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Could you recommend a fic for me? With all that's happening in the US. I need something to take my mind to a happy place. I need an adult story. No high school no Sebastian. Little or no angst. Feeling low. M rated is fine. And no WIP please. I really appreciate this.

Where There’s Smoke

The Handcuffing Of Kurt Hummel

A Perfect Collision Verse

Somewhere In The World

Love Is On The Menu

Crema Verse


Hello! Recently I’ve gained quite a few followers and I even broke past 600, yay!

So with that being said, I’d like to remind you all that:

Lorelei =/= me.

Lorelei is not the sinner, I’m the sinner.

Bard!Lorelei looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll.

WoL!Lorelei looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you.

Drk!Lorelei looks like a cinnamon roll left far too long in the oven and is now burnt, and going around Ishgard killing corrupt Ishgardians, especially Temple Knights.

Thanks for reading!


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“Trust me, he’s not. But he himself is a pig, that much can be said.”

Her parents had decided that since they had no male heir, and Nova was the only child they had left, it was time for her to marry. Unfortunately, they had chosen very, very wrong in their desperate attempt to find her a suitable husband. Honestly, she was fairly certain they had just given up because she had turned down so many men.

       Anya may have grown up in a palace, surrounded by jewels and gowns and opulence, but she spent far more years as an orphan with no identity. It’s only natural that now she remembers everything, she clings to those remnants of the past. She remembers climbing trees in her nice white dresses. She remembers Mama scolding her for her carelessness. She remembers her Papa and her sisters and Baby Alexei. She remembers the night they were murdered

        Maybe it is the nostalgia that draws her to expensive dress shops. She looks in the mirror and instead of the woman she’s become, she sees herself as a little girl again, stuffed into dress after dress and complaining that she wanted to go home ( she still wants to go home ). If she had known then what she knew now, she would have cherished those moments more. Complained less. Now, she only has the memories. Thank God, she still has those. 

        It’s Dimitri that draws her back tot he present. He always does— the way lighthouses guide sailors home from the sea, he tethers her to the present and never lets her linger too long on the past. She inhales sharply through her nose, shifting so her cheek pressed against his. Her lips quirk into a small smile. 

        ❝Funny—- I thought you liked me best with NO clothes.❞ Lips press to his cheek. She almost looks guilty.  ❝Sorry. Let me change and we can go.❞

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The words had just come out- it wasn’t like she hadn’t done stuff like that before… blurting things on her mind out before she had the chance to stop herself, but this time she feared the answer from Barry as soon as she said them. His question and confusion at what she had said only made her more cautious in continuing the subject and when he finally addressed them as a ‘us’ she almost turned around and ran right there. Her feet stayed planted to the floor though and her mouth that was hanging open closed before she could blurt anything else out without thinking first. Speaking slowly, making sure she thought every word, after a moment she finally replied, “I don’t know. I just know that… I can’t let go of what we might have had- not as easily as I thought…” every day she found herself itching to talk to Barry. Every few weeks she felt the need to come visit as if it had been too long since she last saw him and at first she had thought that maybe it was because he was her friend and she enjoyed her time with him but slowly she realized and admitted to herself it was more than that.

She didn’t want to let him go.

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💓 gimmie that trash kiss

After a very good battle and prevailing over the enraged half-saiyan, Majin Boo couldn’t help but feeling all satisfied with the match and all. Yet, he wasn’t all certain of what he was going to do with Gohan, who was left at his mercy. But a long moment of thought, the Majin displayed a very teasing grin on his face as he stepped closer and closer to his defeated enemy.

Once the distance was little short, Boo resorted to use Energy Chains to hold the other against the cliff’s wall. There he made a contemplation towards the SS2 he both loved and hated, while he got closer enough to deliver him a deep kiss on it’s lips, as he slowly grinned out of delight and waiting for him to melt down before him.



                                   GODDESS OF THE SEA

                             WYLLA MANDERLY AS AMPHITRITE

Amphitrite was a daughter of Nereus and Doris ( and thus a Nereid Others called her the personification of the sea itself ( saltwater ). One of Amphitrite’s Oceanid sisters is Perse, wife of the sun god Helios. Amphitrite’s offspring included seals and dolphins. Poseidon and Amphitrite had a son, Triton who was a merman, and a daughter, Rhode.  Amphitrite, ‘ the third one who encircles the sea ’, was so entirely confined in her authority to the sea and the creatures in it that she was almost never associated with her husband.

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Send me a “♦” for the first word my muse thinks of when yours is mentioned.


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“So far away, I wish you were here. Before it’s too late, this could all disappear.”

Chara opened their mouth then closed it again. There was only so much they could do. The damn Frisk in their universe had Reset again. The Reset had yanked them back unceremoniously. Ripped from whatever twisted world that Blush was trying to survive in. And Blush needed them. Much more than Frisk who was steadily becoming more of a pacifist with each run. Lingering with Moth– Toriel longer. Flirting with more monsters. Even making friends with the taller skeleton as if they had never crushed his skull under their shoe. Stupid. 

What Chara needed was a way to get back to Blush. Apparently, Blush had been able to send that short message through the void to them. They would just… find a way to follow a message back. How hard could it be? They had some Determination left after all…

Destroy the middle, it’s a waste of time. From the perfect start to the finish line.”


Following the message had proved useless. They couldn’t even GET to the void on their own. That black area with the words floating in it. Only one person had the Determination for that. How Chara had stumbled into Blush in the first place was easy enough to figure out. Things fell through sometimes. Slipped between the cracks left by the scientist who was lost when the Core was made. But going on purpose…. 

Over and over they tried and over and over they failed. Throwing messages into the void to try to tell Blush they were coming back. Cursing Frisk for even daring to exist. Frisk had enough Determination to get to the Reset screen. And Every. Time. Frisk. Messed. Up. They. Reset. It finally made for a perfect idea born of frustration and desperation.

“Greetings Partner. Remember me? No. I don’t want your Soul. Not this time. I want you to Reset. You’ve been doing it anyway. But I want you to come over here first. What do you mean no? I’m not up to anything. Because this is a better place to Reset from. I’ve been in the void a lot more than you have that’s how I know. Frisk, get OVER HERE! No. I’m not yelling. I might have yelled a little but only because you are being so silly about this. It’s just one more Reset, right? Please come over here?”

When Frisk still made a face that was easily read as ‘not in a million years’ Chara snapped. They rushed at the other child, intending to drag them to the fissure and MAKE them Reset. This is how they could get back to Blush. If stupid Frisk was in Blush’s world then no matter how many Resets there were Chara could be there with Blush. Only the stupid little brat was being stupid!  The struggle to get the other to the crack was hard enough. Then forcing Frisk’s hand onto the button… “JUST PUSH IT!!!” Frisk’s free hand shot out unexpectedly, hitting them in the jaw and making their grip slip. Frisk scurried away from Chara. Chara stared as the world began to go white: Their hand alone was on the button.

Okay so I have it all laid out

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“It’s the police! Show yourself!” [From Joshua; this is perfect for his cop verse. :) Only if you want to.]

Percy jumped up startled as the voice rang out, the killer looking over slowly. He looked tired, nearly exhausted. His eyes were half lidded while his shoulders stayed tense, right now he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He was just trying to keep himself from falling asleep.

He honestly looked pretty pathetic.