Friends to lovers w/ Haechan
  • hey so how are you, lmao so awkward
  • andd i just want to say two things
  • first, this friends to lover series r  a bit stupid in my opinion?? because, everyone bf being lovers have been friend first right, so maybe i’m just going to 

  • idk what to write here but did y’all now i love lee donghyuck w my whole life
  • he’s so beautiful and ethereal and you know when you love someone so much but your feelings are so strong and you just can’t even explain them
  • wELL
  • okay lmao, let’s just start this <3
  • sooo
  • let’s say that you were a really close to mark
  • from time to time donghyuck would see you with him in the breaks or sitting by his side on class
  • so he would always bother him with you??
  • “oh, mark there comes your gf”
  • “mark and y/n and jeno and jaemin and me?? sINGLE”
  • “i’m going to start dating renjun, bye”
  • “no wait, that would ruin jaemin, jeno and renjun’s love triangle.. fvck”
  • lmao dis boii
  • and you knew him bc heeelloo he’s mark bffa
  • also he’s famous, lmao
  • and you always though that he was rlly handsome bc, uhmm he is?? duh
  • but either of you were really interested in each other until donghyuck one day started to talk with you
  • okay let mE TELL YOU
  • so, there was one time when donghyuck had classes til late
  • he was getting late to a class bUUTUUTUTBUTBT
  • he passed by the music room and heard like really beautiful music playing??
  • like on the piano, and from tiem to time it was accompanied by a rlly beautiful voice
  • side note: i was inspired by ailee to write this so, yeah
  • and when he spied trough the windows and saw you his jaw dropped
  • you were like a complete different person
  • you were so focused in the tiles but at the same time you would sing a little and your voice sounded so sweet
  • he even felt like if his wasn’t good enough for a few seconds
  • he slowly made his way to the door of the room and stayed in there, looking at you
  • he let you finish the song and smiled at you sweetly when you looked at him
  • “i didn’t know you could play the piano”
  • “uh.. i’m not that good at it yet”
  • “stop joking, you sounded amazing”
  • he would sit by your side in front of the piano and start playing some songs that he know
  • and you spended like an hour there¿??
  • both of you got scolded ofc
  • but that got both of you together so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • he walked you home that day and in the way both of you get to know each other a bit better
  • but still wasn’t enough
  • “would you like to go with me to a cafe after school tomorrow? we can invite mark if you want to”
  • and you were like what¿¿? okay sure but ¡¡?¡¿¿
  • y’all exchanged phone numbers and from that day you bacame i n s e p a r a b l e
  • now was mark the one bothering hyuck w you
  • and he didn’t really care if he was bothering him?? he could just sassily answer him and done
  • but if mark said anything that had a 1% of possibility to offend you, he was dead
  • “wow y/n is so short compared to me”
  • “shut up mark, you look like one of the teletubbies and no one says anything about it”
  • “¿¿¿?? i’m ?? sorry ??¿”
  • but he would tease from time to time
  • but they would always end up with him getting all clingy with you
  • like hugging you or grabbing your hands
  • he would do the impossible to have any kind of skinship w you
  • and he realized about his feelings while you were in the same music room were you meet, playing in the same piano
  • he looked at you and his heart melted
  • you had the sun light beside you and your profile was so perfect
  • when you finished the song and looked at him both of you stayed in silence
  • and before y’al’ could even realize your faces were just a few centimeters appart
  • ofc y’all kissed each other <33
  • and after that he confessed
  • “y/n can i.. call you mine?”
  • “sure you can”
  • this is so romantic?¿?? ohmy god¡¡?
  • and from that day on you would be the cutest couple, i swear
  • he’s a really clingy baby and he’s a l w a y s in need for your attention
  • like, he’s a bit jealous and protective sometimes but not only because there’s other people loooking or talking to you
  • but because your’e actually giving that people the attention they don’t deserve??
  • like he’s right there, your boyfie, give him that attention
  • but he would love you so deeply and mostly, he would expressed it with his actions
  • but he’s not scared at all of telling you and eveyone he knows about how easily you can make his heart race
  • so u better appreciate boyfie!hyuck because it would be pure perfectio, i swear
  • and the end <3
  • this was so romantic, i was so inspired lmao

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Dear anon says dear Julia's art perfectio, no art is perfect. Artist always wants to make art go better, its never can be perfect cuz we always want to find the wrong and fix it; sometimes fixing it might change the whole artwork, but it never perfect for it grows better and prettier. But ya Julia draw pretty freaking amazing

^^^^ thank u

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