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Author: stilinskisparkles

Summary: “We had to splint a girl’s leg in a ditch,” Scott says excitedly.

“Bro, you sound way too happy about that,” Stiles complains, opening up his bag and pulling out a Twinkie.

Derek removes it from his hand silently and replaces it with an apple. Stiles scowls at him for a second then bites into it, regardless. Derek sits back and lets the group discuss the merits of dramatic lifesaving feats for winning over the ladies. Scott is convinced it’ll help impress Allison; Isaac thinks Scott’s a loser. Stiles—

Stiles is falling asleep on Derek’s shoulder.

Info: 30k | Mature

Notes: It was so lovely! Fluffy, funny and VERY happy making. I love how Amy writes, I love her Stiles and Derek and every other character. And hospital au, PERFECTION. Also Jackson was a lawyer :D - K.

Sneak Peek:

Sleep well?” Allison asks brightly.

“I did,” Isaac drawls, “And then was rudely awoken this morning by Stiles praying. Loudly. Repeatedly.”

“I’m very devout,” Stiles sniffs.

“Yeah, to Derek’s dick apparently.”

“Dude,” Scott scrunches up his nose at Isaac, waves his spoon at his bowl, “I’m eating.”

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(Modern AU) Hunk doesn't actually tell Keith their first date is a date. He invites Keith over to study when his parents are ~coincidentally~ not home, and when Keith starts to get hungry, he pulls out a five course meal that he ~coincidentally~ has ready. They eat dinner on the porch while watching the sunset, and have gourmet gelato for dessert. Keith realizes it was a date about 5 minutes after Hunk drops him off at home, and gives Hunk a thank-you kiss the next day at school.


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Pre-relationship Gency idea here: what about Genji trying to smooth talk an oblivious Mercy? Maybe he's trying to ask her out for a night on the town or he plans on setting up a cute cuddly movie night back at the base for just the two of them?

Oh my gosh, Genji is still such a playboy and it is the cutest thing ever. I love oblivious Mercy and Genji trying his hardest with pickup lines, its just so perfect.

I combined this oneshot with another anon asking, figuring it would work better this way. Enjoy dolls!

Other Anon Ask:  shitty bad prompt: first gency date


Gency. Fluff. Pickup lines.

“Dr. Ziegler,” He speaks, stepping into her lab. She looks up from her desk, her bangs hiding part of her face before her slim fingers brush it back against her ear.

“Oh, Genji! Come in, I’ve almost finished my last report.” She speaks, her velvet voice soft and beautiful.

He walks in, his heart beating against his body. It’s loud enough to him that he wonders if she can hear it too. As he stops to lean against the wall, he looks over her white lab coat. Her pink lips.

He’s asked hundreds of girls on dates before, this shouldn’t be any different. He even practiced approaches towards the beautiful doctor. His playboy days may be behind him, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten the ways of one.

Her fingers type away, the nails pink and uncolored. Then with a sigh, she pushes away from her desk, turning in her chair to stand up. Her smile is soft as she directs it towards him, and for a moment he forgets what he wants to ask her.

“Now that that’s over with, is there something you need?” She asks, blue eyes pulling him in.

“Yes… Yes.” He stumbles for a moment, turning his helm to focus himself. “I wish to ask you something, Dr. Zeigler.”

“Oh?” She asks, her lips turning to a pink ‘O’ on her perfect face.

He takes a deep breath, readying himself, before saying, “Do you know what I’m doing at 6?”

She seems taken back by the question, her eyebrow raising, “No, I don’t. Why do you say that?”

“Because you should know, it’s whatever you’re doing at 6.” He breathes out, and feels his heart freeze inside of him. He swears time slows as he watches her take that in.

“I didn’t know you wanted to spend your evening with me, Genji!” She responds enthusiastically, his pickup line not registering within her. “We can watch a movie, I think the rest of the team is gone for the night. It would just be you and me.” She grins happily, “Let me just get the rest of this mess cleared then I’ll meet you in the Recreation room.”

He steps away from the wall. “Perfect. I will see you soon.” And quickly makes his exit.

His heart hammers inside of him, but he’s smiling underneath his face helm nevertheless. She didn’t take in his attempt to be smooth, but they will be spending the evening together, and that’s what Genji finds successful.

With a soft sigh, he thinks of better lines to use that will be sure to sweep the doctor off her feet.

They end up in the recreation room. The T.V. set to a romantic comedy that Mercy picked out. They sit close, but not touching, Mercy too engrossed in the movie. He keeps tilting his helm to the side just to watch her, finding her the most interesting thing in the room. The way she leans forward slightly, her teeth digging into her lips absentmindedly.

She unfortunately notices his staring, and looks at him.

“What? Is something wrong?” She asks, her hand brushing across her cheeks as if sweeping away an imperfection. Afraid that Genji might be looking at something on her face.

“Dr. Ziegler that is not one thing wrong with you.” He speaks smoothly, a smile hidden behind his face plate.

“Oh thank you!” She beams, and Genji nearly sighs out loud but manages to contain it. Are his lines not good enough? She must have heard better ones with her being a perfect angel. She must have heard them all. He needs to do better.

The movie sends, and Genji is trying with all his might to come up with the one killer line that will get Dr. Ziegler blushing. He knows she’s difficult to impress, but that only makes her seem more wonderful. How she’s not easily taken away with one cute comment about her looks. He needs something that is worthy of the doctor. Something spectacular.

They end up wondering over to the glass door just outside of the gardens, and Mercy stops. Her face lighted by the indirect beams of the crescent moon.

“The garden looks very beautiful tonight.” She speaks softly, her velvet voice causing Genji to melt where he stands. He closes his eyes for a moment, trying desperately to save the night somehow.

“Not as beautiful as you, Dr. Zeigler.” He tries, knowing it’s an easy line, but he needs to buy more time. Anything to help him think of something good to let the doctor knows how he feels.

“Oh you’re too kind, Genji.” She smiles unfazed, and he isn’t surprised. That was a weak line anyway. Yet, it got that gorgeous smile out of her, and he doesn’t count that as a defeat.

“Dr. Zeigler?” He speaks, his eyes moving from the garden paths to the oceans contained on her face.

“Yes, Genji?”

“Would you hold this for me while I go for a walk?” His heart beats rapidly, but he doesn’t falter.

“Of course,” She answers, holding out her hand for whatever is it that Genji might possible have.

Slowly, Genji slips his fingers between hers, and looks at their interlocked hands. The flesh and metal intertwined He ducks his head slightly as he waits for her reaction.

Pink floods her cheeks, as she looks back at Genji. Her pink lips making another little ‘O’ shape. Her face somehow appearing more stunning in the moonlight with the blush.

“Oh… yes, I can hold this.” She breathes out, and Genji nearly collapses from sheer relief. Laughing softly at her comeback.

“Shall we then?” He asks, opening the door for her. As they slip into the garden, Genji’s face plate hides his victorious smile from Mercy’s view.


Author: KuriKuri

Summary: “For those of you who just transferred into this class or simply decided that day one wasn’t important enough to attend, I’m Professor Hale. Welcome to English 346, The American Novel.”

Stiles is pretty sure his mouth is hanging open right now and that his eyes are wide with shock, because holy fuck, he thinks he knows why his students transferred. Hell, if he was still an undergrad, he probably would have transferred, too.

(Or: In which Stiles is a Biology professor and Derek thinks he’s a student.)

Info: 10k | Teen and Up

Notes: Loved it! I think professor!Stiles who everyone mistakes for a student is my new favorite trope! And poor Derek thinking Stiles is a student, ahhh, he must have been blinded by love ;))) And the literature discussions, perfection! It was funny and very happy making and you should read it asap!  - K.

Sneak Peek:

“Would you therefore like to discount more than seventy five percent of the world’s literature?” Hale asks, looking at Stiles intently. “Is the Harry Potter series not worth your while?”

“Dude, Harry Potter is about the power of love and families of choice,” Stiles shoots back, narrowing his eyes, because no one insults Harry Potter on his watch, goddamn it. “Hemingway just writes about men drinking and women crying.”

“Well then, Mr. Stiles, I’m sure you can tell me all about how much you hate Hemingway in our subsequent classes, when we really start delving into the book,” Hale replies, his smile all teeth.

Stiles just barely manages to prevent himself from saying, “Oh, it’s on,” and that’s only because he realizes that three of the students he had in his Bioethics course last semester are staring at him like he’s been replaced by a pod person.


this is me adding on to @aunnoo‘s wonderful iwaoi soulmate/senpai-kouhai au 

so of course oikawa is all starry-eyed and respectful towards iwaizumi at first, addressing him as “iwaizumi-senpai”, because 1) he’s a senpai 2) he’s the captain and 3) he’s somebody oikawa has admired forquite  some time

but one day oikawa sees iwaizumi playing with a dog and his heart just melts because WHY??? so he gets to be cool and strong and handsome and reliable but also cute??? that’s unfair!!

anyways, from then on he starts calling iwaizumi “iwa-chan-senpai” in his head, but one day it slips out after they pull off a successful quick attack

iwaizumi is too happy and exhilarated to notice and he doesn’t realise the change until oikawa bids him goodbye using it (oikawa thought iwaizumi’s lack of response was an “sure go ahead” for the name)

they have an “argument” about this the next day (an “argument” because iwaizumi doesn’t actually mind, but he feels like the hierarchy in the team matters), and oikawa BS-es like, “doesn’t this make us feel closer? it’s team-bonding!” but iwaizumi is having none of that and goes, “why don’t you call the rest of the team -chan too, huh?” so oikawa fumbles and goes for a lame-ass excuse, “it’s captain privilege!!”

obviously iwaizumi doesn’t buy it but he lets it slide

 oikawa’s friends, though? god, they aren’t letting that one go:

“captain privilege? more like boyfriend privilege!” 

“s-shut up, he’s not my boyfriend yet!”


“you know what i mean!”

oikawa is so obvious but iwaizumi is so frustratingly dense someone save them

honestly, their otp tag should be “otp: obvious and oblivious”