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hey hi imagine, if you will, simon doing that thing he does where he covers his fangs with his hand. and jace, who is the softest nerdboy in the world, pressing a mock kiss to said hand while it's still covering simon's smile and they both get very blushy and cute.

well i’ve never imagined this before but thanks for ruining my life and making me unable to forget it


“I just,” Simon sighs, laughs, and then stumbles drunkenly into a lamp post, “think that Shadowhunters is a bit of a letdown as a name, honestly.” 

“We’ve been over this.” Jace says slowly, patiently, fumbling around the words in his throat. He’s drunk. A little. It’s great, the world is slow and warm around him, and Simon is smiling every other second, and seriously - Simon should never, ever stop smiling. “I do hunt. The stuff in the shadows.”

Simon shakes his head furiously, one curl of hair coming loose of its gel and flopping forward, making him look even more intensely irresistible. Jace is never going to let go of him. That much is crystal clear, even when there’s alcohol pumping through his veins. 

“Then you should be called in-the-shadow-hunters.” Simon says seriously, his eyebrows slanting down as he considers Jace. “The English language is very important.” 

“Really?” Jace smirks. “Is that why you were Rock Solid Panda? Because language is so important - “

“Shut up!” Simon says, laughing, and he shoves at Jace, his eyes crinkling at the corners. Jace laughs softly, catching Simon’s shoulders and stopping him, and Simon keeps laughing, his eyes alight, his teeth gleaming bright under the fluorescent streetlight, the edges sharpening - 

“Oh shit.” Simon curses, his hand flying up automatically to cover his mouth, his eyes widening into sudden panic. Jace frowns, his mind sluggish, as he figures out what’s going on. 

“Don’t.” He says softly, leaning forward, and Simon steps back, and he steps forward again, and Simon backs away to the wall and there’s nowhere left to go, and Jace wants Simon’s smile back. He always wants that smile, and Shadowhunters fall once and fall hard, and he’s falling forward still, impossibly tethered to Simon. 

“Don’t.” He says again, trying to put everything he feels into words, and he leans forward, brushing his lips across the hand Simon still has across his fangs, once, twice, and then kissing each knuckle, the touch feather-light. Simon makes a strangled noise behind his hand, and Jace wraps his own fingers around Simon’s wrist and tugs it down slowly, his gaze fixed on Simon, who’s looking at Jace wide-eyed and slack-jawed, his cheeks flushed with the fresh O-neg he consumed at the bar. 

“Well this is new.” Simon mumbles, and then he swallows hard and cups Jace’s cheeks before pulling him in for a slow, sweet kiss, close-mouthed and restrained. Jace pulls away and ducks back in, slowly pulling at Simon’s lower lip, teasing him and slipping his fingers up the back of Simon’s shirt to rake his fingernails down the dip of Simon’s spine, eliciting a low, throaty moan from Simon as he does. Finally, finally Simon’s lips part subconsciously as Simon sighs lightly, and Jace takes the opportunity to press his advantage and lick into Simon’s mouth, mindful of his fangs. 

Simon’s grip on Jace tightens, but he lets Jace do it, lets Jace kiss him senseless until his fangs recede, and Jace is light-headed with desire, but more importantly Simon’s smile is back, slow and alight with a heady emotion that has Jace’s heart doing a funny thing in his chest. And he knows, without a shadow of doubt, that he’d do anything to keep that smile for the rest of his days.


All the things that I’d done… memories… they never hurt me. But the past… it’s more than memories. It’s the devil you sold your soul to. He’s coming. He’s coming to collect.


Can you believe I stopped in the middle of a serious thing just to draw this bullshit because honestly I can’t