perfection in a bottle

My favorite lyrics from Divide
  • just my two cents
  • Eraser: I wish that love was a currency and the whole world was wealthy
  • Castle on the Hill: I had my first kiss on a Friday Night, I don't reckon I did it right // these people raised me and I can't wait to go home
  • Dive: Don't call me baby unless you mean it // I've been known to give my all and jumping in harder than ten thousand rocks on the lake
  • Shape of You: Your love was handmade for somebody like me
  • Perfect: Now I know I have met an angel in person and she looks perfect
  • Galway Girl: I swear I'm gonna put you in a song that I write about a galway girl and a perfect night // She took me inside to finish some doritos and another bottle of wine
  • Happier: But I guess you look happier, you do, my friends told me one day I'd feel it too
  • Hearts Don't Break Around Here: She is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home
  • New man: Still lookin' at your instagram and I'll be creepin' a lil, I'll be tryin' not to double tap from way back cause I know that's where the trouble's at
  • What Do I Know: Just remember that life is more than fitting in your jeans, it's love, understanding, and positivity
  • How Would You Feel: In the summer, as the lilacs blew, blood flows deeper than a river every moment I spend with you
  • Supermarket Flowers: A heart that's broke is a heart that's been loved // A life with love is a life that's been lived
  • Barcelona: We're going somewhere where the sun is shining bright
  • Bibia Be Ye Ye: I tell myself in every way I won't be doing this again and tomorrow's a brand new day
  • Nancy Mulligan: Never had I seen such beauty before the second I saw her, Nancy was my yellow rose
  • Save Myself: Before I save someone else, I've got to save myself
fuckboy » jjk » m

» request: nope

» genre: smutttttt

» author’s note: i was hoping to be able to get to 5k words, but unfortunately that didn’t happen :’) anyways, i still think this is the longest scenario i’ve written which i’m kind of proud of tbh ?? i really like this one and i hope you all do too! feel free to request any sort of au scenarios and i’ll be sure to write it !

» word count: 4.3k+

» warnings: fuckboy jungkook, sexting, phone sex, oral (female receiving), dirty talk, praise kink, unprotected sex

**nsfw under the cut

You sigh to yourself as you collect the randomly discarded articles of Jimin’s clothing scattered through the house. You roll your eyes as you grasp a pair of his underwear, tossing them into the basket which has now grown heavy with the weight of his dirty laundry. “Seriously, Chim, is it that hard to pick up your clothes?” You ask as you walk into the living room, picking up an old t-shirt from the back of the couch; you stop in your tracks once you finally look up.

“Sorry, Y/N.” Jimin flashes you a sheepish smile, but you are no longer worried about him. Your eyes travel to the other person in the room, Jeon Jungkook; he leans casually against the wall, taking a sip from a bottle of water. “Have you met Jungkook?” Jimin asks you casually, flicking through the channels on the television as you glare at his friend.

“I don’t think so,” you say truthfully; you’ve never met Jeon Jungkook, but you’ve heard of him, many times. Most recently, his antics had been called to your attention by a close friend of yours, and to make a long, long story short: Jeon Jungkook is a fuckboy.

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*putting on his new expensive perfume in the bathroom*

Miss Lemon: He went straight inside as soon as he came back from the shops. Didn’t even read his letters.
Hastings: Strange.
Miss Lemon: Perhaps he is dyeing his hair.
Hastings: But he’s a man.

Malvie Fanfics list

I’ve noticed that some people are having a hard time finding some high quality Malvie fics so I’m here to help you all. I haven’t been able to find that many because there really aren’t that much but I hope this list helps you out. I’ll be adding more as I keep discovering them. Most (or probably all) of them are gonna be from AO3. Let’s get this started:

Will You Teach Me How To Fly by comebackbehere (Completed)

we’re so close yet so far apart by comebackbehere (WYTMHTF’s sequel)

i’m just a teenage dirtbag (and you’re my queen) by comebackbehere (From the WYTMHTF universe)

- She’s Perfect by Itsreallynotthatcomplicated (Completed)

- catching lightning in a bottle by afire (Completed)

Am I Beaten, If I Believe In Us by KHart

and that’s all I have so far. If anyone enjoys any of these stories make sure to let me know. Also, if any of you guys know any other good fanfic that isn’t here and want me to add it/read it then send it my way. I hope this helps y’all!

The Contest - Chapter 7

As you and the rest of The Avengers test your willpower in an unusual challenge, your attempts to remain Master of your Domain are complicated when James “Bucky” Barnes makes you his mission.

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Chapter 7 continues with the slowest of builds, Lots of dirty talking, Smut to come, Fluff smut for now, Humour, Swearing, Flirting, Sweetness, Sexual tension, Teasing, Groping, Fingering, Language!, Nudity, NSFW, Stilettos, Romanian Vampires, Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 5,196 (damn muse)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

A/N: To everyone following along, thanks so much for your patience! The past 2 months have been crazy busy and it’s been hard to find the time to write. Hopefully I can get back on track for a bit :) I got a little carried away with this chapter and had to split it into two parts so another chapter has been added to this fic…you can blame Bucky.

To everyone sending me messages, feedback and requests to be tagged, THANK YOU! You are all so incredibly AWESOME! Tumblr continues to be a bitch with the tags so I’ve done these manually - I hope I haven’t missed anyone! Please send me a note if I’ve left you off by mistake.

And always, to my twitter babes: thanks for the support, love and smut ;)

Chapter 7: Face The Music

Walking into the common room, you’re met with the scene of Thor and Tony laying out a spread of snacks and drinks while Steve, Bruce and Bucky set up the equipment for the evening’s entertainment.

Hearing the click of your high heels on the polished floor and a low whistle from Tony, Bucky looks up and immediately freezes at the sight of you.  Eyes widening in stunned surprise as they sweep over every inch of your body, he absentmindedly drops the speaker wire he’s holding in his hands.

Buoyed by his reaction, you toss your hair back and start to make your way towards him, swaying your hips for maximum effect.  While you can’t help but feel sexy as the short hemline of your dress threatens to reveal the lace and garters underneath with every step, it’s the ravenous look in Bucky’s eyes that has the wetness pooling in a rush between your legs.

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congrats @happyviolenceofalltrades, I just could not say no to your squad submission, it was far too perfect for these idiots, bless X’D

Red doesn’t remember who suggested drunken spin the bottle after the Landlady already went to bed, but he does not approve.

a purely hypothetical scene from @tyranttortoise’s Skeleton Squatters and the Landlady

original draw the squad from here

Lunch Time

I saw a cute idea for kids lunches online, and I thought it could be a fun way to subtly feel little, plus it helps eat healthy for those who pack meals for school, work, or other activities. (Added bonus for adorable lunch boxes. I have a sock monkey one.)

Gather a few plastic bins or tubs to put in your fridge (and maybe a few for the counter/pantry) and label them with what is going in each one. I think I’m going to have 8: main dish, main side, fruit, veggie, dairy, snack, drink and dessert. Then once a week or every two weeks, or however often you need to prepare the things to go in the bins. Then when you pack a meal, grab one out of each bin, or as many of the bins as you need.

Here are a few ideas of what to put in each bin:

Main Dish:
- PB&J
- Cup Noodles
- Easy Mac
- Turkey or Ham Sandwich
- Quesadilla
- Grilled Chicken
- Hot Dog
- Thermos of Soup

Your main dish should be something that can be eaten as is, or easily microwaved.

Main Side:
- Hard Boiled Eggs
- Rice
- Pasta Salad

The main side should either help the main dish taste better, or fill in what it may be lacking in protein.

- Apple or Orange Slices
- Grapes
- Mixed Berries
- Peach
- Fruit Cup

Look for in season fruits for the cheapest and tastiest.

- Carrots
- Celery
- Steamed Broccoli
- Snap Peas
- Corn
- Small Salad

Adding a dressing can spice veggies up.

- Cheese Stick or Cubes
- Yogurt Cup
- Gogurt (I like to freeze them)

Calcium is crazy important. I know I struggle to get enough because I don’t like milk.

- Chips
- Trail Mix
- Peanuts
- Protein Bar
- Fruit Snacks
- Crackers

Snacks are good for quick consumption. If you have a short break and need a little boost, these are perfect.

- Juice Box
- Bottle of Water
- Capri Sun
- Can or Bottle of Tea
- Gatorade

I always suggest that if you bring anything besides water, to bring some water too. Hydration is key.

- A Few cookies
- Pudding Cup
- Small Candy Bar

This might be a good one to limit to 2 or 3 times a week.

Let me know if any of you try this, and if so what you like or would want to change!

She has no throne. Girls without thrones should not have knights, but hers won’t go. Princess Zelda – the girl who killed Calamity – would love to fade into legend, but Link’s bought a house, he’s fighting off monsters, and he’s selling giant horses to strangely familiar Gerudo men. She’ll never have any peace now. (ao3)  

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Dating Peter Parker Would Include... (but the better version)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader (duhhhh)

Word Count: 1,049 words

Not Requested (I felt like I should post something and this was ten times quicker than writing a full imagine)


Originally posted by hardyness

•when he became Spider-Man, he didn’t want to tell you. It’s not that he didn’t trust you, it’s just that he didn’t want you to get hurt because of him

     •peter was surprised when you didn’t freak out and break up with him

     •“aren’t you, mad that I didn’t tell you?”

     •“why would I be mad? You did it to protect me. I understand why you didn’t tell me.”

     •he was completely shocked

     •“this is why I love you Y/N.”

     •which was also the first time he ever said that, and it made your heart melt

     •“I love you too pete.” You said, wrapping your arms around him tightly

•making out with him on his bed

     •and May almost catching you two

•let’s face it, watching cartoons like Bob’s Burgers and Rick and Morty is all the two of you do in your free time

     •besides playing video games for hours

•whenever you had a tough day, or needed to cry, peter would cuddle with you. You’d snuggle up into his chest while he wrapped his arms around your back

•his contact on your phone is my hero🤘🕸

•your contact on his phone is my muse😚

•watching movies together and eventually falling asleep with your back pressed to his chest

     •May would come from work to see the two of you on the couch, with happiness overwhelming her features

•helping each other out with homework

•making pillow forts (to watch the cartoons), like all the time

•hickies, sooooo many hickies 

      •on the both of you

•holding hands when he walks you to your classes at school

•when your on your period, peter would go to the store and buy you candy, medicine, comfort food and tampons/pads/whatever you usually use. (he would awkwardly do so as the cashier gave him a strange look)

     •he also tracks your period so he knows when he needs to buy you all these things

     •he’d show up at your house and one of your parents would open the door while he stood there awkwardly, holding up the bags. They let him inside the house, as he awkwardly rushed to your room

•the first time either of you get drunk, was together

     •it’d be new years eve, the both of you in his bedroom after stealing some cheap beer and vodka from his aunt’s party

     •“peter,” you hiccuped, “you are the most BEAUTIFUL creature I have ever seen.”

     •he’d be giggling nonstop 

     •“and, and you’re the most perfect arrangement of atoms I’ve ever seen.”

     •you took the bottle from his hands lazily, taking another sip

     •“I love you spidey” you mumbled,crawling onto his chest, and quickly falling asleep

     •he took the bottle from his hands, lazily placing it on the floor next to his bed “I love you too princess.”

     •even when he’s drunk, he’s still a sweetheart

•also him saying “WHY IS THE CEILING SPINNING-oh wait, I’m spinning.” *giggles*

•in junior year, you guys went to homecoming together, due to his…situation the year prior

     •you two were one of the only couples dancing when the dj played a slow song as everyone made an awkward circle around you (lmao hoco was never like this for me. just believe)

     •that night was absolutely perfect

•having one of your friends drive away from the city to a deserted part of the suburbs to look up at the stars surrounding you

     •you two were wrapped up in blankets, laying on top of a pile of pillows in the back of the truck

•nerdy jokes, ALL THE TIME

     •“Hey Y/N, what did the cell say to his sister when she stepped on his foot? Mitosis.” He burst out into fits of laughter, as Y/N giggled

•watching star wars with him at least once a week

     •“The force will be with you. Always.” He recited perfectly with a goofy grin, making you smile

•borrowing his sweaters and wearing them to school

     •“Is that my shirt?”

     •a blush appeared on your cheeks as you nodded your head

     •Peter smiled softly while grabbing your hand, “It looks cute on you,”

•making those bomb ass holiday cookies together

•on Halloween, one of your friends was having a costume party

     •you wanted to surprise him with your costume, so you were both going separately

     •when you walked through the front door, with loud music and drunk teenagers, you immediately saw peter

     •and he immediately saw you

     •Ned was wearing an Indiana Jones costume, and Peter was wearing a Luke Skywalker one

     •but you on the other hand, you wore a spider-man costume (of course)

     •instead of a mask, it had a low hood with the eyes on the mask on it

     •the costume was basically a one piece swim suit with a hood (or if you want it to be, it could be a fucking nice ass pj onesie)

     •peter’s mouth was opened wide

     •“you dressed up as your hero, and I dressed up as mine.” you said with a small smile

     •peter was completely awe struck

•he absolutely loves cuddling with you and just kissing you all over

•(as nerdy as it sounds) library dates and study dates

•cleaning up his cuts

     •“peter, you have to be more careful.” you mumbled with tears in your eyes. “you go out there and save people and beat bad guys. But one day, you might not come back.”

     •“y/n,” he sighed as he sat up to make better eye contact, “I’ll always come back to you.”

•for your birthday, peter saved up as much money as he could’ve and he bought you a VERY expensive ring, with ‘always’ engraved on the inside with the date that the two of you started dating

     •“yo-you aren’t proposing right?”

     •he laughed, “no, I just- I thought- the ring suites you and I thought…that maybe, I-I don’t know. It’s a promise that I’ll love you forever.”

     •im SCREAMING

     •you melted at the thought, and from the fact that you two have been dating for so long and he still manages to be nervous around you

     •"god, why are you the best boyfriend?“

First Time

Bucky x Reader
WC 2191 (I know. I’m sorry)
Warnings Swearing, oral sex (f receiving), SMUT, dirty talk
AN This is based on this prompt: a bucky fic where he has sex with the reader for the first time and it’s clumsy and awkward but in a good way. I agree Nonnie, the first time is usually awkward and I hope I did this justice.

You were excited for your date with Bucky tonight. You had been dating for a while and you were taking things slow but you had decided that tonight was The Night. You were nervous with anticipation. It’s not that you two hadn’t fooled around you just hadn’t had actual sex yet and you wanted everything to go perfectly.

You took extra care getting ready that afternoon, starting with a soak in the tub, then a quick shower where you exfoliated and shaved, followed by a generous application of your favourite lotion. Wearing your towel, you were examining your clothes, trying to decide what to wear, when your phone rang.


“Hey sweetheart, what are you doing?”

“Hey, Bucky! Just getting ready for our date.”

“Darlin’, it’s the afternoon. How long does it take for you to get ready?” he chuckled.

“Well,” you looked down at your towel and giggled, “Seeing how I’m only in a towel, I think I should get ready sooner than later.”

You could hear him swallow hard, “Ah, did I catch you out of the shower?”

You walked towards your bed and took a seat, crossing your legs, “I took a bath first, then a shower. I just can’t decide what to wear tonight. Maybe you can help me?”

“How can I help you?”

“Pink or black?”

“Excuse me?”

“Pink or black, Bucky. Choose one,” your voice lowered a bit.

“Ah, pink? What’s this for?”

You laughed, “I’m not sure which undergarments to wear. But pink it is.”

Bucky was silent on the other line and when he spoke, his voice was strangled, “You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?”

You started getting dressed while you continued the conversation, “No no, I need you in tip top shape for tonight,” you giggled at him.

He laughed, “See you soon.”

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In An Instant: Part Ten (END)

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

Word Count: 1.6K

A/N: I’m finally wrapping up this series. It didn’t quite go the way I had anticipated but I enjoyed it. Thank you to all of you extremely patient people who followed along with me. I’d love to hear what you thought of the series as a whole and what I should/shouldn’t do in future series. I love you all. Special thanks to my babe, @sebbytrash, for reading through this for me. I love you.

Catch up here!  **My Masterlist  ** Inspiration Fund

When you awoke that Saturday afternoon, a mere three weeks since you met the life ruiner, Bucky Barnes, your heart literally hurt. Who were you to stop a wedding? You barely knew this guy. There was nothing you could do.

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First Night

Part Three to Nap Date.
Find Part Two here!
(Also this picture is perfect, messing with his ring and the fucking water bottle)

Today was the day. Finally the day that Shawn and Y/n confessed their love in front of all their friends and families. 

She stood in a white dress, tearful eyes as he poured his heart out to her. 
He stood in a black tux, holding her hands as she poured her heart out. 

But now the wedding is over, and the reception is being cleaned up. They are being kicked out by his mother. 

“Go, leave please.” Karen pushes her son out of the ballroom. 

“Look we found him, now leave.” Her bridesmaids push Y/n into Shawn. 

Her heels catch the rug on the ground and she starts to fall. Shawn rushes, pushing his arms out, catching her before she can hit the ground. 

“Shawn?” She asks looking up at him, the look of horror she just felt from almost falling still in her eyes.

“No I’m superman.” He grins.

“You’re my superman.” She smiles brightly at him.

“Forever.” He winks, standing her up right. 

“So I’m being told that we have to leave.” She says looking over at her bridesmaids that are cleaning up the reception hall.

“Yeah me too.” He says looking over at his mom who is glaring at him. 

“I feel like I haven’t seen you at all tonight.” She sighs leaning against him. 

“You’ve got me now, and for the next week. By ourselves.” He whispers in her ear. 

“That sounds like heaven.” She smiles up at him.

“Good, are you ready?” He asks digging his keys out of his pocket.

“I gotta pee, and get out of this dress.” She says looking down at her white dress.

“Shawn take her back to the house, they just closed the bathroom. Change and leave the dress on Shawn’s old bed, I’ll make sure it gets taken care of.” Karen says handing him a key to the house.

“Thanks mom, ready babe?” He smiles.

“How far is the house from here?”

“Like 10 maybe 15 minutes?” Shawn shrugs.

“Okay.” She smiles. 

He helps her out of the venue and into his jeep, smiling as she tugs all of her dress into the jeep. 

“Hey.” He says staring at her, taking her hand once he gets in himself.

“Hey.” She smiles. 

“You are so damn pretty.” He whispers kissing her knuckles. 

“Stop.” She blushes and looks away. 

“Look at me.” He pulls her hand over to him. She leans over the console. “God you are gorgeous.” He says staring into her eyes. 

“You are too sweet.” She whispers back. 

“I love you, so damn much. You have no idea.” He bites his bottom lip.

“Hey.” She grabs hold of his chin. “Let me do that.” She smirks and his eyes go wide. He leans in and kisses her lips, breathing her in. She takes his bottom lip between her teeth, until a knock wraps on the window causing them to jump apart.

“Fucks sake.” Shawn mumbles, unrolling his window. “What?” He asks.

“Look you guy have got to leave or you’ll miss your flight, you also forgot the tickets.” Geoff says handing the tickets over.

“Jesus, it’s like you guys are kicking us onto the plane. Can I not kiss my wife for a second.” Shawn sasses. 

She sits there grinning like a lunatic, waving at Geoff before he walks away. Shawn rolls the window back up and looks over at her, noticing her smile.

“What?” He asks, laughing at her.

“You’re wife?” She smiles wider, if possible.

“Come ‘ere.” He grins kissing her again. “My wife.” He mumbles against her lips, causing her to smile again. 

“My husband.” She mumbles back. 

“God that sounds so good rolling off your tongue.” He groans pulling away and driving back to his childhood home. Holding her hand the whole car ride back, smiling at the thought of her by his side for the rest of his life. 

“Shawn?” She looks over at him, catching his attention.

“Yeah?” He asks looking over at her a little bit.

“I really have to pee, can you go any faster?” She asks with pleading eyes.

“Shit sorry. Lil distracted.” He says pushing down on the gas pedal. 

“With what?” She questions turning towards him, resting her elbows on the console.

“You, over there, looking like that.” He smirks. 

“Cheesy Mendes.” She laughs, turning back to the front.

“No it’s truth, Mendes.” He says smiling at her. She looks over and her face falls.

“Aw shit, you mean I’m a Mendes now too?” She teases. He laughs and shakes his head.

“You’re mean.” He laughs, parking his jeep on the street. He gets out and runs over to help her and her big ass dress out. “Hey.” He pulls her back to him, pushing her against the jeep. “You’re a Mendes, for the rest of your life.” He cups her cheeks in his hands.

“Good, that’s what I want.” She stares into his eyes.

“Good.” He nods. He leans in and kisses her. She ducks his kisses walking away. “Hey.” He calls.

“Shawn I have to pee.” She whines.

“Damn it I keep forgetting.” He says rushing to the door, grabbing her hand and pulling her with him. 

“Ahh Shawn.” She giggles as he fumbles with the keys. He finally unlocks the door, letting her in. 

She rushes to the bathroom and closes the door as he walks around to the kitchen, grabbing a muffin and taking a bite.

“Ohh give me a bite.” She says grabbing his arm. He holds his hand up, so she can’t reach it.

“I thought you were peeing.”

“I need help with my dress, give me a bite I’m starving.” She glares at him. He smiles and gives her a bite, pushing her back to the bathroom. She turns around and let’s him start to untie the corset of her dress. She leans her head back and opens her mouth for another bite. He lets her have another bite and goes back to untying her dress. 

“Hurry!” She bounces on her toes.

“Sorry, I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.” He says trying to get it undone. “What the fuck.” He grumbles starting to pull on lose ties. Finally he grabs the right one and pulls opening the back of her dress. It drops to the ground and he helps her step out of it. Leaving her in her slip. 

“Thank god.” She pushes him out. 

“Babe did you bring a change of clothes.” 

“Shit I think I forgot them at the venue.” She calls, washing her hands. “Can I borrow something?” She asks opening the door. 

“I think you can just wear that.” He grins, wiggling his eyebrows at her. 

“Shut up.” She hits his chest. “What about you, gonna wear your tux on the plane.” 

“I’ll change.” He nods following her up to his room. “I’m not sure what I have in here still, if you don’t find anything just steal something from Liyah, we’ll explain later.” He says grabbing his clothes and walking to the bathroom.

“You can change in front of me you know.” She says leaning against his closet door. 

“I know, but you’re not the only one that has to pee.” He winks at her, closing the door. 

She starts rummaging through his closet, pulling his green flannel out and in search of pants. 

Sadly he doesn’t have anything that will fit her so she wanders over to Aaliyah’s room. She grabs a pair of black yoga pants and leaves a note on her desk to explain. 

She changes quickly borrowing a pair of Aaliyah’s Nike’s. 

“Hey.” She meets him in the hall, as they both exit the rooms at the same time.

“That’s my flannel.” He smiles.

“Yeah you said I could borrow something.” She says pointing at his door.

“That’s my favorite one, it looks good on my favorite person.”

“Jesus you’re so cheesy.” She pushes his shoulder.

“We gotta go.” He says taking her hand and leading her back to the jeep. He locks up and she texts Aaliyah letting her know that she stole her shoes and pants. 

“Wanna stop by McDonalds?” He asks driving away.

“Yes please, I’m so hungry.” She says leaning her head back. 

“We paid so much for everyone to eat tonight and we didn’t even get to eat anything.”

“I know. The only cake I had was what you smashed in my face.” She smiles at him.

“That was pretty good.” He laughs placing a hand on her thigh.

“It was so rude, it went up my nose.”

“You got me back, it was in my ear.” He laughs.

“I know, there’s still some there.” She reaches over and wipes her thumb over his ear, collecting the frosting on her finger. “Gross.” She says looking for a place to clean her thumb off. 


Their seated on the plane, she’s resting her head on his shoulder and he’s got a hand on her thigh.

“You should wear flannel more often.” He whispers. 

“Why?” She laughs at his randomness.

“You look good in flannel.” He shrugs. “Especially mine.” 

“You think I look good in all of your clothes.” She looks up at him.

“You do.” He smiles.

“Can you believe that we got married today.” She whispers resting her head back on his shoulder. He pulls her a little closer.

“I know, you’re my wife now. Not just my girlfriend but my wife.” 

“I could get used to hearing that.”

“My wife.” He smiles, kissing the top of her head.

“Oh hi, this is my husband Shawn.” She laughs sitting up to look at him. 

“Meet my wife, Y/n.” He smiles looking at her. 

Y/n Mendes.” She points at him. 

“Mhmm.” He nods smiling. 

“Shawn and Y/n Mendes.” He says out loud. 

“Mr and Mrs Mendes.” She grins. 

“That sounds so good.” He leans forward kissing her. 

“What am I wearing tonight?” She asks pulling away.

“You’ll see.” He smiles.

“Are you wearing your boxers?” She asks giggling. He rolls his eyes.

“Yes, I like em.” He nods. 

“Good.” She laughs. 

“Oh god, I didn’t realize it and walked around to grab my phone and Andrew and Geoff were there and when I walked out they laughed so hard.” He says leaning his head back. 

“Oh god.” She laughs, hiding her face into his shoulder. 

“I turned around and was like ‘what?’ you know I was already nervous and them laughing at me didn’t help. Andrew waved me off but Geoff stood up, getting another drink and goes, ‘Y/n really does own that ass huh?’ I was so confused. That’s when I remembered you picked out my boxers and I ran back to the room to look in the mirror.” 

“I thought it was funny.” She laughs looking up at him. 

“Yeah totally, walking around in my boxers with ‘Y/n owns this ass.’ on the butt. Real funny.” He hides his laugh. 

“I couldn’t help it.” She tries to contain her giggles. “I was just gonna get you regular boxers with like a kiss mark on the hip but then I saw the option to make your own saying and couldn’t help myself.” 

“Thanks for that.” He grins, still trying to hold back his own laugh. 

“I mean it’s true.” She shrugs. 

“True.” Shawn finally laughs. 

They finally contain their laughs and stare at each other. 

“God I got so lucky.” Shawn shakes his head. She snorts and looks away. “Did you just snort?” He asks laughing.

“I mean were married now, you’re trapped, I can completely be me.” She smiles.

“Were you hiding things from me?” He playfully glares at her. 

“Shawn, we live together. I think you’ve seen everything you can see.” She says poking his cheek. 

“I’m so excited for the rest of my life.” He smiles, kissing her nose.

“Let’s get started.” She smiles leaning up to kiss him. 

*Part Four?*