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[STARCAST] "You didn’t know how sexy she looks? … Gu Ha Ra, the legend sexy looking Barbie girl”

Gu Ha Ra of ‘KARA’ is a member of
national ‘a doll like look’ K-pop idols.

THAT is why she is called as a Gu Bar-bie
In Japan she is called as Cool beauty of Asia
“It’s all because of her charming look, right?”

Pure, vivid, and fresh look.

Today we are going to meet Gu Ha Ra who will not show pure, vivid, and fresh look, but the following look

"Forget about!”

“Elementary school student like look!”

As soon as we scroll down, Gu Ha Ra appear with her whole new look. It is sexy looking Ha Ra that we are seeing for the first time. ‘STARCAST’ did in-depth coverage of Gu Ha Ra’s hot photo shooting venue.

Gu Ha Ra challenged herself of becoming the lead of looking sexy. She is at the fashion magazine ‘Ceci’s photo shooting venue.

Gu Ha Ra was all ready for being sexy K-pop idol star. She had all the top 3 must have items to look sexy including a well-shaped abs, bronzed color of beautiful legs and a sensuous look.

We are going to start with Gu Ha Ra in the preparation room. Her look reflected in the mirror looks perfect. She is keeping her sexy posture even when she is getting her make-up done. She is holding some of her hair with one hand; wow~

She is not taking her photo shoot yet. We just took this picture whatever yet it looks like one of her photo shoot! The great synergy effect of her Barbie looking like face and her slimmed waist, this is insane.

“I am not done yet!”

“Now I am done”

☞ The photo shooting began now. Gu Ha Ra’s elegance, should we appreciate it in an order?

①  We will first have close look at her well-shaped abs. she wore short tops like crop –top on the day. She completely revealed her stomach and a waist.

Her 20 inches slimmed waist is still there. It is as slim as a handful. Here, her well-shaped abs is added in it. She is making the camera man to click his camera non-stop.

“I can’t breathe”

“This is what you call a hot body”

"You never have seen such curve, right?”

② Next is her body line. The collaboration look of her slimmed body and bronzed skin color is impressing. She outplayed the camera with her breathtaking visual. 

Scroll down.

“The body every girl likes to have”

“She looks slim from any angle”

A image that makes you wants to go on a diet.JPG

This picture didn’t get any touch up.JPG

③  Last is her charming pose. She is as good as a professional model. She is good with using the props and posing dozens of posture in an instant.

Thus the director doesn’t need to ask her for an extra request. She poses a great posture along with the camera shutter sounds. Everyone is having fun at the photo shooting venue. Shall we look at the variety and various look of Gu Ha Ra?

“You like me to have a sit here?”

“Be provocative”

“Be sensuous”

“Be cute”

“Be refreshing”

Fans of Gu Ha Ra, you are not used to this? Yet, your heart just got flutter? To make you guys calm down, we are adding her super cute look.

“She is making an eye contact with our camera!”

“Shooting out her smile”

“Here is my V”

“Now, be a rabbit”

“Am I a cutie?”

So her photo-shooting ended well like this. Gu Ha Ra also looks happy with the result. She was smiling brightly as looking at the photo shoot that she took earlier in the day.

“My best cut ?”

“This one?”

☞ The following are the last bonus pictures. We collected Gu Ha Ra’s the best ever sexy looking photo shoots.

“Pulling my skirt up a little~”

“Showing some part of my waist~”

“The lollipop is startling~”

“Now be sexy”

News=Kim Ji Ho(Dispatch)
Picture=Lee Seung Hoon(Dispatch)