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Imagine Jungkook being born in america.Him wearing sleeveless shirts , puma baggy pants, biceps,gorgeous parted hair,perfect forehead, sexy eyebrows, that irresistible smirk and f*ckboy vibe all over the place,making usage of his  mother tongue to make your make out session even sexier than it is supposed to be in all meanings of the word.Now let the reality sink in and cry with me.

Hawkward - Avengers x Reader

Words: 1039
Pairing: Avengers x Reader (mainly clint and sam)
Featuring: Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers
Warnings: Swearing, there are s o m a n y p u n s
Requested by anon
Reader has the gift of flight (with or without wings, you choose) and hanging out with the Bird Bros! Constant bird puns optional.
Authors Note: you wanted puns, you got puns.

Avengers Masterlist. Masterlist.

“You think Clint would like these?” You asked Sam as you walked down the random store aisle with him. You went with Clint and Sam to get groceries for the facility, but Clint was the only one who seemed to actually be on task. You and Sam found yourself in the opposite side of the store, making jokes with whatever you found.

Sam nodded, completely serious. “Get them. Are there two more? We all need a matching pair,” Sam said and started to sift through the slippers on the shelf. Yes, the three of you needed matching bird slippers. You have rebranded the “Bird Bros” as the “Bird Buddies” as you were now a member of their all inclusive group since your owl-like-self fit the requirements.

“Why does he put up with us?” You asked Sam as you held the three pairs of slippers.

“I don’t know; I think he secretly finds it entertaining,” Sam offered. “We should probably find him-”

“Put the damn shoes down; we have work to do!” Clint’s voice walked up behind you.

You shot around and gave him a weird look. “I’m joking; these slippers are the best things I have ever seen. Is three enough? Should we get one for every person in the base, or just keep it exclusive?”

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organization is super important when it comes to school and your studies, but there are always those little things that don’t fit into a category, the things you need to remember and keep but have no place for; and that is why i present to you… the Everything Book!

what is this book you speak of?

  • the purpose of the Everything Book is to retain whatever information is in our out of your mind for you
  • think of it as a notebook but for anything and everything

okay so how does it work

  • first grab a notebook! literally anything will do, as long as you’re comfortable taking it places and writing in it whenever you find the need
  • this might mean you want a small book, or would rather a larger one; it’s up to you!
  • take this book with you, all the time but especially to school

yeah but what does it do

  • an Everything Book can be your alternative to a journal!
  • forgot your agenda? no problem, just jot down your assignments in your Everything Book
  • if you ever have sudden poetic thoughts, this is a great place for them to go
  • sometimes you just can’t write those practice problems in your actual class notebook, but you know you have to do it somewhere; so use your Everything Book!
  • all those sticky notes you used to take notes with? keep them safe in the book!
  • if you don’t have scratch paper for math problems and all that jazz, it’s the perfect place to go
  • whenever you need to randomly doodle to calm yourself or relieve stress, do it in your Everything Book so you don’t lose any of your precious art
  • there is seriously so much more it can do for you, to put it simply it’s just a book for everything!

is that really all there is to it?

  • yes!!
  • so many people don’t realize that every aspect of their studies doesn’t have to be perfect to the detail
  • it’s okay if things are a little all over the place!
  • the best part about it is that you can keep any disorganization in one place
  • so essentially you’re being organized and disorganized at the same time!

more masterposts!!

i hope this was of help to you!! having an Everything Book has made my life a lot easier and i hope it works out the same way for you if you try it; keep shining like the star you are and don’t forget to be awesome today!



why am I fangirling over a fictional character

my girl and i became official last night!
we were out late, on my porch looking up at the stars and occasionally petting my dog and she had her arm around my waist and she speaks up quietly and suddenly “…so I think it’s safe to say we’re together… if that’s okay with you” and I kissed her temple and smiled into the kiss and said of course. it was magic, we’ve had a very intimate and loving connection for months since we met, we’ve been drunk, had sex, constantly share affection but we both have difficult fears and weren’t sure what we should do, even though we spend as much of our free time together as possible anyway. but last night we truly became Gal Pals™. and then later when we were kissing and laying in my bed she was above me and she even clarified to make sure we were on the same page and monogamous and everything was so perfect and ugh. 
i have the feels all over the place.

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Are you have hc about companion's height and weight? С:

Weight? Not really. Weight isn’t something I like estimating on anyone real or fictional. Not to mention a lot of people have a very skewed views of how much people typically weigh.

Heights, body types, and general body headcanons? Yes.


5′6, and ripped as hell.

Her arms are super thick with muscle, and her back is toned as hell. She has abs. It’s from all the fighting.

When sole picked her up from the Combat Zone she was actually pretty skinny due to the drug use and a diet lacking any nutrition. After she went clean and moved to sanctuary she started gaining weight and putting on some body fat, and is now finally at a weight she feels is healthy for her.

Has super broad shoulders, and a relatively narrow waist.

After moving to Sanctuary she was outside a lot more often. She’s a shade lighter and covered in freckles after a year of being there.


Has never shaved once in her life. Doesn’t plan on it.

Her hair is always a little greasy, and is covered in cowlicks.

Has dirty fucking feet.


5′2, pear shaped, soft as hell, with like zero muscle. She’s not very strong, she was made for science not fighting.

Has a cute tummy pouch, and most of her weight  is on her bottom half (thick thighs, wider hips).

Her top half is small, and very petite in comparison to her bottom half.


Has tinytinybarbiedoll feet. Can point them like a goddamn ballerina.

Her nails are always clean and neatly trimmed. Perfect clear skin 24/7. She is very prone to sunburn though, so she uses sunscreen.

Her hair is very thin, super wispy, grows slowly. 


5′10. But somehow this seems short to everyone because he’s even taller in the power armor.

Study as hell, made of muscle. Thick muscled arms and back. Thick thighs. Bubble butt.

Big Bara Man Titties.

Has a lot of scars from fighting all over his body.

Covered in body hair. Doesn’t have a happy trail, it’s a fucking love jungle. Needs to cut his hair and shave weekly, or else he grows a beard and his hair starts to get a bit curly. Has the thickest eyelashes in Sanctuary: everyone is confused and a little jealous.

Has enormous hands that are always dry. Has probably never heard of moisturizer. Almost always has chapped lips.



Literally works hard to keep himself as average and indistinguishable as humanly possible.

Actually controls his activity and food consumption so he doesn’t become to muscular or too chubby he’s just trying to blend in and stay average.

Very little body hair, except in the obvious places.

He shaves on the reg. King of manscaping.

Has a long red scar wrapping along his abdomen to his back. When you ask him about it he makes up a new ridiculous story about how he got it every time. He really just doesn’t want to talk about it. Probably will never tell anyone what actually happened. 



Lanky as heck. Skinny arms, skinny legs, skinny everything.

He has no butt. It’s just super bony, and he hates sitting on things without any cushioning. This man has no butt.

His legs are a bit long for his body.

Is double jointed. Likes to freak people out with all the weird tricks he can do because of it.

He’s basically a hairless cat.

Slouches a lot because he wants to look cool. He’s gonna have back issues.



He has some muscle, but everyone has muscle in the Commonwealth, you won’t survive without it.

On the smaller side in general. Dad bod. Has a bit of a tummy and some muffin tops. 

Big hands that are covered in callouses from working with his guns. He has short fingernails that are always sort of grungy from all of the gunpowder he deals with. 

Has a hair on his arms, legs, armpits, tummy, and groin. Has a happy trail. It’s pretty cute. Hates how he looks without facial hair, trims and shaves every other day to keep it looking nice. His arm hair gets singed off a lot from moltovs. He’s a mess.

His hair is never greasy, it looks clean from afar. It isn’t. The amount of dust and dirt that gets in his hair literally absorbs the grease making it appear clean. It’s a lie. A horrible lie. Throw him in the shower.

Constantly has a bruise on his shoulder from gun recoil. It’s probably permanently there.



You know those guys that go to the gym too much and are constantly posting photos of them at the gym getting swole? That’s him. That’s what he looks like. He’s that guy.

Very in shape. He trains everyday. Takes one day off a month to chill out. Never actually takes the day off. He has abs, and that crazy v-line going on. 

Is shaped like a dorito. Who is he?

Hairy. So hairy. How does this 20 year old child grow a beard within a week of shaving? Arm hair. Leg hair. Chest hair, and a happy trail. Doesn’t do any upkeep on any body hair below his chin.

Always looks a bit sweaty. 

Has resting bitch face.


5′9. Pretty tall for a woman.

Piper started out without much muscle but when blue started taking her around the Commonwealth with them, she started getting really toned legs. Her legs are longer than her torso, so they are super long and are very shapely. 

Has an hourglass figure but her waist doesn’t go in that much. 

Her ass is small, and she’s sort of self conscious about it. That’s part of why she wears her long coat.

Has bigger feet. Sometimes wears men’s shoes instead of women’s because of it.

Hair is super thick, and super healthy. She keeps it clean, unlike some people. Solid C-cup. 

Has a bunch of small moles all over her body. 

Small hands, perfect for getting into small places and picking locks. 


6′0. He is a tall man.

Preston’s body is very long and lean. He’s slim, but he’s toned from all of the work with the Minutemen. Great pecs.

He has little body hair. He’s smooth as a babies ass. It isn’t on his arms, of his legs, or his stomach. Not even his armpits. It’s only at his crotch. 

He can’t grow a beard. Even if he could, he shouldn’t.

His skin is always well moisturized. He doesn’t use lotion even. It’s just constantly soft and smooth. 

Dermatologists hate him. 

Big feet. You know what they say about big feet?


6′3. All male courses are 6′0 and up standard

He’s a rock. Probably not an ounce of synthetic body fat on him. So muscular. Running into him is like running into a brick wall.  Abs. So many abs. He doesn’t even have to flex to look as ripped as he does. He just is.

He has no hair anywhere except his crotch and armpits. 

He hardly sweats. It’s unnerving. Everyone in sanctuary is scared and worried.

Always clean. He could walk through a dust storm and he’s still look like he showered less than an hour ago.

Nails are always neatly trimmed.

Could beat me up.

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Inquisition romances and what their wedding to the inquisitor would be like? (Post trespasser preferably. And non gif please?)

Fun Fact: I’ve never been to a wedding!


Cassandra would like a smaller wedding, close friends and a few immediate family members. As much as she claims she wouldn’t cry, she couldn’t help the flow of tears as she began walking down the aisle. She saw her love, her Inquisitor. She imagines her brother looking down upon this moment, watching his sister being wed and she’s having a hard time holding back her sobs. She’s overwhelmed, but the Inquisitor keeps her grounded, like they always have, and forever they will stay.

Qunari don’t marry, so he isn’t one to have a big celebration or ceremony for his wedding with the Inquisitor unless they really REALLY wanted to. He too, finds himself getting very emotional when it comes down to it. He’s surrounded by his newfound friends, the chargers (who threw the wedding for him) and his Kadan. (It just so happens that Grim is licensed to marry people. Who would have thought.) It is a night of laughter and singing and cake and love.

(Pre-trespasser since Solas bounced on us.)
Solas remembers the incredible celebration of weddings of his time. They were spectacular, full of magic and singing and games. All he wants is to share this memory with the Inquisitor, so he does. The night of their wedding, he brings them to the fade, upon a party similar to the ones he remembers. It isn’t for them, but Solas still offered his hand, and danced with the Inquisitor as if it were for the two of them. The memory played as if they were actually there, more vivid than anything the Inquisitor could have ever dreamed of on her own. They wished the night would never end, but sadly, all good things must.

Blackwall is a bigger sap than people would think, and having the Inquisitor as his wife to be has him pacing all over the stables for hours. It felt like each passing minute added another grey hair. Once it was time for the ceremony, he was shaking like a leave. ‘Am I ready for this? They can do so much better…’ ‘What If I can’t keep them happy?!’ His anxiety is through the roof, and he feels his knees beginning to buckle beneath him, but then he sees them. Radiant, an actual angel, humming with warmth as they smile at him. His heart stops its erratic thumping, and he’s loosing control of his tears. He’s a flushed mess by the time they walk up to face him, laughing warmly at his red his face and eyes were. He powers through it, hardly able to believe that this god sent of a person loves him.

Sera wants a party rather than a ceremony. A crazy fun, prank filled, adventure of a party with everyone there! She loves saying it, saying that she'a married, saying she has a wife and they’re beautiful and they’re everything she’s ever wanted. It isn’t long until the mini pies they ordered are being tossed left and right all over the place. ‘Nothing could be more perfect.’ Sera would say.

Cullen surprisingly enough was able to hold it together during the ceremony. He wouldn’t mind a big or small wedding so long as he could be with his love. He’s already taken off the next few weeks for a honeymoon, and plans to spend every last second with the Inquisitor. For now, he’s enjoying his friends and family, finally happy to introduce to them the love of his life. Nobody has ever seen Cullen this happy.

Josephine would have loved to have a huge ball for their wedding, but decided she wanted a more intimate experience for her wedding day. It’s just the two of them, sharing their vows, making it official, and then throwing the party. Lots of sweets (suggested by Josephine) and an incredible performance by Orlesian thespians staged in the grand hall. (also suggested by Josephine) Truly a night to remember. One not easily forgotten after a pair of panties were found sewn onto the Inquisition flag at Skyhold.

Dorian wants a big, BIG wedding all about him. He was considering hosting it in Tevinter, but knowing his country men, someone would crash it, then ten more, then five hundred more. It might as well have been the winter ball at Halamshiral. He settled for a small gathering of close family and friends in the garden of the winter palace. Despite however lack luster, all he could focus on when it started, was his Amatus. They stood there, handsome as ever, adorned in dark, fade touched silk with gold embellishments on the trim. Maker. Dorian was going to have a long, long night.

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do you have any pictures of emre can with his hair unstyled

ok first off this is an unholy question cus mr perfect??? with his hair anything but perfect??? and correctly styled??? and not falling all over the place?? impossible 

but actually possible heres what i found, there isnt alot which tells u something doesnt it 

anyway wet emre can, with no gel, u are welcome, lets totally focus on the wet part hehe 

sweaty can celebrating like he saved the universe,

those two tufts of hair out of place, is this even emre???, 

EMRE CANS PRODUCT WASNT STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD HIS HAIR IN PLACE, what is this indecency, i bet u he threw that pot of gel away cus it wasnt good enough for his luscious looks 

this has nothing to do w unstyled hair but i love how he does this hand thru his hair thing, like we get it, ur hair is perfect, ur the poster boy for shampoo ads leave us be emre , i just like it ok

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get u a man who looks good while his hair is wild and floppy 

Emre Can can even beat the mancs with his hair ungelled and messy and sweaty, dont let anyone tell u he aint the greatest player in the world ok, 90 million who 

his hair is a mess, he is half contorted, but he somehow still looks good, 

this is styled but still ungelled, and its the softest ive ever seen his hair look kinda ungelled, it looks v v soft ok so im taking it as ungelled

emres ungelled messy hair > man utd 

wonder goals, wonder hair, he can do it all

edit thanks to my savior ruby, lo and behold the greatest pic ever 

mr perfect is always perfect but when he sweaty and messy and wet??, hes still perfect but his locks are something to behold, truth be told he always looks like hes modelling, 

emre can is an art form, u heard it hear first, 

hope u enjoyed this experience, feel free to add more