- I always want you when I’m coming down -

The signs explained using real people

Aries: Tyler Oakley
Taurus: Jennifer Lawrence
Gemini: literally Dan Howell like wtf
Cancer: Lana Del Rey
Leo: Kanye West
Virgo: Keanu Reeves
Libra: Beyoncé
Scorpio: Anakin Skywalker
Sagittarius: Johnny Depp
Capricorn: Natalie Dormer
Aquarius: Brendarick Slumberhatch
Pisces: Kim Kardashian

ppl who think percy would be a yankees fan, please consider:

  • you are missing the chance to draw percy in the most ridiculous and brightest blue and orange imaginable
  • subway series rivalry between percy and annabeth
  • you know percy would root for the underdog!! you know he would
  • percy getting excited to see mr met when sally took him to games as a kid
  • or even BETTER: percy being terrified of mr met as a kid