perfection requires the hand of time

→ ❝CRIMSON PEAK sentence starters❞

  • “Where I come from, ghosts are not to be taken lightly.”
  • “You’re nothing but a spoiled child.” 
  • “My hands are getting rough.”
  • “This requires the perfect partner. Would you be mine?”
  • “It is a monstrous love, and it makes monsters of us all.”
  • “Don’t move. You’re heavily sedated.”
  • “I feel as if a link exists between your heart and mine. And should that link be broken by either distance or time, my heart would cease to beat.” 
  • “If you fall asleep, I won’t wake you.”
  • “You couldn’t leave me. You wouldn’t.”
  • “We’ve been dead for years. You and I in this rotting place.”
  • “My hands — feel them. Rough. The reflection of who I am.”
  • “You insist on describing the torments of love when you know nothing about them.”
  • “I won’t stop until you kill me, or I kill you.”
  • “Everybody has their place. I’ll make sure you find yours.”
  • “I can’t be alone.”
  • “Drink your tea. It’ll warm you.”
  • “I’ve always closed my eyes to things that made me uncomfortable. It makes it easier.”
  • “I’ve found warmth and friendship among you all.”
  • “I’m sorry I interrupted your music.”
  • “His blood will be on your hands.”
  • “What you have is a toy and some fancy words.” 
  • “No one ever looked for them. Mercy killings, really.”
  • “Perfection has no place in love.”
  • “The things we do for a love like this are ugly, mad, full of sweat and regret.”
  • “Please trust me one more time.”
  • “This is your home now. You have nowhere else to go.”
  • “You promised you would not fall in love with anyone else.”
  • “Ghosts are real. This much I know.”

The previously announced event, Taisho Roman ~A Grand Adventure Full of Mystery and Romance!!~, will start on 11/29 at 17:00 JST after maintenance and run until 12/5 at 16:59 JST!  In “Pandanameko Village”, a great escape with the members unfolds! Solve the mysteries of the village with them in the event story and help them escape!

This event, similar to the previous Halloween event, is a sequential mission event.  Go through and complete missions one by one to clear each Area.  This time, each mission has two difficulties–”Easy” and “Hard”–and completing them on either difficulty will count as Mission Clear.  Subsequent Areas will unlock both when the proper date and time has been reached, and when you’ve completed all Missions on-hand.

The Missions themselves are Cumulative type, and also fall into two kinds: Multiple and Single.  Mission requirements will require you either to acquire a certain number of Combo/Perfects/etc over many songs, or a certain number of Combo/Perfects/etc in one song.  Only event lives will count towards missions, and some missions will have a song and/or difficulty as part of their requirements, so be careful!

As usual, the event will offer many awards.  You can get them via completing Missions and Areas.  In addition, there are event-specific badges.  By completing the last mission, you’ll get the event’s Silver badge; and by fulfilling a “certain condition”, you’ll get the event’s Gold badge.  Finally, event lives will drop items for use in the Clearing House, which will be available until 1/5.

As previously noted, the Taisho Roman cards will give you boosts during this event:

  • Amount of event items increases by 20% [Mitsuki, Sougo, Riku, Gaku, Ryuu, Momo]
  • Event live score increases by 10% [Iori, Yamato, Tamaki, Nagi, Ten, Yuki]

Finally, in order to play the event, you’ll need to update your game.  iOS users should update to 2.3.0, while Android users should update to 2.3.1.  Some users have experienced issues while updating, however, so get your transfer code before updating!

@yourtropegirl‘s request is as follows: Congratulations on 400 darlin’. That’s so awesome. You deserve them all. Could I have 7 with Bones? Please! (“Whatever you do, don’t offend the aliens.”) I had so much fun with this one!!! Thank you and thanks for the request!

It was the first time the Captain had ever invited you on an away mission that would require you to do something other than data collection. He needed your assistance as a diplomatic envoy to a new Federation planet. Why he’d picked you was beyond your understanding. You were a scientist. A chemist, in fact. You had no diplomacy skills, and no command training. But Captain Kirk had been insistent. You would be perfect for the job. You smoothed your formal uniform, hoping your sweaty hands wouldn’t leave damp marks on the hem.

“I still don’t know why I’m doing this, sir.” You didn’t intend to question Command, but you were not feeling confident in this assignment at all. Captain Kirk smiled, and placed a hand on your shoulder.

“You came highly recommended by Doctor McCoy,” the captain replied, and your brow furrowed in confusion.

“May I be excused for just a moment?” You asked. Kirk smiled and nodded. You stalked into MedBay, shoulders back, and murder on your mind. Doctor McCoy was attending to a patient, and you waited a moment, strategically placing yourself to catch his eye. He raised an eyebrow and excused himself from his patient.

“Y/N, you look like a Starfleet dream, darlin’,” he smiled. “And it’s not that I don’t like surprise visits when you’re in your formal attire, but shouldn’t you be on the transporter pad right about now?”

“What the hell were you thinking, recommending me for a diplomatic mission? Damnit, McCoy, I’m a chemist, not an emmisary!” You hissed the words, your eyebrows knit together in annoyance. He placed his hands on either side of your shoulders and looked directly into your eyes.

“Darlin’, I’ve watched you turn the science lab around from a mis-managed mess to an efficient, productive unit. And not a single ruffled feather in the process. You are a natural diplomat. If there is anyone on this ship that will make that delegation feel comfortable with the decision to join the Federation, it’s you,” he began. “Jim asked my opinion, and I offered it. But ultimately, he made the decision to bring you along.”

You gaped at him. He really thought that of you? You didn’t even realize he’d figured out your first name. You thought the constant use of affectionate nicknames was just because he couldn’t ever come up with your given one. “Oh.” It sounded small, but you couldn’t come up with anything else.

“You were born to this,” he assured you.

“Any last minute advice?” You quipped, raising an eyebrow.

Whatever you do, don’t offend the aliens,” he winked. You rolled your eyes.

“That’s helpful, really,” you sighed.

“Follow your gut. You don’t need advice from an old bear like me,” he laughed. Your communicator buzzed, paging you back to the teleporter room. You turned to leave, and then looked over your shoulder.

“You owe me dinner when I get back, McCoy,” you called.

“Are you asking me on a date?” He called back.

“No, I’m telling you that you owe me one,” you countered, and stepped out of the MedBay.


It was already night by the time you and your boyfriend, Joe had returned home. You had both been invited to a Christmas party that required you to be dressed to the nine.

Sighing, you take off your heels, holding them in your hand as you walk up the stairs in Joe’s home.

“ Love, are you going to bed?” Joe asked while walking up the stairs.

“ Not yet, I’m going to wash off my makeup and change into more comfortable clothes.” You manged to say before a eye watering yawn escapes your mouth.

“ Can I take off your makeup darling? ” He asked and you raised your eyebrow. With a chuckle and a shake of your head you think ’ why the hell not?’
Nodding you tie your hair into a sloppy bun and sit on the bathroom counter.
Joe takes one of the wipes out of the container and approaches you.

“ Please for the love of God, don’t rub to hard.” He laughs and holds one side of your face as he gently rubs the other with the wet wipe.

You could feel his eyes burning into your face as he switches sides of your face. After a minute of cleaning he backs away as you open your eyes. Quickly shutting them from the brightness of the lights you hold your arm in front of your eyes, blocking the light.

Finally, after opeing your eyes and having them adjust to the light, you see Joe. (Gif)

“ Perfect.” He whispers softly as he backs away, admiring you.

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Right, so it only took me a year to realize I could redo these gifs in a way that leaves the glorious hypnotic HAND GESTURES hand action unblocked.

The glorious hypnotic HAND GESTURES hand action that (as it did in the original post) always and instantly brings to mind this perfect second of TWO generations of dancing Capaldis doing one of the many dances of their people.  In this case, one that clearly requires the presence of a green-shirted hobbit in the background

Imperfect love

All the coincidences did not align
Fate was but a word
Darkness did not make way for light
As we lay under a sky blanket by smog

No one had stopped time
A rush of blood and so much more
Seamless synchronisation
Was not what we wanted

Urgency upon the lands we called home
Sweat lining our flesh
And no artificial scents coated our skin
The Earth was our playground

Countless thoughts
As wild as the forests before us
Coarse hands seeking company
Required no permission

All the coincidences did not align
Fate was but a word
Darkness did not make way for light
As we lay under a sky blanket by smog

This was love
We could not comprehend
Not even an ounce of perfection
This was still love

mafia-au, 500w; levi gives eren a quick lesson on guns

He can feel the warmth wave of breaths grazing his arm. Steady and in calm cadence that demonstrated Eren’s tight grasp of the current situation, much like a professional he’s training to be. They are alone, with no one to interrupt and no outside noises to distract. Sharp concentration is required and Eren is being the perfect student. Listening, tuning in, and following every one of Levi’s instructions.

“Steady, take your time.” Levi tips Eren’s hands just slightly, the muzzle moving towards its target. He ignores the tingles his fingers receive when they rest on top of Eren’s. He’s giving the kid gun lessons and this is no place or time for frivolous sentimentalities to appear. The valid reason for their close proximity is proper guidance—how can Levi teach his pupil when his own body is shy from contact?

That’s how he tries to convince himself for the matter.

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