perfection in a tweet

Just-woke-up-from-a-nap random not-random ideas 💡💡💡💡💡

💡1. When individuals’ Twitter pages’ introductions and images focus on charity work, their tweeting about charities makes perfect sense. Cool.

💡2. Earlier this year we noticed Twitter interaction between Cait’s charities and Sam, and between Sam’s charities and Cait. Messages of support and thanks were exchanged. “Scene partners” were tagged by one another’s charities. Sam brought up the rear in Cait’s “When I Was Young” World Child Cancer campaign, and boosted bids to our @dawncrutchfield‘s eventual winning bid for Cait’s BAFTA Scotland outfit. Cool.

💡3. Last week Cait surprised us by posting a photo of her and Sam’s wearing matching caps in support of the Caroline Previdi Foundation, thanking the charity’s representative for raising “our” (Cait’s and Sam’s) awareness. Did I mention Cait posted the photo? A united-front photo? Cool.

💡4. Today we get this gem… Naughty Librarian Santa Cait’s checking Right & Ready-For-Inspection Santa Sam’s silver baws… her hand comfortably cupped in place… his hand open in invitation… a fun photo of Cait’s helping Sam to promote Cahonas Scotland’s testicular cancer awareness campaign… And not a Santa Claire nor a Santa Jamie in sight… Cool.

💡5. If I were smart and savvy, and had something personal and significant I wanted to say, something I know my Twitter followers discussed now and then, I think piggybacking that message with other important messages - oh, I don’t know, say ones promoting charitable awareness and giving - might be just the sleigh where I’d hitch my reindeer. Cool.

Just thinking randomly, of course… nothing to see here.