your heart.

Flowers in my mind, were more beautiful than any diamond. That’s why each day, I looked forward to opening the doors of my little flower shop. My life was content with just looking after the flowers, and selling them to people, who all had different reasons for their purchase. Helping those who were confused on which flower to choose was something I enjoyed immensely.

That was until he walked in.

I’ll never forget that day. The first day he walked inside my safe haven. The flowers seemed to affect him too. He caressed each one gently as he walked past, looking deep in thought.

I was enthralled upon first glance. His presence seemed to glow, making the flowers around him seem a little more dull in colour with his presence surrounding them. 

Most people that come here always look confused, never knowing what flower was the right choice, since each flower has a different meaning behind them and choosing the wrong one could end up hurting the person that received what was meant to be an innocent gift. But this man didn’t look confused, he looked at ease, like the flowers bought forth the same feelings to him like they did to me.

I saw him heading towards the white gardenias. Ironically, this was my favourite flower. A flower bought by the true romantics and given to a special person that they truly care about. 

I held my breath as I saw him pick out a single gardenia and make his way towards me. 

‘Hello,’ he greeted me with a smile. He looked even more beautiful up close.

‘Hello,’ I greeted back, not realising that he came to pay for the flower he had in his hand. I was brought out of my trance when I saw him lift the gardenia up slightly and waving it slightly back and forth between his thumb and index finger.

‘I just want this one,’ he said, his smile never leaving his face.

‘Okay, I’ll ring it up for you. Is it for your girlfriend?’ I asked even though I didn’t need to. This is one of the most perfect of flowers for a guy to buy for his girlfriend, so it was quite obvious already.

‘Yes it is! I’ve done a good job at picking it right? Do you think she will like it?’ his face immediately lit up at the mention of his girlfriend and I could feel my heart sink.

Why are you being like this? You don’t even know him… my subconscious told me. And it was right. I’m just being stupid.

‘Yes you have. She’ll love it, I promise. Do you know much about flowers? Most guys come in here looking lost and ask me for help, but you didn’t,’ I don’t know why, but everything about him made me curious, so I couldn’t help but ask.

‘Actually, yes I do. I think flowers are a perfect gift for everything and can be used in exchange for words, if the right flower is given. That’s why I like them so much since I have trouble expressing myself at times,’ my eyes widened a bit. He thought just like I did.

‘Is that so?’ I questioned, not knowing how else to respond, and he nodded his head, smiling again. His smile literally lit up the room and I wanted to both see his smile for longer and shut his mouth at the same time because I couldn’t handle seeing it without staring and looking like a weirdo.

‘Do you want me to wrap it up for you?’ I asked, trying to stall him somehow, but part of me was relieved when he politely declined saying that it was okay for him to take the flower as is. 

Why do I feel so conflicted just looking at him?

‘Thank you, uhm..’

‘y/n’, I respond. 

‘Oh, I’m Sehun. Thank you y/n!’ he said and left the store.

I sighed in relief as he left and I decided to get my head on straight. I’m never going to see him again anyway.

However, I was horribly mistaken as everyday since then, Sehun came into my little flower shop. Each day he bought the exact same flower. A single white gardenia. I didn’t question why he did this, but he seemed really happy each day when he bought it. 

As he was a regular customer, sometimes he would have a short conversation with me. I learned a lot about him during our little chats, but a lot of the time, he would bring up his girlfriend, and I even learned how long he was in a relationship with her for. Almost 4 years, which violently pulled me back to reality. He loves her dearly, I can see that. But why do I still feel this way? 

It had been about 6 months since Sehun walked in for this first time, and as the days went on, I felt myself falling for him more, and more each day. 

I couldn’t understand why, even though I knew that a future with him and I together is just a fantasy that I’ll probably never be able to escape from. 

He became the thing I both dreaded, and longed to see each day.

Days turned into weeks, which turned into months and before I knew it, it has been almost a year since he first started coming in daily.. Just as I realised this, I saw him coming into the store again, this time he looked really nervous. I wanted to ask if he was okay, but something told me to just let it go and not ask him about it. So I didn’t. However, for the first time since I met him, he purchased an entire bouquet of Gardenias. An extremely large bouquet. I was quite surprised myself, seeing as he has always purchased a single gardenia each day. 

Again, I didn’t question him seeing as he looked quite jumpy today and figured his girlfriend must be mad at him, and he wants to buy an entire bouquet to make it up to her. I stuck with that thought and wrapped the bouquet up for him, bidding him  goodbye as he left.

The next day, Sehun came in, looking the happiest I’ve ever seen him before.

‘She said yes!’ he exclaimed excitedly.

‘Who said yes and why?’ I asked, honestly confused.

‘I proposed to her yesterday. And she said she will marry me!’ 

I felt my heart break, I wanted to crumble down to the ground and disappear. I felt horrible, but who was I to feel this way? I shouldn’t be upset over this, I decided as I plastered the biggest smile I could muster onto my face.

‘Congratulations, Sehun, I’m so happy for you!’

Liar.  I thought to myself.

After hearing the most romantic story about how he proposed to the woman he loved with all his heart, he left the store. I stared at the entrance of my flower shop for a long time after he left. And it took me a while to come back to senses, only to realise that today,for the first time,

he never bought anything.

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Breathing Colours

This is a gift for @levia-san / @obsucuria from @art-by-kou! I hope you enjoy! Happy Birthday!

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Word count: 1622

Pairings: TodoDeku (implied); Gen

Graduating from U.A. was, in and of itself, already an emotional journey for the students. After three whole years of constantly dealing with villain attacks on their everyday lives – that should have been spent studying to be better heroes, not having to learn it the hard way to avoid, well, dying, most like – it felt like a miracle that they had even made it there. Izuku cried like a baby, but that was nothing new, yet it got Ochako started, which in turn brought Tsuyu to tears, and soon even Tenya and Shouto had joined the group hug with misty eyes themselves.

Though, as emotional as that end of the line may have been, their future as heroes was a little uncertain, and that made it just a little scarier. They may have internships waiting for them in one agency or another, but there was no telling where they would go next. And, worst of all, they had no clue how often they would be able to see each other while diving headfirst into their new lives as aspiring pros. For all they knew, it could be weeks, months, before they could all hang out together again like this, without having to worry about saving lives and keeping their own at any given moment.

After this, everything was one huge mystery. Exciting, yet dangerous.

“Uraraka-san… Once we graduate… That could be it for us—as a group— as f-friends— as—”

Getting Izuku to stop crying after that sudden realisation had been no easy feat, but it also got them to thinking… What if they all did something together? One last hurrah, so to speak.

Izuku and Ochako made it their own personal mission to organise a trip that would be fresh in their memories for as long as they were apart and until they could make new and exciting ones to warm their hearts and keep them going.

“We need to go somewhere— somewhere exciting! Do something fun that we’ll never forget!”

“How about America?”

“You’re just saying that because of All Might, aren’t you?”

“N-no… Th-there’s lots of fun stuff to do in America! L-like uh… DISNEY WORLD!”

“Which just so happens to have an All Might themed section of the park.”

“Th-that’s not the point…”

Ochako had to convince Izuku that going to America was a little too much (and too expensive), especially when he wanted to visit almost every state that just so happened to be one of his favourite hero’s special moves. That just wasn’t happening with the short time-frame they had to work with. Considering they didn’t want to bring this up with the other three before having a solid idea, it was hard to explain why Izuku was moping for the good part of that week.



“No, wait, listen! It’s perfect! It’s got so much history, so many wonderful sights too! Plus, I hear their food is great! Or was that the beer…? Both?”

“We can’t even drink yet…”

“Doesn’t matter. The point is, it’s a really cool country and I’ve always wanted to visit! Along with most of Europe. And Australia. Oh, and South Africa.”

“Yes, yes, you wanna go everywhere. Wait, didn’t you have a hero in your notebooks from Germany— gosh, what was her name… The Pied Piper!”

“She’s from Leipzig, to be more specific.”

“Are you…”

“Did you know there’s a lake in Leipzig with beaches and even a sauna? That could be fun.”

“I’m listening… And this better be good or you’re ending up floating to the ceiling again.”

Izuku valued the power of distraction dearly. Then, all they had to do was present their idea to the others and make sure everyone was on board and gather the funds. Ochako was still dreading that last part.

Lucky for her, Shouto was the first to accept as soon as the words “a week” and “together” were out of Izuku’s mouth and he said he’d take care of all expenses. Must be nice to have access to Endeavor’s bank account. Tsuyu and Tenya were quick to agree as well, after all this would likely be the last opportunity they had to spend such a long time together.

Tickets bought, hostels booked, bags packed, they made it out of graduation and set off for the airport, nervousness mixing with excitement that only grew the higher up in the sky they got.

Knowing their first day would go to waste, exhausted from the long travels, they made it a point to visit as many landmarks as physically possible the next day, Tenya’s suggestion, and if One for All or Engine were discreetly used to get to some places faster… Well, let’s just say that Shouto didn’t exactly mind being dragged along on Izuku’s back and Uraraka and Tsuyu felt pretty good floating behind Tenya while holding on to his shirt.

By the end of their first day, they were sat outside an ice cream shop, Izuku dozing off on Shouto’s left shoulder, much to the latter’s delight, while Tsuyu and Ochako shared some mint chocolate chip scoops with sighs of contentment.

“I would say we had a successful first day.” Tenya nodded to himself in satisfaction, wiping his glasses clean before placing them perfectly aligned on his face. “The riverside forest was lovely, and who knew that art could be so… abstract.”

“I think I liked the botanical garden the most, kero.” Tsuyu piped up, scrolling through her phone and deleting all of the blurry pictures.

“That was quite the experience.”

“I think my mom would’ve liked the flowers…” Shouto smiled fondly, already thinking of what he might bring her back.

Tenya hummed thoughtfully. “Although, I am disappointed we didn’t make it in time for the concert, I was looking forward to that.”

“Maybe next time, Iida-chan.”

“Yeah, Deku-kun’s out like a light, anyway.” Uraraka chimed with a small giggle while pointing her spoon at him.

“’m wake. Shh.” Izuku mumbled before turning to nuzzle his face into the crook of Shouto’s shoulder and urging a blush to his cheeks, the proximity still a little too much for him to handle.

“Careful there, Deku-kun, if you keep that up Todoroki-kun will roast you.”

“He’s practically smoking already, kero.”

“I am not…” Came Shouto’s muttered response as he conveniently brought his right hand to the back of his neck.

All the others pretended not to notice the string of steam rising from behind his back, laughing quietly amongst themselves.

Thankfully, their attentions were soon diverted at the sound of violins echoing across the plaza, quick staccatos filling the air with wonderful music that drew their attention right from the beginning. Izuku lifted his head up, rubbing at tired eyes to look towards the source of the harmony only to stop mid-movement, his eyes widening slightly and his mouth hanging open as he took in the scene.

Right at the centre of the square, stood four young women, their long black hair tied back in pretty ponytails, working the strings and bows expertly and producing one of the most beautiful renditions of Four Seasons they had ever heard. But as amazing as their playing may be, that wasn’t what had all five of them staring with bright eyes shining with wonder. In what Izuku assumed to be a mesmerising display of at least one of their quirks a myriad of vibrant colours came alive around them, dancing along with the music and taking on a million and one shapes with each bouncing note. They twisted and turned, swirling and mixing together before bursting like the most colourful supernova.

Without thinking, he stood and ran towards the players, pushing past the gathering crowds to get a closer look. The shorter woman noticed him approaching, smiling straight at him before nudging the one to her right in one of the song breaks. With a smirk of her own, she stared at the shape of a rainbow coloured phoenix before bringing her eyes back to him once more. The ethereal bird dove towards him as the music picked up in intensity and crashed against his chest, exploding into tiny flames that soon grew wings and fluttered all around him, new-born birds growing with each stroke of the girl’s bow, bouncing in time with her spiccato.

What Izuku wouldn’t give to have his notebook with him right there, to draw and write down everything he was seeing. But then he realised that he would be missing it all, the way the colours kept flying and merging, forming animals, flowers, dying stars, anything he could imagine, materialised in shining hues that filled him with a special kind of warmth. He couldn’t help but smile as the shapes kept returning to him, from reaching up and touching them and feeling a thousand tingles travel up his arm as the colours snaked around and painted his scars.

Shouto took as many pictures as his phone would let him in the much too short seconds Izuku became a beautiful canvas, hoping against hope that at least some of them came out right. Given his track record, he didn’t expect much, but at least the image would be burned into his mind for as long as he lived, and maybe that was enough.

After all this trip was supposed to be all about the memories they could make together.

“Looks like we got to see a concert anyway, Iida-chan.”

“It seems we did.” He smiled, adjusting his glasses on his face once more.

It might be their first day, but as soon as the music faded and the colours dissolved into tiny wisps that fell from the sky like drops of a dream, they knew they were bound to never forget it.

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VIKTOR ASKNKSFKLSDN ◕ ♡ ◕ !!!!!! He is OBVIOUSLY staring at Yuuri (who wouldn’t?). I tried to depict his flawless beauty… my god, what a fucking king!!! ANSKKDFNKDSNFKSDNFKSDN  
I really like my new brushes, I love the harsh and soft combination of strokes. 11/10  

I Think We Have a Connection (C.H.)

College sucks. Everyone says that but like, college really fucking sucks. The university you’re at is great, no really, it is, but it only guarantees housing for freshmen and sophomores. So you’ve been forced to move into an overpriced apartment that’s overcrowded with college kids, way too many of whom like to party when you’re trying to write because, like the idiot you are, you decided to major in English. Yes, you love to write, and read, and study the English language, but trying to go through the creative process is really hard when all you can focus on is trying to figure out whether the pounding in your skull is the bass from the floor above you or your headache.

One upside of living around college students, though, is that everyone in your building is in your age range, meaning cute people aren’t always so hard to come by. And there was this one guy… Calum.

Maybe two weeks after you moved in, your next door neighbor moved out, which was a relief. The guy was a creep and an ass. He would come over early in the morning and ask for the randomest crap, just to see you in your pajamas. The other reason his departure was so nice was that the newest denizen was Calum. And well, Calum was something else. By something else, you mean a god. (And he’s a music major. How hot is that?) If only could get your head out of your ass long enough to form a coherent sentence around him.


It’s around seven in the evening and you’re working on your latest Creative Writing assignment. A song. You’re not exactly a rhyming genius. To be honest, you hated creative writing until someone told you not every poem has to rhyme. But songs, songs do. Songs rhyme. You sit at your computer, staring at the word document in front of you. So far you’ve got six lines:

‘I once saw a cat
Eating its scat
It was nast
-Y and blast
Nasty cat’

Not your best work. At all. Ever. If you could burn your computer without being out nearly a thousand dollars, you would be poking a burning log with a stick.

You’re having trouble with rhyming, right? Okay, what’s a word that has a lot of rhymes. Blue. Pew. Ew. New. Glue. Shoe. Cue. Queue. ‘Queue’ is such a dumb word. Why are there so many ‘ue’s. You only need one. You don’t even need one. Just the letter works. Both are pronounced “Q”. It’s like the ‘ay’ in ‘okay’. Useless.

Like your brain, apparently.

You just, you need a nap. A long nap. Or a break. You could go for a 3 month nap. That’s why summer vacation exists, though. Oh, vacation. How you love vacation. No frustrations, just rest. Hey, wait. Vacation, frustration. Um, motivation. Elation. Imitation. Corporation. Migration. Collectivization. Oh hell yeah, this is it.

In our nation
Isn’t good for
Future generation

No corporations
Just calculations
One advantage
Is no inflation

Were the same
‘Cos of Stalin’s regulations

In other nations
The reason for the
USSR’s creation’

That is simultaneously the worst and best thing you have ever written. You also have literally no tune for it, but the cadence didn’t suck and it rhymed, so you were going to print it out. If you didn’t come up with anything better, you were going to turn it in too. You print the document, but, as per usual, it doesn’t fucking print. Why does your printer never work? You think it might be the connection between the printer and the computer. You knew you shouldn’t have gotten a wireless one but the stupid salesman convinced you it would ‘work better in the long run’ and ‘all the biggest corporations use them’. You sigh and try printing again, to no avail. You figure you’ll just go to bed and try again in the morning.

The next morning you wake, feeling much better. Until you remember your Creative Writing assignment. Well, those thirty seconds were quite possibly the best thirty seconds of your life. You rummage around your kitchen, looking for some eggs or something to cook up. You quickly come across some old boxed pancake mix, and figure, why the hell not? As you finish cooking and realize that goddamit you’re out of paper plates again, you hear strumming from next door. You sigh quietly, listening to Calum hum a tune.

After a couple of minutes, he strums the guitar again. He pauses, and then begins to strum in earnest.

In our nation”

Your eyes widen and you nearly drop your pancakes as you sprint across the room, faster than someone in slippery socks ought to on a tile floor. Your hands grapple with the lock for a second before you’re standing in the hall pounding a nervous beat into Calum’s door.

He opens the door, and for just a second you’re taken aback by the fact that he looks absolutely gorgeous in a t-shirt and basketball shorts.

“Um, Y/N? Did you need something?” He prompts, eyeing your pancakes suspiciously.

“What? Oh, er, yea.” Blood makes its way to your cheeks in an embarrassing beet-red blush. “Yea, about that. Where did you get that?”

“Get what?”

“That, well, song, for lack of a better word.”

“Oh! The one about Stalin. Can you hear my music through the wall? I’m sorry about that. I didn’t disturb you, did I?”

“No, no. I was cooking.” You hold up the four pancakes your’re holding. Without a plate. Buddha, Mary, and Allah, you look like a fool. Oh well. “But, uh, the song.”

“Right. Is it yours? My printer printed it.”

“Oh my god.” You groan. “I’m so sorry you had to read that.”

“It’s really not that bad.”

“You don’t have to say that. It really is.”

He bites his lip before conceding, “Yea, it’s not the greatest. So, wait, is all that random shit that’s been printing to my printer been yours?”

“Like what?”

“Lots of short stories.”

“You haven’t been reading those, have you?”

“Maybe just a few?”


“They’re good!”

“You said that about my, er, song.”

“But those are actually good!” You just sigh deeply. “Do you want to come in?” He asks.

“Yea. Yea, sure.”

“So why are you even writing songs?”

“Creative Writing class.”

“Right. Do you want a plate?”

“Yea, that would be nice. I’m out.” You follow him to the kitchen.

He rummages through the cabinet before pulling out a (not paper! wow, classy) plate and handing it to you. “So… Stalin.”

“Always a conversation starter.” Calum laughs at your comment, and you look down, hiding your blush under the ruse of putting your pancakes on your plate. Your heart flutters, knowing you made this adorable boy laugh like that. “But yea. I can’t really, like, rhyme? And then I started thinking about how I just want to go on like, a fucking vacation, you know? Sorry, don’t mind my language. But, yea, I was just rhyming with the word vacation, and uh, collectivization popped into my head, and apparently I don’t actually care about my Creative Writing grade.”

“It’s unique, undoubtedly.”

“I’m just going to pretend that’s a compliment.”

“No, I’m not insulting you, I swear. Do you want me to help you, maybe? I’m a music major.” (which you definitely didn’t already know that from stalking all of his social media)

“I think I could use the help.”

The two of you spend the morning hunched over various notebooks, music sheets, and his guitar trying to find something that doesn’t suck.

“Okay, are you ready?” He looks up at you from one of the many lyric sheets sprawled about his table.

“Frustration, desperation
They say I need some sort of medication
Situation, no motivation
Destination, permanent vacation”

“Holy shit, I think I love you.” You stare at him in awe, before your mind catches up with your mouth. “In a totally platonic, neighbor kind of way.” You mumble to your chest.

“Hey, they were your ideas, I just put them to music.” He’s not wrong, per se, the pair of you had spent the majority of the morning discussing where the idea had stemmed from - how you wanted a vacation. Still…

“No, my idea was talking about Stalin and the creation of the USSR.”

“Hey! Don’t discount educational music.” You just kind of raise your eyebrows at him and he concedes, “Okay, so it wasn’t great. But this is as much your work as mine!”

“Thanks Calum. I appreciate it. I was thinking though - not that I don’t love it as it is - but what if we changed a couple of the lyrics, just for fluidity.”

“Please.” Calum hands you the lyric sheet he’s been reading off of, and you shouldn’t care half as much as you do when your hands brush.

“Um, what about ‘They say I need some kind of medication’?” You bring your upper lip into your mouth, thinking. “Er- this is an idea.” You look up at him. “If I’ve learned nothing in my Creative Writing class, I’ve learned that people are more engaged when you address them directly. ‘You say I need some kind of medication / Situation, no motivation / Destination, permanent vacation.” You smile up at him.

“I like that, yea. It gives it a rebellious edge, sort of. What if we, like, almost counter-argued that for the next bit?”

“What do you mean?” You ask.

“Keep the rebellion but sort of go with the classic, ‘I feel like I’m dying, but I’m fine.’”

“Alright, hit me.” You nod. Calum cocks his head, thinking.

“What if we just… go for it.

Hey, I’m doin’ fine”

“Okay, and the rebellion, a sort of ‘I-know-I’m-pissing-you-off-and-I-couldn’t-care-less.” You prompt.

“And, I’m out of line?” He says it more like a question than a statement.

“That has a bit of an awkward cadence…” You trail off.

“Hey, I’m doin’ fine
And I know I’m out of line”

“Yes, perfect!” He exclaims.

“And, okay, a call to action is good in like an essay so, why not?

Let’s sing this one more time”

“It goes
Destination, permanent vacation”

“Yes, oh my god, I could kiss you.” You grin.

He pauses a second, and then, “Why don’t you?”


“Kiss me. Why don’t you?”

“Um… I guess…” You look down, fiddling with your hands, “I could?” When you look back up, he’s feet closer than he was a moment ago.

“Would you?”

“Yea. Yea, I would.” And you press your lips to his, but you can’t get a proper kiss in because the both of you are grinning like fools.

“You’re really cute, you know?” He smiles at you. 

You hum in response, and then, before you can stop it, “I’ve wanted to do this since I saw you move in.” And you put a hand on his cheek and lock your lips with his.

(Oh, and you got an A.)


Duets w/ Haechan
  • heyy hehe
  • look at that, my lil baby got another request <3
  • i miss him so much
  • i miss all the nct members so much :(((
  • but let’s start this okay
  • and, btw, he’s ur boyfie here bc boyfriend donghyuck is the best donghyuck
  • so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • 127′s practice was finished and you were with mark and donghyuk waiting for the dreamies
  • bc yeah they have two practices in a day bc they’re cool
  • but since markimoo hates both of you he went out or smth lmao
  • so you had to deal with this baby yourself, jfc
  • so both of you cuties were alone in the practice room waiting for the other dreamies to come
  • so y'all were playing around in your phones while you listen to him talking shit about the minis 
  • and you were like lmao what
  • “donghyuck stop insulting our sons, i’m getting tired of ur shit”
  • “i just can’t believe this, i didn’t raise my childs like this.”
  • “anyways, babe, do you remember this?”
  • and he showed you his cute cover of you’ll be in my heart
  • and when he sees you smiling he gETS ALL SOFT
  • he would sit beside you and start back hugging you
  • suddenly my heart is beating faster
  • “pff, look at how talented your boyfriend is, i slayed that”
  • he would kiss your cheek and neck and just hold you close while you keep dying inside bc of how angelic his voice is
  • he’s so perfect, i can’t breathhhH
  • “what about a duet, baby, maybe i can give you some tips and hopefully in like 20 years you’ll be as amazing as me”
  • and you were like
  • “nah man, just cuddle me”
  • “why? i know i’m better than you but don’t be so moody”
  • “i guess someone REALLy loves my cuddles”
  • ”you’re so needy, it’s not good for your health babe”
  • so you got tired lmao and
  • so you choose other song you know, and y’all wanted to keep w the disney related songs
  • so you did a whole new world <3
  • did u now aladdin is my fav disney movie eveeRrr
  • and actually it turned out so well
  • y’all practiced for like an hour or so
  • because yeah, the rest of the dream came exTREMELY LATE THAT DAY
  • and at first both of you were just being stupid and playing around, making fun of each other and laughing like idiots
  • but eventually y'all got serious
  • he help you a lot and gave you really good advice
  • and once you got it perfect he seem really satisfied and smiley and cute
  • “y/n, i think we should film it, what do you say?”
  • “sure thing, baby”
  • and omg you were officially those cute couple who film themselves having pda and being all fluffy and sweet with each other
  • he grabbed your hand and played with your fingers the whole time
  • and he never lost eye contact with you
  • and both you weren’t able to stop smiling
  • you were two little blushy babies that were completely lost in love and that’s honestly the cutest thing ever to me
  • everytime you miss him you know perfectly that watching the video again is going to make you smile
  • and he does the same thing, giggling and blushing when that part comes
  • and once you end the recording he would hug you so thigly and would start giving you little kisses in your jawline and neck
  • and you would put your hand under his tshirt and caress his back
  • “i love you so much, y/n”
  • “you’re so beautiful, baby”
  • “i don’t deserve someone as perfect as you”
  • i’m soft help
  • “ew, we are finally here after taeyong scold us for like an hour and this is the first thing we have to see, byE”
  • anyways, the end bc 0 inspiration lmao
  • i hope y’all like it

paradiseorpurgatory  asked:

Just had a thought and wanted to share. That I know of, nobody is in works to do a Bowie biopic yet. They don't look that much alike, but it's not out of the realms of possibility that T could play a young Bowie (he's got the androgyny and the cheekbones). And Harry Styles could play the young Mick Jagger.

Fuck me up, @paradiseorpurgatory. I mentioned Bowie to someone right after listening to that podcast. So many of us have been dying for a Bowie bio-pic and forever it was rumoured that Benedict Cumberbatch was keen to play him, but he’s gotten too old now. Timmy as Bowie would be perfection. It’s true he doesn’t resemble him too much, but if Taron Egerton can play Elton John why can’t Timmy do Bowie. Jesus. Just the thought makes me weak. And YES, a thousand times YES to Harry as Jagger. We ALL know that’s coming, it’s as good as a done deal in my opinion. What can we do to make this happen? Who do we have to sell our souls to in order to get this done?? I’m SO glad you came to me about this. Let’s talk about it forever!!!!! 

@iknowthebattle what IF this is the music thing and the reason Timmy and Harry are now in touch?????????

I mean, I’ve been on Timmy as Bowie for ages now. I made this stupid manip when they were in Paris for promo. So yes, I’m all in on Timmy playing Bowie (yes, my photoshop skills are shite, but you get the jist) ;) 


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